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Nottingham Place / Parfett Street Numbering

Found my own answer from an old insurance map of 1890. Nottingham Place was numbered 1 to 20 down the east side N-S, and then 21 to 40 up the west side S-N. My Gt Gt Grandfather lived at 3 Nottingham Place, which is now 56 Parfett Street.

Fri Nov 06

Nottingham Place / Parfett Street

Does anyone know how the numbering of Parfett Street now relates to the numbering of houses when it was ofriginally called Nottingham Place? My Gt Gt Grandfather lived at 3 Nottingham Place 1850s to 1870s. Thanks!

Thu Nov 05


My name is Carole Parfett and I just became aware of Parfett Street in White Chapel. I would love to know more about the origin of the name. I live in San Mateo (near San Francisco)

Tue Oct 27

East london gold rush

Whitechapel has everything inc history (jack the ripper) bars, restaurants ( close to Brick Lane), Outdoor market etc.

Close to City of London and Canary Wharf financial districts

Major transport hub linked to Heathrow Airport when Crossrail is finished

Sun Jun 08

That is where the public toilets use to be.

Fri Sep 13

That is where the public toilets use to be.

Fri Sep 13

Asian Female wanted for Nude Modeling

Photographer seeks Asian Female for Nude Modeling.

Ages 20-30, slim to Plump.

Reply to: p,

Wed Aug 28



I am a Pilates Teacher looking to set up some classes in White Chapel / E1 E2 what time would you like to do classes ideally ?

Morning / lunch time /evening ?

I would need a minimum of 3 people to start the class so let me know if you are interested and I can put it together.

Take care,


Thu Aug 01

Up and coming

Since it's so close to the city many large companies are starting property investments in whitechapel such as 'One Commercial Street'. These will undoubtedly boost the area so it is a great place for investment

Sun Jan 06

Whitechapel Lolesworth Buildings

Hi Susan

My wifes grandparents lived in Lolesworth Buildingd, The Palmers, a large family. At least for 50 years until they both died. A son lived there for some time when the buildings were refurbished, now demolished.

Photo available on Google enter Lolesworth Buildings.

Best of luck

Thu Aug 30

Palmer Family

This was a big family in numbers, that must be somebody who knew of them. They lived in Lolesworth Buildings.Prior during and after the 2nd war.

Please make contact on emial

Sun Jul 08

Parfett Street info


I have just bought a house in Parfett Street and would love to know if you have any old photos I could copy of you have any hoistory about the street.



Wed Jul 06

My family also lived in Parfett Street and Nottingham Place. It was originally called Nottingham Place to keep in with all the place named streets near by (Essex Street, York Street etc.) It was named after Sir Parfett (I think the name was William if I remember rightly). My Great-Grandparent and Grandparents rented a whole house here for probably no more than £10, now they're over 100 times that much for a house a month!

Sun May 15

Lolesworth buildings

I lived in Lolesworth buildings in the 1960s, leaving, as many were, in the early 70s. They were demolished shortly after. They were situated near the bottom end of Commercial Street, between Petticoat Lane and Brick Lane.

They were opened in 1888, the year of the Jack the Ripper murders.

Sun Jul 04

LOASIS Restaurant in Stepney

Sadly, this fabulous eatery has now closed - dunno why.

I really enjoyed the food there, and they had a great wine list and a good selection of beers.

It is a real shame to see a place of this quality go down the pan; perhaps the recession has a part to play in it.

Here's to hoping that its replacement won't be another fried chicken 'establishment' - we have tons of them here, and also their rubbish lying in the street.

Tue Sep 22

Lolesworth Buildings

My wife's grandparents lived there same period name of Palmer,

number 144.

Do you remember them or the name mentioned.


Mon Sep 21

Lolesworth Buildings

Do anybody remember the Palmer family of Lolesworth Buildings??


Thu Sep 10

julian and phil Iresponded to your message about grt

eastern bldgs and forgot to include my e,mail add its

Sat Apr 11

east end

Hi read your message on grt Eastern buildings, I was brought up in those bldgs as was my grandmother before me and her mother before her,sadly they were

demolished to make way for more modern flats.They stood sound through two world wars, and my years of growing up there are vary fondly remembered. When I

think of the bldgs and the people in them happy memori

es come flooding

Sat Apr 11

Sat Feb 21

Does anyone knows about a (voluntary) theatre group for youth or adults in whitechapel?

mail me:

Sat Feb 14

Accomodation sought

Single, Educated male, seeks accomodation.

A room, Bedsit, or Flat share will do.

Can pay deposit

Please contact by text or call on: **** 601 524.


