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John Zayya

New email

If anyone is looking for me contact me on

Mon Jan 27

John Ives

Can't remember when but heard many years ago that john Ives passed away. Peter, his brother became a fireman and haven't heard anything about Sarah

Mon Jan 27

John Zayya

I worked for John Zayya for many years and he was the best boss I ever worked for. There were over 300 of us under John and we cried when he finally left. Over my 25 years on the railway I never met anyone who could match him as a boss and railway expert

Tue Aug 13

5-aside football

hi - looking for football in tulse hill if there is a 5-aside league set0up looking for players -

Tue Sep 27

John Zayya

Anyone looking for me can email me on

Fri Sep 23

You should speak with Mick Brown if he still owns it. Know he would not stand for this



Mon Dec 07

I also knew John Ives, brother Peter and Sister Sarah. Not heard anything about John (Lovely Guy) but understand that Peter went on to become a Fireman.

Mon Dec 07

I think most people have grown up now bar a few cavemen, Tulse Hill no different.

Mon Dec 07

gone to the dogs sir can give my opinion ,pip stamford hill blog

Mon Nov 30

Gentrification Of Tulse Hill

Like many areas identified for gentrification by developers/Councillors/etc, Tulse Hill seems to be losing much of its character of late. House prices are soaring and many of the people I have grown up with have left the area. Horses for courses, others will like the changes but it was with a sad heart when I entered the Tulse Hill tavern which, in the main, was empty bar the rude waitresses who had the cheek to turn their noses up when they saw me. Perhaps I should have worn a tie? There was a time when the welcome was warm, friendly faces mingled with familiarity and certain comfort from the stresses of the day. So sad.

Mon Nov 30


John please call me,

Stuart Adams


Cheers matey¬¬

Fri Feb 06

looking for long lost friend

Sorry this is probably wrong place to post,but looking for a long ago friend.his name is Steve,tall,black,use to wear his hair in cane row.rode a motorbike, had an accident years ago,lost touch when I move,really need to find him.thank you.e.mail kymgriffith @hotmail.co.uk

Mon Jan 26


Been living in st Martin for years

It's nice n quite

So just move in and don't worry

Mon Nov 17

I lived on the estate for 27 years people make out it's really rough it ain't as bad as they make out I had a good childhood growing up on the estate not without there being problems but I go to see my friends there now and it's not as bad as people say it is

Tue Sep 16

Want to sell your place without estate agents?

I'm looking to buy a place in herne hill/ tulse hill. Maximum budget is 225k.

If you want to sell and like me don't like estate agents, please do call! Anna ********3

Wed Mar 12

Tulse Hill- St Martins Estate

I'm looking into moving on my own into a flat in St Martin's estate in Tulse Hill. The flat looks great and the the estate during the day seemed alright.

Any comments on the safety of the area and the estate specifically (especially after dark)? Many thanks in advance.

Sun Sep 29

Venue Hire

Hi, we are looking to host events such as quiz nights, film fairs, art exhibitions.

If interested please contact me:

Aisha Saeed Event's co-ordinator


Wed Aug 21

Looking to host events, classes, art exhibitions etc in our venue space

We are a start up business looking to host event's, classes, art exhibitions, film night, karaoke etc. our venue can hold up to 50 sitting and 75 standing. we look to also supply catering and make this a perminant venue for such event's.


Wed Aug 21

Looking for a full time nanny job!

Iam looking for a full time nanny job I have nearly 10 years experience at the moment Iam working for a Pediatrition mother,but the kids has grown so is time to move on! If anyone knows about a nice and friendly family looking for a Ofsted registered nanny please contact me on ********2

Many thanks

Fri Apr 19

Should i buy a flat in Tulse Hill

I was just wondering if a gay couple would have any problems around Tulse Hill.. obviously we do not walk holding hands or anything but it would be nice to know if the area is a gay friendly or at leat tolerant.


Fri Mar 29

In need of a haircut

Just moved to Josepheen avenue, can anyone recommend a good barber ...

Sun Feb 24

Domestic / office cleaner available


I am a 28 year-old woman, looking for more work as a cleaner/housekeeper. I have experience in different positions (office cleaner in Victoria and private cleaner). I am a hard-working, reliable and responsible woman. I am always punctual, well-organised, with positive and friendly attitude. I have great eye for details and a kind personality. Please contact me for more info.

