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I knew Charlie still, Ronnie sycamore both in my class with mr winskill, i ran the school library

Tue Aug 17

Carter street se17 1950

Living in old carter street during the 50s

Mon Jun 21

I lived in Amelia street SE17 1950 to 1959

Great times playing Rounders, Hoola hoop, Outs, Hide and seek etc. in the street where there was only one old car that used to park there. Sign of how much has changed eh! Oh and secret trips to the banned old bomb sites too. (Shush don't tell mum!)

Wed Jun 09

I lived in westcott road in the sixties

Humphris family

Sat May 22

Wetcott Road Walworth

trying to find families that lived in this road from 1955 to 1970

Fri May 21

Chatham St. Walworth

Anyone on here live down Chatham St in the early 60s? We lived at No.22. The Pearts. Went to St. John’s junior and infant school.

Thu Apr 15


Do anybody remember a Linda Warren lived in Barrett road the back of penton place she went to nelson school in the 60

Tue Mar 23

Loved it there and still do.

anyone go to Nelson Modern secondary in 1950 to 1953 ? I lived in Cowper House. Miss Byron was headmistress. I now live in Perth, Australia. Then known as Henry Billson . Changed name because of my German origin.hanssheila@yahoo.com.au

Sun Mar 21

Nelson school walworth

Was there in 1956 my name is charlie still do you know Ronnie sycamore frank discipline our Ronnie carrol

Thu Mar 04

Next to M&S Walworth Road

It was in a small alley way between M&S and a butchers but can't remember who owned it thought it was a family who had a stall in East Street Market Thompson ???

Wed Feb 10

Mina Road School

I lived in Walworth as a kid. First went to Surrey Square school then onto Mina Road. I'm now 81. Anyone out there from same era?? Was Doreen Willis. Any chance of Celia Ball seeing this

Sun Dec 20

ST Pauls School

Hi,in one of my earlier posts said that i lived in Innis house down the lane and went to Surrey Sq school then moved to Hillingdon st and went to St Pauls school.my cousins names were Tony and Linda cherrington and Joesph Jordon and Jenny Jordan and they lived in Leysdown house

Sat Nov 07


Hi did anybody go to nelson school walworth road mid 60 i lived in penton placé

Mon Nov 02

innis house

reference to message dated Mon Dec 07, yes my mums name is Rosie and my dad'd name was Bill and my brothers were Daniel, Billy and we had a baby brother John and my sister was Jayne

Sun Oct 04

hathaway street

ment to say back in the late 40 or 50

Sat Sep 12

hathaway street

does anybody know hathaway street in walworth

Sat Sep 12

chatteris square

i lived in chatteris square anyone remember the leffin family or the jenkins family the jenkins lived on the top floor we lived at 107 i think

Mon Aug 31

What happened to Danson rd? I can't find it on google st view

Sun Mar 15

Hi Hazel

I remember the wash house happy days eh? I lived at 41 Danson rd but for the life of me I can't find the road could it have been demolished I wonder

Sun Mar 15

My name is Neil I grew up in Newington Green and my next door neighbour Ethel grew up in Walworth, Inville road, another one d went to St. Peter's School Walworth and was friends with the. Verico's, please. Contact. Neil ANYTIME... As I'll be 97 in July... Next year that's Ethel... Neil's gonna be 70 next. July (&I'm a single man now).

Sat Aug 03

I went to nelson school round about that time I remember a Gordon Rogers and Kenny Richardson who lived in villa road

Wed Mar 13

Hi people from walworth wonder if any body knows betty Johnson Peter dolly Margaret from borrett rd terry Cumberland marsland rd im Mark Cumberland

Fri Mar 08

I lived at number 29 Inville road from birth to 1963.

Mon Feb 11

Me and my wife and my brother and his family left in tr Chatteris Square to number 90 ground floor Ron and Val


Wed Nov 07

Does any body remember miss Davies falling off stage during assembly my teacher was miss Price

Fri Jun 08

walworth Peter Jenkins

Anyone know Peter Jenkins lived Thurlow street as a kid in

the 1950s and then East street 1960s .

Tue May 29

Chatteris Square

My Grandparents lived in Chatteris Square in the early 1930s (No 71) Does anyone have any images of the Square before it was demolished?

Thu Mar 22

Hi I lived at 21 danson road when Alice lived there

Mon Mar 05

Doctor(s) Street?

Hi, I would be very grateful if anyone can help me locate where Doctor(s) Street used to be in Walworth? I haven't found it in lists of changed street names, but can't find it on current maps either. I am trying to trace family members who lived there at one time.

Many thanks in advance.

Wed Jan 24

Hi I went to nelson school in the early 60 I remember the play ground on the roof few names I remember hattage Mustafa and twin brother Linda Campbell Kenny Richard Linda Warren there was a park near by Phyllis ribbons lived in penton place

Sat Dec 30

michael caines biography book shows john ruskin school

Thu Nov 16


Think that might be it.