Mon Dec 15


A new BBC 1 series is looking for families up for the challenge of leaving it all behind, for a crash course in living the simple life - in some of the world’s most remote, and stunning locations.

Have you had enough of the pressure of living in modern Britain?

Are rising prices playing havoc with your finances?

Contact us on **** 224 817or email

Wed Nov 26

I have not been able to find the whereabouts of 4 Moss`s Building, Whitechapel, given as the place of birth on my grandfathers (Albert Henry White B. 19 May,1870) birth certifacate. Mother was Elizabeth C. White nee McCarthy, father William J. White.

e-mail <

Mon Nov 17

Graduate male, seeks Accomodation


I'm a single male, a Graduate, curently unemployed (on Benefits), clean, non smoker.

I seek a Room, Bedsit or Flat share.

I can pay a deposit.

My email is:

Wed Sep 17

My Paternal grabdmother lived in Lolesworth Buildings

for most her married life, she died in 1950 age 82.

She had at least 7 children, all born and reared in Lolesworth Buildings.



The Palmers were a well know family.

Thu Jul 17

Albion Health Centre

Dr. Sturt is the best GP I've ever had - sure she runs late, but that is because she spends so much time with each patient. The German GP has left but there is now an Irish female GP - Dr. Gillevray who is also excellent.

Tue Jul 08

i'm looking for carpets too! where about in whitchapel did you get carpets?? whihc stall holders?

Thu Jul 03

My grandparents lived in the lolesworth buildings, too, in 1906 when they got married. Apparently these buildings got bombed out during WWII.

Does anybody have any photos of the building? Apparently, they were rather a notorious address during the time of Jack the Ripper.

Sat May 03

My grandparents lived in the lolesworth buildings, too, in 1906 when they got married. Apparently these buildings got bombed out during WWII.

Does anybody have any photos of the building? Apparently, they were rather a notorious address during the time of Jack the Ripper.

Sat May 03


Could you please tell me where this pilates class is that would be great.

Wed Apr 16

hi my name is bashir i miss one of my tooth so i nedd another one as soon as bossible

Sun Mar 09

get your waterboard to sort it out. put a claim for compensation and they will respond

Thu Feb 14

water pressure problem

yes there seems to be a general problem in area. This has to do with pressure from the supplier - thames water.

Get on to them urgently as you can also claim compensation under their terms and condition.

Wed Feb 13

water pressure problem

What can i do to resolve a situation that is probably due to lack of sufficient mains pressure? Would the water board be prepared to do anything if at all? There has been a constant problem of shower upstairs (3rd floor of the 3 level storey) not giving hot water and intermitantly even the taps do not give sufficient water.

Do any of you have similar problem in stepney green area and if so what solution have you found?

Sun Feb 10

Whitechapel Yoga Class - Tuesday evenings


In case you are still looking for a class - I teach yoga at 6.15pm - 7.45pm on Tuesday evenings on Adler Street, E1. The fee is £10.

See www.sitaralewis.co.uk (go to Yoga Classes) for more information or email me on

Sun Jan 20

Where were Lolesworth Buildings

My grandparents lived at 94 & 147 Lolesworth buildings around 1907 - 1911. Were these buildings in Spitalfields area of London and near where?

Fri Nov 23

St Mary Whitechapel Stepney

Hi I live in Australia and I have found the other churches that my ancestors were christened or married in on the net. but cannot fine this one does any one have a photo of St Mary Whitechapel Church of England of Stepney as my great grandmother was christened in it the other one is St Andrew and St Philips church of England in Kensingston my email is

Fri Nov 09

gt.eastern bldgs

greqat eastern bldgs have long gone now. theres new flats there my mate from school used to live there it wa a lot better area way back then.

Fri Nov 09

i would like to introduce my self as trish.

and would like to write to you as a penpal.

i have actually been to the blind begger pub for a drink

do you know if they have singles evenings for single

Tue Jul 31

I have lived in Whitechapel

I totally agree with you: maybe not a wealthy area but a safe one. As a girl, I have never had any problem there. The people are increadibly friendly & helpfull.

Wed Jul 04

I was once recommended the surgery further up Brick Lane, towards Whitechapel - is it called the Spitalfields Health Centre, not sure? Anyway, there are apparently good doctors there.

Wed Jun 20

Desperate search for a decent doctors

Can anyone recommend a decent doctors in Aldgate East / Whitechapel ? spitalfields area? My girlfriends been shunting around a few in the area as she coughs her lungs out, but they all seem useless and / or manky as hell and she might die. Slight exaggeration but short of her becoming a local smackhead I cant see the local NHS being able to do much for her. Surely theres a decent doctor somewhere round here??

