Welcome to London Tooting

Indian or Pakistani Female Wanted For Friendship.

Attractive 46 Year Old English White Guy, 6Ft, Green Eyes, Caring , Funny, Non Judgemental, Bright Seeking Nice Indian Lady For Company, Walks, Coffees, Chats, Nice Times. Thanks! Stuart dot adams at g mail dot com xx

Thu Oct 01


Zone 1, zone 2, zone 3.

Zone 1 on ward is the key investment I am making, I believe in residential development. Off site planning.

Thu Jun 28

I lived next door to the Kenedys

Hello Liz, I remember you very well as I lived next door to the Kennedy's and opposite Georgina Smith.

I don't know what happened to George and Pete but Maureen definitely went to Australia. I saw Maureen once when I was visiting my Mum she and her partner (can't remember her name) were on holiday from Australia.

My brothers - Sean went to Canada and Denny went to live in Devon. My sisters - Rita and Stella live in Surrey and Susan lives in Leicester. I joined the Royal Engineers and served 23 years and have lived in Manchester ever since leaving the army.

Sun Jun 25

Tooting is Rooting!


For anyone considering a move to South West London, you should definitely add Tooting to the list. Cool independent bars and restaurants are popping up in amongst the local places. It's got some great gastro pubs, one with a cinema, live music venue, nightclub, and they're doing a bit of a Brixton Village thing in the market. Plus Tooting Broadway maintains its local eclectic charm.

Tooting Common is awesome with its many sports clubs, tennis courts, lido and track. And the best part is you don't pay Clapham, Balham or Earlsfield prices and get much more for your money renting there. transport-wise it's got both the Northern line and Thameslink lines running through it to give you options. And being in zone 3 you get a seat in the mornings.

So take a look, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Thu Jun 15


But after all my negatitivty, I will say that London Underground staff are the friendliest I have ever encountered in any major city in the world. The stuff they must get asked every day yet they always have time to be helpful for tourists, commuters..anyone. One member of staff actually walked from hios point on the underground and took me up to Balham main line station ticket window to help me get tickets and sort things out as I couldn't understand the Zone and Oyster card system. And also French member of staff on underground at Tooting Broadway tube station. Very hepful and pleasant.

Wed Jul 08

Tooting is grubby, dirty and crowded

Ive been staying in Tooting for the past few weeks as I am over in the UK from overseas on business. I have never been to Tooting up until 3 weeks ago. Apart from having a decent tube line, and 3 decent pubs, the area is a shit hole. People in general are friendly and helpful. But it's Dirty, crowded, pavements are way too narrow for the amount of pedestrians and commuters, people begging all over the place and outside the Library 2 people are living on the bench outside. Doesn't look good. Can't believe the property prices-way way too high. BEGGARS harrassing others for money and ammenities scattered all over the place. Swimming pool is a joke. Water cold and crap changing rooms and luke warm showers. If the enire neighbourhood was cleaned and major pedestrian improvements made then might be an ok place to live. I am really surprised how grubby it is. Sorry to criticise-but go to other 'suburbs' abroad and it's way way better than somewhere like Tooting.

Wed Jul 08

indian natasha

Indian ...30.....size8...34c....provide most of the services a levels, sex, massage, oral with condom.

Please contact

Mon Jan 12

Pilates class Earlsfield - Thursday 7.15pm

New EARLSFIELD PILATES group mat class starting Thursday 1st August at 7.15pm at Earlsfield Library. The library is less than 1 minute around the corner from Earlsfield station.

This Open group class is aimed is suitable for both beginners and those with experience! Pilates aims to address postural habits and body alignment in order to achieve ease of movement with an emphasis on muscle length rather than muscle bulk.

Special offer of your first class for just £5 but you must reserve a spot - Book your space now!

&#****;Reserve your space now by emailing

Wed Jul 03

Cleaner wanted


I am looking for a cleaner + ironing person for my house. I would also prefer if they can cook pakistani / indian food.

Please contact me on my email :

Fri Jun 28


we are two italian girls searching for an host family in tooting londob from 06/30 to 07/15! can you hel us!? tell us at

Thu May 09

from 06/30 to 07/15

Hi we are two italian girls seaching for an host family in Tooting, London! Write us soon! Irene and Ludovica

Sun May 05

Mon Apr 15

I lived in Tooting from 58 until 76. It was a tough place to live as a teenager. Over a 5 year period I know 5 teensgers were killed. Looks like things have gotten worse.

I now live in Camberley. Less trouble less traffic. Better way of life. I would never go back.

Sun Mar 24

Sat Mar 02

Sat Mar 02

Sat Mar 02

Hi Peter

my email is

Wed Feb 27

Sorry for being slack

This is my email

Wed Feb 27

Hello Paul from Chris in Western Australia

Is that you Paul from Aboyne Estate? I can't believe it.