Mon Jan 14

quiz nights anywhere in tulse hill

im a dj/quizmaster just moved to tulse hill.what pubs /landlords do you think i should aproach to start up a fun quiz night.

Thu Aug 23


Hello!I'm looking for John Ives who lived in 15 Lanercost Road -Tulsehill-SW2 in the year 1977,there abouts..Anyone can help me finding him?Thanks in any case.Michelle

Sun Aug 19

A new yoga class in Tulse Hill

I'm setting up a new yoga class at St. Martin's Community Centre, Abotts Park, SW2 2UP (near Upper Tulse Hill/Christchurch Rd. The classes will run on Tuesday evening, 6:16-7:45. £7 drop-in.

Fri Jun 08

Yoga in Tulse Hill

I'm setting up a yoga class near Tulse Hill at St Martin's Community Centre, Abbots Park, SW2 3PW. Call me on ********4 or email

Fri Jun 08

kevin did you find him?? lost touch again!!

Wed May 16






Wed May 16


Piano and music theory lessons in Tulse hill. Experienced Russian teacher. ********3

Tue Nov 01

I miss Tulse Hill!

I lived here ages ago with my Dad and Twin on Palace road (very briefly!) But we lived on Palace road inside the converted mansion, Because I was only 6 or 7 when I was there I wasn't really interested but now I want to know more about the mansion can anybody help me? its #60 - 62 . Thanks

Thu Jul 28

yes stop looking at the pub

first u say apparently have you gone in and asked ....no

secondly if u have a problem with it why dont you enter the pub ask the new manager who is turning it round and then offer to do the outside of the pub problem solved...ur thinking why should i do...answer...because u have a problem with it so fix it your unhappy with it not them ...now youll send abuse to me or pick holes in what ive written but its true do somthing about it dont complian and sit around and listen to apparent rumours.


Sat Jul 10

The Children’s Furniture Company SPECIAL DISCOUNT WEEKEND

15th & 16th May OPEN 10am-5pm

Come to our workshops at Unit 3, Hardess Street, (off Herne Hill Road), SE24 0HN

See all the ranges assembled (normally only available online)and receive discounts on everything and up to 50% on selected items

Order direct on: 020 7737 7303,or


Tue Apr 20

The Children’s Furniture Company OPEN WORKSHOP WEEKEND - HUGE DISCOUNTS!

The Children’s Furniture Company


15th & 16thMay OPEN10am-5pm

Come to our workshops at

Unit 3, Hardess Street, (off Herne Hill Road), SE24 0HN

See all the ranges assembled (normally only available online)

and receive discounts on everything and up to 50% on selected items.

Order direct on: 020 7737 7303,or


Tue Apr 20

railway phone

it should do it must have been broken the day you tried

Tue Feb 23

Great Builder!


I'm very impressed with the works I have just had carried out on my kitchen, bathroom and living room that I want to shout about it!

Great value, delivered on time and under budget and you can trust them get on with the job- highly recommended call Chris from CS Solutions **** ****2 , you won't be disappointed!

Sun Feb 21

I agree. You have to understand that there are certain hot spots in South London, Tulse Hill being one of them. There are victims and predators, opportunity scum that will take advantage of any situation.

I grew up in Tulse Hill and spent many years there. As I can be quite violent myself I was not harrassed. However, please do not fool yourself if you think this area is safe. Be aware that it is only a matter of time.

Mon Feb 15

the railway pub in tulse hill

why does the railway pubs telephone number does not accept incoming calls ?

Wed Jan 20

Mon Jan 11

what a load of rubbish it's perfectly safe...

Wed Dec 30

browns are extraordinary

something ridiculous always happens with browns - once the driver was taking me to the airport, and stopped in battersea park to walk all the way into the middle and use the loo, all the while i was late for my flight and left in the car. just bizarre.

Wed Dec 30

Deerbrook surgery

I have been a patient of this surgery now for several years and in my opinion the french doctor has always been helpful and honest even more so than the english doctor who tends to cut of his times or wont work at all leaving it all for the other one try calling good luck

Tue Nov 24

Brown cars- drivers not all bad...