Please help!

Wed Jun 20

Lolesworth Buildings

Are they still there, if so are they now private accommdation?

Mon May 28

Whitechapel, Commercial Rd

Hi everyone.

I am aware that I may be repeating some questions that have gone before me but I just wanted to check.

I am looking at moving into accommodation just of Commercial Rd in Whitechapel close to the Limehouse DLR station and I was wondering that this area of London was like for everything from crime to chilled out night life?

Looking forward to your replies

Wed May 16


Wed May 16

Whitechapel unsafe? No worse than many other areas.

I lived in whitechapel for 3 years and never had any problems. It is not a wealthy area, and as such can be a little rough around the edges, but I never encountered any problems. Those "you are now entering a mugging zone" signs you see at the Tube station are ridiculously scare-mongering.

That being said, Whitechapel is a very mixed area and there are some very quiet back streets and run down industrial areas which I would not be happy walking through alone at night. The main high street is very safe though, there are always lots of people about.

If I were you I would go there and have a walk around one evening to get a feel for the area yourself.

It's a great area to live in. Very good value and really well connected. The main downside in my view is a lack of green space, but if you can do without that you'll be fine....

Tue Apr 17


Tue Apr 17

It was named after someone named Sir (something) Parfett. I think he was a social worker. The street was originally called Nottingham Place. I know -- I grew up there! Cannot believe what the rents are in those houses now! I think my parents paid about three pound rent for a four room flat in the 1950's! Great memories -- no one closed their doors til late at night, all the kids played on the street, most of us still keep in touch after all these years!

Fri Mar 30

portuguese lessons


i'm in london to do an MA in cultural studies and i teach portuguese on my free time. it's 20 pounds per hour for individual lessons. and i'm preparing a conversation course for may.

please contact me if you're interested!

ate ja, rita xx

Wed Feb 21

portuguese lessons


i'm in london to do an MA in cultural studies and i teach portuguese on my free time. it's 20 pounds per hour for individual lessons. and i'm preparing a conversation course for may.

please contact me if you're interested!

ate ja, rita xx

Wed Feb 21

portuguese lessons


i'm in london to do an MA in cultural studies and i teach portuguese on my free time. it's 20 pounds per hour for individual lessons. and i'm preparing a conversation course for may.

please contact me if you're interested!

ate ja, rita xx

Wed Feb 21

Fri Feb 16

museum at whitechapel?

is there a museum opposite whitechapel station. i am sure i took my niece there about 10years ago but not sure if it is still there! i think it was something similiar to the childhood museum. Thanks

Fri Feb 16


To be honest, it is a dodgy area, lots of pluses, but violent crime is a reality.

Fri Feb 02

Is it violent in Whitechapel?

Just wondering as I might be moving there. When I went up to have a look it seemed okay but a friend has warned me about crime in the area, she's lived in London her whole life so I respect her opinion enough to ask

Fri Jan 26

there's the 'yoga place' at bethnal green or whitechapel sports centre does yoga classes

Thu Jan 25

Places to buy

Hi, i have just brought two flats in whitechapel and the safest place that i found was eithier the area bsurronding myrdle street or around leman street hope this helps. lee

Wed Dec 20

tennis in whitechapel

is there a tennis club/lessons in/near to whitechapel?i've found one in hackney but looking for something closer.


also a dance class.

Tue Dec 05

yoga aldgate east/whitechapel

Hi does anyone know where there is a yoga centre or somewhere they have classes?


Thu Oct 26

On New Rd,just before you get to Whitechapel Rd,there's a Dental Centre.They will see you on a first come first serve basis.I don't know if they're open on Sundays.But Mon-Fri you'd have to get there very early eg.5-00-6-00am as they only take the first 10 people.This service is absolutely FREE of charge.The dentists are trainnees,but are supervised by qualified Dental Tutors.I've been there once,and it was very good.Contact:

Sat Aug 12

Parking Space available - Aldgate East/Whitechapel/Liverpool St/Shadwell

Secure Parking Space available.

Outside congestion charge zone.

2 min walk Aldgate East Underground & Brick Lane, 5 min Whitechapel, 10 min Liverpool St/Shadwell DLR.

Gated Complex with remote control.

£100 per month. Available now!

Contact Dave on

Mon Jun 05

water problems in stepney green

I live just up the road in stepney green and we have always had varying degrees of low water pressure, we live in the top (3rd) floor of a small block of flats and the pressure is so low that our boiler often doesn't have enough pressure to fire the burners meaning we have a lot of hot/cold showers. The pressure has been checked by the landlord and thames water who say it's fine. British gas say the only thing we can do is try to get Thames water to up the pressure for our area, but that doesn't seem very likely.

