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Sun Aug 23

Sun Aug 23

Had the most beautiful park in Tower Gardens as I was growing up. Beautiful roses and lawn.

Wed Apr 22

I will be 80 (? touch wood!) in November.

I attended Risley Avenue Junior and Infant school from about 1946 til 1950.

Hello to all my former classmates wherever you are.

I live in the USA now.

Wed Apr 22

You know it's me Dan.

We lived next door to Charlie's fish and chip shop in the forties and fifties at the junction of Lordship Lane and Gt Cam Road. Like the Spurs pub....gone now. Think it was oriental last time I saw it.

Across the road was Fred Hill's baker's shop where mum used to send me for a 3 penny bag of stale cakes.

Wed Apr 22

I lived just off Tower Gardens Road in Turnant Road over a shoe repair shop (Lordship Lane). From 1943- 1950.

Sat Dec 28


I attended Crowland infants and primary schools in the mid to late 50s. Have lots of memories - I remember trading sandwiches with another boy in my class and discovering peanut butter which I loved ever since. Inn assembly I was fascinated by the harmonies of the hymns we sang. This must have stuck as I eventually became a musician. The there was Dancy's Sweet Shop - great little shop in the corner house.

I moved to Canvey Island late 50s and I'm now in Canada. But I still recall the good times at Crowland. Except for that cane, of course!


Paul A. W. Smith

Fri Feb 15

Susan nee Henson

Me too the eagle pub and the royal great memories

Wed Jan 02

Susan wi dibank nee Henson

We lived in tower gardens road corner of waltheoff great childhood I attended Risley ave school from infants to senior school always loved Tottenham royal Monday and Thursday great nights out I had 2 sisters Carol Byrne and JENNY late fifties sixties best friend was Pam dunwell

Wed Jan 02

Crowland Road School

Hi - I started my schooling at Crowland Road Infant school in the mid 1950s, then moved on to the junior school.

Love to hear from anyone who was at the school in the late to mid 50s.

Paul Andrew Smith

Tue Oct 30

looking for best part time ballet dance classes in London.

Please give me some list of ballet dance classes which provides dance classes on weekends or parttime.

Thu Mar 15

Old Crows Association

Hi Barbara

For Crowland alumni, we have a Facebook page.

Search for “Old Crows Association (OCA) Official”

Phil Nyman

Thu Mar 15

Tottenham Grammar

Hi Tom

TGS has a Facebook page. Search “TGS - Tottenham Grammar School”

Thu Mar 15

I remember working at the Lesley toy factory in hackney wick when I was about 16.it was when the bus strike was on and we had to hitch lifts home,not very safe thing to do.i lived in Sherboro road tottenham so took ages to get home even though it was for only a short time,4-5 weeks I think.

Fri Feb 23

Gosh.Reminds me,my old mum used to work on the catering staff when Dave Clark was there. She said you couldn't hear yourself speak.My mates and I (the 4 of us) didn't belong to gangs.In fact we were quite normal but never went to the Royal...I mean,dancing with girls was sissy! I learnt my lesson later!!!!?

Thu Feb 15

Didn't have one when I lived there68 years ago.Mum would send me over to Fred Hills ( the bakery) for a 3 penny bag of stale cakes for tea.

Thu Feb 15

I'm trying to find Carol Allen Wundt been abought 20 in 1982 worked as a chef lived in Wood Green / later moved to rheola close Tottenham high rd

Tue Dec 05

Looking for renters living in Tottenham.

Hello everybody.

I am a postdoctoral fellow at University College London researching the private rented sector. I am looking for renters who would be willing to talk to me about their experiences of renting.

Interviews will last between 30 min to 1 hour and will be conducted at a time and place that best suits you (e.g. a café or library). They will be audio recorded and all responses will be anonymised and kept confidential.

If you would like to participate, please

Fri Oct 06

UCL researcher looking for people sharing or renting in Tottenham

Hello everybody,

I am a postdoctoral fellow at University College London looking for renters who would like to share their experiences of living in privately rented accommodation. I would like to invite you to participate in the study by filling out an online survey on www.haringeyrenterssurvey.co.uk or by taking part in an interview, which will explore your housing history and your choices of accommodation, your levels of satisfaction with your landlord or letting agent, and the activities and places you go in the neighbourhood. The interviews can be conducted at a cafe of your preference and at a time that best suits you. They will be audio recorded and anonymised and our conversation will be kept confidential.

