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Are you able share this picture my dad was there throughout all of his childhood. I am desperate to locate a picture of him

Wed Apr 24


Are you able share this picture my dad was there throughout all of his childhood. I am desperate to locate a picture of him

Please feel free to contact me at

Wed Apr 24


I remember Rinska too ...was there a couple of times...up until 1978/9

Fri Dec 14

Jewish Orphanage in West Norwood

Can anyone help please. My sisters and I believe that our dad (who passed away last year) was placed in the orphanage sometime during the late 1940s. His name was Andrew Imrie - he was a difficult child but his mother had placed him in there, later followed by his younger brother Crighton and sister Margaret.

We would really like to find out exactly how long he was there for - are the records kept anywhere?

Many thanks, Mandy

Sun Nov 04


My brothers were in Woodvale in 1955. There was abuse going on which we suffered from . Any one who remembers the names of staff please contact me.

I think Cummins rings a bell.



Wed Aug 15

hi ken i was also in hutton,thames house,all the houses named after rivers,what house was you in my friend?

Wed Aug 15


I like you went followed the same path, left Hutton res in 1958.

I also went to Scarborough for a holiday, did you know a Eddy Siverio and a John Ballard? They were my best friends, was very unkind to them when they visited me when I had left Hutton, would like them to know how sorry I am.

Thu Jun 14

Alice Cheeseman?

Hi Alice When I left Fred Neibour used to vkisit me at home in Batterseas

Thu Apr 26

I was in southvale in 1972 and then shirleyoaks in 1972/1981. Am looking for cedrick Wilson and Judy and Sonia trottmen. If any one knows them then please let them know am looking for them . my name is carol and if they can email me. Cazamygene@gmail.c

Mon Apr 09

Yes I was there in 1985 when I was 9 till 1986 my names peter

Fri Mar 23

South vale West Norwood

Hi my name is Peter I was in south vale back in 1985 when I was 9 years old what year in the 80s where u there would like to hear from any1 that remembers me

Fri Mar 23

Yes I remember Terry he had a older brother called Patrick if it’s the same Terry my name is Peter I was there in 1985 to 1986

Fri Mar 23

South vale West Norwood

Hi my name is Peter I was in south vale back in 1985 when I was 9 years old what year in the 80s where u there would like to hear from any1 that remembers me

Fri Mar 23

hi my name is lisa,I was in southvale in 82 I think,I am looking for someone called terry who worked at the home,a great guy,also a lovely girl called jill neaves I think ,can you help,also I remember rinska

Thu Mar 22

I worked at South Vale 1983-1987

I have photo's of my last day at SouthVale in 1987 and possibly some others taken on holiday with a large group of staff and young people, we slept in sleeping bags on a church hall floor I think!! I was only 19 years old when I started there! I kept in touch with Barbara Klein for yours even meeting up when we both had a baby in 2000, I lost touch with her after that. I'm happy to hear from anyone from those times.

Tue Mar 13

I worked at South Vale

Hi I worked at South Vale from 1983-1987, I was only 19 years old when I started working there , I have some photo's taken whilst I worked there, name wise I mostly remember Barbara and Anthony Klein, possibly also a girl called Eleanor. I have photo's from my last day and one of them is of a girl with a big afro can't be sure if mixed race or black girl though, I'd have to look the photo out! I'm happy to hear from anyone who thinks they remember me.

Tue Mar 13


Hi, please get in contact with us

Tue Mar 06

I went there too

I was in south vale from 1985 to 1986

Sat Feb 24

I was also in south vale from 1985 to 1986

Sat Feb 24

hi guys I was in southvale in the 80s ,I was looking for a member of staff called terry,or anyone else who could of been in at the same time as me,my name is lisa chowdhury

Mon Jan 08

hi guys I was in southvale in the 80s ,I was looking for a member of staff called terry,or anyone else who could of been in at the same time as me,my name is lisa chowdhury

Mon Jan 08

Starboard against port Side?

When you were in Stanford house did you do boxing on a Saturday afternoon . Starboard against port Side!

Mon Oct 16

i was in wood vale 19 50 too i also was sent to beecholme was in jamine house

Mon Oct 09

tvaran newson 51@gmail.com

Hi Christine

Did you know Tom(brown)at woodvale children home?