Wed May 10



Hanbury Street E1

nearest tube Whitechapel 5 mins away.

Time 6:30pm- 8pm

All levels are welcome.

Thu Mar 30

Whitechapels great

I'm an actor and I just bought my first flat in an ex-local authority block near Whitechapel Tube station. It is an inspiring place! I'm sure there's better areas in terms of crime but I have not experienced any problems at all. I think it's a perfect area to live in if you are an artist. It's not mainstream yet trendy and vibrant - and it's very close to the centre.

Thu Mar 30

Hi to the person who got the dishwasher and had it insatlled so quickly. I live close by, near Whitechapel and also need a dishwasher installed and having problems finding a good company to do this - could you please pas on the detials of your supplier/installer,

Many thanks


020 7608 0293

Fri Feb 24

water problems in Whitechapel

Is anyone else having problems with their water supply? In my flat we've been having really big problems. Our water often totally cuts out, and at other times the pressure is very low.

Our landlord has tried to fix the problem, and he is sure it is nothing to do with the pipes in our building.

Anyone else having problems?

Thu Feb 09


Sat Jan 21


I am looking for accomodation in Whitechapel,for March-May

Thu Dec 15

Bethnal Green Road or Whitechapel sports ctr

Hi there. late posting but Yoga Place on Bethnal green road do yoga and pilates. Whitechapl sports centre behind the tube do pilates for about £5.50 on a thursday eve.

Mon Nov 14

Drama Club

Is there a local drama club in the area? and what kind of stuff do they do?

Sally; email

Mon Aug 22

East Side Dental Practice?

Dr Dominik did a good job for me - very professional.

222 whitechapel Road

020 7247 0132

Sedation? have a couple of stiff drinks instead?

Tue Aug 16

Good dentist in Whitechapel?

Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Whitechapel who doesn't charge too much but is reliable and not too scary. Perhaps one that does sedation? Any suggestions are welcome.

Mon Aug 08

Ten Bells Pub

I can't see the date of your posting, but if you are still interested, the Ten Bells is at the corner of Fournier St and Commercial St, across from Christ Church and the Spitalfields Market.

The distance to Mitre Square is some 15 minutes' walk.

Sun Aug 07

Wed Jun 29

Whats that red / pink building I can see from the DLR line ?

There is a bright red/pink building on my right side when I travel on the DLR line (going towards SHadwell).

It looks like quite a modern design near Cable Street.

But what is it? I've always been curious.

It has a big round window on one side and a funny shape roof.

Any ideas?

Sun Jun 26


We play Sunday mornings on Hackney marshes and are looking to strengthen our squad


Thu Jun 02

dentist at Whitechapel

I went to Whitechapel Royal Dentistry, 1st floor, 221, Whitechapel Rd, London, E1 1DE. Tel: 020 7247 5378.

The service was cheap - Around £25 cleaning and check up. The dentist was nice and not pushy as far as treatments were concerned.

Tue May 17

the why

I'll bet it comes from the French parfait, or "perfect". accent the 2nd syllable and you can hear the French. I notice England accents first syllables most often.

Mon May 16

the why

I'll bet it comes from the French parfait, or "perfect". accent the 2nd syllable and you can hear the French. I notice England accents first syllables most often.

Mon May 16

Jack about

You must read "Prince Jack" by Frank Spiering. Closest link to the private medical files of Sir William Gull, royal physician in 1888.

The copy I have says on the cover "not for release in Britain."

The guide at Windsor Castle declares the Ripper's body lies there, under a giant, angelic guard that seems more demon than angel.

A.Conan Doyle told Colin Wilson the identity of the Ripper was known to authorities: "one of the highest in the land."

My first night in Whitechapel, I took a walk dressed in black. A group of people were ahead of me about 70 meters. I stayed back, so I wouldn't intrude. One by one, they all wound up watching me constantly, and I followed for a good while, maintaining the distance and keeping in the shadows. Of course, I had accidentally come upon a Ripper Tour in the most perfect fashion. Glad I played my role. How many happen to stroll right onto the stage with a role readymade for them in what was then a rather inten

Mon May 16

Im registered at the Albion Health Centre, 333 Whitechapel high st - The doctors who ive seen there have all been ok, Dr Tessa Sturt is the female gp - non scary and very nice. Also, the nurse was great and very helpful when i last went for a health check. A few years ago i saw a different female gp, a german woman, and she was amazing, but i cant remember her name, sorry, and i haven't seen her since, so i dont know whether she's still there. Hope thats some help!

