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my granddad (alfie leaver was a costermonger he had his stall at the top of Harold rd. junction of green street ( side of boots the chemist) he came out of the royal engineers after the war and was asked to set up with all the lads in the market but he decided on capturing customers on the way to the market and it seemed to pay off I along with my brothers and grandpas sons and daughters all took it in turns to help out over the years- anyone remember him? he passed away in the mid 80s

Fri Jul 28

Green Street Market

Yes they should knock it down... but maybe they are waiting for West Ham to leave and for a developer to come in..after all it is quite prime real estate...

Wed Nov 13

Living in Upton Park

We've just moved to Central Park near Upton Park and it's really nice. The streets are tree lines and the house are Victorian. There's a lovely little café in the Park and a cool Art Gallery 'Red Door Studios' nearby. It's cheaper than other areas of London at the moment and houses are still affordable. Yes it's multicultural but this means it has a strong community. I'm a white female and feel perfectly safe here. I'd rather live in a lovely house with a garden and pay a reasonable mortgage than live in a small flat and pay a ridiculous amount! It's just missing a gastropub, only a matter of time. When West Ham leaves there will be loads of regeneration so I think a great place to invest...

Wed Nov 13

queens rd

hi i run a facebook page memories of E13 there are lots of old pictures on there if you want to look

my family are all old market traders for generations back so there should be some pictures you will recognise on there debra williams

Thu Feb 14

Upton Park and most of Newham is an awful area. Try further out.

Wed Jan 30

Brownings Fruit & Veg Stall, Upton Park

Hello, my grandfather George Stephen Browning (now deceased) worked on the Brownings stall as a young lad. Would love to see any photo's or hear any stories.


David Browning

Thu Mar 31

builder recommendations

Try Khan builder he's done my flooring and painting before. He does plasrering too. You can find him on **** ****7.

Sun Jan 30

Urban Fox Control North & East London areas

Pest - Go Limited are recognised in North & East London for professional urban fox control. Please visit our website for more information. www.pestgo4u.com

Tue Dec 15

Urban Fox Control North & East London areas

Pest - Go Limited are recognised in North & East London for professional urban fox control. Please visit our website for more information. www.pestgo4u.com

Tue Dec 15


Ann Summers Parties are fun free and for girls only.

Its a fun girlie night in.

So invite all ur girl mates round, someone from annsummers will come with lastest underwear, nightwear and toys.

We will play fun games with the chance to win prizes from annsummers.

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Fri Jul 24

Does anyone have old pictures of the market???

I would like to nhear from anyone that has old photos of the market - I have some of thr new market.

Pictures of the original Queens Rd market and pictures post-1969 would be great.

Link to flickr???

Get in

Sat Mar 22


yes i remember him well a very nice chap and i would love to meet him againg

Sun Mar 02


yes do now remember bill he lived in the old cottage behind mrs webbs house and the yaringtons lovely chap bring back the good old days

Sun Mar 02

yes i remember bill and his brother there house was at the top of western road i often pulled his stall home.gone are those days alas would be great to talk about old times

Sun Dec 23


i worked for some years in the market for mrs robbins joes curtains sunny anyone remember me john dodson

Sun Dec 23

Looking for an affordable flat/house to buy in Upton Park


I am an academic looking for an affordable flat/house close to Upton park or East Ham tube station (within 15 min-walking distance). I am not an agent. Just want to get something affordable, that's all.

So, if you know anyone selling a 1 or 2 bedroom flat/house with a share of freehold if possible, max price:£200,000, please mail me.

Mon Aug 13


I do know at least 3 people who went to your school. one of which has always been mt best friend although we only lived opposite each other as i went to Stratfor Grammer comp. Her name is Maria Byrnes. I also know Teresa Smith and a girl who i only know her first name as Marie. They were all there till 1979.

Sat Jul 21


I was brought up in Upton Park in the 60s and 70s and at that time it was a lovely place to be. I left in 81 and went to Germany but in 1990 came home for a visit but in Kent with my family. My brother took me to upton park and the Queens market. I was shocked then. That was the first time i'd been ther in 9 years and the change within that time was huge. I didn't like it. I now live in Scotland but was down in Kent last year with my kids and i wanted to take them to upton park to show them where i grew up but i was advised not to because of the state of the place. It's such a shame as i have really good memories from that place when we all lived there. And i know that if the council could clean the place up a bit and maybe restore a few buildings and plant a few flowers around ect. it would look how it should look. Like upton park again. By the way, is the cinema still there?

Sat Jul 21


I use to live in upton park , so did my whole family fron the way back to the 1800. I was born there in 62, but in the 60s and 70s i remember upton park being such a lovely place to live. And yes, i do remember Queen's market. A friend of mine used to work there and my mum used to get her veg ands fruit there. I was down in England last year (as have been away from london and England since 81, and i so wanted to go and see the place again and show my kids where i was brought up but i was advised not to as the whole place has deteriated so much so i left it. But the good memories from my childhood will never go away.

