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Mum and 2.5 yr old looking to flatshare in North London

Hi all,

My 2.5 year old son and I are due to move house soon and would like to share with one other adult or a family (with or without full/part time kids) to create a new flat/house share in North London.

It could be a parent or a grandparent or anyone who is happy to live with a little one. I follow a gentle/attachment parenting philosophy and would love to live with someone who believes in it too. Please pass this onto anyone you think may be interested. Thanks! Anna **** ****5

Sun Nov 18


In response to the question about walks in the Woodside Park area ... and if you have a dog - then the Dollis Brook Green Walk route is very central. The brook runs north-south from Totteridge & Whetstone Underground station [where it is called Whetstone Stray N20] down past the Finchley Golf Club and beneath the Northern Line railway viaduct in N3. Happy walking, regards Kevin Egan.

Sat Feb 27

Commuting by bike

Hello I am about to move to Woodside Park from Manchester. I currently cycle everywhere and was hoping to commute by bike from Woodside Park to Kensington where I will be studying. However, looking at maps, it looks like the route includes some unpleasant looking A roads and not very cycle friendly. Does anyone on here commute and know any good cycle routes that aren't dangerous? Lots of people keep advising me not to cycle in London as it isn't worth the risk but I would very much like to if it's possible.

Thank you :)

Tue Aug 12

Pilates instructor

Hello, I'm a certified Pilates instructor in the area and I do both privates and groups. Post surgery, I would recommend you to avoid groups for a while. Feel free to contact me for more information and advice. ********0

Sun Dec 15


Hello. I was just browsing on here and noticed you lived in Linkside. I did not but I lived in Chanctonbury Way from approx. 1947 or around that time and left in 1961. You brought a smile to myself when reading the names of Mr. Giles and Mrs Daniels. Many happy memories. Would love to hear from you as no one ever gets back to me.

Mon Jun 03


Did you ever try that walk I suggested?

Tue Dec 07

Hello. Just was browsing and came across your request. A lovely walk you will enjoy........ if you go to Totteridge if you walk down the side road just before you get to the Orange Tree.... walk right to the end and you will see a pond with all kinds of ducks.... if you look close you will see an entrance to a dell follow it to the end and you will never forget the view when you come out of the dell.

Sat Feb 20


Is there any 50's activities in this area like association ,club, walking ,get together somtimes cte.

Mon Jun 15

I used to live in Chanctonbury Way between 1946 and 1961 when I moved but more recently i lived in Pycombe Corner..My maiden name was SCHOFIELD...... Sheila does anyone remember me?. Would love to hear from anyone. I am abroad at the present time but hope to be back in uk before June. Please leave message for me ....

Tue May 05

Lived in Chanctonbury Way 1964 to 1967ish

Hi My brother Tery and i (Kevin) lived in Chanctonbury Way N12 when we were growing up. Anyone remember us?

Thu Apr 16


I have just moved to the area. Can anyone recommend a good doctor's surgery?


Tue Oct 07

Cleaner needed

I am moving to woodside park next month and am looking for a reliable and honest cleaner. Can anyone recommend anyone?

Wed Jul 23

Hi Sorry I have been away for a while but I am still looking for a book club to join. Does anyone know of a book club near woodside park? My email is

Mon Mar 31

windowcleaner needed N12/N20

Hi, try allbright and Clean Ltd, they are based in finchley central. Phone:**** 946 432. They are reliable and affordable.

Sat Feb 09

might be worth contacting the woodside park club as I recall there certainly used to be a bridge club there

Fri Nov 23

Its a 1930's community club- membership details available direct from them.

I used to be a member but found the membership to be more suited to the older fraternity.

It has a large hall and stage suited to dancing, celebrations etc. I believe there is a snooker room upstairs but never explored it myself.

There are several football pitches, tennis courts as far as I can remember.

There are dancing classes and evening activities- I seem to remember a bridge club using the facilities as well- as I say best to contact them direct for full details.

Fri Nov 23


Is there a book club and Bridge club in Woodside park?

Thu Aug 30


Hi I hear ur looking for a veterinary surgery.I work in west finchley at a vets He is the best veterinary surgeon i have ever worked with he is very caring towards the animals and very kind to the clients.I have worked for the surgery now for a 11 years.The surgery is located on Brent Way near the west finchley tube station.

Sun Jun 24

Pilates classes

Hi Bee!

I am a fully qualified PILATES foundation teacher, and have beginners classes running at Oakwood physiotherapy clinic on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, and am setting up 2 new Pilates classes in Barnet (beginners and intermediate) starting on Thursday 3rd May in the evening. Dependant on what surgery you have had may affect the remedial approach needed. If you are interested, please contact me to access your needs:

Wed Apr 11

Woodside Park Club

Hi, we will soon be moving to Holden Road in Woodside park and i was wondering, what the woodside park club is like, what facilities they offer and how one can join them.

