Welcome to London Warwick Avenue

Great! We have lived there for 8 years and most people in the area have lived there for the same amount of time or more. You'll love it!!

Wed Jun 22

There is a Cannons gym with poolin Paddington Basin which is about 5-10 minutes at the end of Warwick Avenue. Also Paddington Rec is about 5-10 minutes from Warwick Avenue

Wed Jun 22

Parking in Warwick Avenue from Mo-Fr during daytime

Hello everybody, I am coming with my in Germany registered car to Warwick Avenue, where I`m going to stay for September-October 2004. Anybody, who has an idea where I can park my car during normal weekdays? It can be up to 20 min from Warwick Avenue and doesn`t have to be for free. Please get in touch with me via email:

Sun Aug 15


Have your friends ventured further than the telephone to order another pseudo Thai knock up delivery since they moved in, please, get a grip - its written everywhere!

Wed Jun 16

Its free...

....but space is scarce and often residents cannot get in themselves....I am surprised that your friends apparently don't know...they only have to go out of their house and look at the the signs all around saying that the restrictions apply mon-fri!!

Fri Mar 26

Can I park on Warwick Ave?

Going to visit friends this weekend and they don't know the answer and they haven't got a permit. Is it free at the w/e? Cheers,

Fri Mar 26


As you know Warwick Ave is in W9, therefore this bar is appropriately named. It is on a side roda just off Clifton Road and Maida Vale.

If it's Pubs you prefer I recommend the Warrington on Warrington Cresc. just opposite the school or the 'Prince Albert' on Castellain Road which has been newly refurbished and looks great

Tue Dec 16

Skip Ben Thai go for the TAXin thai instead

Taxin Thai is great ... they do japanese + thai and they deliver.

Wed Oct 22

drink and be merry in Maida Vegas

Prince Alfred pub off Formosa and the Waterway on the canal are decent. Also the Warrington pub is another good watering hole. Otto's is a bit too slick n' shiny for its own good but can be fun if you go with a group.

Wed Oct 22

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