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Vauxhalls Vibrant Community

Vauxhall has a vibrant multicultural community and some Ofsted outstanding primary schools. I moved here in 2005 after living in Islington for 13 years and Vauxhall neighbours are much much more friendly and helpful. It has great pubs, restaurants, tea rooms, delis (Italian, Portuguese, Polish), a Sat organic market, parks, gyms and yoga studios and transport links (tube lines Victoria and Northern - overground train and plenty of buses). Plus you can walk to Westminster in 15 minutes, South Bank in 20 minutes and Covent Garden in 30 minutes.

Mon Aug 24

Love Vauxhall

I moved here last year and loving the excellent transport links, hidden treasures of eateries and cafes and the park.

Fri Jan 24

I lived in Vauxhall for years and its the best place in the world, Gay capital!

Sat Nov 17

Its not that great

now .... kingston, theres a place :D

Wed Jan 12

Is this Club still open ? Does anyone have a contact for the bar or manager ?

Mon May 10

I live there and its fine

Fri Mar 19

to find yoga

hello! do anybody know yoga centre, please let me know.

Thank you!!!

Sun Apr 05

Vauxhall Grove, safe?


I'm considering moving mo Vauxhall Grove but have read there are problems with anti social behaviour and distrubances related to the post clubbing crowd.

Any pointers would be good, because conflicting reports tell me it is actually quiet and peaceful!


Sun Nov 16

Location: Flat/House- Needed in London – Low pay

We are shooting a short film in 7th, 8th and 9th of November 2008. We need a spacious flat/house, preferably an open plan space. It can be a loft, a warehouse or a spacious flat. It doesn’t need more than one bedroom, but the open space or the living room should be spacious. We would need (reasonable and pre-agreed) unrestricted access during these three days.

The director is a recent graduate from the University of Bristol who’s won national prizes in cinematography.

We can only offer £100 for the whole period and a copy of the film once is completed. Would suit anyone wanting to hire the flat for productions as a showcase or anyone wanting to shadow a short film production.

Please get in touch by email and email your address and pictures of the flat in the first instance.

Mon Sep 15

Is Hemans street in Vauxhall safe?

I'm thinking of moving into an ex-council flat in Hemans Street. Does anyone know what this estate is like? Is it safe?

Thu Aug 07

Is Hemans street in Vauxhall safe?

I'm thinking of moving to this area but I'm concerned if it's safe as seems to be a large estate.

Would appreciate any comments.

Thu Aug 07

black prince road

as soon as u get on the black prince road from the albert embankment side ...after abt 400 yeards theres a hairdresser on ur left called LUIGI ... pretty good .. u shud try

Thu May 01

Fantastic Carpets Rugs & Textiles

Bespoke handmade Carpets, Rugs, Tapestries and Textiles.

Extensive Ziegler Carpet Collection for the Modern Interior Design.

Trade Prices available and special offers for Locals.


Tue Apr 29

Fantastic Carpets Rugs & Textiles

Bespoke handmade Carpets, Rugs, Tapestries and Textiles.

Extensive Ziegler Carpet Collection for the Modern Interior Design.

Trade Prices available and special offers for Locals.


Tue Apr 29

Tailor Required to Adjust Dress

I am looking for a tailor to adjust my bridesmaid dress. If you can recommend anybody or know of anybody suitable then please

Sat Apr 26

home swap in Vauxhall

Hi I live in Shoreditch. I've got 2 bed flat .Very good area, buses, schools, college and gp's near. I would like to swap with 2 bed flat or house in Vauxhall area. If someone is interested please let me know

Sat Apr 05

Stage Door - Westminsiter

HI Sophie from Stage Door in Horseferry road.

She is an amazing hairdresser and the prices are reasonable for the area. For a Directors cut around £35 for men and £45-50 for ladies. You can of course go to hair designers for lower costs.

Sun Jul 15


no its not a crime area someone has misguided you.If you

want any information do let me know as i live in vauxhall.my

contact no is ********8

Tue Jun 19

motorbike parking!


Does anyone have or know somebody with off street parking, garage, driveway etc... to park my motorbike Monday to friday between the hours of 9 and 6? I can spend about £15 a week, if anyone has a garage I could sublet a corner just big enough to hide my pride and joy. Thanks

Tue May 29


Hi. I'm just settling in to this area. Do any of you know a good hairdresser near Vauxhall/ S Lambeth Road? Thanks.

Mon May 28

jkd london

test txt

Tue Apr 17

Looking for 1 bedroom flat

I am an American architect, 35, and have just moved to London from Houston. I am looking for a 1-bedroom flat in the Vauxhall area. I need a flat that is unfurnished, if not partially furnished, because I have stuff arriving by slow boat next month. Anybody know of anything?

