Welcome to London Willesden

Richmond Avenue NW10

Anyone from Richmond ave from 50s -60s

Tue Mar 30


My dad , Dave Tucker and Peter Thompson and Alfie mason all ran out of manor place depot

Sun Feb 14

h.ij johnson i also was in 3b2-4b2 left summer of 61 jim curtis

Fri Oct 18

hi vic, ray clark became a speedway rider. he lived in alric avenue you might remember my brother bix curtis he also left in 58. i was there 57 to 61. i have been looking for my mate colin ward he live opposite us in hazeldean road has anyone got any info on him.Jim Curtis.

Fri Oct 18

I remember Mr Jeffries Maths. I left in 1957 (I think) to go to school in Colindale. Valerie willing (then)

Fri Oct 11

Hi I worked at drinkwater back in 1965 to 1970 and remember Cyril very well I worked in the computer room next to Sylvia and Peggy's office. I remember both Colin and Maurice it was a lovely family run business. I worked with Roy douthey who ran the computer room. Such happy memories of days gone by. My name was Beryl.

Sun Mar 24

to JIM MATCHAM ex west point n.w.10. ex gibbons school 54/58


Thu Sep 27

W W drinkwater

Know Colin Drinkwater very well. Might be able to answer a few questions.Robert Biffa

Fri Aug 10

Looking for Patrica Grimes

Hi i am looking for Patrica Grimes who was dance partner during the early 60s. She lived at 54 Hardinge Rd Willesden Green I would like to make contact Thank you Peter Cambell please ring NZ ********0

Fri Jan 05

Hello my father use to drive mainly Foden lorry's for W.W.Drinkwaters his name was Jack Grayson nick named yorky his man work was delivering ashes from power stations late limstone from Acton rail yard we lived at Clayton terrace Yeading Middlesex owned by Mr Cyril Drinkwater my father use to park the lorry on there site by Taylor Woodrow's I learned to drive and ride British motor cycles there all gone now for a large housing estate I learnt to drive loading shovels and excavators with them when I left school my boss was George Hudson with Johnny Denslow Ron Williams and Dave Baylis were the poor guys who put up with me who I am greatfull for their patience Paul Grayson

Sun Sep 17

hi there are other site on facebook, born in old willesden, lower place and n.w.10, pound lane school. and others. why not give them a try.

Sat Apr 15

Essex Road Willesden

Hi I don't live in England anymore,emmigrated to Australia in 1966, I lived at no 47 Essex Rd does anyone remember the Wheeler Family,I wanted to contact my dear Friend Janet Brazier who lived at no 29 does anyone one knows her.

or Pat Sharp,Pamela Lyons,please contact if you can help.

Sat Feb 18

Hi everyone was just looking through these post and when reading this one had to write to you my dad drove with drinkwater in the 60s he and my mum also moved down from Scotland he drove an 8 wheel foden running flyash his name is ,Willie Nisbet, but was called (Jock) as he is Scottish and I was just wondering if maybe you knew him as you were both there in the 60s.

. kind regards

Sat Dec 31

Hi Jo I hope you are well

I never knew where you went when you left willesden.

be nice to hear from you again.

Tom Mullen :-)

Thu Dec 22

Wed Nov 23

Wed Nov 23

Gibbons Rd School -Brentfield Road NW1o

Attended the school 1954-56. Lived in Brentfield Rd. Spent most of time in Gibbons Rec. Was in Miss Fisher's class. Role model was Mr AA Alison the multi talented sports master. Skinnard a bully. Mr Turner nice woodword teacher. Many others remembered.

