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Which bus from clampham junction goes to w24 8px

Fri Feb 19

Anthony Thomas Maintenance Services


I came across your post on this website, I would gladly recommend you to this company (Anthony Thomas Maintenance Service, the company offer range of services from window cleaning car cleaning, carpentry, and painting: handymen jobs of which other company's wouldn't cater for.

These jobs include things like, hanging a door, fitting in a door lock, fitting in skirting, putting up a mirror.

Most importantly, they do offer a one off free trial


020 ****486

Mon Jul 14


Im looking for a flat mate to remt out my spare room. Its a large airy double room with ensuite in a beautifully furnished garden flat 5 min from west ken station, 15 min from high st ken.

All bills are included! Im looking for a female.

Anyone interested please check out the flat pin



Wed Aug 21

Flat viewing - West Kensington

Viewing a flat diagonally opposite West Ken tube - whats the area like? good/bad? safe? good shops/bars? lots of mixed opinions so far! help!

Wed Mar 27

We are multi-skilled team “ DAJ TEAM”

We are multi-skilled team “ DAJ TEAM”

We provide services:

- General painting (interior and exterior),

- Kitchen and bathroom sealing and resealing to a high standard,

- Carpet cleaning service, basic carpenter,

- Pest controller service,

- Moving possession,

- Some electrical fitting,

- Gardening and landscaping,

- Cleaning and clearance,

- Others DIY jobs.

I will consider all jobs providing I feel competent enough to deliver a good result. I am friendly and flexible so please give me a call to discuss your jobs.

tel ********1

Wed Feb 27

Dont use the one next to Barons Court tube

They ruined my coat! There is a good one on Greyhound road opposite the Idle Hour pub

Thu Jan 14

Dont worry

I have lived in West Ken/ Baron's Court for the past two years and I have never felt this safe and happy in London! I'm a single girl and often come home late at night. I do avoid the North End Road and get of at Baron's Court but to be honest thats probably not necessary. All the kids I meet in Normand Park (opposite the three big tower estates) are friendly and seem great. And how could you not love this area with its great transport links, the river so close and the great accomodation. Welcome and enjoy!

Thu Jan 14

Please do not worry. I have lived on fitzjames avenue for 11 years and it is a really safe area. If you had moved further down north end road towards Fulham, you might be a little worried. You are in the safe and nicest part of West Ken. There are 2 tube stations clso by. You must go to Continental Cafe as its really good quality fresh food at a really cheap price. Also check out Hare and tortoise on Kensington High Street.

Mon Sep 14

West Ken Drum lessons

Hi, just moved here and looking for a reasonably priced (i.e. under £20) drum teacher.

Best thing would be a music student wanting some extra cash rather than a professional who can command a higher rate.

Any suggestions?

Thu Jul 10

SEEKING DHS accepted, Accomodation.

Single, male, 30's Graduate in Photography.

Clean, respectable.

Is seeking, DHS/Housing Benefit accepted, accomodation.

Be it a Room, Flat Share.or bedsit.

Rent to be no more than £95 per week.

Can pay deposit.

Text/tel: ****-823-238.


Fri Nov 09

I'm interested too.

Thu Sep 27


Thu Sep 27

No they don't, take your irregular sports to some other outfit. Bugger off.

Thu Sep 27

Is there any gym in west kensington walking distance to franklin square

hi ı moved here recently and looking for a gym which is close to franklin square by walk and also looking for the community center too can U help pls email me

Sat Sep 01

Kickboxing.west london. group&121. Kids&Adults


If you are looking for somewhere to have fun with kickboxing please check www.combattemple.com

or call o7931 906 926

Wed Jul 25

I live in west Ken and I'm glad you won't be coming back you sound like a t##t

Fri Jul 13

Cleaner wanted

Can anyone recommend a their cleaner? I am looking for a good reliable to cleaner just for an hour once a week for my flat on Gledstanes Road. Any recommendations? Thanks

Wed Jul 11

Grappling / MMA in West Ken

Been living in West Ken for about a month now.

Looking to find a grappling/mma club in the area. Anybody roll on the mat around here ?

Email me -

Sat Apr 28

Im thinking of moving to bellamy close-west kensington, is this a good idea???

Hi, dont know if anyone can help me-i'm thinking of doing a council exchange from norfolk to bellamy close-west kensington so i can be closer to my bf but as i have lived in norfolk all my life i dont know anything about the area, i have a two year old son who is my main priority and all my family-friends are in norfolk so i need to know if there are any mother n toddler groups, what the nurserys/schools are like and how close everything is as i am would be leaving my car behind as the thought of driving round london scares the hell out of me!! Also what the area is like-is it safe, quiet or not??? If there is anything else you think i should know then please let me know!! Thank you!!

Wed Apr 18

People come from all over to visit this pub, wether it be for its fabulous sports entertainent or fantstic trendy - laid back atmosphere.

