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Langthorne St

Hi Len, My Mum was born in Lanthorne Street as was her father. their name was Edwards and there were loads of them! I was born in Stratford in 1946, but can't remember Langthorne St. I've been looking for pics of it for some time


Fri Aug 24

I went to Manor road school starting in 1956. We lived off WestHam lane in Hubbard Street . I went to Lister Tech in 1963.my brother 4 years older went to SW Tech. Mg sister also wenf to Lister but 6 years older than me.i. I emigrated to Australia in 1973. Your surname rings a bell.

Wed Jul 18

Len. My grandfather Bill Anderson lived in Langthorne Street in 1911. I have a standard WW1 post card that confirms the address. My Grandfather had a half brother called Charles or Charlie.

Wed Feb 21


Hi Peter, don't know how long your story has been on here? Whether it is August 2017. I have been up all night and its almost 9.40am so need to go to bed, my email address if they will accept it is

Mon Sep 11

Barratt family

I remember your family very well from when you lived in Barking. Friends with Vivienne from East Ham Grammar days (though I was in the Boys) and would love to be in contact with her.

Thu Sep 08

Contacting Vivienne Barrett

Hi, I'm an old friend of Viv's. My name's Bob Cross. Please ask her to contact me at

Sat Dec 13

what ham means

Ham meant a hamlet or village

Mon Dec 23

Good Football Club Looking For A Good Standard Manager

Hainault Athletic Reserves are looking for a new manager for next season, unfortunately the present manager has had to stop due to work commitments. We are based in Hainault which is at the end of the Central Line(Eastbound) We play in the Independent Sunday League which is based around the East London/Essex area. So if your interested in managing a good team with good team spirit, then please contact me


Tue Jun 18

Come And Support The Newest Team In The Ryman North League

Come and support Barkingside Fc next season

Barkingside Fc finished runners up in the Essex Senior League and won the Essex Senior League league cup.

The team play there homes games at

The Oakside Stadium,

Station Road




literally behind Barkingside tube station

The Club are always looking for new supporters and sponsors.

Mon Jun 10

Mon Jul 02

Baxter in West Ham, early 1900

Looking for family of Charles Henry Baxter and Caroline Mary Battram who had a large family in Canning Town, West Ham. Had 9 Children Charles, Rose, Caroline,Lily, William, Violet, Hannah, Carrie and may Florence. May have adopted a child Hector from the death of lily. email

Sat Jun 09

west ham name

as far as i knowit comes from the word hamlet, meaning a small village and of course many years ago it was a village

Fri Nov 04

west ham childrens homes

hi is there is there anyone out there who was connected to west ham childrens welfare office in west ham lane in the 1950s aprox that was transfered to childrens homes in south woodford love to hear form you

Thu Nov 11

Information wanted - C Boardman & Sons

I am researching some furniture I have and wondered if anyone had any knowledge of Boardman & Sons, who were drapers and furniture suppliers at the turn of the last century and who had a shop on Broadway. I would dearly love to know who supplied their furniture and if there are any surviving catalogues of the time. Can any one help me please? (I hope I have the right area!) Thank you.

Tue Jan 06



I know there wont be many about who actually lived in Langthorne st of west ham lane still around. I was born there in 1934, however our house got demolished during the war.

If you know anything about this street please let me know.


Sun Jun 08



I know there wont be many about who actually lived in Langthorne st of west ham lane still around. I was born there in 1934, however our house got demolished during the war.

If you know anything about this road pleae let me know.

Cheers Len

Sun Jun 08

The Angel church Street

I work with Roger Field, who was the Publican at The Angel Pub for many years through the 70's. Both Renee and Roger are 80 this year and I want to compile a very special present. I welcome any messages from past customers and friends of the couple. Please send messages C/O Lynn at email

Wed Mar 19

Freds Cafe, 179 Manor Road

My family owned Fred's cafe at 179 Manor Road from 1952-1967, when we moved to Barking. We sold the cafe in 1969 and it was bought and boarded up by Pages (newsagent next door) until it was demolished when the station was enlarged.

My Mum and Dad (Fred and Jean Barratt) moved from Cardiff to Manor Road in 1952 with my two elder sisters, Carole and Lorraine, two more girls were born in Forest Gate hospital, Vivienne and Olwen and then I was the last to be born, Peter.

We all went to Manor Road School, Carole went off to a Secondary Modern in Plaistow, Lorraine to Stratford Grammar, Vivienne to East Ham Grammar and Olwen and me to Barking Abbey Comprehensive (we had moved by then).

Anyone remember my family at all?

Fri Aug 10

Saxon Ham!

Ham is derived from the Anglo Saxon word for village or settlement i.e. hamlet for an even smaller village or Tower Hamlets for settlements to the east of the Tower of London.