Mon Apr 09


Classes in East Finchley, West Finchley, Hornsey, Hampstead Garden Suburb. Personal tuition also available. Knowledgeable and conscientious teacher. I also practice as a complementary therapist incorporating massage, healing and craniosacral therapy. These therapies contribute towards my sound knowledge of physiology and intuitive approach, a necessity when teaching asana work. Many of my students have found relief from long term injuries. The practice of yoga yields a tranquil internal silence; a feeling I wish all my students to attain in every class. All classes are general level, beginners welcome. Contact me by email at

Wed Mar 28

I am a Pilates Foundation teacher ( you may like to check out details regarding our training as teachers and standards at www.pilatesfoundation.com) They have details of classes, studios and teachers all over London and the uk.

I have a small Pilates Equipment studio in High Barnet and have been enjoying teaching here and at various studios in London for 8 years after a 16year career as a dancer/choreographer.

Fri Mar 23


Hi There,

I'm about to move to the area- without much consideration i fell in love with the flat and street. Could anyone tell me a bit more about the walks in the area? I have a dog and havent got a clue where to take him.

Many Thanks

Sat Mar 03

frith manor

Hi Ian - tried emailing you a few weeks ago, probably didn't go through.

Like you, born in 1938. Lived at 28 Linkside from 1946 until 1950 (I think!) and went to Frith Manor. We must have known each other! My name was Gina Goldfield - friends in Linkside were Sheila Field and Heather Lawson. Remember Mr. Giles, Mr. Grant (ugh) Miss Froud, Mrs. Daniels......remember when Miss Sharatt got the New Look in 1947! We walked to school, unless it was raining, when we got a ride from Mr. Perry.....

write if you get this!

my email is

Wed Feb 14

excellant yoga teacher

Callen Darren on **** ****1. He's a very experienced Iyengar yoga teacher who specializes in rehab yoga. Has a class in West Finchley Mondays and Thursdays.

Fri Jun 02

There is a Ms Sarah Lotzof at Gloucester House, Woodside Lane N12. Phone no ********0 she is fantstic and the cost is very reasonable.

Tue May 09

If you ring Barnet council council tax Department, they can give you this information. It is important to resolve this situation speedily as you will be building up council tax arrears!

Mon May 08

Pilates or Yoga

I'm looking for a pilates or yoga instructor or class in Woodside Park. I recently had back surgery so I'm looking for someone qualified who can give expert individual attention. I know some church halls hold classes - does anyone know of anyone I could contact? (I have tried the local health centres but it's virtually impossible to get into a class as they're always booked to capacity).

Many thanks!

Tue Feb 28

Air Conditioning

Mobile Vehicle Air Conditioning service and repair,we come to you. contact 0208 444 6224

Wed Feb 01

Tue Jan 17

soon moving.......

please could you give me ideas of what to expect form thr area and also local gym details.....also any decent bars, shops etc.....

Mon Dec 19

A GP Practice close to Woodside Park

Can I recommend The Derwent Crescent Health Centre very close to Woodside Park where either of the partners Dr Jonathan Lubin or Dr Katherine Boodle are most attentive. Their telephone number is 0208 446 0171

Thu Dec 01

Carpentry and decoration

Hello there, I may be able to help you. My partner and I are experienced furniture restorators, painters and decorators (wallpaper, painting and woodwork) we also offer carpentry. If you want some advice or just have some straigntforward jobs please dont hesitate to let us know.

Tue Oct 18


Hi Medivet is very good in Finchley though it is closer to west finchley.

Sun Oct 09

windowcleaner needed N12/N20

Can anyone recommend a reliable window cleaner for the Woodside Park/ Whetstone/ Totteridge area?

Be grateful for any help, my windows really need a clean.

Tue Aug 30

Carpenter and decorator

Can anyone recommend a reliable carpenter?

Unfortunately the excellent man we had been using for carpentry and decorating has now retired and despite several recommendations, we cannot even get anyone to come and see the work we need doing.

Fri Nov 19

Southover nursery and Woodridge primary are my recommendations, having attended both and I have good memories of my time in both places.

Tue Oct 12

Book Club?


Does anyone know of a book club for a coupla of mid twenties peeps in the Woodside Park/Nth Finchley area?

Much obliged.

click here if you know somewhere:

Sat Oct 09

We are young family who are about to move to woodside park. We were intially looking inEast Fincley but decided that for the type of property we wanted we couldn't afford it. It would be great to hear from people about living in Woodside Park. Any recommendations on nurseries/Schools?

Mon Aug 09

council tax

I live in Woodside park, in a four bedroom flat and we are paying 139£ a month

Thu Aug 05

Council tax for rented flat at Torrington park

I have recently moved into a rented flat in Torrington Park which is near woodside park tube station (post code is N129TJ). Could someone tell me the monthly council tax payable in this area. (Unfortunately the property agent and the landlord themselves were not too sure of this )

Thu Jul 01



I live in woodside park near to the station and have just got a new puppy I am desperately looking for a good private vet/veterinary surgery to take the puppy to where they are very caring and professional. Can anybody help at all?