Also, for more details about the research, you can email me at

Wed Oct 04

Was this the famous Highbury Mob?

Fri Aug 25

Was this "The Highbury Mob"?

I heard they were the hardest around but didn't get involved with Football Hooligans so not everyone knows about them.

Thu Aug 24

Tower Gardens Road

I agree about the park in tower gardens ..lived in that road for 70 years on and off

Sun Jul 02

tottenham royal stardustbalfour@gmail.com

I know the name "one arm johnny" from my uncle...I was always at the Royal during the 50s

Sun Jul 02

Iremeber it well

I was born in tottenham the Royal was my second home also the went into the egale pub behind

the police station any one remember one arm johnnyhe was always up the Royal Doreen maskcal.

she was a great jiver

Fri Feb 24

Committed Football players in Wood Green

We are looking for football players in the North London area (Wood Green) to build a new squad, ( adult men ) must be willing to attend training session in Wood Green.

Football training starts on Sunday 13th November 2016

On grass.


Wood Green Common

Station Road

Wood Green


Nearest Bus: W3

Barratt Avenue Bus stop (K)

Nearest station: Wood Green

Nearest train station: Alexandra Palace

There is no free car parking spaces.

Are you up for it?

We welcome new beginners, people returning to football and people new to London, please only reply if you are interested in joining our team. No time wasters.


Sun Nov 06

Mon Aug 29

Had a girlfriend(?) in the forties at Risley Avenue School.

Melany Gapwood.

I live in the USA now but boyhood memories still pop up.

Vicky Roach was another,until I went to call on her to play....and found the family had moved!OOPS!

Sat Aug 20

Tower Gardens had the most beautiful park when In was growing up in the 40's.

Mum would take us kids to spend an afternoon playing on the well cared for grass lawn and walk us around the rose bushes,which smelt gorgeous.

The last time I saw it I was shocked to see what they had done to it!

What a shambles and what a shame.

Sat Aug 20

My mum worked at the Royal at that time.

I never did visit the place myself.I mean a 20 year old...dancing with ...girls! Sissy stuff.

(I learnt my lesson later!)

Sat Aug 20



Sun Jan 31

I wonder what happened to the artwork inside the Spurs pub on the Great Cambridge Road....and the sign outside of a cockrell dressed in Spurs playing gear?

Fri Jan 29

absolutely true!COYS!!!!

Fri Jan 29

I can still smell the incence 60 years later!

Fri Jan 29

my mum used to work behind the bar in the fifties/sixties.she said it used to be crazy!

Fri Jan 29

I use to go to sunday school there in the late 40's.

Fri Jan 29

I had a Jewish friend who went on to the tottenham grammar school in 1952.

Kenneth Gordon.

I went the other way ,to Parkhurst Sec mod.

Thu Jan 28

Tue Sep 08

Committed football players needed in Enfield

We are looking for football players in the North London area to strengthen our squad, ( adult men ) must be willing to attend Tuesday night's training session in Enfield. Training is every Tuesday regardless of Champions league, Premier league or England games.

We welcome new beginners, people returning to football and people new to London, we are going into the league in September and we are rebuilding our squad, so please only reply if you are interested in joining our team. No time wasters

Sun Jul 19

Photos of risley avenue infants children 1948

With names. Anyone interested? From my elderly teacher mum

Sun May 03

My name was Barbara Cooperman, I attended Crowland Junior from 1950 until I left to go to Pitman's College in Finsbury Park. My sister Susan attended infant and Junior and so did my cousins Sandra Cooperman, Pamela Cooperman and Carole Cooperman. I would love to hear and see of anyone who knew me then. my email address is

Thu Apr 23

go on face book there is a tootenham site yes i went there .

Mon Apr 13

I worked there....

Hey I used to work at the empire tea rooms, dear God - that was 30 years ago! I absolutely loved it! I used to attend Tottenham college and then pop over to work there in the afternoons and evenings. Great fun! The decor was wonderful, the owner used to close on a Tuesday and start baking, he also went round all the market fairs to buy china tea cups and saucers, it was a great place to be with lovely music usually glen millar. Absolutely hated lapsing Su shong(?) tea! So many ways to make cheese on toast and his cakes were absolutely amazing! I had to leave before it closed and it was a sad day to hear it had. I always thought if I were to set up a tea rooms it would be just like the empire, it attracted so many different types of people

My wage was 80p an hour so obviously it wasn't the money that attracted me there!