Tue Feb 13

Mawbey Brough Estate. Moving to ?

I was thinking of moving to Mawbey estae and was wondering what people thought of the area? Doeas anybody live there? Is it safe? Is it quite? DOes it have gangs of youths and loud music? Basically what is the charcter of the place like and is they anything I schould know beforehand.


Mon Oct 09

Which areas are the areas to avoid in Vauxhall? I've just moved to Vauxhall and it seems pretty safe so far, but would like to know what areas to avoid?

Thu Aug 24

Not too Bad

Hi Lucy - its not that bad to be honest although there are places to steer clear of, even during the day. There are no major problems with gangs that I am aware of, no more than other areas anyway. In fact when you go to areas such as Peckham, I realise Vauxhall is not too bad. You would be in a decent position in so much as you would be near the main road and not too far from Vauxhall tube. I would suggest you steer clear of the parks and estates, as per any other areas of London. Vauxhall park is a no go area as far as I am concerned as is Spring Gardens. I work in law enforcement and as a result of several serious incidents, we are advised to avoid these areas at all times. Hoep this helps and good luck if you do decide to move!!

Fri Aug 04

safety in Vauxhall

I am a single female and I have been living in Vauxhall for the last 3 years, I have not had any problems really, there are a few areas that I naturally avoid after dark, but then that applies to the the rest of london as well

good luck finding a house

Sat Jul 29

Safety in Vauxhall

Considering moving to Vauxhall. (21, Female) Read on the website for vauxhall & kennington that there is a great gang crime problem...is this noticable? Im looking at "Bedser Close" - is this near the heart of gang crime1!? Thanks, Lucy

Sun Jul 09

Vauxhall is pretty safe

Vauxhall has a growing gay community - a good sign of an up-and-coming area. It's a bit scruffy but seems pretty safe overall. One advantage of the huge traffic and centrality is the fact that there always seem to be lots of people around. I would say go for it.

Thu Jun 29

Vauxhall is Safe

I've lived in Vauxhall for a year now and never had one problem and I'm a single girl. Like anywhere in London just live close to the tube as possible. I'm renting my room which is only 1-2 mins walk.

Mon Jun 26

Thanks very helpful! Much appreciated.

Tue Jun 20

Hey, Vauxhall is a pretty busy area - i've got the last train home on many occassions from the west end and i feel pretty safe as theres plenty of people around (I'm a 25 year old girl)

I've advertised my room on move flat today - if you've not found anywhere to live and your searching for a flat share then take a look at my add - the flat is directly opposite vauxhall train/ tube station sharing with 3 other girls

Mon Jun 19

Is Vauxhall safe?

I am thinking of moving to Vauxhall near the station and being a single young female, was wondering whether anyone had any problems with safety in the area? Ie would I be safe walking home alone at night?

Mon Jun 19


Fri Apr 28

vauxhall gyms

hi there,I go to SouthBank gym,its a nice one.check it out its on wandsworth road,SW*

Sun Apr 09

Good doctors in Kennington / Vauxhall

Try to register with the Hurley Clinic in Kennington Lane.

Tue Feb 21

Looking for good doctor in kennington area

I have just moved to Kennington and I have to regsiter with a new doctor. can anyone recommend a good one in this area?

Tue Feb 21

I live there

have lived here for a good 18 years since the housing co-op was formed and other co-ops and housing associations came in. we have a number of properties and lovely residencies with help from the housing association. loads of gardeners live round here, even a tv one! local community centre/cafe run co-operatively at 11 vauxhall grove.

the area has a fascinating history, originally used to be vine groves with one property a farmhouse, which is still standing and being currently renovated. the artist, henry moore, had studios there.

Thu Feb 16


Mon Jan 30

Flat to purchase in Vauxhall

Hi! I am looking for a ex-council two bedroom ground floor flat or a house (that needs improvement) near Vauxhall station, please email at

Sat Jan 28


Hi -

i would also like to know the answer to this.

Would the person that posted this reply back - maybe we can swap info on JKD schools in London. I want to learn.

Tue Jan 10

there's a gym at the Oval cricket ground open to the public it's quite small but must have everything you'd need

Thu Dec 29

South Bank Club

South Bank Club on Wandsworth Road is a good basic gym (no pool). pretty cheap too.

Thu Dec 22

theres one on Jonathan Street

Wed Dec 21

Vauxhall gyms?

I'm moving to Vauxhall and need to find a good nearby gym. I'll be working on Albert Embankment and living off Kennington Lane, so somewhere near those to places would be fantastic. Thanks!

Wed Nov 23


Hi I'm looking for a horse-share in Vauxhall (City Farm). Ideally a confidence-giver for an experienced but slightly nervous adult rider.Am self-employed, so days/times flexible - willing to contribute to costs and/or stable duties - if anyone has a suitable horse, or know someone who knows someone, please let me know!


