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Carlo is it

I couldn't agree more. I fly from San Francisco to cut my hair. Carlo is genius.

How can we copy his DNA and start a Carlo & Guy?? But what's his email address????? /

Sat Apr 21

Your local WI

Did you know that there is a Women's Institute (WI) here in Bloomsbury that meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month?

6:30 - 8:30pm

For more details visit www.londonwestendwi.blogspot.com

Or email us at

Fri Mar 23

1 Day Intensive Beginners Salsa Workshop - 24 July - Goodge Street

Intensive One Day Beginners Courses for the fast-track, super-speedy way to learn Salsa in the West End.

4 hours of Salsa for Beginners designed to learn salsa in a day, or progress the ability of those with some knowledge at an accelerated rate.



Intensive Beginners Course - Sunday 24 July

This course is for absolute beginners or for those with a few classes experience.



Wed Jul 13

Life Drawing in the West end

60 yards from Covent garden or Holborn station there is a place where you can Draw, Draw and draw for about £5 a head for 3 hours. As long as I bring a few friends sometime and nothing else because we share the cost. Yesterday the model was a formidable Brazilian curvy and flexible model, the music was so relaxing, tony was so attentive and helpful, people so friendly, poses amazing and beer on the tap, I simply wonder if It wasn't a dream. Today I went to meetup.com/lifedrawingsociety and it wasn't they do it everywhere in London in absolutely perfect locations.

I had to let you know, let's bring our pencils and change the world to a better one.

Mon Jan 19

Mobile Hairdresser London

Unisex Hairdresser Mobile and Bridal

Call Bryn on **** 211 901 anytime


Sun Sep 02

pall mall barbers

dry cut £12 wash & cut £17


Fri Feb 23

pall mall barbers

is the most stylish barbers in the west end of london,

£17 wash & cut £12 dry cut.


Fri Feb 23

re shaving course

did you find any shaving courses in london i am from chester and am looking for the same course e mail

Tue Dec 19


this is the 1 i go is profecional frendly and cheap

heaven health and beauty in regents park tel 0207 383 0909

Thu Dec 07

hi ya

does anyone know a cheap but good place to get waxing done in west end or mayfair london for arms, lips, etc

Sun Nov 26

Great place to live

I have lived here for 17 years and loved every minute. As Dr Johnson said "When you're tired of London, you're tired of life"

Thu Aug 10

Try Mr Toppers

Try Mr Toppers all around the West End, Tottenham Court Road, Goodge street, St Martins Lane etc. A good haircut for just £6 plus any tip you like to give. No frills but good cuts.

Thu Aug 10

Where to eat

Sat Feb 25


I looking for a course on barbers shop shaving any ideas.

Wed Nov 24

Gents Barbers

The best barber in the west end is Carlo Anichini in Piccadilly Arcade. He is Londons best kept secret! Neither cheap nor expensive for the area he has the best eye for your head shape and type of hair. He has clients whose loyalty extends back to twenty years or more, and people who fly in from all over the world. He is not a publicity seeking person and can be very blunt, especially if you are late for an appointment.

Tue Oct 05

Is there a good gents barbers

I am not looking for a "salon" but a good place where I can get a good "short back and sides"!

Thu Aug 26

kickboxing class for beginner in holborn,covent garden,clerkenwell, old street???

be great if you can help

Tue Apr 20

All the theatrea are good and the streets at night always have stuff going on - the criterion is great they do reduced shakespeare company- thats the best thing

Wed Mar 24

Yes - Seymour Leisure Centre

Also has gyms, squash court, kick boxing etc etc.

Sun Mar 14

Buy an Evening Standard and collect the coupon !

You can then eat a three course meal at some very good Marco Pierre White restaurants for £15.00 ( Planet Hollywood 3 courses are £10 ). You must book and go early - before 7pm.

Sun Mar 14

What is the West End like to live in

Great. so many quiet little residential areas - it's not all Oxford St. Rent is suprising reasonable, along with low Council tax and savings on communting. Walking distance to every amenity, as well as being able to walk home after a night out if you want to, and you'll never hear a cabbie saying they wont go there. Also, great savings in both time and money being able to walk to work. Lots of great shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas, parks, sports centres around, as well as convenient public transport to everywhere. If you want to live in London, live in the heart of it.

Sat Apr 26

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