Whilst they may have some rude drivers (which I have not encountered) I have used Brown's on and off for the past 3 years and have in general been pleased- as a female user I have encountered some very polite and corteous drivers- so I wouldn't rule them out.

My advice... agree a price before your journey so there are no surprises.

Fri Oct 16

Still looking for rooms / space?

Are you still looking? There are some rooms available on the first floor of a detached building right by the south circular, a minute's walk from Tulse Hill. They need a bit of painting etc. which I'm sure can be arranged if you are interested in the space. Lots of natural light ... let me know at

Thu Sep 10


Well my friend, let me tell you this, you don't want to be walking around there at night.

During the day it is fine, i went to school opposite it years ago (Rosendale School) and a couple of my friends still live on the estate.

Mon Sep 07

Hi i live in Winchmore Hill and would be gald if you can coach my daughter in maths- she is 10 years old

contact number (207-843-9158)


Fri Jul 24

Maths Coaching

I am offering unpaid help for anyone looking for coaching for GCSE (or equivalent) level in maths.

I have two maths A levels and a degree and a genuine interest in helping people to acquire the basic skills they need, both for the requirements of further education and employment.

If you know anyone who would benefit from some one-to-one coaching, either to pass a qualification or just for their own benefit, please contact me at

Tue Jul 21

Tulse hill denial by res

There seems to be a strange denial by some people on here that Tulse Hill is a safe area...

Everytime someone writing about or warning soemone about the area writes something, another person says"the area is safe, i have never been harrassed".

Lets get this into perspective people and not put others who are new to the area in Harms way.

Mon Jul 20

BROWNS CABS - Rip-off & Rude Driver

Driver wanted £12 for a route that a selection of other cab companies charge £7-8 for.

Driver became angry, loud and aggressive when I objected, and told him why.

As a middle-aged, sober female I found this quite threatening, especially as it was night-time with few people around.

Best avoided would be my strong advice

Thu Jun 18


Hi, if you are looking for things to do with kids, try out Emma Janes in Herne Hill. Its new and has lots of things for kids to do colouring, painting etc. You can also just go for tea and cake and read magazines and it sells great gifts! I went last week and it had just opened. Next door to the Florence opposite Brockwell park.

Tue May 26

Cheap Employment Law Advice

We are legal consultants, who specialise in Employment Law.

We provide advice to employees in claims for race or sex discrimination, unfair dismissal, disability, redundancy, unpaid wages and equal pay.

We also advise companies on a wide range of employment issues and offer affordable representation at hearings.

Our rates are extremely competitive.

Contact Us

Tel: 0845 391 4875

Mobile: +44 (0) 7870 365 692


Tue Feb 17

Birkbeck Place - Safety


I'm moving to Birkbeck Place soon. Just wondering about safety walking around after dark back from the station/main bus stops?

What's the Peabody Estate like?

Any pointers gratefully received.


Mon Feb 16

/ Herne Hill Dog Walker

Hi there, I currently work flexible hours from home and would love to do some dog walking around Brockwell Park. If you're looking for someone reliable to look after your dog for an hour or so a day, email me at

Thu Nov 20

hi did you get this sorted if not contact me,

Sun Nov 09

Hi did you get this sorted out if not contact me

Sun Nov 09

John Zayya grew up in Tulse Hill

I reprimanded my staff for using the computer when I was under pressure when informed that they had put my name in and come out with old notes. I have since contacted my Best Man but am unable to get in contact with Michael Kennally.

Of interest to me would be any news of my mum and brother who went missing after kind of emigrating to Sri Lanka. Date now 10/2008 so must be about 8 years since I have heard word from them. Mum: Molly Lamb Brother: Daniel Lamb AKA Michael AKA Zayya. What a strange world we live in. Best Regards John Zayya

Wed Oct 29


Hi, I wondered across this site and noticed a few names that I recognised. Please contact me on

Wed Oct 22

John Zayya wants to get in touch

Hi, I wondered across this site and noticed a few names that I recognised. Please contact me on

Wed Oct 22

Charity New To You Clothes Sale

Emmaus South Lambeth which is a community for homeless people is holding a New to You clothing sale on Saturday 15th November from 9.30am -12.