Sat Nov 04


I remember Vicky Shaw, Susan Moore, Eric Hales, Albert Gains

Mon Oct 30

Nelson School 1960

Carol, your last name would'nt have been Furze by any chance, I was probably in your class then, I left Nelson in 1960 and was head girl that year.

Mon Jul 10

Marsland was first, Pasley Road was second, where I lived at 49, till 1968. My parent's Eileen and George lived there till 1972

Sat Jul 08

Marsland was first, Pasley Road was second, where I lived at 49, till 1968. My parent's Eileen and George lived there till


Sat Jul 08

Pasley Road

I lived in 35 pasley road in the sixties always a friendly place.

Wed Jun 28

My sister had her wedding recption at the giraffe pub in penton place in 1962

Fri May 19


I saw your post whilst doing a little bit of family research. I also used to live at 21 Danson Road with my parents. I remember your Auntie Alice used to live underneath us (I'm sure) I would often go downstairs with Mum to see her. Lovely old Lady. What a small world.

Danson Road has been pulled down.

Karen Kinsella

Tue Apr 04

Borrett Road

Brenda Tolhurst do you remember me, Diane Bigwood. I often wonder what happened to everyone, I came to Canada in 1968. Are you on Facebook ?? would love to hear from you.

Fri Mar 03

Marsland Road

Hi, my mother in law was born in 1 Marsland Road May 1933. I don't think it exists now after the war but could someone please tell me where it would have been back then


Mon Feb 20

Sorry missed spelled do anybody know of a Linda Warren she lived in the flats in borrot road

Wed Feb 15

john rawlinson

surely someone must know of john Rawlinson he lived in john ruskin st in the 60s he played drums and I think he joined a local amateur acting school

Wed Feb 15

He was my doctor as well funny how you don't forget some things I lived in penton place always going to manor place bath for a swim

Tue Feb 14

Hi I went to nelson in1960 I l

Remember the roof playground such wonderfully times I lved in penton place

Tue Feb 07

Hi I lived at 178 penton place 1959 till 1966 my cousin John Smith lived in the next block l went to st paul by Penrose street then to nelson.

Wed Feb 01

Hi I was at nelson school round about1962 I remember Mr Carroll he took my class for maths I seem to remember a Mrs or miss young when we joint up with mina road round about 1963 my teacher was Mr Macloud lovely tuck shop outside

Wed Feb 01

Borrett Road

Hey Lynda, did you ever manage to make contact with Brenda Tolhurst, because I would really like to make contact with her again. We moved from number 1 Borrett Rd. and have been in Canada since 1968, unfortunately my Mum and Dad ended up in the Heygate. As I stated in my other post myself, Brenda Tolhurst and Jill Bodenham were all friends when younger.

Mon Jan 23


Hi.... my dad worked there Eddy Perfitt, ive been searching for any history on this place .

Message me if you wish.

Valerie Perfitt

Mon Jan 02

Kevin Parish

I lived in Pilton Place my uncle was Doug Ogburn Bert Ogburn's brother your Great Nan lived on the same balcony as me

Tue Dec 27

Hi I lived at no 21 Dans on road so remember all those shops lovely times I was there in the 60s

Thu Nov 17

I also grew up in Danson Rd. I also remember those lovely little shops. One memory I have of that shop was when I was five years old I went walkabout with my pram, much to the horror of my father, who was busy buying a few things, didn't see me leave the shop. I had a bag of suger in my pram and ended up being picked up by a policeman and taken to Carter street police station. I also remember the old swimming baths. Oh what great days they were.

Tue Oct 18


Hi Jean Im Kathy Bailey

Fri Aug 19


Hi Pat, Did your Mum live at the top of ALEXANDER HOUSE ?

Fri Aug 19

Doctor McManus

He was my Doctor too. I loved the big writing desk he sat with in front of him :)

Fri Aug 19

My husbands best friend who went to school with him at the

Nelson school .has just been in touch with him after many years of tryig to find each other, there names are Morris Crook and Tony Alldis. is there any one out there that remembers them, they are trying to get some photos together.

Apparently the head master was a Mr Cleary they were at the school from 1955--to--1959

Thank you


Tue Jul 26

Hi did you live down trafalgar street I lived at 150 from 1950 to 1960 Valerie marsh my nan Florence Stirling re briskham re Newton lived 168 been pull down and my aunt Millie eddles lived in the same house as me

Sun Jun 05

Mon May 30


My Mum and Gran and all the other women we knew went there. Bought linens etc and had them on layaway. The only way you could get them. No one had much money.