I too got out there around 1960 era.

Very clearly remember the iron gates.

All the houses was named after tree's


Did you know Mac?

Hope hear back from you.

Tell me your experiences at woodvale.be good to listen.

Best regards. Tvaran Newson

tvaran newson

Fri Aug 11



Tue Jul 18

mr goodall was violent complaints were raised in 1976. social services protected him

Sat Jul 15

My email is

Fri Jun 02

I was in that hell hole before the silver jubiliee & up til 79 when we were moved to north wales. My name is darren Lloyd & my brother was Stephen Lloyd.I was beaten up by staff & by Mr renforth/ renford, husband & wife from Yugoslavia.

Fri Jun 02

I was on wood vale from 63-64 I think I remember Mr Lawton and slim just wondered it anyone else was there then who might remember me I was in the house that was closes to the street could see the bus stop from my window and would wave to my dad after he dropped me off my email is

Thu Apr 27

Sun Dec 18

Woodvale childrens hpme

I was in the Larches in the late 1950's the housemaster was Mr MacDonald known as 'Mr Mac'. Not a particularly pleasant experience I always remember having a freshly made bed ripped apart because the housemaster didn't like the way it was made and trooping down the long curved staircase to have a cold shower in the morning. I was 8 years old!

Thu Dec 01

St gothard road / St. Cloud road safe?

Hi there, I've just moved to St Bernard's Close at the junction of St. Cloud Road and st gothard road, I viewed the property 5 or 6 times before deciding to move and the area seemed quiet and safe, but it would be great to hear the experiences of anyone else living in the area? Thanks, Steve

Mon Oct 24

I was in woo ale in 1958 then went to bee hold in Banstead left in 1961 ( ariel22@ btinternet.com)

Wed Aug 03

Personal files from Norwood

Hi Raymond, I'm David, lived in 17 Chatsworth Way, walked to Kingsdale School with Stephen B every day. Years ago I found out (from Stephen, Paul L. & Michael R. who lived with me in the Gabriel House) that a certain Mr Rayment was in charge of the files. He sent 100s of pages (copies) to my brother, Biff. There were few relevant pages on him and only 3 links about me? Considering I had also been there till 1970, that was a bit strange considering the others had page after page in their files?

Nice to read that you are around and perhaps going to the plaque unveiling on 11 September?

Wed Jul 27

Try Historic Southwark: Camberwell Southwark and Bermondsey. They have a photograph of a small group of children from Woodvale Childrens Home dated circa1950

Fri Apr 15

Wood Vale Childrens Home

Does anyone remember a Florence Bowyer that worked at Wood Vale in the 50's. She was my Nan and I remember going to meet her at the gates. Can't remember exactly what position she had but would love to hear from anyone that remembers her.

Sun Apr 10


Hi Claire

Did you ever manage to find anyone? Would be great to hear! Yes I remember Rinske!!!

Hope you're well xx

Fri Apr 01


Hi Claire

Did you ever manage to find anyone? Would be great to hear! Yes I remember Rinske!!!

Hope you're well xx

Fri Apr 01

Woodvale, in Elder Road, was once part of Lambeth workhouse, Charlie Chaplin and brother stayed there as did my Grandmother c1896 to 1908 . Bob Bunce

Tue Jan 19

Woodvale photos

Yes I was in Woodvale in 1958 and i have 2 photos

Tue Dec 01

This is the Lambeth Shirley Oaks Survivors Association who are investigating abuse in Lambeth children's home. After 2 years we finally got the government to investigate the whole of Lambeth. We are now working on Woodvale/Southvale and we need to contact as many people who were in the home in the 1950's - 1980's, especially those who suffered sexual or physical abuse. Please call ********7 or email

Tue Dec 01

Hi l was at w/v late 50s in beech house and l remember Mr Cummings very well ,not a nice man made us swim in the n.... he was moved to Shirley oaks near croydon

Wed Nov 11

hi does anyone remember the Malla family of two girls and two boys who were at home in the 1800 any information would be appreciated thanks

Tue Sep 22

does anybody know of theMalla family that were in the home around the 1815 of two brother and two sisters any infor would be appreciated many thanks carole

Mon Sep 21

The larches most likely.