Sat Jul 21

You are havin a larfe

I've got got a 20 year old Rusted out Vauxhall Cavalier that I would like to exchange for a brand new Ferrari any one interested?

Wed Jul 18

Flat Exchange

I have a One bedroom flat at Boleyn Road, Off Barking Road;which is 'overlooking, the West Ham FC and just 6 mins from Queens Market. Would like to exchange with a one bedroom flat at Westminster,Kensington & Chelsea OR Fulham & hammersmith. Anyone interested???

Wed May 09

mostly Indians and Pakistanis kinda Asians!

Fri Apr 13

asians from india and pakistan

hi darling, mostly asians from india pakistan and the like

Fri Apr 13

fruit & veg stalls, upton park

As far as I know, my mum's family, the Brownings, also had a stall in Queens Road market at the turn of the 19th century. Someone in the family, somewhere, has a fading photo.

Sat Feb 10

Responding to your email


I used to live at 18 Redclyffe Rd in the eighties for years and it was great. A nice family area!..The only problem you will have are the West Ham fans...Is the bus garage still there?

My email address is

Thu Feb 01

yes ,look on ebay under west ham,you will see a ebay seller that sells photos of all the teams,he also gives a full history on each team.



Fri Jan 26

Stalls in Queen

Thu Jan 11


I was living in Boleyn Road, off of Green Street, in the early 1960's and loved going to the market on a Saturday. I remember plenty of fruit and veg stalls, clothing stalls, where my wife bought most of her clothes, and at a cheap price. After we did our shopping the highlight of our day was to finish up in Mudie's pie and mash shop, which was in the market. 2 pies, mash and liquer was such a lovely way to end our day...Bob

Sat Dec 30

Asians in upton park

I am from Hong Kong and have been told that there are a lot of my kind of people based in this area. Is this correct.

Thu Nov 09


Have you tried BODYWASH in Ilford.

They have a good reputation and an amazing array of bathroom fittings and tiles.

Fri Oct 20


why is upton park called upton park???? please email me ...

Thu Sep 28

Upton Park F.C

Does any one know where I can find out about the history of Upton Park FC ( founded 1866 )?

E-mail address :

Mon Jun 05

which road do you take t ogo to upton park

Thu May 11

Local Friends ?

i am moving to priory road next to the west ham fc.

looking for local friends if any ? girls even better :P

Sun May 07

arnolds gym in london where he trained.

the place where arnold schwarczenegger stayed and trained in london when he was 20years old was 335 romford rd, forest gate with wag bennet.

Sat Apr 15

Does anyone know of a bathroom fitter

need my bathroom done, plastering, tiling and fitting as reasonably as possible. Would be grateful for any recommendations

Tue Apr 04

Upton Park area

Upton Park is a very good area but had its up's and down's as any sourronding areas. It is a very convinent place to live with all the shops and queens market as u know. i myself live here so can rest assure you that you wont be dissapointed.

Mon Apr 03

Please help to find Arnold Schwarczeneggers gym in Upton park

I would like the proper address and any info on the gym and on Arnolds flat as it is something I want to do for my boyfriends birthday.The bday is in 2 weeks so i need to find out quickly. He is a massive fan of Arnolds but we dont live in London so I cant really explore anything on foot beforehand.

Thank you in advance.

email to

Fri Mar 31

How safe is Upton Park

Hello everyone,

I am a single lady looking for a property to buy in Upton Park. I found a nice flat that I really like which is located on Redclyffe Road ( 2 minutes away from Upton PArk tube station).

I don't know anyone who lives in East London and I had never been there before viewing that flat. I really like the flat but I am not so sure about safety and security. This is my main concern at the moment as I will be living there on my own and will be coming back home rather late in the evening.

I wonder how the area looks lilke after 10.00 pm ? I heard it gets a bit rough around Queens Market area after it closes. My potential flat is a stone's throw away form the market. What do you think?

Can anyone advice me please!?

Many thanks


Wed Feb 01

Knock it Down

I can't wait until they do something with the market. If you had to walk through there on a daily and nightly basis going to and from work you would understand. Having to scurry past the beggers and drug dealers who make the market their home after dark is not a pleasant experiance.

The market or market customers generate an inordinate amount of rubbish, both in the market and in the surrounding streets (I have yet to see he whole area clean just once and I've lived there for 10 years). It is so dirty that I am ashamed to have friends come over to visit as I don't want them to think I live in a dump (which it is at the moment).

Realistically the council don't have and shouldn't spend the money on a location which is for private enterprise, so the only real alternative is to partner with developers. Not exactly sur what all the fuss is about. The new development the Market remains, we get a new Supermkt which we needs, housing plus and fingers crossed is should make things clea

Mon Jan 30

Green Street Partnership


Can any one tell me anything about the marketing campaign the Green Street Partnership was involved in please? it would really help me with my report... Thanks

Fri Jan 27

Do we really want Queens Market to go?