We have a limited supply of designer lables such as John Rocha / Next / Debenhams/ Warehouse. Most of these items are in their original packaging with their price lables attatched

We also have New coats / hat and glove sets / shoes Jeans / and other new items.

These items will make ideal Christmas Presents

We are located at 9a Knights Hill West Norwood SE27 0DB


Sat Oct 18

Handyman for Ikea Assembly


I'm good at DIY and furniture assembly - you can contact me at

Thu Sep 18

Wanted HandyMan


Does anyone know of a handyman in the area to put together some Ikea furniture, help with some heavy lifting and other bits & pieces....



Wed Sep 17

Taxfile Tax people next to Tulse Hill station

Hi Chloe,

I had my books done by Taxfile for 5 years now. Pretty good. I would definetly recommend them.


Sat Sep 13

Looking For A Local Accountant

Recently moved into the area of Tulse Hill and my husband is looking for someone to do his tax return for him as he is a builder.

can anyone suggest a good place to do this?


Sat Sep 06

Tesco has arrived and is here in Tulse Hill!!!!

Right across the street from Woolworth. It is lovely, clean and everything is very fresh. Could a Boots be next??

Sun Aug 03


I have a very big room which you can use it if you like to talk about this

Mon Jun 23

Deerbrook Surgery

The French doctor is useless. Would suggest trying another option in the area.

Mon May 12

All Saints Church on Lovelace Road have yoga on Tues evenings and Pilates Monday mornings I think.

Mon May 12

Lovely room to rent in Tulse Hill

Theres a small but light and airy room with double futon bed and ikea canvas wardrobe. The room has also been recently decorated. The flat has wooden floors through the living room and kitchen. A shared bathroom with a huge victorian bath. A private garden with a pond and eco shed for relaxing in during the summer. The flat is 5 mins walk from the lovely Brockwell Park and 7 min bus ride to Brixton(Victoria Line). We're two mellow guys looking for a laid-back and sociable housemate who enjoys a laugh.

Thu Apr 17

Lockup garage wanted

I am looking to rent a lockup garage in or around Tulse Hill. Does anyone know of any available? Please contact me

Thu Mar 20

Looking for yoga in Tulse Hill/West Dulwich area

I'm looking for yoga classes in the vicinity of Thurlow Park Road. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance...

Tue Feb 26

Fri Feb 22


Im not sure how long ago u posted but ill tell him if i ever catch up that a guy called kevin is lookinf for him, and this site etc

Sat Feb 09

Artist Studio

Parade Mews, off Norwood Road may be a good bet for you. Lots of potters and artists there.

I found these contact details on an earlier post. Hope it helps:

Parade Mews, Tulse Hill

SE27 9AX


Tue Jan 22

Artist Studio - freelance illustrator

I am looking for a ware house or large room to share with a group of Artists / illustrators / graphic designers etc.... I am a free lance illustrator. Does any one know of some where like this with a space available?

Many thanks, Hennie

Sun Jan 20

Looking for a house share in the Herne Hill/Tulse hill area

I'm a friendly 29 year old guy looking to move to the Tulse Hill/Herne Hill area. Ideally, I'd like a double or single bed in a mixed-sex house/flat share with 2/3/4 other people. My e-mail address is

Wed Jan 16

I think the number is 020 8678 1133 for the Station Rise Browns.

Sat Jan 12

I think the number is 020 8678 1133 for the Station Rise Browns.

Sat Jan 12

Tulse Hill Tavern

It does not belong to a brewery but a pub-owning chain

Mon Nov 12

Tulse Hill is great

My girlfriend and I moved into Tulse Hill at the beginning of the year and yes, we had reservations. To be fair, the High Street is not that great, but the bonuses are:

* Great terraced houses and lots of trees

* Excellent pub, the Railway, next to the station

* Lots of frequent trains to London Bridge, King's Cross, The City and Gatwick and Luton airports

* A decent sized supermarket on the High Street

Very, very happy there!

Mon Nov 12


Please call Harry Edwards on: **** 880 375 - Sorry, I dont have his landline number. They renovated my mums bathroom & Kitchen & were very reliable, friendly & done a brilliant job.