Thu Aug 20

The larches most likely.

Thu Aug 20

Hi Hans

My name is Janette I am the daughter of Fred Powell. My dad is still alive but I'll in hospital. I remember you you came and stayed with my nan Mona in Durban Road West Norwood Se27 . I would love to hear from you

Wed Aug 19

hi bruce its me andy your brother?I always thought we were there for two years?.We were sent to Newington lodge first.1957 for six months and then to woodvale childrens home for two years,from which I ran away,but was caught and sent to Stanford house Borstal for two weeks.!then returned to woodvale for the remaining part of the two years.We were then sent to Beech-home Banstead surry.for two years.We were then repatriated with our parents 1962 to Leighpark Nr Havant Hampshire.Going back to woodvale. It always haunts me crossing the road a girl got run over and killed.outside the main gate, blonde hair,about six years old?the skin of her face was stuck to road, the car which I now know was a light brown Austin severn. it never stopped.!! The only members of staff who I can remember a navy guy who taught us boxing and a mr Cummings house master.

Mon Jul 20


My Name is Michael Rothwell I was in Wood vale in 1963 the only friend i remember was a boy called john and we went to see Churchill's funeral also his mum lived in Barnfield Gardens Plumstead Now I have seen the name mister Lawton and slim I belive he smoked Lawton and had bushy hair slim had just straight hair just wanted to know if anyone remembers me thanks Mick msupermicky2@aim,

Sat Jul 11

Hi, my name is John and I was at woodvale from Easter 1959 to march 1960 and I remember going to Deal on a weeks holiday . A boy nicknamed poodle I think stole some cigarettes out of the hotel bar (Rays bar?) which I didn't know and I got in trouble for looking after them. I would like to see any photos you have. My email is.

Wed Jul 08

hello bridget i was in southvale and highland rd around the same time my name is jimmy emery was u flat sharing with tracey in brixton rd my email is

Tue Jul 07

I was in woodvale in the early 60s,and I was in a play and the song in the play was (I think) woodvale wanderers this is part of the song.WE ARE THE WOODVALE WANDERERES AND HERES THE HORIBLE CATCH IT MUST BE SAID WE WOULD DROP DOWN DEAD IF WE EVER WON A MATCH

Thu Mar 26

Woodvale Reception centre/Childrens home

Does anybody remember some of the more nasty things that happened at Woodvale in the 60's? I am talking about abuse.

Feel free to share your experiences. I was there in the 60's. Lambeth Council seem to have forgotten about it! You can contact me at

Wed Mar 11

Thu Jan 22



Tue Jan 06

I was at wood vale around 1956-1963

Hi I was at Wood Vale after being moved there from either Hillingdon Convent or Henniker House. My name was Ann Glenys Wheeler and I have a few memories of being there!! i can't recall many names and those I do may have come from any of my childhood homes...i remember Miss Beautell and Miss Godden but they may not have been here.

would be interested in contact from anyone who was there around the same time. Hope happy lives followed leaving there.

email me at

Sat Nov 29

Hi, I think this may be where my mum was at some time during her childhood, her name was Ann Glenys Wheeler, she always mentioned WoodVale when we drove through Dulwich as children and she was previously at a pace called henniker House in Fulham. would be great if anyone remembers her!!!!! despite the rocky childhood she is the best mum ever x

Fri Nov 28

Paul brooks

I was in woodvale in the 1950s before I went to bee home in Banstead Surrey

Sun Nov 23

I remember Zona Fishpool! She was very good at sport. My sister Sadie was in her house and I was in Larches house. I remember doing cooking lessons in her house. From Larches I remember Leonard Weddon and his pigeons, Jimmie Box, Tony Parsons and Robert Pearce. Ted Belcher was in Elms House and we met again in Beechholme where we were moved to after 6 months. I remember people used to abscond quite regularly and there were frequent raids on the kitchens at night. I also remember the open air disused swimming pool where people went for an illicit smoke. We went for a holiday in Pont y Pant in Wales in the summer. Wow! Brings back memories of polishing the brown lino floors - and Mr Lawton. And being allowed out into Norwood on a Saturday to spend our pocket money. Woodvale was an education in itself. Thank or reminding me.