Sat Sep 03

Hi my name is Roger roach I lived at no 7

Sun Aug 28

Hi Kathy a name from the past I remember you My name is john Edwards from lulworth court just above you your number was no 8 live in Bedfordshire now maggi lives in stockport email is

Tue Jul 05

Ronnie walker

Hello mate its jenny walker rons had 2 strokes but still working im on face book hope you are ok

Fri Feb 26


Hi i know betty casey shes my sisters best mate since they was 15 tell mum im jenny walker my sister is joan i knew midge too she played piano mrs tarrants shop i know too and kitty tarramt i use to walk their dog

Fri Feb 26

Malcolm and Rosemary Cox Yule Tide Road

I was born in Yuletide Road in 1962 My mother is Rosemary and my older sister Karen I have memories of the Street but no photos or links.

Id be really happy to hear from people with photos and memories

Fri Feb 26


I would love to trace Trevor Harwood used to drive for ww drinkwater out of Manor Rd transfer station back in the 60s 70s I knew all the drivers from that era any info would be great

Thu Feb 04


I have a photo of my father (born 1912) as a small boy in the Boys Brigade. His name was Albert Edward Butler. Does anyone know anything about the Boys Brigade in the Willesden area, please?

Tue Jan 05

to Derek Langston Ex+62+3

great to hear from you , I have emailed you on the email you posted , hope to hear from you David Ford

Thu Dec 10

More memories,of Denbigh road,anyone remember the old tram at the corner of taylors lane and Denbigh mrs cass and mrs law (Gwen) run it as a café had nany a pie there.some names I remember from Denbigh rd,brian dave and Kenny cass the smalls cliff rosemary (Doe-Doe)lol.and jack john and anne gyps not sure of spelling//

nixons Rodney George and spike Vallard (Winnie mavin)the cowdreys and sadlers Delaneys ken mick and George Buckingham and joan mick and George (dad) used to entertain in the Willesden progressive club (drummers) will post more later D Langston

Sat Sep 12


Hi David my name is Derek Langston went to Gibbons road school were u from minete ave Harlesden if so would like to make contact if u respond to this post I will give contact details I now live in S/Wales I know u used to holiday here with your parents I retired in Bordon hants near petersfield.then moved to Wales living near my daughter and son in law.looking forward to hearing from u Del Langston PS what happened to Rolph?

Fri Sep 11


I remember the outing to France we went to Le Touquet for the day,I think we were taken by coach to Southend airfield.

Tue Aug 18


Sat Jul 11

Mon Jun 15

les johns

Sun May 24

S. Godleman

Nathan, we are related because S. Godleman was my Great Grandfather too. He moved to basingstoke in the 1940s, his son also Soloman, is my grandfather. We've heard stories about Great Grandfather and his two brothers all being wounded in the first world war. Would be very interesting to hear from you and swap stories.

Sun May 24

Thu May 21

Wed May 20

Hi my Grandmother lived there...no 14 Berry Street,my mum remembers this shop through a story her mum told.

Wed Apr 22

Barry Road Stonebridge

I too remember Barry Road very well used to have to lug the family laundry up to the "bagwash" and what a walk it was.We lived on Shakespeare Avenue but I went to school with several kids from Barry Road. Always remember the scrap yard at the bottom of barry road where Mr Crawford the owner Canadian I think had a big American car that used to sit outside for us kids to dream about riding in. As kids we collected newspapers old rags and took them to the rag and bone yard to get weighed and paid for them. We also collected bottles and took them to the off license on the other corner where a welsh man called taffy would give us pennies for the bottles.I was a paper girl and delivered to Barry Road Brett Road Wesley Shakespeare Carlyle and Milton. Hated the long front yards on Barry road the bushes always had cobwebs grabbing your face in the dark. I have lived in USA for 50 years but still remember the great growing up years in Stonebridge.Saturday morning matinee at the Odeon in Craven p

Tue Jan 06


Hi Ann,

Mon Jan 05

Mon Jan 05

Mon Jan 05

Hi Joe was that George McGivney that lived in Charlton road and had a brother Pat

Mon Nov 24

Hi Joe was that George McGivney that lived in Charlton road and had a brother Pat

Mon Nov 24

The only thing i remember was flo and ted drinkwater was good friends with my parents. Ted use to bring home his lorry. He was my alarm he was like clockwork. Good ole memories of the drinkwater.. parents lives in burnt oak.

