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Mon Apr 14

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Thu Oct 11

Ross Cutts dentist

Hello there - am interested in having a brace fitted. Please could you let me know contact details? Thanks

Thu Feb 22

Network and questionnaire event for an actors/arts centre in SELondon/Kent

A networking event for theatre and film arts people to come along and have their say about what they might like from an actors/arts centre in the SE London/Kent area. If you can make it please come and have your voice heard and fill in a questionnaire for us so that this process can get started. We will give you coffe/tea and other people to network with while you are there. What have you got to lose? Come along between 3PM AND 8PM ON FRIDAY 2ND JUNE 2006 @ COFFEE CO, UNIT 5, 25 CALDERWOOD STREET, WOOLWICH, LONDON, SE18 6QA. For more details please email

Tue May 23

Try a trip to Blackheath

Lots of nice bars & Pubs in Blackheath the nearest to westcombe park is the Princess of Wales - nice pub quite trendy fabulous garden for a pleasant evening drink in the summer!

Tue Dec 06

Westcombe park dental practice

Ross Cutts

Fri Apr 15

Looking for a garage in Westcombe Park

Hello, I'm a 22 years drummer, I moved to Maze Hill 1 month ago and I would like find some place like a garage o basement to rent able to practise, I can soundproof it so don't be afraid about the noise and I'm serious musician trying to be a professional.

Can anybody help me? I'd be really gratefull.

Thank you!

Tue Apr 05

fat bolding people wanted

there are a few of us trying to organise a kick about on woolwich common. If you wanna play send us an email and i will let you know when we will be there.

We dont want any good players that wwill make us took really bad.

Sun Mar 21


There are 2 - the Vanbrugh Helath centre is the closest. Nice docs, some female.

The other one is on the peninsular (Greenwich Peninsular practice) - brilliant - state of teh art everything (its brand new) lovely doctors (majority are women) and usually they can see you within 48 hours - if not they will get a doctor to give you a ring with advice.

Mon Oct 06

Pool, etc

The Arches leisure centre is about 10 mins walk from Westcombe Park station, on the way in to greenwich.

A larger sports centre also with a pool is at the Waterfront centre at Woolwich - 10 mins on the bus. There is also an excellent local authority gym (no pool) based at Charlton Athletic football ground, the next station on from Westcombe part - 5 mins.

Mon Oct 06

Supermarkets in Westcombe Park

Sainsburys on the peninsular is good, as is Asda (further along Bugsbys way in the same area as Sainsburys). Asda is a bit cheaper but the queues are often longer. There are both open 24 hours except Sundays.

There is a good, but cramped, Safeways at Blackheath standard. Sainsburys and Asda both do internet deliveries to Westcombe Park, as does Tesco (at Lewisham) and Ocado (waitrose somewhere!) Hope that's helpful. Forget the dating at supermarkets option!

Mon Oct 06


I noticed a big Sainsburys just north of Westcombe Park - walking distance. As for the dating thing, if you need to meet someone where the only thing you've got in common is groceries, you're better off staying single!

Wed Aug 20

Yeah - someone tell me this too!

Will be moving to Gurdon Road in the next few weeks and don't yet know where's good to go! I noticed the Pickwick pub on the main road which seems okay but not entirely my cup of the proverbial... can anyone recommend somewhere with a bit of atmosphere - a nice pub, or wine bar, maybe? Perhaps a club or evening event locally?

Wed Aug 20

Great nosh!

The East Cafe (Think that's what it's called) round the corner from Westcombe Park station is great. Ate there last night after viewing a flat to rent in the area, and the food was excellent as were the prices. If you like Indian food, there's a huge selection to choose from in a smart cafe style restaurant. It's open till 11pm. Looking forward to moving there... if you have any recommendations as to where to go out and about, to eat, drink, socialise and be merry, please let me know!

Wed Aug 20

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