Sun Apr 17

Hi John Wilson,

This is my third attempt to contact you via this site, but after I've posted the message all the posts on the site disappear only to return again several days later, minus my message.

It's anyone's guess whether this one will get through, but I'm trying anyway.

Please mail me at

Mon Feb 01

Hi my name is Hazel and Ogburns bakery was my fathers.

Mon Jan 25


You could pay off in there and get your goods once you paid up

Fri Jan 22

Please excuse the typo, I meant Ogburns the bakers

Tue Jan 19

Ogburs the bakers

Hello my grandparents were Albert and Hilda Ogburn who owned the bakers in East Street. My mum was Hazel Ogburn (she is now 63) and her older sister was Anita. (Now 71).

My name is Melissa, Hazels only daughter.

Does anyone remember my mum or her parents? We would love to hear your memories of them!

Tue Jan 19

Hi John,

I've tried before to reply to you, but it either doesn't work, or all the posts disappear. We were classmates at Nelson. E-mail me on

Sun Jan 17

Sun Jan 10

does anyone remember paisley road, i was born in the stree 1949

Fri Jan 08

You must be Maureen?

Fri Jan 08

Flo lived at 47 and her sister Maud at 45 think we no each other

Fri Jan 08

All the Walworth posts have disappeared again!

Tue Jan 05

Hi John,

Only just seen your reply. We were classmates at Nelson from 1958-1962 Went fishing to Windsor together too. Mail me:

Tue Jan 05

Zacks Shoe Shop

Dont know if you know when Zacks 1st opened do you...Theres a pic on Facebook that's confusing people lol

Fri Jan 01

Innis House

I think I remember your mum? Was her name Rosie?

Mon Dec 07

Fri Dec 04


why does this page keep going missing

Sun Nov 15

Thrush Street Walworth

I know Thrush St I lived in Iliffe St during the 50s and we moved in 1963

Wed Nov 11

its the same story about my money /pip

Fri Oct 30

Hi I'm urgently trying to find ann Jean mckean who married Raymond William brown and she lived in blendon row walworth back in 1965ish. Many thanks

Wed Oct 28

Hi I'm urgently trying to find ann Jean mckean who married Raymond William brown and she lived in blendon row walworth back in 1965ish. Many thanks

Wed Oct 28

Hi I'm urgently trying to find ann Jean mckean who married Raymond William brown and she lived in blendon row walworth back in 1965ish. Many thanks

Wed Oct 28

Hi I'm urgently trying to find ann Jean mckean who married Raymond William brown and she lived in blendon row walworth back in 1965ish. Many thanks

Wed Oct 28


Hi Terry Did you have any luck with pictures of Trafalgar Street. All my mum's family was born there from the early 1900's so I would be very interested in obtaining copies of anything available out there. Would love to hear back from you.

Thu Oct 22


Did you have any luck with postcards of Walworth Road showing tailors shops. I believe that my grandfather was a tailor in Walworth Road. His name was Thomas Wallace. Would be very grateful if you have any info you can share about him or his tailors shop if you have any.


Thu Oct 22


Why does this page keep disappearing

Wed Oct 21

Was that Terry's? I can't remember if it was still called Tizzard's but known as Terry's.

Tue Sep 22


Tue Sep 22

Giraffe Pub

The Giraffe was in Penton Place

Sun Aug 23

giraffe pub

Definitly Giraffe on Penton Place

Sun Aug 23

St Peters

I was there until `52 would love to see pics

Wed Aug 19

Arments pie and mash shop opening on wed

in the borough market

Wed Aug 19

Arments pie and mash shop opening on wed

in the borough market

Wed Aug 19

i lived down westmoreland road. do you remember arnolds, the dress stall down east lane. he would throw the dresses on the floor if no o0ne bought them


Mon Jul 27


does anyone remember robert collins

from peacock st 1960s

Wed Jul 01

Sharon, did your dad, or any other members of your family, go hop picking at May's Farm, Pearson's Green? There was a Mr Prankard and his family picking on that farm back in the 1950's.

you can mail me on:

Tue Jun 30

I lived in Innis house in the 60's before movig across the road to Hillingdon st

Sat Jun 27

The toffee apple man was called Jimmie wheeler and he lived at Alexander House Blendon Row

Thu Jun 25

Hopwood Street

My grandmother was born at 3 Hopwood Street Walworth in 1886. Hopwood Street (not to be confused with Hopwood Road) no longer exists.

Mon Jun 08

Marsland Road Walworth

My mother Mabel and her sister Margaret and baby sister Mary were also evacuated to Stoke-under-Ham with their mother Georgina (known as Dolly). I think they may have only gone for a few months and then returned to Marsland Road just, in fact, as the blitz started - they were bombing Surrey Docks on the night they returned. Just wondered if you might has known them possibly? My contact is

Sun May 31

Thu May 21

Mon May 18

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