Wed Nov 09

Is there a good laundrette near albert ebmankment?

Wed Oct 19

Very good doctor Dr Law at the Mawby Brough clinic off South Lambeth Road

Sun Oct 09

Looking for Clarinet Teacher

Does anyone know of a clarinet teacher in the Vauxhall area.

Tue Sep 20

I lived at Bonnington Square for 18 years from 1971 onwards, I truly loved it their. I still go past and it has changed dramatically.

I now live in the Kennington area but Bonnington Square will always be in my heart.

Fri Jul 01

Female doctors Vauxhall

I can highly recommend my own GP - Dr Jennie Law of the Mawbey Brough Health Centre. Dr Jane Logan of the same practice is also first-rate.

Tue Jun 07

Pico Bar and Grill

I don't think they have a website. Their business card gves telephone numbers for their four establishments, but no website.

Tue Jun 07

Womens ONLY gym in Vauxhall

I know that there is one, but details are difficult to find. Anyone know of the one i'm talking about? It has swimming, kickboxing etc strictly for women only. Any info would be much appreciated!

Mon Jun 06

Ex-Council Ebbisham

I lived on Ebbisham Drive before I moved to the other side of the park! I had no problems what so ever apart from one of the families that llive in the high rise opposite play really loud music!!!

I loved living there though, and they are really nice sized houses with gardens....can't go wrong!

Tue May 24

is there a website for Pico restaurant in vauxhall

Mon Apr 25

female doctor

The blue fronted building on the road between vauxhall and Stockwell, nearer Stockwell. The practice is busy, but professionally it has a good reputation (I'm a GP, but I've moved away from this area a while ago, but I did some locums there a few years ago.)

Another exceptionally good practice is the Hurley Clinic in Kennington Lane.

Sat Apr 23


Can someone recommend a good female NHS doctor in the Vauxhall area?

Sat Apr 23


Vauxhall gets a bad rep but it really is a fantastic place to live. Great transport links, couple of good clubs, gay scene if you are into it, and an enormous Sainsbury's. The river walk is fab, Waterloo is one stop and Victoria is almost walking distance on a sunny day!. We live in Bonnington Square which is quite bohemian but really cxool. Own little community restaurant and a fantastic garden. Just outside the congestion zone too! Cool place.

Fri Apr 08

Hi - I have lived in Vauxhall for 2 years and love it. I can walk to Pimlico, Westminster, the South Bank and beyond with few cars! The tubes/trains are great. Good food stores nearby. My flat faces the river - so it's really quiet and a good neighbourhood. I'm looking for a flatmate if you are interested - I have posted an ad. Karen in Vauxhall.

Tue Apr 05


Really convenient for the clubs and fantastic transport links. Its not Chelsea.... but it's still a pretty cool place to live! There arent any particularly fantastic shops in the vacinity - but it doesnt matter too much as Trafalgar Square is about 10 minutes away on the bus!

Sun Apr 03

A bit carved up by roads

Ther is a Sainsburys in Nine Elms, but little else besides. its main advantage is that you can walk to Central London ( and this is a big plus believe me.)

The other area you might consider is Camberwell, which has really good bus links. However the 'centre' of Camberwell is a bit shabby I think.

Wed Aug 18

you would be better off in pimlico

although even pimlico is not the most salubrious of areas either. vauxhall feels a bit of a no-mans-land although it is definitely central. you will wonder sometimes what there is to do there. not exactly a vibrant atmosphere.

Wed Aug 18

Advice on Vauxhall

Hello Folks - I am moving to London within the next couple of months and Vauxhall is an area I am considering moving to. However on the occasions I have been there Vauxhall appears to be just a mass of roads and traffic with no particualr centre or high-street type area. Is this the case?? I would prefer to live where there is a town centre type environment as opposed to having to travel to other areas so am also looking at areas around Vauxhall such as Pimlico - can anyone offer any advice please??

Wed Aug 18

Vauxhall Bridge road.

Queen mother sports centre has a big pool, and always has lanes for the more serious swimmer. About 5 min walk from Vauxhall tube. Cross the bridge and stay on the road all the way down to Victoria.

Mon Jul 19

food... yum...

Thai silk up by kennington cross is good to eat in or get take away.

Pico's on Albert embankment does good tapas.

For breakfast or lunch I would recommend Madeira on Albert Embankment. Lovely pasteries and sandwiches!

Tue Jun 22

Lavender & South London Pacific

The Lavender is brilliant for after work drinks, especially on a nice sunny day.

South London Pacific is a cocktail tiki bar and I have always had a good drunken night when I have been.

Tue Jun 22

Wing Chun or JKD in or near Vauxhall?