Thu Feb 12

Tottenham changed a lot loved growing up next to spurs gd tottenham mashers had great fun in the 8os 9os like most of london and life they change have seen gd and bad in tottenham sence from a wee lad of couse tottenham are staying its they home thing are moveing on its the 3rd ground now going be built now know much of tottenham was milk boy then milkmen but will always stay in tottenham two many gd things weigth out the bad things am 5o soon and lets hope all that money being put in all of tottenham make shall we have a tottenham to be pround of and the best team ever

Wed Jan 14

I went there 1980 am sill liveing near our old school now did u know mark smith he had brother at our school two his dad was caretaker at lancs school near bruce castle park my numbers ********0 text me in daytime and i get back to ok

Wed Jan 14

Moving to tottenham

Hello I am living in South gate I got house in tottenham I am moving there very shortly because the house is much bigger and garden is much bigger and it's very conveniently located from the city and west end its superb area it has changed to the better people are very friendly and they welcome you they say hello to you even they don't know you thank you for the opportunity given to me to write .

Mon Dec 29

i was replying to the guy who went to the flower pot in the early 70's

Sun Dec 14

i was there in the 70's bet we know eachother lol

Sun Dec 14

i was there in the 70's, bet we know eachother

Sun Dec 14

memories of the flower pot

I remember the pub so well , had my 21st there 60 now seems like only yesterday . I never saw much trouble there to be honest i was going there since '71 and always had a good night there , wish i could find some photos of the pub. I only lived up the hill by the esso garage in them days .

Wed Nov 19

Tom Langford

I attended Tottenham grammar school from September 1945 until June 1950.

Please put me on the list.

I am interested in your researches

Sun Oct 19

Gloucester Road N17 6DG

Hi All. Am contemplating moving on to Gloucester road n17 6dg and would like to hear experiences positive and negative from those who know the area. Warm Regards.

Sat Sep 20


I was in a band called Amazon Trust. We played the Flower Pot, sometimes seven nights a week for a year. 1970-1971. If you've never seen one of these psychedlic pubs, you haven't lived. It was on different levels but open plan, with giant flowers all over. The manager was a big Irisman called Michael Daly. You wouldn't want to argue with him that's for sure. I loved that pub, very seventies.

Sun Apr 20

You Should Move Then

My Dad lived there until he died at the ripe old age of 92 and I left there when I was 25 as the council could not give us a house so we saved our money to buy our own house.

Many happy times we had in Tottenham, my Dad playing the banjo, brothers harmonising, girls trying to sound like the brothers did.

No money or big pressies just good food and the love of a big family Thanks Mum and Dad for the laughter xx

Fri Apr 04

Hi Chris, I looked forward to Saturdays when we would go to the Royal. I remember Jeff Rowena he was great. Half way through the night the stage would turn round and the d.j. would take over. It was fanatistic. Did you know John Kirby? I would like to hear from anyone who knew him.


Thu Mar 27

I would be interested in seeing the pictures you have posted. I like to look back at ny teenage years. It makes me feel young again.

Sat Mar 15

You people are !!

No !! Just keep away then and you'll be safe

Mon Mar 10

Hi, I remember the Royal I would be there most Saturdays with my boyfriend in the early 60's . does anybody remember John Kirby. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him and me. They were the best years.

Fri Feb 28

My Dad lived in Tottenham until he died aged 92 natural causes I might add.

It has got bad but I look back on my childhood and remember ~We had no money, We had love from our family, and we used to make concerts and I remember my years in Tottenham with Love, laughter and songs .


Fri Jan 24

I went to Risley Avenue School in 1940 ..My name then was Rose Walker I was there during the war and remember we spent most of our school days in the shelter where we had our lessons I then went on from there to Down Lane central school Does anybody remember the name ..There was a lot of us in my family and they all went to Risley Avenue at some time ..My e-mail adress is (

Sun Jan 19

Old part of Tottenham

Where is considered old Tottenham? Also the quietest nicest place to live. Thanks

Thu Oct 31

I was born and brought up in Tottenham ,as were my parents .

During the 1960`s I remember a politition describing Tottenham as a "rough working class area"....this was true , of course.

Not lived in Tottenham for years but recently made a sentimental journey to the three houses I lived in ..one being the "half way house ", 790 High Rd. ..otherwise known as Dial House.

After spendind most of the day retracing my roots,It seemed to me that Tottenham has changed beyond recognition....it had evolved from rough working class area to ...A pile of crap.

Thankfully me and mine moved long ago ........

