Welcome to London Tufnell Park

where was the clinic in the 1940s its now top of Tufnell park rd but Id like to know where is once was cheers Bonnie....

Wed May 06

Carleton Road

The Spaced House is 23 Carleton Road, just off Brecknock Road, next to Tufnell Park Primary School.

Sun Jun 08

Tufnell Park Pilates Classes

At Lord Palmerston we always like to provide interesting activities for our local community. From the 23rd of April we will be holding weekly Pilates classes. The instructor is a graduate from the famous Trinity Laban College and a Pilates student of Anna Scislowska who was taught by Rael Isacowitz herself.

The classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate levels.

First class £5 and £9 thereafter.

Mats provided.

Spaces are limited, so call the pub directly to book.

Upcoming dates:

23rd April

30th April

6th May

The Lord Palmerston, 33 Dartmouth, Park Hill, London


020 7485 1578

Mon Apr 14

Pregnancy Yoga & General Yoga Classes

Pregnancy Yoga class in the heart of Tufnell Park. Small classes with lots of individual attention for your comfort and joy. In a well-equipped and comfortable home studio. Every Wednesday 10 to 11.15 am plus 15 mins for tea & chat. Please email me at

Fri Jan 10

Tue Dec 11

Looking for my relative in living in Tufnell Park Road


Am looking for a relative of mine who lives in Tufnell Park road.Her name is Frieda and came from Namibia years back.I lost her mailing address and would to keep in touch with her.Would like to skype with her from time to time .Reach me at

Wed Oct 24

2012 -Friday evening Life drawing class- Holly Lodge, Highgate New town N6

Life drawing classes, covering a variety of media and approaches between 7-9.30 Pm @

Holly Lodge Community Centre

30 Makepeace Avenue


N6 6HL


Starts 13 Jan 2012 for 10 sessions up to April 2012, course fee £87.50 + all present chip in to pay the model (usually between £3-6 each). Free for those on an income related benefit (proof is needed)

Contact Pete (tutor) on **** ****1 or WEA (Workers Education Association) who are the organisers - 020 7 426 1950 /

Wed Jan 11

Life Class

There's one at the Camden Eye on Kentish Town Road by Camden Station. It's currently running on Wednesday nights from 6:30 and is £11.00 or £8 for regulars.

Thu Jul 28

Oakland Road is Oakford Road

off Lady Somerset Road. Good film!

Sun Jun 26

Dogs and owners - free photo shoot


I am a local professional photographer doing a project on dogs and their owners. If you would like to take part, you would receive free photos of your dog at a high professional quality on a DVD.

Please contact me in the first instance by email.

Sat Apr 02

Bridge games

Hi - did you find anywhere to play bridge around Tufnell Park?

Wed Feb 09

bridge game

Hi - did you find anywhere to play rubber bridge in Tufnell Park?

Wed Feb 09

RE: Charlies Budget Hotel!


Fri Dec 03

Social Groups in Tufnell Park


My boyfriend and I moved to Tufnell Park in April and absolutely love it :) I was just wondering if there are any sorts of social groups or meet-ups in the area? We are both creative professionals but would also be interested in any work-out groups or general community groups.

Thu Jul 29

everyone who is on benefits should be exterminated

Sun Nov 15

We moved from Village Vet to Dragon Vet Hornsey Rd

Would have cost us £600+for cat dental op. Saved £400

Sat Nov 07


Do you know what the price is at the different gyms? And how much is it to swim there if it is just once?

Fri Sep 25

Fantastic Tufnell Park!

Tufnell Park is fantastic! I have lived in London for more than 20 years (north, south, east and west) and having been in the area for three years now, I find Tufnell Park to be the most safe, relaxed and friendly part of town I have ever lived in. I know many people in the area who think exactly the same. We live in a metropolis and there are bound to frictions, but fairly considered Tufnell Park is truly safe and pleasant residential environment. It's a positive place to be.

Fri Jul 10

Not at all

Lived here for a year, and apart from President Obama's helicopter going over when he arrived for the G20, it has really not been noticable.

Wed Apr 29

Aircraft noise

Could anyone tell me if aircraft noise is a problem in Tufnell park?

Sun Mar 15

life class in tufnell park

does anyone know of a drop-in life class in tufnell park or somewhere nearby? somewhere cheapish, less than £10..?