Tue Sep 23

EGO LGBT Venue is opening back.

EGO night club will be opening back. Reunion will be 6th September. LGBT venue is returning to west norwood as a gay club.

Mon Sep 01


Hi lisa, im claire my friend wrote on here for me about gerry, i remeber mrs western, the two sues, big sue and little ginger sue, joy with glasses, and diana wood, oh yes u couldn't forget rinsker the russian or german lady, she was well built, but anyway i would so love to see diana, but more so gerry, so if that number still works lisa and someone knows where i could contact gerry i would be very appreciated. Thanks for getting back to me.

Tue Aug 05


Everytime I go to the walworth page it asks me to submit an advert!

Please sort it out!

Wed Jul 16


Go to Facebook memories of west norwood

Fri Jul 11

woodvale pictures

Go on to Facebook look for memories of west norwood their are pictures of woodvale ask to be member and I will add you

Fri Jul 11



That certainly gives me the shivers.

Larches, or Larch was the house I was in, around 1963. I remember the Cockroaches, and horrible food.

Mr. Swaffer, and Mr. February, who liked to beat the crap out of the boys with his cane.

Yes, I remember Woodvale, Stamford House, The Hollies at Sidcup, Battledown manor, near Cheltenham and finally, Park House school near Godalming, Surrey.

You know what? I never stole anything or committed any crime; they just wouldn't let me live at home!

Sun Jul 06

Hi terry

I was there in 1954-1960, would love to hear from you. My email address is

Tue Jul 01

lovitz111 @yahoo.com

Hi I was there. 1961 live in house on gipsy hill biff and Wolfy are 2 lads I rember

Mon Jun 23

Roger firth

Hi Roger, I was in Norwood circa 1954-1959. I recently tried to find the home with no success, but I remember singing a ditty:

There is a mouldy dump down Norwood way, where we get bossed about 10 times a day. Eggs and bacon, we don't see, we get sawdust in our tea. That's why we're gradually fading away. The nurses are so barmyy, the matron is as bad, but when it comes to Cummins, he nearly drives us mad. Saying, get out of it, get out of it, before you get a clout. Good times........would like to hear from you. Ps my email address is

Tue Jun 17

I lived here too in early eighties

I'm looking for chantelle cunningham and Richard and Robert jackson

Thu Jun 05

I lived in southvale

I'm looking for chantelle cunningham and Richard and Robert jackson

Thu Jun 05

Yes it does exist

Tue Mar 04

Book Club West Norwood

Hi there

Just moved to the area, I have seen a few posts about a Book Club, does anyone now if there is one set up?


Sun Feb 23

Move that .com

I was in wood vale in 1953 , can't remember name of house , but mr warren what's the house master. I was 8 years old at the time and stayed there for one year . My brother and sister were there at the same time. We then moved to bore ham wood . Not a very good period of our lives!

Tue Feb 04


Hallo Barry !

I was in Woodvale during the early 50s. I think I was at Larches House, but cant remember to much about the House Master ect. I have quite happy memories of Woodvale and if you have time please contact me. Since leaving the Army, I have lived in Germany.

Fri Jan 03

Southvale childrens home

I was in southvale in 1974 for a short while

Sun Dec 15

C Barrington from 1957

Hello I am making enquires on behalf of Colin Barrington who went to Woodvale from about the age of 7 for about 5 years, he was born in 1950. He remembers names such as, Suzanne and Lillian Goodwin, Kevin Jackson and Colin Brewer and the names of other childrens homes, The Hollies and Skaysbury or Skarsborough?

He cannot access a computer and I said I would try to find out more for him. A few years ago ,he was sent two photocopies of the very big Victorian building, (with a fire escape on the left side) and the dormitory with wooden partitions and a fireplace at the end and a chair which sat an adult! Any more details would be greatly appreciated, many thanks

Sun Dec 01

Garden cleaning!

Hi. If you need someone to clear your garden just send the e-mail for me. Thanks

Sat Sep 28

Hi Raymond

I don't know if you remember me my parents were houseparents in Stephnie House, my name is Celia Lyons, their youngest daughter, I remember you, and especially Mrs Kostick.