Why did you go to Derbyshire, and do you talk like a yank.

I've lived in OZ for over 25 years now but I take lessons everyday to preserve my Tooting based cockney accent.

No I'm not very fast any more Paul, are you still pulling all the birds with your James Bond looks. Looking back the old council estate had a 'mine' of school boy talent one way or another!

Wed Feb 27

hi lovy,,

need more info about ur availability!

Thu Dec 27


Wed Nov 07

Tooting has some great housing stock. If you want to move somewhere close by but even nicer, try Earlsfield, Wimbledon Village, Wandsworth Town or Wandsworth Common.

Sat Nov 03

Book Club

I am looking for a book club that meets on a weekday evening. I am female and am looking to find a club to discuss books (obviously) also to chat and socialise.

Wed Oct 10

Running Partner

I am a female living adjacent to Tooting Common and am interested in trying to find one or more running partners. I am a very slow runner though (50 minutes to run 5k) so I would understand if that is too slow for you. Please contact me if you are interested. I am looking to run mornings before work or evenings and at the weekend.

Wed Oct 03

Running Partner

I am a female living adjacent to Tooting Common and am interested in trying to find one or more running partners. I am a very slow runner though (50 minutes to run 5k) so I would understand if that is too slow for you. Please contact me if you are interested. I am looking to run mornings before work or evenings and at the weekend.

Wed Oct 03

Need a safe storage place for my bicycle


I need a safe storage place for my bike and am happy to pay rent etc.

I've had two bikes now stolen from my back garden (both locked) as there is entrance to it via a side door.

So now I need another solution. My last bike lasted just under a week...

So please get in contact

Thank you

Fri Jul 13

hi if you are not busy to night can you please phone me on ********5 or e-mail me

Fri Jun 08

Hello Chris,

are you still the fastest runner in the world.

Paul Henry who emigrated to USA in 1967 and came back to Derbyshire in 1972



Tue May 22

Shaheena call me


Tue May 15

Tooting Dog Walker

I am a professional dog walker. My clients are in and around the Tooting areas.

I am reliable and friendly.

Many thanks



Mon Apr 30


I live in Birmingham and think of move to tooting with my three children.but I'm scared/afraid because i have two boys. age 13 and 16. can you please advice me.

Fri Feb 17

Hi Can you send me your details - and telephone number please.

I am looking for a cleaner

Tue Sep 13

Hi Can you send me your details - and telephone number please.

I am looking for a cleaner

Tue Sep 13


I am looking for a cleaner/cook to come and help me one or two daysa weeks for a few hours.

Can you please contact me on

Tue Sep 13


Trying to mail you Chris

Wed Aug 31


Trying to mail you Chris

Wed Aug 31

Shisha Place

Where in tooting do they let you in for shisha without asking for I.D?

Fri Jul 29


hi i am looking for a girl who is nice and caring as girl friend.i am 27 years old.smart.eyes brown.my number is ********9.i am living in tooting.contact me..my email id

Sun Jun 19


Available from their 'World Foods' aisle.

Thu Jun 09


Sun Jun 05

Low rent babysitting

Mature female, very serious, quiet and tidy, do not smoke, do not drink, working as a Teaching Assistant in a primary school (CRB checked) looking for a room to rent in a family house in Clapham, Balham, Tooting, Wandsworth. I will pay a low rent (inclusive of all bills + council tax) in exchange with free night babysitting.

Mon May 09


Hi there,

i am looking for running club or partner around the tooting area if anyone knows of any club or if any one wants to be running partners give me a shout

Sat Jan 29

Wish to work

Hi ,

I had experience in cleaning.. If u want me to have a sample work . I can do that .. I don't need pay .. If u like u can keep it or else..

Kind regards,


Wed Jan 26

Blunt family

Does anyone remember Bill Blunt who had a garage and hire car business in tooting before the war,could have been in Streatham

Sat Jan 15

Yo man

U will always find sth 4 yourself. Girls change every few weeks.

Sat Dec 18

Looking for Indian Lady for Cooking and Cleaning


We are looking for someone to do indian cooking and cleaning every day for us in West Wickham Kent. 15 minutes from Croyden.

I would be grateful if you could email me on

Fri Dec 10

mobile hairdresser

Hi, I was searching for a mobile hairdresser.. I'm in Mitcham, not far from Tooting (Figges Marsh). Can u tell me yr prices, if u do them here, for a Victoria Beckham type bob.. which I've had done several times (the time before last)... but it's been ages. & my hair has grown quite a bit long!

tks, Mona

Sun Nov 28

F.K.BUILDERS LIMITED want to learn free English

Hi everyone my name is Frotan i have my builders limited company, but my English is not very wel, if somebody want to teach me free English please call me ********2.