Hello i am a local student around Upton Park and i would like to know the opinion on the new idea of Queens market being demolished. Your opinion will be very appreciated as this will help me in doing my Business Studies coursework on this topic. Please contact me on

Mon Nov 28

Queens Road Market early 1900s to the Second World War

Was interested to see Debbie Williams posting as my family also date back to working in the markets from 1898 onwards when my Great Grandfather Myer Cohen started up. I have just started researching this and would like to here from anyone who has early photos of the market or knew the Cohen or Phillips families. Please e-mail me on

Fri Aug 19

queens rd market

my parents had a greengrocery stall in the market as did both sets of their parents right back to

the early 1900s. i grew up in the surroundings of a largely jewish population of stall holders and also many distant family members worked there too. everybody knew everyone else. it was great packing the stall out at five oclock in the morning and watching the market come to life. i still live in western rd and shop in the market nearly every day. even though it is now largely asian dominated there are still people who's family has handed their busineses down to their sons and daughters so i still know quite alot of people . it has changed beyond recignition and if my grandfather could see it today he would have a fit but it is where my roots are and i still love it

Sun Aug 14

tesco super store

Sun Dec 12

theres actaully

a whetherspoons pub down upton lane which isnt that bad..

Fri Nov 26

theres also

an iceland next to that.. plus a lot of fruit and veg markets down the road.. including queens amrket (which might be turned into an asda very soon)

Fri Nov 26

its easy to get to

not the best place in the world. but since i've lived their most of my life cant really complain.. large mutlicutural area, predominately asian.. traditional transitional area, at the moment alot of east europeans.

Its just easy to get out to other parts of london from here. other close areas such as stratford, east ham and ilford have shops and stuff, so its not too difficult to get stuff.

Never had any problems.. even after dark.. then again i'm a big fella....

Fri Nov 26

yep packed

from 8.00 - 8.45 packed.. it gets better after two stops however, cause loads of people get off at west ham. however it can be difficult to get on the train at upton park.

8.30/8.45 unless there are delays in the service its normally ok

Fri Nov 26

sawdust and sweat

theres a private gym on romford road.. its hidden it where arnold swarzenegger used to train when he lived in east london .. I kid you not.. but its a real sawdust and sweat place. pure weights hardcore

Fri Nov 26


theres a sports centre down romford road and also a sport center at east ham ( about20 min walk from green st, upton park)

the east ham one is actually very good, new gym, classes, swimming pool and very reasonably priced

Fri Nov 26


there are a lot of sunday / amateur teams that play in west ham park.. about 10 minutes from green street down plashet grove..

Fri Nov 26

loads of places

if you like indian food.. if you walk down green street past the kebabish you'll find a load of indian veggie places which are pretty damm good.

Fri Nov 26

car parking space

there is car parking space down shaftesbury road off green street, but it is difficult to get into as their are loads of cars going in and out of that road.

find a road just off green street and park there instead.

Be warned parking zones are in enforcement, i think its about a pound for two hours.

However if you are visting someone who lives there, they can hand you a parking permit for the day

Fri Nov 26

Queens Market - Memories

In my youth I used to work in Queens Market for a fish shop in the market during the mid 1970s. There was still a strong jewish influence in the market then and most of the shops were owned and run by long established family firms. Does anyone have any memories of working in the market? I moved to USA for years in the 1980s and only returned last year to discover that many of my old hunting grounds and work places had changed so much! Including Queens Market which to be fair has deteriorated dramatically.

I would love to hear from anyone about the market as i always considered it to be a very special place indeed, however, I have also learnt that the market may be subject to demolition soon and is planned to be replaced by a ASDA! If anyone has any old photos of the market both pre-roof and after the roof was put in place then please let me know.

Mon Nov 22

I went to the spotted dog on sunday 10th of october only to find it closed and boarded up.

Whats going on.

Mon Oct 11

we are visiting whufc this evening and travelling by car. can we park in a public car park nearby and if so, where would you suggest.

Tue Aug 10

There is a shop next to Ambala

They have the most delicious Mutton Breyani.

Sat Jul 24

Try the old spotted dog, best pub round upton park...

The Old Spotted Dog, E7 9NP, is a grand old public house...it's an old tudor hunting lodge, so a nice spot for the real ale crowd, but they have good music nights, which are a lot of fun.

Mon May 17

Football club

West Ham United

Sat Feb 14

upton park does not really have any good pubs or clubs, best place to meet people is the pubs on romford road head towards eastlondon uni , stratfrod

Fri Nov 07

Well.. its very multicultural...

Up. Park is nice if you want to experience ethnic diversity,

particularly Asian, African.The environment itself is not very pleasant, but if you on a budget its fine. I'd get out of there as soon as it gets dark!

Wed Oct 15

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