Mon Mar 14


That's right, there are less bars and the area's quite relaxed. Also lots of good Asian restaurants including Tayyab's in Fledgate Street (just off the main road)


If you're into art there's whitechapel art gallery.

Go a little further west you'll reach Brick Lane and it's "chok-full" of Indian restaurants.

Brick Lane is also famous for the wonderful freshly baked bagels you can get there.

Sat Mar 12

Yeah.Shoreditch is lively and good to go out in, but i reckon Whitechapel has more of a relaxed feel - not bars and noise 24hrs

Wed Mar 09

Victoria Park, if the sun ever shines again

Wed Mar 09

Obviously there are lots of places up Brick Lane and in Shoreditch to go to - Plastic People on Curtain Rd has some good nights and you sometimes get interesting gigs there, but for Whitechapel itself, try Indos on the high st, bit further down from the tube towards aldgate east. Its pretty laid back and friendly.

Wed Mar 09

Thinking of relocating to East End

HI everyone, I am a North Londoner (don't groan!) but am in the process of considering buying my first flat. I am intregued by the east end as I am a writer and am looking for an unusual space to inspire and all that! I must admit, I don't know the East End too well, can anyone post some honest pro's and cons to the area, and perhaps advise on other areas that I should look at? What I am looking for basically, is somewhere safe (big ask in London generally I know, but I dont want to be at risk of mugging evertime I leave my home), somewhere spacious, with perhaps a park or walkway nearby so you can get out and about, a strong sense of community, and easy access to shops, museums and beyond! Any advise and warnings would be hugely appreciate... you just cant trust estate agents!!!

Thanks for reading!

Fri Dec 10

Great Eastern Buildings, Fieldgate Street

I am trying to find out more about these buildings. they were erected in the 19th century (between 1870 and 1890) by the Great Eastern Railway to rehouse people whose homes were demolished to make way for the construction of Liverpool Street Station and Bishopsgate Goods Depot. Dwellings were erected in or near Quaker Street E1, Winchester Street (which I believe is now the eastern part of Cheshire Street E2), and Fieldgate Street E1.

Are any of these buildings still surviving, or have they been demolished, either due to wartime bombing or subsequent redevelopment?

If you can help, or at least point me in the right direction, many thanks.

Thu Dec 09

What Wierd Names

Does anyone know why Parfett street is called that, here does the name come from? I would really like to know.

Wed Dec 08

Wanting to make friends in Whitechapel

I am a 50s Caribbean lady who has spent many years in London but just moved to Whitechapel. I'm looking for friends in the local area for chats, meets and genuine friendship. If that's you, I'd love to hear from you. My email is

Sat Oct 30

Sunday League Football in East End

Wed Oct 27

does anyone know tayabs phone number the restaurant at whitechapel

Thu Oct 14

Whitechapel is great

We just moved into the area, needed new carpets and appliances, all sourced within 5 mins of the flat, delivered and installed within days. How did I find such good service, just asked stall holders on the brilliant Whitechapel market. Moved in at 3.30pm by 5.30 had ordered items and awaited delivery, 1st of which was at 7.30 that night - dishwasher delivered and installed!!

Could then stroll to Brick lane for a meal and a beer or two. The people are friendly and yes the market can look a bit untidy to say the least but generally is well cleaned up at end of the day.

Wed Oct 13

People to hang around with

Hello. I've recently moved to the area, and would be interested to hear from people up for a few pints, a good conversation, wandering around, music.

I'm a 25 year old guy, I like producing jungle and electronic sounds, ending up in different bits of London, and I take an interest in most things in life.

Drop me a line at

Mon Oct 04

Not as good as Shoreditch?

Oh la-de-da, listen to Tarquin... :p

Sun Aug 22

Dunno about a fire...

The Blind Beggar is okay, but try the good samaritan behind the hospital. Nurses, mmmmmmmm!

Sun Aug 22

The ten bells

Is opposite spitalfields market on commercial street.

Sun Aug 22

Sunday League Football in East End


I'm looking for a Sunday league football team in the east end, i.e Bethnal Green, Mile End, Stepney Green etc. Any one got any club names or numbers to ring. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a million

Wed Aug 04

Hi, i'm moving into halls on greatorex street in september. been trying to find out things for students aswell. i've found out that there's a doctors, dentists and gym in walking distance - if that's any help. maybe i'll bump into you.

my e-mail is

Mon Jul 26

Student moving to Greatorex street

moving to student accomodation in Greatorex street just wanted to know what the areas like for a student. Friendly? Music? local attractions anything i need to know?

Fri Jul 23

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