Secondly: There are 2 cashpoints located right and left as you come out of the train station - each within a 3min walk. One is to the left by the Tesco express and the second BARCLAYS BANK!!!

AND THE RUBBISH....Well all I can say is that its not as bad as that person is saying. It has what every London street has.

West kensington tube is located right beside the Cromwell road/Talgarth road. Trainspotting and Pulp Fiction had scenes filmed in a flat around here.

Ant and Dec have been seen in the famous three kings more than once - I have seen members from family affairs and the bill around here too.

My partner is the postman for w14(Which is West Kensington) he delivers to Simon Cowell and Madonna and alot more famous people who live in and around West Kensington - So Mr or Mrs stupid who posted that thread - you should have gone to

Thu Jan 25

I can say for sure that the person which posted that nonsense about West Ken - has probably 'NEVER' been there.

I have lived in West Kensington a good 25 years.

It has evolved somewhat - but not in a bad way.

Firstly: There is one of the most famous pubs in London within 6 feet of the train station - namely The Famous Three Kings / People come from all over to visit this pub, wether it be for its fabulous sports entertainent or fantstic trendy - laid back atmosphere.

Secondly: There are 2 cashpoints located right and left as you come out of the train station - each within a 3min walk. One is to the left by the Tesco express and the second BARCLAYS BANK!!!

AND THE RUBBISH....Well all I can say is that its not as bad as that person is saying. It has what every London street has.

West kensington tube is located right beside the Cromwell road/Talgarth road. Trainspotting and Pulp Fiction had scenes filmed in a flat around here.

Ant and Dec have been seen in the famou

Thu Jan 25


Sun Oct 22

Gyms in West Ken area

I am moving to West Kensington and would like to know what gyms are in the area. I would prefer a gym that has some boxing classes of some sort. Please respond via email

Mon Oct 16


Hello, I live in Barons court, am 28 years old and have decided I want to leave London at end of year and go to live in Spain... I am Scottish, however speak fluent French, so have been told it shouldn't be too difficult to learn Spanish...Can someone help???? Group classes nearby.?? Private tuition???? I look forward to hearing from you asap!!! Thanks- my email is

Sun Oct 15

Anyone know of kick boxing classes for beginner and intermediate level for ladies football


Im 20 years old and live in SOuth kensington and Chelsea. Does anyone know of any where nearby for womans kick boxing an dladies football

Tue Jun 13

Walking Group - West Kensington (W14)

Hello there,

I wondered if anyone knows of a walking group that meets around West Kensington / Putney / Barnes or Hammersmith areas ?

My Sister has recently moved to London and she loves to walk - and I wondered if there was an established group in the area that she could join.

Failing that - would anyone be keen to do some casual walking - perhaps for starters along the Thames River Path one morning on weekends? I personally love the walk from Putney Bridge or Hammersmith Bridge along to Barnes or further, maybe a pub lunch on the way back - any suggestions really welcome!

Please email me your thoughts on :

Mon May 08

Kickboxing, karate

Hi there,

does someone know about kickboxing or karate classes in West Kensington?


Plz email:

Thu Mar 30

Barons Court Road

What is the Barons Court Road area like? Safe? Quiet?

Sun Mar 12

Hi Julie - yes, on 127 Earls Court Road, SW5 Hair Care place "Sabs" tel 020 7244 84 29, the 'threading' girl's name is Tina.

good luck

kind regards

Tue Mar 07


What a load of rubbish. Maybe you need a nuclear eye cleanout. There's a cashpoint outside the small tesco's to the left of the station, and one in the Coop opposite.

Tue Jan 31

threading query

Did you manage to find anyone. I am looking for someone as well

A friend of mine thinks they know someone - waiting to here from her

please reply to

Wed Jan 25

I love west ken

It may look a bit scruffy but there are loads of good places to eat (try one of the Best Mangels on North End Road), the transport is amazing, rent is comparatively cheap. Its surrounded by more 'posh' areas and you'll find everything you need close by: Fulham, Hammersmith, Easrls Court, Kensington High St, SHepherds Bush. North End Rd market is pretty good but pick your own fruit & vege out. I tend to get around locally by walking, cycling or bus. It could do with a few more good pubs - the Cumberland Arms is lovely though

Thu Jan 19

West Kensington - North End Road


I am looking at a flat to let in West Kensington (near North End Road) and wanted opinions on the area. I have only passed through on the bus and didnt think much of it but this flat is cheap and will save me thousands in rent every year.

Thanks in advance

Sun Nov 20


Hi there I am a Jewellry Designer by trade but need to ear some more cash and all the jobs I apply for need someone with good IT skills, i.e for reception, admin, data entry work etc !!!! Can someone help me as to whether there are computer evening courses in WEST KEN area or if someone could teach me for a small fee !!!! Would really appreciate a bit of guidance !! Thanks Emily (

Wed Sep 21

Is there a Drama Group in West Ken?