We do all types of buildings works

free Estimates

Plastering & tiling

Painting & decorating

Bathrooms& kitchens

Plumbin & heating




Sat Aug 21

builders want to learn free English

Hello, i'm a builder i have builderslimited company but my English is not good i just coming from Holland living in tooting. If someone like to free teach me English please col me ********2 or www.ghiasi1builder.com

or mail me please

Sat Aug 21

Hi I am new in wimbledon one month ago in uk . I am looking free esol and IT classes. I am looking job center. I am looking packing and factory job agencies in wimbledon or tooting.

Tue Aug 17

Hi I am indian lady. How can I contact you.

Tue Aug 17

How can I contact you ?

Tue Aug 17

Hi I am a indian lady. I am twenty four years old . how can I contact you?

Tue Aug 17

Hi how can I contact you?

Tue Aug 17

Sun Aug 15

i need a cement floor for my bike shed

Fri Aug 13

Tuition teacher from tooting.

MTech holder,Engineering college lectureship experience from India.

Looking for students from play school level to university level.High standard teaching.********4

Wed Jul 28


Get in touch! Need to hit around here as well!

Sat Jun 26


Get in touch! Need to hit around here as well!

Sat Jun 26

please help

Hi, I live in Surrey and I am pregnant and I would like to deliver in Tooting st Georges hospital. I can not register here in Tooting because I am not from the area. So I need someone to help.

Tue May 11

tooting handy man available for any work

reliable irish handy man available for, general building ,plumbing,plastering,tiling,wood work,painting and decorating{ inside and out} , gardening and fencing no jobs to small contact me on

Thu Apr 29

HI Im STarting College in tooting in sep

Hey im starting collgeg in tooting broadway in september i m really worried aboutthe gang culture over there Being a young girl of 20 well i ll be 21 by then . I m really worried abiout being lured by gang members and the trouble iz you dont know hwo is who doz anyone have any advice for me

Thu Apr 01

Im moveing in the next 2 months

Hey Herd that your moveing to tooting from what ive hred ther are gangs and crime is high but m ostley at knight time being a young girl of 20 going on 21 im really scared . Especially with men they allays try to chat you up or hearl abuse at you .

Mon Mar 29

Garage Wanted

Need to find somewhere safe to store my motorbike as it keeps getting knocked over and is costing me a lot of money getting it fixed :-(

ideally with power as would be handy to be able to top the battery up now and then.



Sat Mar 27


The Abdul lotimi is currently on a mission to make a world a better . Our mission is to see that everybody lives beyond the average and according to Almighty purpose, Abdul is a man who have been chosen from the Great almighty to heal all kinds of incurable diseases, both discovered and undiscovered diseases such as HIV and AIDS, CANCER, ACUTE MADNESS, SPIRITUAL TORMENT or ATTACK, HYPERTENSION, PARALYSIS DUE TO ILLNESS, FRUIT OF WOMB, PHYSICAL CHALLANGES, POWER TO MAKE WEALTH, POWER TO MAKE SUCCESS, POWER TO ATTRACT ANY MAN OR WOMAN YOU WANT, POWER TO GROW AND ENLARGE YOUR BUSINESS FIRM, POWER TO BE BOSS IN YOUR OFFICE AND HAVE INSTANCT PROMOTION, POWER OF LIVING BEYOND THE AVERAGE. POWER OF DISCOVERING YOUR STAR. POWER OF PROTECTIONS. POWER TO RETRIEVE YOUR LOST WEALTH, Why can’t you try us today at 56 jalan ampang Kuala Lumpur, west Malaysia?

TEL; ********561


Fri Mar 26

Fri Mar 19

dose any1 know a guy caled birdy lives on gatton rd tooting he luvs charming women any thing plz tex bk

Fri Mar 12

is it a safe place to live in?

Wed Mar 10

Good plumber

Hi Miranda,

Did you find a good plumber in Tooting? I need one now!


Mon Feb 08

What do they do shisha at this moroccan place?

Sat Jan 23


Hi please can you contact me on ********7 thanks


Mon Nov 16

dnt do hos.

they have lice.

bare lice

Tue Nov 10

Yoga in Tooting

Please look up www.theradianthand.co.uk for yoga in Tooting. Om Shanti

Thu Nov 05

Yoga in Tooting

Please look up www.theradianthand.co.uk for yoga in Tooting

Thu Nov 05

sammys are excellent there number is ********8

Fri Oct 09

There is a GREAT Morrocan rest in Balham...behind Sainburys ...dont know the street and name of the bar but I am sure someone there can guide you.

Wed Sep 16

Pc & Mac help

Local computer help - Tooting

Always happy to help local computer users with PC or Mac problems.

