Welcome to london brent cross


Hello There,

I have a double room available for long term let.

I am a professional graduate who works hard to achieve my goals, tidy and clean looking for somebody who is of similar background to rent a room to. I live in NW2 Brent Cross/Hendon area and close to central London and transport links Galore. Brent Cross station is 5min walk or less.

Wed Aug 15

Therapy Room

I'm a professional Physiotherapist . I am looking for a therapy room to rent on a contract basis within private healthcare practice, GP practice or gym.

Please contact me if you have anything suitable

Mon Nov 02

Professional Physiotherapist - Tecar Therapy

I am an experienced fully qualified and registered physiotherapist with over seven years of experience in Italy and the UK.

I have completed a degree in physiotherapy in Italy and moved in UK over 2 years ago. I'm a full member of the Health & Care Professional Council (HCPC) and of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

I also use a range of other treatment modalities including:

- Acupuncture

- Kinesiology Tape

- Mobilization/Manipulation

- Massage

- Postural education

- Heat therapy

- Tecar therapy​

- Tailored exercise programme


Mon Nov 02

Madred Shoes Company

I hope to find the contact numbers & the email of above company

this company have 2 branch one in brient cross shopping center other at night spreatch the woner name is mr josph lambrela

my email

Tue Oct 30

Renting a stall at Brent cross

I would like to rent a stall at Brent cross. I run a cake making/decorating business. I would like to know how to go about this and cost and other things involved.

Sun May 15

Dogs and owners - Free complimentary Photo shoot.


I am a local photographer doing a project on dogs and their owners. If you would like to take part, you would receive free photos at a high professional quality on a DVD.

Please contact me in the first instance by email.

Mon Mar 28

hi i want to go to jjb sports in staples corner. the address is Unit 3b, Staples Corner Retail Park, Geron Way, London NW2 6LW.. which train can i get from southall? mail me thanx

hi i want to go to jjb sports in staples corner. the address is Unit 3b, Staples Corner Retail Park, Geron Way, London NW2 6LW.. which train can i get from southall?

mail me thanx

Mon Feb 28


hi i want to go to jjb sports in staples corner. which train can i get from southall?

Mon Feb 28

how do u get from ealing to brent cross if not able,, acton to brent cross

ealing to brent cross

Fri Sep 03



Thu Aug 26



Mon Aug 23

brent croos post code

Thu May 20

DHS Welcomed accomodation sought

Mature, respectable male, seeks a room, bedsit or flatshare.


I can pay a deposit.

Please text or call: ****-601-524.



Thu Oct 23


i am a builder registred with Federal Masters Of Builders,i have 10 years experience and i can do carpentry,tiling,flooring,loft conversion,etc.Mail-me

Sun Oct 05

Accomodation sought


Eduacted, clean, uemployed Graduate, seeks a Room, Bedist or Flat share.

I can pay a deposit.

My email is:

Wed Sep 17

Charity looking for work

We are a registered charity based in Tottenham, North London looking for new customers. We offer a realistic working environment for those experiencing and/or recovering from mental health problems. We have many years experience working for both small and large companies.

We can do: Light packing, Assembly, Collating, Coiling, Counting, Labeling, Heat Sealing, Shrink Wrapping, Stapling, Hole punching, Local delivery/collection with minimum charge, Any other offers for work can be negotiated.

Our long standing existing customers are happy to provide a reference for standard and quality.

If you are interested in using our services, please contact Ngussie Asrress, workshop manager at:

PRA Services

Tel: 0208 ****33


Mon Jun 23

Hi everyone.

I would like to start a playgroup, parent & toddler group & a playscheme in finchley. I would like to know if any one would be interested in joining. If I have alot of response it will definatly go ahead. Thank you.

Sat Apr 12

Experienced Dog walker, sitter and trainer

Reliable and extremely experienced dog trainer and sitter avaliable in London areas.

Rates are negotiable.

Fri Mar 28

Experienced Dog walker, sitter and trainer

Reliable and extremely experienced dog trainer and sitter avaliable in North West London areas. Rates are negotiable. Email

Thu Mar 27


Hi everyone! My name is Alex. I am a qualified Painter & decorator.

Having been working in the construction industry for more than 8 years I can also do:


-Wall Papering and removal


-Gardening and garden maintenance.

All of my individual skills are checkable with references upon request. My jobs are very reasonably priced and free quotes are available.