Tue Oct 14

I hink there is one at hargrave park primary school. ph. ****989

Sat Aug 23

there is a pilates class at hargrave park primary school on wednesday evenings 7.45 run by a charity costing £1, is very good. up toward archway.

Sat Aug 23

please remove my posting

Hello, can you please remove my posting dated July 21 from the forum (titled "Tufnell Park Have you found a practice?!).

thanks and regards

Tue Jun 24

Have you tried the Islington Arts Factory? I think they do capoeira on Tuesday eves, not sure which type though.

You'll find them on google...

Tue May 13

I know a place in Camden which is quite close. I think it's called the Camden Physiotherapy Centre (or something similar). I used to do yoga there but they specialise in Pilates. Their number is 0207 424 8668.

Good luck!!

Tue May 13

there is a gym behind Archway station, with pool sauna etc. its not private so the rates are very reasonable

Wed Apr 23

I am looking into getting a domestic cleaner too..

So if you get any advice or recommendations, I'd be interested to know too. I would much rather hire someone that has been recommended.


Mon Apr 14

I'd suggest NOT the surgery on the corner opposite the station. My experience and that of my flatmates suggest that the doctors there are unhelpful and rude

Fri Apr 04

Capoeira in Kentish Town, Tufnell Park

Try these guys - they have a nice relaxed class: www.angoleiro.co.uk

Mon Mar 31

Capoeira in Tufnell Park or Kentish Town?

Does anyone know of a capoeira class in Tufnell Park or Kentish Town. Preferably capoeira angola.

Tue Mar 25

moving to Tufnell

Hiya, I might be moving to Tufnell Park with my two flatmates and was wondering what kind of place it is? We're moving from Bethnal Green in search of somewhere a bit nicer...

I know its quiet and my experience of quieter places is that safety can be an issue as there aren't many people out and about. We're currently looking on TP Road near Mercers Road. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I know people like to defend the area in which they live but I'd like realistic answers if possible :)

Tue Mar 18

Spaghetti house

It's still open, but it's not open every day - I think it is closed Mondays, and maybe Tuesdays. Give them a call on 7485 7984 to find out. It's the same as it always was - heaven forbid they ever close for refurbishment!

Tue Mar 11

Tufnell park GPs

Hi, I'm after a good doctor. I went to Dr Ko up the road but didn't think too much of him.


Thu Mar 06

Furniture for sale!! LOW LOW prices... All going this week until 29 Feb.../1 March...

hey everyone...

yes, i am moving and hence selling all my stuff... furniture that is...

so... if anyone's interested, do give me a ring at 0798 ****76 or email to

Sat Feb 23


Does anyone know of any Pilates classes around the Tufnell Park area?

Mon Jan 21


looking for a commercial studio for a small design company in Tufnell Park. Dont need much space, just room for 1 - 2 people. pls reply to

Mon Jan 14

Tufnell Park Cleaner

Does anyone know of a good cleaner in the tufnell park area?



Mon Jan 07

Looking for a good GP


I've just moved to Tufnell Park and need to find a good GP. Any recommendations??

Please let me know here

Mon Jan 07


Is cool!

Fri Oct 05

Tufnell park isn´t great


Fri Oct 05

What goes on in the neiberhood

Fri Oct 05


Fri Oct 05


Fri Oct 05

Spaghetti House

Still opens, but is closed certain days of the week. dunno which ones i'm afraid.

very nice when i went last year

Thu Jun 28


im looking for a cleaner onve a week. Im off junction rd, about 5 minutes form tufnell park station. can anyone assist me?

Wed Jun 20

Singer sewing centre

I will be taking my sewing machine there on saturday!

I've spoken to the guy there a couple of times, he is extremely knowledgable. It is gems like this that make London what it is, I hope it's still there in another 30 years.

Fri May 18

Driving Schools in Tufnell Park

Can anyone recommend a Driving School in or near to Tufnell Park? I've had a quick search on the internet, but would much rather go through a recommendation!

Tue Apr 17

informations required about dartmouth park area

does anyone know how safe is chester road in dartmouth park as i am thinking of moving in this particular area?