Tue Jan 29

Tottenham Royal 1957-58

I was at Hackney Downs School until 1958. Me and some classmates went to the Tottenham Royal on Saturday nights.

One night, a couple were dancing and they were so good, and attracted such a lot of attention, that the rest of us stopped dancing to watch them. Then the bouncers stopped it.

Wish I knew who the couple were and what happend to them.

Tue Dec 04

hi my name is george i was born in tottenham in the 50s but not very safe to live now with 2 girls

Sun Nov 11


Hi i am looking for pat cant from tottenham hale she had a little girl maxine in the 1960s she also had a sister linda and brenda her mum was rose,i am the dad of maxine cant i like ti find her she will be in her late 40s,

Sun Nov 11


WE ALLwent to royal in 1944 till 1948 we always could be found be fire door who ever got there early wold open fire door so the rest couuld get in

we all had nick names mine was Duches so thats why i couldnt put threr names up we were always together as the boys looked after us as we all came from brocken homes

thew boys were thge first i think as teddy boys as they paid lots monie for them and shoes i think were called snickers if you want to ask more please email me

Mon Oct 01

Old photo please?

In the mid 60's there was a cafe in Seven Sisters Road called the Continental, (a few doors away from the Corner Cinema / Club Noriek). This Cafe has a great significance in my teenaged life and for ages I have tried to find a photograph of it. Can anybody oblige please?

Mon Oct 01

Dont believe the usual propaganda

That goes with anything to do with people from Africa or the West Indies. There's a lot of trash said by people and most probably from people who live nowhere near Tottenham. Is there crime, of course, but where in London is crime free?

We have a great football team, an amazing Castle, an affluent college, superb lock and river walks and a river side restaurant, amazing transport links to The City and West End and most of all an Ikea (whe-hey). MOST people in Tottenham are hard-working, law abiding, fun loving people who want a quiet life just like everyone else.

Don't believe the BS. Tottenham is a great place to live filled with culture and vibrancy.

If Spurs do stay and see the proposed 400m development to fruition you see how many blood-sucking parasites will start to worm their way back to the area to take advantage.

Wed Aug 22

Dont believe the usual propaganda

That goes with anything to do with people from Africa or the West Indies. There's a lot of trash said by people and most probably from people who live nowhere near Tottenham. Is there crime, of course, but where in London is crime free?

We have a great football team, an amazing Castle, an affluent college, superb lock and river walks and a river side restaurant, amazing transport links to The City and West End and most of all an Ikea (whe-hey). MOST people in Tottenham are hard-working, law abiding, fun loving people who want a quiet life just like everyone else.

Don't believe the BS. Tottenham is a great place to live filled with culture and vibrancy.

If Spurs do stay and see the proposed 400m development to fruition you see how many blood-sucking parasites will start to worm their way back to the area to take advantage.

Wed Aug 22

N17 Risely Avenue

Can anyone tell me of nice walking routes in the area from sorrounding stations?

I am new to the area and love green spaces, parks.

Fri Aug 10

Terry michals

any body who is a spurs fan know of a dedicaited fan Terry Michals he worked on the evening standard at Sutton please contact me

Thu Mar 01

I have lived in Tottenham for about 30 years and I have seen the area go through changes not for the bad but for the good. I totally agree with you that Tottenham is on the up and up and in my view it continues to do so. Its down to the residents of Tottenham to continue to make things happen. We need to support what we have to help the area to continue to flourish.

Sat Feb 18


That is a genuine Language Swap ad.

I finished a entry 3 ESOL full time course and in August I'll get start the next level.

I will be truly pleased to swap with everybody indiscriminately sex, race, age or religion.

Don’t worry if your Spanish level is very low.

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Sat Jul 23

some questions

what is worth visiting for children

Wed Jul 20

RIP Empire tea rooms

We used to walk up the Lea from Hackney to the Empire Tea Rooms - as others have said, the place was a unique gem.

The best Welsh Rarebit toast ever! And you could take your cup or plate home if you liked it.

Unfortunately its setting the bar pretty high - running really good cafes is an art few get right. I've lived in east London for 30 years and never found anywhere else like it. Legendary...

Tue Jul 12

Moving short term to Tottenham

Hi everyone. I am interning in London and I am looking at a place to stay in Tottenham. I want to know if it is a relatively safe area? What can you guys tell me about it? What do I need to watch for etc? Thanks so much

Sat Jun 11

moultens surgery is popular they do kids as well and they allways go back,i hope this will help you,they are on the juction of tottenham high road and northumberland park tottenham,

Tue Jun 07

if you go on residents of tottenham london reunited, on face book,it might help you more.