Fri Nov 14

preston gardens

My name is Richard Small I lived at 1 Preston Gardens from 1946 to 59. Any other residents out there.

Thu Oct 02


I would be grateful if you have any info on Ginger ie his full name , the cafe in church road between Mayo Rd & Heron Rd, where he was living and also if you know of his brother Rollie


Sat Sep 27

willesden DENTON ROAD

Havent been on this site for years and was pleased that you lived in the same house as my fsther Kenneth , were they council houses ? Do you have any fotos of Denton road .I know its demolished what was it like there.

Sat Sep 13

Hi Iv just found this site and am overjoyed I lived in Holly lane in the 60s and would love to see any pictures of it or Taylors lane where the big energy towers were or of bridge road where I went to school, also does anyone remember the old man that us kids called catweazel that lived in Holly lane he was sadly murdered and I wonder if you remember anything my name was Anne mcmahon back then and I remember lenny across the road and also madeline and lola franky and Colin all brothers and sisters

Wed Aug 27

Sun Aug 10

Hello... forceofnature@hotmail.co.uk

My nan and your mum were friends I believe. My nan was called Winnie (Winifred) and I have photos my nan left when she died, on the back of one of the photos is the name "Shirley Hedges" - my nan was also living in Carlyle Ave. You can contact me on Twitter @HazyLou if you like and I can send you a copy of the picture.

Tue Jul 29

Hi ....

My nan was a friend of your mums. I was just going through my nans old photos that I inherited many years ago and there is a photo of your mum holding my dad at 5 weeks old. I'd be happy to send you a copy? I'm pretty sure it must be the same Shirley Hedges as the name is on the back and my nan also lived in Carlyle Ave .... I just decided to Google your mums name after looking at the photo. Anyway you can contact me on my Twitter @HazyLou if you like

Mon Jul 28

Mon Jun 23

Former Drinkwater employee

Hi all

Finding this thread brought back fond memories of working at Drinkwaters in Neasden for a short spell during the late 60's. I worked as a young costing/wages clerk in Fred Cooper's office. Silvia Wharton (Arthur's wife) was the office manager if I remember correctly. She was a real character of a woman, glamorous, intelligent, with a real presence and a good sense of humour etc.

Sadly, I ending up getting fired ! being young and what with partying it up etc, getting to work on time became a bit of a problem. But that was all part of growing up, we do live and learn - eventually !

It was one of the best employers I had during my time in the "big smoke" having moved down from Scotland.

Mon Jun 23

Willesden spit and dribble

I believe that the cooked meats and pies shop that you mention was called the 'Home and Colonial stores' which later went on to be called Liptons.

I used to live above the United Dairies shop which was almost opposite the Odeon.

Sat Apr 19

Im trying to find a friend I went to school with an remained

until I moved to Basingstoke her name pat McKay

she lived in Carlyle road Stonebridge we went to Wesley road school she married john ephgrave I believe they moved to lyons park road in the 70s her mums name hetty dad len she 2 daughters an a son

Sat Mar 22

finding old friends/family

hi hope no one minds me posting this

there are 3 sites on facebook for anyone who may be looking fro old family/friends from Harlesden/Willesden/Stonebridge areas wether through being born, work, school or neighbours etc.

these sites are as follows.-

born in old Willesden

born in Willesden

lowerstreet and nw10 lets hope

Fri Mar 21

Oldfield Juniors and Leopold Road seniors

I lived in Drayton Road, in front of Curzon Crescent Went to Oldfield Juniors and Leopold Road seniors. I was there until 1957. A year before you. Mr Cooper was my form teacher, Mr Dodds my history teacher amd Mrs Lewis my English Teacher. My name was Clive Anderson at school [long story]