Are there Wing Chun or JKD schools in or near Vauxhall?

Fri Jun 11

bus 88

bus 88, or N88, takes you there in no more than 30 min

Sat Mar 20

It takes under 10 minutes to get to Oxford Circus on the Victoria Line from Vauxhall.

Thu Mar 18

Go from Vauxhall station to Oxford Circus and Hammersmith

Is somebody can tell me how time to go from vauxhall to oxford circus ? And from vauxhall to Hammersmith ?

Thanks or your reply.

Wed Feb 25

Ex-council houses

I am considering buying an ex-council house in Ebbisham Drive. Does anybody know this estate and have any comments about it? Thank you.

Wed Feb 18

yoga teachers

Hi i started taking the yoga classes there and i just wanted to know which teachers you thought were good/bad.

Mon Feb 16

great places to eat in vauxhall..?

Yeah..my mums place..!

Sun Jan 25

I love living in Vauxhall because it's really central (I walk to work in Victoria) and really well connected for public transport, but is also a real place with real local shops and facilities. The local portuguese community ensures that we are well served with delis and tapas bars (at reasonable prices) and we have the best indian in this part of London - Hot Stuff on Wilcox Close.

On the down side we are lacking a really good chinese takeaway, and I am beginning to thing that the roadworks at Vauxhall Cross will never end - they started in May 99 so are approaching their 5th anniversary now !

Thu Jan 22

South Lambeth Surgery

I use the South Lambeth Surgery and find that they are excellent, but I think their list is closed at the moment.

Thu Jan 22

Please could somebody recommend a GP practice in Vauxhall

I recommend the Mawbey Health Clinic situated between Wandsworth Road and South Lambeth Road. Appointments are easy to get and they are friendly there.

Thu Jan 15

Cab Firm

I use Bobby Cars. They're reliable! Their number is 0207 735 8868

Sat Jan 03


The South bank club had good yoga and aerobics classes. You need to be a member though and some teachers are definatly better than others.

Thu Nov 13

Good little club the fringe

The fringe club kennington Lane has now diversified

It used to be primarliy a fetish club, now its hosting a more varied program of club nights, spoken word and live performance aswell its regular fetsih nights, usuauly open thurs, fri, sat check club for listings for what ever floats your boat. Its a realy freindly place, This weekend it Hosts the festival of Samhain 'celtic new year' on Saturday Novemder 1st with dj's playing rock, breaks beats, funk punk and house its disguise fancy dress from 10-6am £5 ish

Wed Oct 29

Does anyone know of any good aerobic/yoga/tae bo classes in vauxhall?

Tue Jul 29

The Lavender

this is the sister place to Lavender on Lavender Hill and Oval.

More like a pub that does great food. the staff are friendly and you can drink outside when it's hot.

Good fun good food.

Mon Jul 14

South Lambeth Practice

There's one on the South Lambeth Road just passed the bakery and oposite the Canton Arms pub. You have to live within a catchment zone but they're pretty good and you call on the day if you want an appointment which can be handy but also a pain

Thu Apr 10

There's a dentist in Stockwell which isn't too far just by the station and opposite the Swan pub/club on the corner. there's loads of dentists and I've neverf had a problem getting an appointment or having to wait ages when I'm there.

Thu Apr 10

There are some real gems

First things first - if you like curry and don't like paying much - you have to check out 'Hot Stuff' on Wilcox road opposite the Sainsbury's garage - you won't regret it

Secondly - a must is Rebatos - great tapas on the South Lambeth road, and Cafe Portugal is good tapas as well although surly service.

The Lavender up near the station is also good.

Happy eating.

Thu Apr 10


There is a large Sainsburys at the end of Wandsworth Road just 5 mins from Vauxhall Station. Big Al.

Mon Mar 31

i really like Vauxhall. Its really central, good transport to the West End by bus./tube and really near to nightlife in Brixton and Clapham.

Also you have although nice tapas bars bars local, as well a decent gym, supermarket etc. I've been living there for two years and love it!

Wed Feb 05

Council tax depends on the number of rooms for a two bed flat it is about 64 per month, 32 each

Wed Feb 05

is quiet,close to everything and with a lot of tapas bar

Wed Jan 22


yes there is a v.big one in front of the petrol station,there is also a tesco in kennington direction

Wed Jan 22


no they are not so packed,the tube is,(but only north bound)and with the train you can either go to waterloo central in less than 5 min,or to clapham junction in less than 10. In my opinion Vauxhall is one of the best served places in london

Wed Jan 22

pool in vauxhall

as far as i know there is a v.good sport leisure centre after Vauxhall bridge(victoria direction) the name is QUEEN MOTHER CENTER,they got everything and the fee is only 40£ pm

Wed Jan 22

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