Evening Contact:********4

Mobile: ********2


Thu Mar 06

Yard clean ups is your garden ready for spring

Create New Planting Beds, Rock Gardens, Foundations and Borders

Rejuvenate Your Planting Beds, Rock Garden, Foundations and Borders

Trim and Prune existing Shrubs, Bushes and Ornamental Trees

Planting Service For Your Patio Pots, Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes

Can Schedule Continued Maintenance for your Planting Beds.

Overgrown clearances Clean-ups



Rubbish removal

No job too small or big!

Free Estimates and Consultation both residential and commercial

Competitive prices

please contact me for a free estimate on ********7 or

Wed Feb 20


Wed Dec 19

New Community group for 18-30 year olds

A new Rotaract Club is coming to North London, and an Open Evening for those interested in becoming part of this worldwide organisation will take place between 8pm and 9.30pm on Monday 26th November at Hyelm-Arthur West House in Hampstead.

Rotaract is an opportunity to be part of a fun, dynamic and unique international organisation for people aged 18-30, offering a wide range of activities that will enable members to try something new, whilst having a great time and meeting others.

To register your interest or for more details contact ********9 or email

Tue Nov 13


Hi, if you are looking to do something fun with your child bring him/her to Gymboree Brentcross. We have teacher led music, art and gym classes, age 0 - 5 yrs, all days of the week and on Saturdays. We can also host birthday parties for your child. We offer a free trial no obligation class so drop by and visit us at Brentcross Shopping Mall or email us on

Sun Aug 26

rent a stall in brent cross shopping center

i want to rent a stall in london brent cross shopping center. and i do the business with number plates and foodball pictures. please reply if somebody know any information about it....thanq

Sat Aug 04

Driveways Patios Paving Decking

Driveways Patios Paving Decking

Sat Jul 21

I am looking for job.

Sun Feb 11

west ham info

hi, i would like to know if there was ever a west ham united merchandise shop in the brent cross shopping centre. i believe it was located where the disney store used to be. or around that area. im not quite sure how many years ago this would have have been but i know the disney store was there for quite a few years and it mite have been before then. this information required is in regards to my universtiy assignment, and your help would be very useful. if u could find out for me that would be most appreciated thank you for your time. please reply to me.

Wed Jan 10

31st DEC is it open today

please let me know ok

Sun Dec 31

Shopping Centre to Station

It's a 10-minute walk (signposted), or bus 210 which runs every 10 minutes.

Sun Dec 17


how do i get from brent cross shopping centre to the train sation

Sun Dec 17

any good tae kwon do centre aroud?


I'm a fan of tae kwon do and I was wondering if anyone out there knows about a tae kwon do centre in brent or nearby. Thanks a lot.

Wed Oct 25

Looking for stall in the mall


I really want to rent a stall in Brent Cross mall, i sell Egyptian silver jewlery very unique stuff, can somebody help how it get in touch with the right people



Tue Sep 26

bus 266 take into brentx

Mon Jul 17

Ann Summers parties

Hi there,

I host Ann Summers parties and wondered if any females fancied having a fun filled evening in with their friends, a few bottles of wine and a good old giggle.

The parties don't cost you anything to host and we always try to offer as many discounts and freebies as we can.

Give me a call if you're interested on **** 181 072 or email

Wed May 31

take 189 it will take u straight to brent cross shopping center

Sun May 21

Brent Cross

Brent Cross shopping centre was built on the Johnson's Photographic Factory Works in about 1968-1973.

Thu Jan 19

Thu Dec 22

How would i be able to get to the Barbican Center from Stonebridge by car?

Wed Dec 07


it isn't so far away i live nxt 2 it MISSY

Sat Nov 19

East Acton to Brent Cross

The 266 bus goes from Gypsy Corner direct to Brent Cross - from East Acton you could take buses 95 or 260 to connect into it? or you could take the tube from East Acton to North Acton and pick up the 266 there.

Sun Nov 13

East Acton station to Brent Cross?

Hi I was just wondering how to get to the shopping centre from East Acton station, any buses or train?

Sat Nov 12

Queens Park to Brent Cross

You can catch buses 6 or 206 to Willesden Bus Garage, take a 266 bus from there.

Alternativvely, if you can walk to Kilburn High Road, bus 189 comes down Quex Road and heads north up the High Road to Brent Cross.

Sun Oct 30

How do I get to Brent Cross

how do i get to Brent Cross on the bus from Queens Park

Sat Oct 29


Do you know someone aged 13-25 from BRENT who isn't in education or employment. Perhaps they are at risk of dropping out and in need of a fresh start.