Wed Jun 23

Waitrose singles night

What a good idea!

Mon May 24

Gyms/Karate info

Yes Id love to join a local gym - I know there is a fitness first (?) near Argos on North Finchley High Road, but something closer/on this side of the tube would be great! Also does anywhere do basic/beginners Karate in Woodside/Finchley? Thanking you, Sophia.

Mon May 24

Hi Ian, great to hear from someone who grew up in the area like I did. As you will probably gather from my username, I lived on Chanctonbury Way; only down the road from yourself! I was born in 1982 in London and lived on Chanc Way from age 0 to 19...so I left in 2001. I'm living in Ireland now because my parents are Irish and they wanted to move back to Dublin.

When I wanted to clear my head I used to go for walks down Walmington Fold, and I'd go right up to the end there and round to the right into Linkside, all the way around and back up Walmington Fold...so I'm familiar with your street. Did you live at Linkside right up to 1969? What made you decide to leave and go to live in Australia?

Not sure about the allotments...and of course I'm too young to remember the family you mention. Hope you enjoy coming back in September!

Wed Apr 07

Greetings people from Woodside Park! I grew up in this area, lived at 90, Linkside, was a paper boy at the newsagents outside West Finchley station, delivered papers in the Woodside Park area and went to school at Frith Manor. Yes it was all a very long time ago. I was born in 1938, remember the bombs dropping during the war, how could I forget when half the ceiling fell down and the wall blew in where I was sleeping!

Are the allotments still between Linkside and the golf course? Does anyone remember Kerry King, the Staff family?

I have been in Australia since 1969 and will be back to look at the old place in September this year.

Tue Apr 06

good private doctor in woodside park


I am desperate to find a very good private doctor in woodside park preferably a lady. I can never get an appointment at the Torrington Health Centre and am getting desperate to get treatment.

If anybody can help by recommending somebody to me and the phone no I would be every so grateful

Sun Mar 14

Get your supermarkets up the road in North Finchley - you have Waitrose on one end (now opened up again AFAIK), Sainsburys on the other end, and also Iceland. Then you have Tesco's in Finchley Central (IMHO the Best Place to do your weekly shop). But if you don't have time to go up the high road or to Finchley Central, you can buy most things in the International Supermarket on Sussex Ring, which is open until 11pm 7 days a week.

Thu Mar 04

Hi there...

Cab firms and taxis in London generally charge enough already without using firms that 'charge a bit more than others'. It is possible to find firms that give you reliability combined with (relatively) reasonable charges. Once with the firm next to the station, I shared a cab with another person, and we were each charged a separate fare to get to Euston, that being £13 each! So much for sharing the burden of cost by going with someone else, these people are out to get as much as they can from EACH customer. I also got the impression that they make up the rules as they go along.

Thu Mar 04

Not to worry

You can always get a seat going from Woodside Park, no matter what time of the day. I don't think I've ever had to stand from Woodside Pk, even in the morning rush hour. By Finchley Central it's much harder to get a seat at the busiest times of the day, but at Woodside Park it's no problem, owing to the fact it's only two stops from the terminus (High Barnet). So live in Woodside Pk and YOU can be one of those lucky people who gets a seat on the tube at 8 o'clock in the morning!

Thu Mar 04


It's all good, I think. It's close to all the shops and facilities of North Finchley and handy for central London thanks to the tube (Northern Line), whilst at the same time it's an incredibly pleasant and on the whole peaceful place to live. It's a well established area - lots of parks & open spaces etc, which allows you to escape the London hustle and bustle when you're not in the mood for it, and yet it's all close at hand when you want it.

Thu Mar 04

The nearest one I can recommend is Dr Patel's surgery at 38 Wentworth Avenue, West Finchley N3, where they have several very nice lady GPs as well as 2 male GPs

Wed Mar 03

The nearest one I know is at Dr Patel's surgery at 38 Wentworth Avenue, West Finchley N3

Wed Mar 03

I am surprised you slagg off the cab firm next to Woodside Park station. I agree whilst they do charge a bit more than other local companies, their drivers are always very polite & more importantly very reliable. I have used their service for over 10 years and to-date have never been let down.

Wed Mar 03


Now this cab firm I'm going to recommend to you is not IN Woodside Park, but I lived in Woodside Pkand I always used them: Bittacy Cars (********5 or ********4). They are a firm that serve the whole Barnet area, really, but they are based at 2, Bittacy Hill, London NW7 1LB. They were always a very good firm to use, because: their drivers are polite and drive at a sensible speed (unlike the cab firms up in North Finchley), they aren't out to rip you off (unlike that firm next to Woodside Pk Station), and they were always very pleasant, efficient, always turned up etc. They do take note of their regular, or fairly frequent, customers, and are good at the personal touch. They don't mess around with their fares and if you have paid a certain fare for a certain journey with them previously then they're happy to accept the same fare from you when you do that same route the next time with them.

They will pick you up from anywhere in London - they've got me home to Woodside Pk from

Sat Dec 20

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