After my father sadly died my mum stayed on at Norwood for a little while then left. I live in Australia and have been here for 43years, would like to here from you

Best best regards Celia

Sat Sep 28

Book club?

Seen a few messages about a maybe book club in West Norwood. If one gets started (or if there's already one out there), I'd be interested to :)

Thu Sep 19

Book club?

Seen a few messages about a maybe book club in West Norwood. If one gets started (or if there's already one out there), I'd be interested too :)

Thu Sep 19

West Norwood book group

Has anyting happened about this group? I would be interested too ...

Tue Sep 17


I was in LWN sent there under a care and protection order in 1950 at 4yrs old and abused. I cannot remember the house name, I do remember at 2pm every day laid in a cot and hearing 'listen with mother'. Miss O'Sullivan was one of the abusers I remember the black iron railings around LWN. I was transferred to another home in 1954.

Thu Jul 18

Elder Gardens - lots of properties for sale

Hi all,

Im thinking of buying a property in Elder Gardens, it seems there are lots of properties for sale or at least a new one every week.

Is there something I should be aware of e.g is service charge going up or is the management company planning on carrying out some improvements and hence owners will have to contribute 000s?

Sat Jul 13



Sat Jun 29


hi everyone , I was in woodvale in 1962 for 6 months , before I was sent to orchard house in essex , for 3 years . my name is chris saunders , cant remember the name of my house but the masters were mr davies and mr elliott , it was next to the larches house where the older boys syayed , it very emotional seeing this page today , ive looked many times and found nothing till today . I will write some more as I believe that we deseve our place in society and we should not be forgotten .

Sat Jun 22

Yoga Classes please!

hello I teach Yoga in a very friendly studio in west norwood. i have classes every evening 7.30-9pm and sunday morning 11-1230 - more info www.yogarelax.co.uk - would love to welcome you and share yoga with you

Fri May 03

Yoga West Norwood

hello I teach Yoga in a very friendly studio in west norwood. i have classes every evening 7.30-9pm and sunday morning 11-1230 - more info www.yogarelax.co.uk - would love to welcome you and share yoga with you

Fri May 03

Maples House

I was in Woodvale about 1953 in Maple House, the house mothers were Miss Gwen Fry and a miss Greenwood... two boys names come to mind.. Kenny Patrick and first name I have forgotten Keller who live in the Kings Cross area... I was there for about 9 months and then moved onto another school in Dorset

Fri Apr 26

I was there at tghe same time as you were... We were in the Larches...

Thu Feb 28


Sun Feb 17



Sun Feb 17

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Sun Feb 10

summer activities

Hello, we are a family (from Barcelona ) with kids ,we are going to stay 3 weeks in August. Does anyone know activities for children aged 11 and 13 in those time, so like day-camps , in the area ( chestnut road ) ?

Sun Jan 20

Local cleaning & ironing service


We are local domestic cleaning and ironing company (not agency), looking for more clients

We offer a professional cleaning service to local homes

We Cover SE Area (Crystal Palace, Penge, Anerley, Sydenham, Norwood, Dulwich, Herne Hill, Beckenham, Brockley, Forest Hill)

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Tue Jan 15


Sanji forget West Norwood go move to Woodside Park you will like it and you will be safe. Just when you get of the train go towards woodside park and not the nr. finchley side. Go and take a look. Promise you you will love it

Fri Dec 14

Eylewood road

Thinking of moving here. Is this a safe part of west norwood

Mon Dec 10

My Name is Raymond Channon I was a Norwood boy 1955-1967

I was in the big building before it got torn down and houses bought in the area and then i was in Mrs Harts house and also in Mrs Kostick's house but i do not remember woodvale if you are seeking any personal files or information about your time there you may find like my files that they burnt and not entered onto the computer system when they updated there systems

Wed Nov 14

i remember just two names edward cutler and a german boy named gaskin cant remember his first name

Sat Oct 27

i was sent to wood vale in 1954 i was in elms house for three years then sent to hutton resindential school in shenfield essex for a further three years i dont remember much about the home i ran away once but had some good times there i went to the lake district on holiday with the school and scarborough my name is ken

Tue Oct 23


My name is mick I was there around 1964 in the house that faced the black railings and the bus stop was right outside

Tue Sep 11

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