FAIRBRIDGE IN KILBURN offers a FREE personal development porgramme, starting with a five day Access Course, which includes A TRIP TO THE GREAT OUTDOORS!

Call or drop by our centre for more info and ask for Luke

Fairbridge In Kilburn

58 Peel Precinct

South Kilburn



Tel: 0207 625 0203

Email: Mail-me

Mon Oct 03

Oxford Street to Brent Cross

You can get the Northern Line from Tottenham Court Road to Brent Cross - make sure you get an Edgware train, though, or change at Camden Town. The Shopping Centre is some distance from the station, but there is a bus (route 210) every ten minutes, if you have a travelcard this will cost you no extra.

Alternatively, if you walk to Oxford Circus you can take bus 189 direct to the Shopping Centre; this will be cheaper, but takes longer.

Wed Jun 29


Kindly let me know how to get from tottenham road end of oxford street to brent cross shopping mall.

Wed Jun 29

Football players wanted!!!!

Football players wanted !! to create semi-pro level team

for regular weekly games in NW london area.

All nationalities welcome

Fri Jun 03

hello there i was wondering how i would get to brent cross shopping mall from potters bar by train

Thu May 26


I need to know how to get to Brent Cross Shopping Mall by Bus from Hayes & Harlington station. My e-mail iz '

Sat Apr 09

Tue Mar 01

Getting to Brent Cross

Just to add to the above posts, Brent Cross Station is nearly a mile from the Shopping Centre and involves crossing very busy roads via subways and footbridges. However there is a bus - 210 - that runs from outside the station to the Shopping Centre every ten minutes, no extra charge if you have a Travelcard.

Tue Feb 08

From liverpool srett to brent cross

Take the central line to bank

change for northern line

Take the northern line, destination brent cross

come out of brent cross station and turn left

Sat Feb 05

I need to get a cab from brentcross shopping center, can someone give me a local cab compnay number???

Mon Sep 27

history of brent cross

did you ever find out the history of brent cross shopping centre? when it was built etc?

Fri Sep 03

young dynamic textiles/sewing professional

Hey! Im 20yrs old student looking for someone who can sew v. well and someone who would be interested in helping to bring my fashion designs to life in their spare time. My style is unique, bold and one of a kind. I am hoping to start sewing all my best creations and open a store in the near future. Contact me (

Mon Jun 28

how do i get from hounslow central to brent cross shopping centrre. contact me ...

Sun May 02


Brent cross is very quite and very safe. Brent cross shopping centre is huge and people come from all over london to shop there. Its got all the high street shops under one roof. Brent cross is within walking distance to golders green which is very lively with great resturants and cafes.

Wed Mar 31

Going by tube from Liverpool St, get a westbound Hammersmith & City/Metropolitan/Circle line train to Kings Cross, then once you get there change to Northern Line and get an Edgware train which will take you to Brent Cross!

Fri Mar 19

Hi where is the nearest thai restaurant to Brent Cross??

Wed Mar 10

Which supermarket?!

I couldn't find a supermarket name in the text, is it a code or something?

I figure it's got to be Kosher King? or Country Market maybe?!

Let us know and I'll be there, just to buy groceries of course...!

Tue Mar 09

The Falafel bar on Golders Green Road!

If you turn left out of the BC tube you'll hit a Falafel bar on GG road. You can have all the salad choices you like stuffed in a little wonder pitta, for only £2.10. Go crazy and have a blinche (savoury filled pancake) or glatke (bhaji-like) to go with. An essential fixture.

Tue Mar 09

there is a BarMed near golders greem on golders gree road

Sun Feb 29

how do i get from london to brent cross shopping centre by train?

hello there i was wondering how do i get from london (liverpool street) to brentcross shopping centre?

Thu Jan 15


I am interested to know, when the Highway, the supermarket and all the other facilities came about. What was there before? Please let me know as soon as possible! Thank you very much!

Mon Nov 17

The history of Brent Cross

I am interested to know, when the Highway, the supermarket and all the other facilities came about. What was there before? Please let me know as soon as possible! Thank you very much!

Wed Oct 22

when was brent cross made? and whats its history?


When was brent cross actually made? I know it was in a middle class suburb but I need a brief historical background about this shopping centre as soon as possible...Thankz

Mon Sep 22

you älways get a seat no matter what time of day, its after golders green it crowds up

Sun Jan 19

hi thanks for the help

Thu Jan 16

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