Ive recently moved to west ken and was wondering was there a drama group locally. If not where is the nearest?

Wed Jul 27

Real estate

I am considering buying a flat close to the West Kensington tube. Lots of flats are for sale in this area. Can you offer an exlanation why? e-mail

Tue Jul 12


Hi - does anyone know of a good & reasonably priced contact for eyebrow threading in West Kensington, or areas close by. Please email

Thu May 12

Volleyball clubs

Does anyone know of any social volleyball clubs that play around this part of town?

Fri Apr 01

i think it's not realllly that bad. it depends which area of west ken u a talking about. the lower part of the north end round is quite bad (direct to west brompton) but the other end is alot better.

There's barclays on the upper end of the north end road(end of edith villas) - would take u <5min to walk over there from the tube station.

Sun Nov 21

Area Behind Kensington Olympia

Thinking of buying in the area just behind Kensiington Olympia (Sinclair Rd., hazlit, Maclise). Would you recomend the area?


reply to

Mon Oct 11

Doctors In West Kensington

I can strongly recommend The Medical Centre in North End Rd - friendly doctors and no lengthy waits.

Thu Sep 16

Bridge - Looking For New Players

Aces Hi! is an informal social network of bridge players in London. We believe bridge should be fun and a vehicle to meet new friends. We currently meet every Wednesday (from 7.15pm) at the Radnor Arms, 247 Warwick Road, W14 8PX. All standards welcome including novices; no need to come with a partner. Instruction available including beginner lessons. Check our website aceshi.co.uk or email

Tue Sep 07

Sinclair Road

Can anyone advise where I can obtain the history of a house in Sinclair Road, it would also be appreciated if someone could tell me how the numbering of the houses goes along the road

Hope someone can help

Thu Aug 26

actually, there is a cash machine just over the cromwell road (turn right when exiting station). Max 3 mins walking distance

Mon Aug 23

Low crime rate stats

I found some stats on upmystreet.co.uk:

Theft of a vehicle per 1,000 population is 6.8 (quite low), the English average being 4.8

Burglaries per 1,000 population is 13.2 where the English average is 6.7

These figures are almost no different to stats in Kensington

I'm thinking of moving to West Ken myself

Fri Aug 20

Mon Aug 16

North End Road?

I am currently considering buying an ex council home in North End Road (lower end towards the cross section with the road to West Brompton station). I was wondering what the area is like. Is it safe? Are there many loiterers on the streets? Is it a high crime area?

Sun Aug 08

Any good NHS Doctors in or near West Kensington that anyone knows of?

Any good NHS Doctors in or near West Kensington that anyone knows of?

Tue Jul 27

West Kensington

I agree parts of West Ken (mainly near the tube station) can be less than picturesque but around the Queens Club Gardens and Barons Court part it is really lovely with lots of young professionals and young families.

Thu Jun 03


west ken is not that bad as it is close to (walking distance) to some very expensive areas. and it is a little bit underpirced. i have to say it is not a cheap area though, even by london standards. so i think your view is isolated.

Fri May 28

West Kensington

My god this place is a complete hole.

As soon as I went out of the station, the whole street was filled with rubbish. There are also no cash machines anywhere within a 5 minute walk.

Some of the posters here, are you confusing the place with South Kensington? As in South Ken, you have

a) people that don't look at you and think what on earth are you doing here.

b) cash machines everywhere

c) alot of decent and trendy pubs

d) no rubbish on the streets.

I will be recommending to the Ministry of Defence to start Nuclear Bomb testing in West Kensington. All I can say, this place is a complete dump and Im glad I don't live there.

If ever your worst enemy asks you where they should live. Direct them to this place!


Thu May 27

Driving out from West Kensington

Myself and two friends are thinking of moving to West Kensington. One of us works in Uxbridge, and will need to drive out on the A420. What are the roads out of West Kensington like at peak times, not bad or no go?

Fri May 14

What about West Kensington Court?

good? safe? how much is it around for a 2 bedroom flat?

Sun May 09

Dallas Fried Chicken

North End Road Chicken, Chips, Pizzas and Indian

Thu Jan 29

Hammersmith College, Talgarth Rd - £25 a month

The college is £25 per month for the gym membership, minimum term is 6 mths. However, it's only a gym (but pretty good), and showers. NO pool, sauna etc. If you're happy with the basics, it's good value (but does get busy due to lots of students using it). If you want luxury, I'd suggest Virgin Active or Fitness First or similar, in Hammersmith.

Sat Jan 10

yep -packed, especially district line

Depends on the time you wish to travel, but if its in rush hour, expect crowded tubes on both district and piccadilly line. Piccadilly line (Barons Court) is particularly severe circa 8.15-8.45am... like being stuck in a sauna.