Sat Mar 01

Denbigh Road

Correction to my email address. All lower case ie

Sun Feb 23

Hi ann this is elaine hear great to hear from you always wondered where you were my e mail address is

Tue Feb 11

Clark 126 Barry Road

My father William, mother Lilah, brothers Joe, Dennis and sister Myrtal and myself , Doreen lived here from 1901 to when it was demolished in the late 1960's. We knew some of the Dinsey family from the area

Sun Jan 19

Charles and Robert Barton cv.bunting@ntlworld.com

I am looking for two brothers! Charles and Robert Barton who lived in stonebridge who I used to hang around with when we were kids. They had an Italian mother and an English father.

Mon Jan 13

Denbigh Rd

Hi Derek,

I don't think you and I knew each other, but I had a very good friend who lived in Denbigh Rd. His name was Ted Manuel, he had an older sister named Maureen. I think his house number was 11. Other school friends I knew in Denbigh Rd were Ben Lewis, Jack Stock and Marion Nixon. I lived in Taylors Lane and went to Gibbons Rd School 1952-1956. I left Willesden in 1959 and left England in 1966. I now live in Perth Western Australia.

Does anyone know where Ted Manuel is today?

Sun Jan 05

Wed Jan 01

Cook Family Willesden

The Cook Family lived at 19 Hawkshead Road Willesden from mid 1940s to 1961/2, Fathers name was George John but was known as Jack he was a prison officer who worked at Wormwood Scrubs, mothers name was Winifred, there were 3 sisters Marie, Doris & myself Ann, 4 girls that I recall are Jilly Payne, Christine Anderson, Elaine Masters & Sandra Lavender.

Would love to hear from anyone who remember this family you can contact me at

Mon Dec 16

Photograph of Willesden MCC Members 1929

I have a photograph of the Willesden MCC members in 1929, but apart from my father, Bert White, I am not able to identify any of the others, amongst whom may be one A. E. Harris.

My contact email address is:

Sat Dec 07

Derek Hogben Australia

Hello Derek, great to receive a reply from you, I don't know how to email you, I would really like to strike up a

email conversation with you, but do not know how to receive your email address without the hold world knowing about it, some post it on their posting but I really don't know? I started gibbons in 1954 & left in 58 my final teacher was Mr Skinnard , the school is still there in Brentfield Rd but is some sort of collage now, would like very much to hear from you .

Thu Dec 05

Derek Hogben

Hello Dave, great to hear some news about the old patch. There are many questions I have about the area and some names come to mind. It seems you were a little after me as you went to Gibbons School after I had left there, if Gibbons was where I actually went. Would you email me please?

Sat Nov 30

Derek Hogben AUSTRALIA

Hi Derek, in answer to your inquiry about Denbigh Rd it All was demolished years ago & a new housing estate built

there, much of church Rd has also changed, I don't think that you would recognise any of it, I went to Gibbons school 1954/58, an old school pal of mine also lived in Denbigh Rd,- Derek Langston but I cant remember the number, I have posted his name a number of times on this site but with no luck, great to hear from an old London lad. keep well, Dave Ford

Tue Nov 26

My mum is Gabrielle Beatty,daughter of Harriet Louisa Drinkwater (sister of Cyril "Snowy" Drinkwater). She keeps old b&w photos of company Christmas parties and has a faded postcard of the Drinkwater firm in Dudden Hill...looks like an early form of business card. I procured a book called From Dawn to Dust about the tipper lorry business with a lengthy section on W.W. Drinkwater and its competitors as well as photos from the film "Hell Drivers". Any family facts and details would warm her heart since she is getting quite nostalgic in her sunset years and I am putting family trees together and ordering books that feature ancestors. My email is

Tue Nov 26

Denbigh Road

I was born in 1944 and spent the first nine years of my life at 34 Denbigh Road with my father Charles, a boilermaker at Neasden Rail Workshops, mother Dorothy and brother Fred. We emigrated to Australia in 1953. I can't remember too much about the area but had an urge to see if Denbigh Road still existed.