Mon Apr 16

cheap mobile home

am looking for a cheap mobile home on a residential site or holiday site in the south of england.

anywhere from margate to dover,can anyone help,if you can please email

Mon Apr 16

bed and breakfasts

does anyone know any cheap bed and breakfasts in the tufnell park area

Sun Apr 15

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Thu Mar 08

There was a short article about it in last week's Islington Tribune or CNJ - something about a power generator failing near the school, patching up and failing again on Tuesday/Wednesday. What else is new!

Tue Feb 20

3 power cuts in 1 week!

I am on Fortess Road and the whole block of upper Fortess Road had power cuts lasting hours for the past few days - anybody know what's going on? It is very annoying.

Fri Feb 16

holloway road incident?

There were flowers tied to the median of Tufnell Park Road at Holloway Road, outside the Odeon exit, when I walked to work this week - anyone know what happened?

Thu Feb 15

Yes and No...

Tufnell Park is known to people who live in North London or who have been in London for a while. Hampstead and Highgate are the famous areas so you'll find that most people will have heard of them, even if they don't know where they are. It is correct to say that you live in Tufnell Park but you might also explain its proximity to the Northern Line tube, Kentish Town, Hampstead Heath or Highgate.

Tue Feb 13

theres a pet shop on juction road opposite the thai restaraunt

Fri Jan 12

Tufnell Park

not a bad area at all

spaghetti house is a little gem and the junction, boston and bar lorca are all good places to scoop

the ethiopian restuarant lalibela is also sound

Wed Dec 20

its still open!

go there every day!

Tue Nov 28

the spaghettie house is nice, lol

Tue Nov 28

No grief, you gonna love Tufnell Park its a great place to live.

Fri Nov 24


I need to get fit! I'm 29, used to jog a few times a week but since I moved to T Park I've been a lazy bum. Any other ladies out there looking for a slightly slow jogging mate? I wanted to try running in Hampstead Heath and around Tufnell Park. Mail me if you're interested!

Fri Nov 17

I think the Camden NW5 part (around Dartmouth Pk Hill, Fortess Road) is more likely to be called either Kentish Town or Dartmouth Park as you get further up towards Highgate.

The roads leading off Tufnell Pk Road, Huddleston Rd and as far down as Camden Road on the Islington side (N7 /N19) is seen more as Tufnell Park.

Tue Nov 07

They seem to spend the whole day there, but Ive never seen them cause much trouble.

Ive heard of a few incidents on Anson Rd and Lady Margaret Rd, but you're safe on the main road.

Tue Nov 07

Cycle time?

Does anyone know how long (approx) it would take to cycle from Tufnell Park to West Kensington? I'm thinking of cycling to work.


Tue Nov 07


the kids rae ok and the pubs ok because the police are usually there when it closes. I feel safe and I live in junction rd.. The pubs are really good in the earea . most people are friendly.

Sat Nov 04

was wondering...

....the kids hanging out at night at the food and wine shop on the corner oppoite the tube station - do they ever cause any grief? I'm about to move to Junction Road and am a tad paranoid...!

ta x

Sat Oct 28

its north of camden

Fri Oct 20

Gospel oak has a pool

Fri Oct 20

I live there and we call it tufnell park

Fri Oct 20

Is Tufnel Park an area of London like, say, Hampstead?

I wonder whether Tufnel Park is a recognised area of London. If someone lives in Tufnel Park Road, do they live generally in Tufnell Park or some other area of London?


Fri Oct 20

charlies budget hotel

hey, i'm planning to come to london for a couple of days soon and i'd like to stay at charlies budget hotel. so maybe someone has heard something about it or has stayed there himself... if you have, pleae, let me know what your impressions are.

Sun Oct 08

Lupton St


I was considering buying a flat on lupton st, but there was bad subsidence and property had been underpinned.

Mon Sep 25

Aerobics Classes in Tufnell Park

Does anybody know of any aerobics classes that I can got to on a week night in tufnell park????

Thu Sep 21

Yes me ! I feel unsafe walking on their own in the early hours in Tufnell Park.

I used to feel quite safe in Tufnell Park, until that evening where I got mugged on Anson Road. All these roads are very quiet at night, and it is very easy to get assaulted without anybody noticing/hearing things.