Tell him Kelly Neal Recommended you!

Tue Oct 23

Tulse hill Tavern

Does anyone know what brewary owns the Tulse Hill Tavern?

Tue Oct 23

i, my boyfriend and i are planning to buy in Tulse Hill

but worried about the area as its so near brixton, streaham and etc but after reading your comment, i feel more comfidend and happy so thanks!!

Please keep posting....

See you all around soon


Sun Sep 23

Better from Tulse Hill than from Herne Hill....

Pity those getting on one stop later, in Herne Hill. The trains are well packed by then.

Sat Sep 01

Dont worry...

These signs were put up 4 years ago when there was a bit of a problem. Since the signs and regular police drive-bys (which keeps other crime down) there haven't been any problems. We've lived on Lanercost Road for 4 years and really like the area - the high street could do with a bit of work but it's moving in the right direction!

Fri Aug 31

in general not too bad...

...depends what side of the station you're on to a certain extent.

you may have heard there was a recent incident outside the station but to be fair this was the first in several years.

the dulwich side gets progressively quieter (but further from shops, etc) the further away from TH station. heading towards w norwood/streatham or brixton things get a bit rougher.

shopping is ok at best - but on the bright side plenty of room for improvement. top brand retailers have largely not moved in (as of yet). superdrug but no boots, wimpy no macdonalds, woolworths no wh smith etc etc.

rumours of a tesco have yet to materialise.

in summary up and coming yes has improved noticeably in recent years and more to come i think...

Thu Aug 23

Moving to Christchurch Road

Can you tell me what the area is like, crime, high street, shopping etc? I am looking at buying a place near Tulse Hill Station and am thikining this could be the next up and coming area??? (with a little work). Thanks so much.

Sun Aug 19

Going back to an earlier discussion about the White Hart pub...

It does indeed seem to have had a lick or two of paint put on it - looks so much better.

Perhaps it's enjoying a renaissance now there are no places to watch the football in herne hill...

Mon Aug 13

there is an ok doctors in tulse hill it is at 4 hardal rise sw2.hope this might help

Mon Aug 13

i know them as well..

I know these tax people.They are very close to Tulse Hill station. My boyfriend did his tax return there. We've been quite happy with their services. We would definetely recommend them.


Sun Aug 05


I use Taxaccount in Dulwich. I've found them very thorough and trustworthy.

Wed Aug 01

yeah, there is one close to tulse hill station

on thurlow park road, its technically called west dulwich but still on the border of tulse hill, its little bit past the big bridge next to the closed down petrol station, its is on a corner off birbeck hill you should find it eventually

Tue Jul 31

Does anyone know a decent tax adviser around here?

Me and my girlfriend just moved in Tulse Hill a month ago. I'm self-employed and i need to send my tax return to the inland revenue. Can anyone recommend a good tax adviser to help me sort out my tax?

Fri Jul 27

Mon Jul 23

Mon Jul 23

I used to work with John Zayya and was also at

his wedding. Like you,lost touch. If you make contact,can you pass on a phone no?

Thanks, Kevin. (

Fri Jul 20

are you still looking for accommodation in tulse hill?

i can't tell what year this was posted! but give me a ring on ********7 if you are...

Wed Jul 18

Deerbrook Surgery

hi I recently moved from Clapham to Tulse hill and had to move doctors. I have joined the Deerbrook Surgery on Deerbrook Road. They are good.

Tue Jul 10


Anyone know of any good (i.e. not cowboys - have had bad experiences!) plumbers and electricians working in the area, who can do a good job on a bathroom renovation? Thanks in advance!

Sat Jun 23

There is a Primary Health care centre, by Christchurch Road.

Tue Jun 12

I moved to Tulse Hill a little while ago, and I use the Tulse Hill GP located just on the one way junction near the Tulse Hill hotel.

I found Dr Ah-Moye very kind and reassuring.

Hope this helps.

Thu Apr 19

Roof Terrace/ Garden conversion

I'm looking to convert a flat-roof into a roof garden (need to knock through access from house and make roof strong enough to support weight). Does anyone have any experience of this or know of any builders/companies who might be able to help?

Wed Mar 28

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