Tue Jun 07


If you've not yet heard, the school will be celebrating 100 years this year (opened 29 April 1911). The school suffered a bad fire a few years ago and everything was destroyed. Therefore, the school is searching for any photographs, certificates, anecdotes, and any memorabilia you may have. I am also compiling a database of all "Old Crows" so if you want to, please email your details, including full name, maiden name, years you attended, where you lived and the senior school you later attended, to me at: Mail-me

Regards, Philip Nyman, Crowland Junior School (1958-62)

PS. I am also compiling a database of boys who attended Tottenham Grammar School, but will post seperatley for that.

Mon May 16

Ever thought of giving Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a go? Great way to make new friends, improve your confidence and learn self-defence.

We train Mondays & Thursday @ 7.30pm at Bounds Green Primary School (virtually opposite Bounds Green Station). Please use the Park Road entrance.

First class is free

Sun May 08

RE. risley avenue school 1950s

Hi Dennis, I attended Ris .Avenue, J & Infants Tott.1951 /56. Along with all\my siblings,.Re.visited the school with my Sister about 20yrs ago ? It brought back memories, went into the old boys payground side but is,nt used now ,the drink fountain still there under bike shed, think the school only use the main playground now and no senior girls part as used to be.Used to live by the little rec. lovely park, revisiting it wasnt the same,gateways to Waltheof Gds. bricked up, a derelict building on side area boarded up, what a sad sight, we could,nt go on the grass in our days as I recal,only special days.Not sure what its like now.Have you looked on the Friends reunited site , maybe others on there who were also there in the 50s.Did you live in that area, and what was your surname, may recal it in my old memory.Do have 2 old school photo copies that a pal sent me, taken in both sides of playground, the front area and back on girls side,. Also a few old pics on Flickr. Tottenham if you

Sat Apr 09

Fri Mar 25

I love

I have lived in N17 for 8 years now, having moved from Islington where I rented for 10 years. Yeah Islington has bars and shops, but I was mugged twice on Liverpool Road N1 and I never knew my neighbour's names. In contrast, I have never had any trouble in Tottenham and have often come back late from my job in Canary Wharf (which is only 25 mins away by train and tube), plus I know all my neighbours well and consider them friends. I keep meaning to join the Civic Society and love Bruce Castle area, especially the museum and park which are hidden treasures - the park is like a royal park. My only gripe is the lighting around Bruce Castle park and White Hart Lane station steps nearly killed me last year. The only things I wish for are more cafes and that there was a tube in White Hart Lane! I highly recommend Tottenham, it's a lovely place to live.

Wed Feb 09

I left the school in 76.

Tue Dec 07

South Tottenham is the place to live, SOTO, very god mixture of people, god schols etc, great park, river lea, Tottenham marshes.....i could keep going.

Sat Nov 27

sam the carpenter

sam the carpenter has left swann joinery and started on his own i think he is running a 24hr carpenters and locksmith company i think he still does other work but he did tell me he was going on his own, we tend to think that he did hold the company together his number is ********1 tell him jean gave you his number

Thu Aug 26


We live somewhere in the Monument Way for nearly two years now and found our place in Tottenham as generally peaceful with friendly people around and surrounded with conveniences. The same thing with Tottenham Hale area. High Road adjacent to Stamford Hill is very fine. Or is it because these are in the high road areas where numbers of regenerated spots existed?

Wed Aug 25

Tottenham Hale

Tottenham's a big area. I've been living in the Tottenham Hale part for over 10 years. There's been a lot of change for the better. The streets are cleaner, it's close to a tube station, there's more shops then there used to be and I've recently discovered the River Lee Valley not too far away where you can hire rowing boats, bikes or go for a nice walk. I even went blackberry picking yesterday along the banks. We've got a massive IKEA just up the road and there's a coupl eof nice places to eat out such as the Ferry Boat Inn or The Lock restaurant

Sun Aug 01

Time to get up-to-date...

Tottenham is little different than any other part of inner-city London except it is improving all the time. In the last couple of years it has established a Civic Society that regularly tours its impressive Georgian and Victorian inheritance. There is significant re-development happening at Tottenham Hale with the construction of new river-side apartments and shops. There is real determination amongst many to ensure this continues to be a vibrant and interesting place to live.