True, I could have been mugged anywhere else in London, but I have to say it happened 500m from my place. I now walk on Tufnell park Road, even if it is a longer walk for me.

Fucking hoodies, I just hate them !

Mon Sep 11

LA Fitness in Highgate Rd

Sat Sep 09

Have you found a practice?!

Hello ! have you found a gay friendly practice in the area after all ?!

Fri Jul 21


I have a cough which may be on my cHest. I need an appointment with a Dr. I have only recently come to live in Tufnell Park.

Tue Jun 20

Archway leisure centre

Archway Leisure Centre is about 10-15mins walk away from Tufnell Park stn, (or 2 mins by bus).

But I prefer to cycle, jog and swim in Hampstead Heath. Open air swimming, for free, with the trees around you... can't be beaten!

Fri May 05

la fitness just is just off highgate rd, not even 10 mins from the station. It has a pool, sauna and steam room as well as gym. Its called the highgate branch but its not in highgate. seeya


Thu Apr 27


Same question here - can someone recommend a professional and friendly GP in TP?


Wed Apr 05

fortess road

does anyone know if there has anything bad happened somewhere around 128 fortess road in the past??


Mon Apr 03

Singer Sewing Centre

I used to live in Tufnell Park but seldom go back there. I passed through the other night and was amazed to see the Singer Sewing Centre is STILL there! It has been there 30 years at least I reckon, how does it make money?

Wed Mar 22

Gym with pool in Tufnell Park?

Hi, Does anyone know whether Tufnell Park has a gym with swimming pool, or if there are any close by?


Fri Jan 27

Cat-sitting exchange


I live in Tufnell Park north London and I would like to get in contact with other cat owner for Pet Sitting exchange. I have 2 beautiful cats, a somali and a norweigen forest cat, that have recently moved with me to London from Iceland. I do not travel alot, but need sitting next time over x-mas and new years, where I will be gone for 11 days. The sitter will come to my home, and vice versa.

Please respond to Helene on

Sat Nov 12

no, the spaghetti house is still open and great ... only is shut on either saturday or sunday and was closed for a long period in the summer.


Wed Nov 09


The Spaghetti House is definitely NOT closed. It's still the best (and the friendliest!) place to eat in Tufnell Park. Perhaps you passed the restaurant on a Sunday or Monday, when it's always closed?

Thu Nov 03

are you comletely insane!?

You prefer Wood Green!? If you call fighting your way through empty KFC buckets and gangs of hoodies to get to a complete selections of wall to wall tacky horrible shops personality, you are welcome to it.

Fri Sep 30


wir haben sie in unserm buch gesehen (megan)

Mon Sep 19

Mon Sep 12


I am thinking of buying a flat near the station. Are there any roads that have particular subsidence problems that I should avoid?

Sat Sep 10

Hi Kate

I just called the restaurant on ********1 and Anzo confirmed that he was on holiday until yesterday. He said the restaurant is opened starting from today.


Wed Sep 07

Hi Kate,

When I saw it closed in the past, it was always because Anzo, the chef and owner, was on holidays and there is no other chef except him.

Thus, he may have been on a summer holiday. You can ring them in advance to check before you go.


Wed Sep 07

Spaghetti House

There used to be a fantastic italian restaurant opposite the tube called Spaghetti House - I tried to go the other day and it looked like it was closed, though I wasn't sure if it was for good or temporarily. Does anyone know? I'll be gutted if it is gone for good as it was lovely and super-cheap......

Mon Sep 05

Village Vet

There's a village vet in the junction of chetwynd rd and York rise

Thu Aug 18

Yes yes I do, two doors down from me! Turn off Brecknock Road onto Carleton Rd, and walk down the left hand side until there, my friend, your prize awaits.

Tue Aug 09

Small Plastering Job Required

I need a plasterer to do a small job in my kitchen, basically 2 small areas. Email me for further details.

Sun Aug 07


You should invest in some juggliung balls or some other diversion,,,,

Fri Jul 08

Chalie Budget Hotel

Did anyone knows charlie budget hotel reservation phone number?. Thanks

Mon Jul 04

Vet in T Park

The Village Vet is in Dartmouth Park, 5 min walk northwest from T Park tube at the corner of Chetwynd Road and York Rise. Open weekdays and Sat mornings.

Mon Jun 20

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