District line you *may* get a seat, but not between 8-9am. Go before 8am if you want to sit down - as a general rule.

Sat Jan 10

A4 North / South Divide

There is definately a North / South divide defined by the A4, South is a bit scummy along the North end Road (take a drive around at night to see groups of people just hanging arount with hoods up), North of the A4 seems much better. Also, 200 meters west, near baron's Court is very different and much nicer than both.

Fri Oct 31

Doctor in West Ken

I go to North end Rd Medical Centre, 211 North End Road (100 meters south of West Ken Tube on same side). tel 020 7385 7777. Seem to have about a 1 to 1 and a half week wait time for an appointment.

Fri Oct 31

Depending on the band

The size of the property, the location - my property I'm trying to rent is about £90/month but its a two bedroom and if the price is halved the £45 - cheep!

Fri Oct 24

The Following

The SPorting Page Pub, THE F 3 K, MAn Friday Dry Cleaners, Yorkshire Motors Garage, Ta Krai Thai Restaurant. etc etc etc

Fri Oct 24

7 years in West Ken and missing it hugely

I bought a flat in West Ken 7 years ago and I love it dearly however,due to work purposes i have had to move - but I miss the friendly shop keepers (Man Friday dry cleaners, Yorkshire Motors Garage and the Mace corner store - all of whom also had smily faces and a friendly wave for me. There not many places in london I'm betting that can boast that.

Fri Oct 24


Chicken Cottage every time dont go to the shack!

Tue Sep 09

Fabby place to live

Great. Very safe, quiet in the residential areas, lively around the North End Market, classy in the bars around Olympia (if you know where to go!), shop-a-licious on High St Ken or the North End Road, grocery-shop-a-licious in the 24 Hyper Tesco (now an official landmark!), speedy in terms of transport with good road & rail links, friendly in terms of neighbours with lots of people staying 50years+ (my two immediate neighbours for a start).

Fri Aug 15

Topnotch, Homes Place, Kensington College

There's lots of choices really, Holmes Place on the Lilley Road probably comes in at the top end price wise, then the Top Notch on the North End Road's about £400-£500 per year. Hammersmith & Kensington college on the Talgarth Road has a gymnasium open to the public as does the Novotel Hotel in Hammersmith Broadway - the latter two the cheapest options, I imagine.

Fri Aug 15

Band E

If you're in a good property (i.e. one of the many Victorian houses/blocks etc) expect to pay around £110 per month for a 2 bed flat (less if more sharing).

Fri Aug 15

Cumberland Sausage

Nee Cumberland Arms at the top of the North End Road (near Olympia) with choices of 30 or 40 seasonal wines (and pretty good beer, I'm told) and a daily exquisite food menu - this would be my top recommendation

Fri Aug 15

Youre talking West Kensington, Iraq - right?

Over the last 10 years living in this area I have never come across any crime whatsoever and certainly not heard any urban myths about serial rapists and the like. Oh well. There's always one, but as a long standing LONDONER, used to this city, this is one of the safest, cleanest and nicest boroughs topped in the West only by it's nearest neighbour, Chelsea.

Wed Aug 13

I dissagree

I lived there for a few years very close to west Kensngton tube and it was always full of drunks and down and outs, I got burgled once and the police said that I was lucky I wasn't in bed as that wouldn't have detered them, apparently there are a lot of hostels near by and they rob all around West Kensington and Barons Court. The North End Road is just scum with all the left over market rubbish on the floor oh and then you have the Lillie Road estate, which had a serial rapist that they didn't catch.. West kensington to me, tried to live of the South Kensington name and fails.

Thu Jul 10


A choice of Chicken Shack or Chicken Cottage

Fri Feb 14

Mega Tesco

West Kensington has an ENORMOUS 24 hour Tesco plus hundreds of small grocery type shops. There's an upmarket Safeway on High St Kensington and two Sainsburys within walking distance (though Tesco's the King!).

Tue Feb 11

Why West Kensington? Where to start....

West Kensington is an incredibly well connected area within 10 minutes walk of High Street Kensington, Fulham, Hammersmith, Barons Court and Earls Court. It's full of young professionals and the nightlife increasingly caters for this market with swish bars and funky pubs. Despite this it's one of the quieter and safer areas of Central London with very little crime - over the past 6 years living here I have never encoutered any of the latter. Several gyms cater for the area and an enormous 24 hour Tesco's has popped up to compliment several small areas of shops, dry cleaners, off licences, libraries etc etc. Nowhere in central london is more than 40 minutes away by public transport; the buses are excellent and the tube frequent. House prices have doubled in the last 3 years however, so it is getting very competitive, however rental prices still seem to be reasonable in terms of value for money with lots of large luxury Victorian properties to choose from.

Wed Feb 05

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