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space required to use as Photo studio

I've recently moved to the area and am looking for a space to be used as a photo studio. This could be a village hall, or a commercial space to share with others, anything really.

It would be for occasional use, roughly 2 days a week.

Thu Feb 19

plumber in totteridge

This guy Aky from A P S is the best plumber i've used with very reasonable prices and no call out charge

call him on ********1

Mon Sep 15

There are many!!

There are three very good schools in Totteridge and Whetstone area. My daughter loves drama and have just enrolled her in stagecoach which operates every Sat in Ravenscroft school. There are not alot of extra curicular kiddies options so I am lapping this up, I really do love living here, the people are lovely

Mon Sep 17

There are no shops in totteridge, the only place that sells anything in the area in the local pub, the orange tree, which is now a restaurant. The shops are located in Whetstone, Mill Hill and Finchley.

Its not London, its a rural community engulfed by London that upholds its 'village' status. Its unlike Highgate or Hampstead which offer nightlife and city life, Totteridge is the escape to peaceful living.

It's a hidden gem, and a one off. Whihc is why its so desirable.

Tue Sep 11

Moving to Totteridge

Hi, we live in Highgate and considering moving to Totteridge where you can get more for your money. We have taken a little trip there and we have mixed feelings. On a Saturday afternoon the place looked dead. At 5 many places like cafees, off licences (the only 2 that we have seen walking from the station to Whetstone) were closed. Can anybody that lives there or has just moved advise of life in Totteridge? Thanks

Sat Aug 18

Name of that restaurant

I think you mean 'Al fresco', just next to Waitrose.

Mon Sep 11

We love the Haven too!!!!

The haven food is delcious, the service is good...never had a bad meal. Very local within walking distance...What a great night out!!!

Tue Mar 28

totteridge long pond

hi there i was just wondering if any one here knows how to become a member of the fishing pond on totteridge lane. pls get back thanks for the help

Tue Mar 21

I totally disagree!

Not only is the decor elegant, the service unobtrusive and effecient, but the food is fantastic. I have been there on several occasions with a number of people and we have always found this to be the case.

Fri Feb 24

Can you recomend a good primary school

Hi do you know of any good schools in or around the totteridge/whetstone area?

Thu Dec 01

We LOVE The Haven!

We've been a few times and have never been disappointed. This is a West End type restaurant with not quite so West End prices.

Great for a special occasion!

Mon Nov 28

Out and about in N20, one stop guide

Restaurants - there are about 20 places to eat, with some good italian and greek places.

Pubs - types for all sorts, Griffin getting my top marks ( opposite the original Whet stone on the high road)

Banks - 5

Wed Jul 20

looking for a doctor in winbledon park

Hi iam looking for a doctor in wimbledon park, iam spanish new in london, i donk know how to find a doctor here.


Fri Jun 24

Plumber in Totteridge

Has anyone used a good plumber is Totteridge?

I don't need anything doing just at the moment but it is always handy to have a number in your phone book.

Fri Mar 11

The Haven Restaurant

Real disappointment, food very average and poor service. They could have been having a bad night but for a bill over £100 plus 12.5 service it's not good enough. My recommendation - go somewhere else to eat.

Mon Nov 08

Totteridge and whetstone

Luckily because the station is near the end of the line the train is rarely packed

Thu May 13

Oakleigh Park

There is a squash and tennis club in oakleigh park, about a ten minute walk from totteridge and whetstone station. There is also a swimming pool just beside the courts which although separate, can be used for public swimming at allocated times

Thu May 13

Is there a gay bar in totteridge?

And is the ho-house on the high road any good?

Tue Nov 25


any of the italian restaurants (especially the one with the massive frontage, dont know the name) also the lantern + the bay leaf for takeaway

Tue Jul 22

Bars in Totteridge

The griffin - now decked out like a gastro pub , brown leather sofas etc ... great selection of belgian beers and amazing sheleterd courtyard. cool and great value

haven bar - cocktail bar attached to the haven restaurant. somewhere to go a little special i guess, good food next door

orange tree - on totteridge lane, a good walk from the whetstone high road, this is a country pub near the ponds and great for a summertime sundowner.

bull&butcher - 8 pool tables and ridiculously cheap pints and food, and jumbo tv screens make it a bit of 'geezer' boozer.

+ other locals pubs

Tue Jul 22

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