If you'd like to see somethiing of what went on there in the 20th century, try www.shed22.org.uk/gardencity where there's some industrial history material. But no Saxons! Comments to

Fri Mar 30

I am also looking for descendants of George Morris and Johanna Angus, in the early l900's in the West Ham area.

Thanks, Liz

Wed Feb 14

I am looking for John Baxter and Mary nee Adams. John appears to have moved down from Scotland in the mid l870's, and worked as a carpenter. My grandfather, Henry Edward, son of John and Mary, was born in Plaistow in l89l.

Thanks, Liz

Wed Feb 14


Trying to find decendants of Josph Robinson, living at Odessa Rd and Wellington Rd in the 1800s.

email :-

Sat Jan 27


I live in West Ham and am looking for a running club too. Let me know if you find anything.

Wed Oct 04

buying to rent out in west ham

I was wondering if you finally found a property in West ham?

Thu Sep 21


i want to learn eyebrow threading in west ham or essex

the proper indian art of threading with a reconised certificate

can any one help

Fri Sep 01

Running Club

Is there a running club in West Ham?

Thu May 18

Ive lived in America for the last 40 years but when I lived in West Ham there were loads of amateur teams. I was born in Canning Town in 1924 and went to South Hallsville School, even won 2 medals there, we won the cup one year and the next year we won the leauge, a great feeling when you are only 10 and 11 years old.I spent 4 years in the RAF and after the war I played football for a number of amateur teams and have a number of medals to prove it, then I left England, first for 3 years in New Zealand, then to America. Getting back to Football what about all the teams that play on Hackney Marsh? We played there Sunday mornings , there were more than 40 matches going on at the same time, needless to say the pitches were the smallest allowed leagally and only about 2 or 3 feet in between them, no goal nets so you can imagine chasing balls from the other games , Has that all finished? If so that's a shame for we had a lot of fun.

Mon May 01

Baxter family in West Ham

Hello Liz,

I also have traced back to a Baxter family in West Ham. Who are you looking for?

My couple were Thomas & Elizabeth Baxter who had a large family: They were silk printers.

John,Fred,Charles,George,Selina,William,Mary and Julia.

Julia was the only one who did not marry and stayed in West Ham through all the censuses.1851-1891.

Contact me if these are the same family.

Sat Mar 25


Cant answer that question mate but west ham is very East London not south

Fri Feb 24


Ham means home in Viking or Danish influenced english from around 800ad

Mon Jan 09

Ham = Hamlet, I believe

Sun Apr 24

doctor in westham

there is a doctor just along the Manor Road. Its dr Bhowmik. 401 Corporation street. ********8

Fri Jan 07

Give it a miss!!

West Ham itself is fab for transport but there are loadsa places that are even better - I came on this site now that I have moved and I can honestly say I dont miss it a bit!! The best thing is the jubilee line (which I miss a bit!)

Thu Dec 30

being next to stratford is all thats good about west ham... west ham is only a station and a football ground and a few houses...

Thu Sep 02

buying to rent out in west ham

I live in west ham but it is simply next to impossible to buy something decAent here, have wasted 2 months searching already. Am planning to buy a 1 bed in west ham or beckton. Can someone tell me what it is like living and renting in west ham?

Wed Jun 16

What does the "Ham" mean in West Ham? I notice a lot of names in South London end in the word "Ham". Presumably it's got nothing to do with piggies.

Ontario Canada

Sun Mar 21


Sorry but unless you venture about a long way away from the station there really isnt much happening - or am i missing something? Lived there for a year and seen no night life??????

Mon Dec 08

The chippy?

Mon Dec 08


Think thats about the only supermarket about!

Mon Dec 08

Premiership dream team

S. Hislop - Portsmouth

G. Johnson - Chelsea

R. Ferdinand - Man utd

D. Unsworth - Everton

S. Schemmell - Portsmouth

T.Sinclair - Man City

F. Lampard - Chelsea

L. Bowyer - Newcastle

J. Cole - Chelsea

F.Kanoute - Spurs

P. Di Canio - Charlton

Tue Sep 16

Our dilemma

Sorry people but Glen Roeder is the problem here.

He may present himself well , and I dont like him being ill

but Seb Schemmel has a point , there were some problems with selection in the early part of last season which brought on loss after loss after draw.

This was down to bad management , Trevor Brooking did show that given the right impetus this/that team had the ability to remain in the premiership

I watched them at Wycombe - really really bad display.

Byrne at back - please help dont let it happen

Repka is still the same old self , lunging in one minute ,

"help ref" the next.David James needs 2 months rest

, he isnt right mentally for the job.Kanoute looked out of sorts , with the exception of 15 mins in the second half Wycombe rang the show.Dailly - oh dear

They are not going to get back to the premiership at this first attempt

Come on West Ham , give it a go

Fri Aug 01

tracing family in west ham

I am looking for any descendants of the Baxter and Angus families in the West Ham area, late l800's and l900's. Can anyone help please?

Liz Prevett nee Baxter.

Wed May 21

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