Tue Nov 26

my father Albert Drinkwater and my uncle Ted Drinkwater worked out of the Dudden hill yard.I used to go there in the lorry with my dad in the late 50s early 60s.Ithought the owners nickname was snowy but I could be wrong,it was a long time ago.

Sun Nov 24

ken and philip ford lived in mead plat no 27 top of the road was conduit way ..there back door faced conduit way .. bill faulkner no 10 mead plat

Tue Oct 29

The Pierce Family. Monmouth Court

I was born and lived in Monmouth Court from 1937 until 1954. The Pierce family were there for most of the War years and I recall how we all ran for the air raid shelters during the heavy bombing. I regret not being able to give you any detail on the family other than them having 3 daughters. regards Ron Lewis No. 26

Sun Oct 27

saiddee7@gmail com

Hi Martin,my family lived at number 12(Brennan)we moved in 1963 to Stonebridge.I use to play with your sister Eileen and if my memory serves me well you had a brother.I remember your mum very well.

Tue Jul 30

Willie Johnson

Willie[bootnose]Johnson now lives in Blackburn im told.

Tue Jul 30


no outlook is crap.

Tue Jul 30

RE - Hope Family

spoke too soon at 13:32 it bounced back. I can only assume that Outlook Express does'nt like Hotmail I'll retry from another soon

Tue Jul 30

Re-Hope family.

I have sent another email to you with my email address,hope you get it.may be because its through Hotmail live that you can not get through,try it on a seperate

Tue Jul 30

Re HOPE Family

I've tried to email and have had two bounce backs with address not recognised ?

my email

Tue Jul 30

Hazel its possible we are related as I also had an Uncle Ginger who had the cafe in Church Road in the mid 60's, i believe he was my dads half brother who was William Albert and if we are related your mum was Florence and your dad was Alfred .you can contact me if this is correct

Mon Jul 29


Re Hope family post,have you got any christian names on the Hope family,as they are part of my family,and they also lived in Stonebridge and surrounding areas,my email add

Mon Jul 29

Re Albert (Bert Dinsey)

I have fond memories of Bert, and Kitty his horse, myself and some of my brothers used to help out on the round, in exchange Bert would give us a box of old tomatoes or apples that needed using up. His yard was next to Dinseys Fish & Chip shop on Hilside, (I believe another relation) my memory as a small boy was of bert continuosly eating Polo Mints, and Kitty who new the round backwards, Bert would call Kitty and she would walk forward to the next stopping point without any help. Bert and his family lived on the Corner of Conduit Way and Twybridge Way and we lived just up the hill at 72 Twybridge.

Happy childhood memories.

Sat Jul 20

Willesden Dave Ford ex- Gibbons Rd

Thanks for your reply Dave,my brother Mick did leave Gibbons Rd about 1958

We lived just round the corner in Beech Way off Stonebridge Pk.

Mick has lived in Suffolk for 40 yrs, I live in lovely Snowdonier in North Wales

Great to here some of us are still going strong!


Ray Hunt

Fri Jul 19

Ex Gibbons-ites

We're a group of lads who used to hang around together. 2 from Taylors Lane area, 4 from Brentfield Rd/Stonebridge Park area and 1 from Roundwood park area. All but 1 went to Gibbons but all went to Bridge Rd. We all know where we are but only see each other rarely.

Tue Jul 16

Ex-Gibbons Rd School

I see that there is an interest to ex Gibbon-ites.

I started in 1957, left in '62 one of the first 5th year. Still in contact with a few of that years group, but lost touch with most.

Lots (at least 4) fella's on the south coast [roughly Eastbourne to Southampton].