Sun Aug 01

Once upon a time Tottenham was agreat place to live.

Those were the days of the hangman and bobbies on the beat who new practically everyone there and those who shouldn't.

Yobs were sent to Borstal or given the birch.

Cruel?Maybe!But look at the place today.

I think it went downhill rapidly when Broadwater Farm was developed into a slum and,the do gooders came into their own to let the trash get away with just about everything!

....and this is 2010!

Those past people of Tottenham would be turning over in their graves if they knew.Especially those killed in the war to make our society "free".

Sat Jul 17

Avoid Tottenham at all costs. You'll get more for your money because no-one in their right mind wants to live in this God forsaken dump.

Tue Jul 06

I have had the misfortune of living in Tottenham nearly all my life (I'm 35) and its a dump. Most of the people are benefit thieves and it will never get any better due to the saturation of immigrants and people who dont have respect for their own family let alone their neighbours. Tottenham? Avoid it at all costs.

Tue Jul 06

You people are dillusional !!

Tottenham has one of the worst reputations in london. There used to be a shooting everyday of the week. Someone is either getting robbed or stabbed. People are just deprived and the whole place is so run down. Drive by shootings, rife poverty, gang violence. Need i say more?

Mon Jun 14

You people are dillusional !!

Tottenham has one of the worst reputations in london. There used to be a shooting everyday of the week. Someone is either getting robbed or stabbed. People are just deprived and the whole place is so run down. Drive by shootings, rife poverty, gang violence. Need i say more?

Mon Jun 14

Hi I used to always be down the Royal Thursday and Mondays the Highbury gang always stood by the new world bar they were the top gang in 60's 70's Hoody Dave Winder Chrissy Falco Killer Downton Stevie Talbot Vicky Horner Roy Mcalister Barry Simpson Dicki Smith Kenny Banham it was a great place to go with the Eagle over the road great times.

Tue May 18

Enjoying Tottenham

There's a lot of positive stuff happening in Tottenham and a new sense of pride. For instance there is a new and growing Civic Society that organises walks and talks around the many historic building (many of them Georgian) that exist in Tottenham. The Council is starting to implement a plan to get shops to restore more historic shop frontages on the High Road as they move in or change over. In nearby Tottenham Hale, behind the tube there's massive redevelopment with new apartments being built on the River Lea and modern flats for students. There are striking river walks at Tottenham Hale along the River Lea Navigation with opportunities to enjoy local marshland and the wildlife that it attracts. There are loads of ducks and swans and there is even a heron reserve in the area and picturesque reservoirs to enjoy a stroll around. In this area there is the Ferry Boat Inn, that serves nice pub grub and is family friendly. More cetrally in Tottenham, near Bruce Grove rail station is the fa

Thu May 06

Undiscovered Tottenham Hale...

Anyone else enjoy the amazing river walks and wetlands only a few minutes walk from Tottenham Hale?

Sat Apr 24

Hello, What do you mean Tottenham is a deprived area? What exactly is it deprived of? Can you please enlighten me? Thanks. It ought to be a wealthy place because it has transport links to the City and West End where good money can be earned and less fares to pay than those travelling from outside London and shorter travelling time. Nearly half of property is owner-occupied. There is no need to dump rubbish, the Council operates a service to remove it. There is no need to spit, I hate it, but some people think it is acceptable. It's up to the Government to educate people to stop it. It was done in the past.

Fri Mar 05

Now I see Manor Road is near Northumberland Park Stn. Go a little further by bus & you will arrive at Tesco Superstore and IKEA. From Tottenham High Rd get a bus to Edmonton Green. Not far to the new ASDA store also indoor shopping and markets, Argos and many others. Sports Centre is Tottenham High Cross. Swimming, etc. Great. Use it myself. W3 bus takes you to Wood Green Shopping City. Bus 232 from Wood Green takes you to Brent Cross shopping centre. Enjoy.

Fri Mar 05

I want to leave Tottenham for a more countryside lifestyle. There is a one-way traffic system introduced in 2005 and all the traffic comes down my street, Broadwater Road. The Council refuses to change it and plays down the severity of the noise nuisance. It was a sought after street for buying property and a quiet turning. Now it is a musical rat run. Most vehilces have loud steros booming as they fly down the street. So deterioration here. Bruce Castle Park is superb.

Thu Mar 04

Well good for you. No-one should put up with noisy nuisance hell-making life people. I know of one or two others in the area. Well done in your efforts!

Thu Mar 04

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