Tue Jul 16

willesden Ray Hunt Ex Gibbons School

Hi Ray, great to have a reply about Gibbons school, just cant remember if it was Mike, did he leave gibbons in 1958

(April) my last teacher was Mr Skinnard & the head was Mr Clarke, did you live near Gibbons? I have been trying to trace fellow pupils but its almost impossible, I live in the

Fareham area Hampshire, a long time since gibbons, nice of you to reply Ray, keep well Dave Ford

Mon Jul 15

Dave Ford re: Gibbons Rd school

High Dave, I've just seen your posting from Dec '12

Great to get a reply, I was at Gibbons Rd 58/62 so it may have been my

brother Mike Hunt you knew. My form teacher in years 3&4 was Mr. Wilkins

the science teacher, he was only small but everyone was terrified of him!

Hope you are well,

Ray Hunt.

Sun Jul 07

ex, denbigh rd M. Marnell

Hi Martin, thank you for answering, I am not Derek ford, but Dave Ford, I once lived in Minet Avenue just off Acton lane nr Harlesden station, have you heard of a Derek Langston when you lived in Denbigh Rd many years ago

he was an old school friend we both went to Gibbons school

1954/58 very nice to hear from you

Dave Ford

Thu Jun 27

Tue Jun 25

I can't help with that, but I wonder if you could help me? I am trying to trace my great grandfather (John George Clark) who lived in Drayton Terraces, Taylors Lane in 1921 when he married Bessie Hobbis. He was aged 26 in 1921. Does this ring a bell with you or do you have any further info?

Tue Jun 25

Hi. My name is Martin Marnell. I lived at 39 Denbigh rd with my family and went to bridge rd school. are you Derek Ford, brother of Brian who once lived opposite bridge rd school.

Wed Jun 19

hi dave

Thu Jun 13

hi steve nice to hear from you ,ihave left a message on your phone

Wed Jun 12

Kathy Dennis

Hi Kathy, I used to live at 24 Lulworth and I remember you and your brother Bobby living at Number 8 next door to Malcolm Wicks. Do you remember my younger brother Allen, he has only recently moved out of Marion Way. It would be nice to hear from you, email me at "

Thu Jun 06

the daytones

Hi Brian, how are you doing, its steve (living in spain) and still playing, I will be in england on the 13 june for 7 days, give me a call on the mobile number, we could meet up and I will buy you a beer, hope all is well, cheers Steve

Thu May 30

Hello Gill, would you have lived in Cricklewood at some time? My Nan lived on the corner of Mayo Road also, must be the same person and if she is, then you could be my half sisterwho I haven't seen since my wedding in 1959 !

Thu May 23

My grandmother was Harriet Louisa Drinkwater, sister to Cyril "Snowy" Drinkwater of Drinkwaters Haulage. My mother, Gabriel Hone the daughter of Harriet Drinkwater and Charles Walter Hone, has many old photos of the family members at the business, in Willesden and even at the company Christmas party.

Mon May 06

Sat Apr 27

derek buzzell you had brother ted also reg and a sister whose name i fail to recall i lived in woodbine cottage and remeber the sages and the petries who also lived in the elms. peter wicks is my brother and my name is BARRIE WICKS.

Tue Apr 23

Monmouth Court

My name is Roy England, Do you remember Billy & Henrietta Pierce, I am told they lived in Monmouth Court, as I understand it sometime between WW1 & WW2. Billy was my grandmothers brother and I'm looking for any information.

Mon Apr 22

the daytones willesden

i remember them jim. what a great young band they were ,they won battle of the bands 1963 64,at the essoldo cinema paddington london. i think they beat the black js in the final,what good night that was,the place was packed,a week later they made a guest appearance btween films ,again a full house. they went to guernsey as a resident band at a big hotel

Sun Apr 21

hello ivan yes you are right,we did rehearse at the labour club in the high street,i know this as i was the drummer(brian) and lived in ruckledge ave nw10. the other members of the daytones were keith,nobby(robert) and steve. Are you the son of mr&mrs day the couple that ran the club? hope to read your reply

Sun Apr 21

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