Many satisfied clients in :-

Battersea Rise ..................Kelmscott Rd

Bolingbroke Grove ..................Kyrle Rd

Bramfield Rd ..................Mallinson Rd

Burland Rd ..................Manchuria Rd

Calbourne Rd ..................Montholme Rd

Devereux Rd ..................Northcote Rd

Dorlcote Rd ..................Ravenslea Rd

Endlesham Rd ..................Salcott Rd

Fernside Rd ..................Shelgate Rd

Granard Rd ..................St James's Drive

Hendricks Avenue ..................Thurleigh Rd

Hillier Rd ..................Wandle Rd

Honeywell Rd ..................Webbs Rd

Call/txt : **** ****9 -

Sun Sep 13

There is an excellent gymnastics club at Tooting Leisure Centre called Tooting Gymmnastics Club call the head coach Mary Wright for info on spaces etc ********8

Mon Aug 24

Indian lady cook in tooting

Want Indian lady cook(preferably indian tamil or malayalam) to cook food 3 days a week in tooing.


Wed Aug 12

Tooting cleaner wanted

contact with me:

Mon Jul 20

Cleaner Wanted

Can anyone recommend a cleaner in the Wandworth Common / Upper Tooting area. Looking to pay around £7-£8 per hour and need 2 hrs per week. Lots of cleaners advertise on here but I would prefer someone who has been recommended.

Sun Jul 19

close to broadway high street sw17

eyebrow threading at broadway hairport tooting phone ********3

Sat Jul 11

fence to be painted in tooting broadway

anyone intersted in painting a fence there are 4 panels probably take 2 hours maybe 3 i have all the brushes and paint will pay £40 needs doing ASAP!!!!


Mon Jun 15



Mon Jun 08

I totally agaree I went to this dentist for a filling and had to have 4 injections as mouth not going numb and in the end I had to tell the guy to stop. Could not close my left eye all day and half the night....

Wed Jun 03

Wanted: Tooting cinema memories (1930s and 40s)


I'm looking for people who have memories of going to the cinema in Tooting (or elsewhere) in the 1930s and 40s to include in my MA dissertation.

Whether you used to go to the super cinemas, the local flea pit or both, I'd love to hear from you.

Ideally I'd like to meet to chat in person, but I can send you a questionnaire if you would prefer.

You can contact me at

Tue May 26

Slave for Woman in Tooting Area

Submissive male who lives in Tooting looking for a local Woman to serve as her slave. i will

- do your housework every week

- do your grocery shopping

- run errands for you

- be your free taxi service

- wash your car

- buy you gifts

- be grovellingly polite, respectful and obedient

- do whatever You tell me

No experience of Mistress/slave relationships required

Thu May 07

Part time cook wanted


Part time Indian cook wanted for a busy household, weekends only.


r a m (AT) o r e g a n (D O T ) n e t

Thu May 07


re your posting in August - did you find anyone. Was looking myself and was asking the same question.....


Wed May 06

Running on Tooting Bec Common

Hi, I am interested in this. I live across the road from Tooting Bec Common and am looking for female running partner (s) to help keep me motivated! I used to run regularly but stopped last summer when I became pregnant, so I would like to run with people of a similar fitness level...

Fri Apr 17

fuck u bevin is cool

Fri Mar 20

Looking to socialise with females

Hi, my name is Chris, proudly African and 25 years old. Background and career is in the Arts.

I just moved from America to London, residing in the tooting area. I'm highly social, looking to meet and make friends with (especially cool women) people who share a common love and interest for hip hop music, life and culture.

I enjoy going to museums, art galleries, dinner, nightclubs, movie-theaters, shopping malls, and anywhere else to keep me out and about spending money.

Alternatively I also enjoy the calm of a good movie night at home. I always have a good time and love to entertain.

Hit me up on my email:

Thu Mar 19

Running in tooting


I was just wondering if you heard back about the running?

I haven't really run before but would like to get into it especially now the lighter evenings are coming in, although obviously with people who aren't minute mile sprinters!

If you have heard back - could you let me know?

Tue Mar 17

Hey mate,

Yeah, I've been. Mostly South Americans/ Brazilians, not the best looking birds, but for 30quid all-in, what do you want?

They let you do whatever you want too.... I took the Mrs last week and watched her get a good seeing to by a busty Brazilian and then I jumped on and had a ride.... £50...can't moan.

Open 24 hrs too.

Tue Mar 03

have you got a website?how can i contact you regarding the cakes?

Sat Feb 21

boxing class in tooting

boxlondon is a new boixing class at tooting leisure centre, tuesdays and saturdays


Thu Feb 19

Good window cleaner..

Hi, you may already have found a good one; if you haven't, I can recommend

M.J. McKenna: window cleaning & carpet cleaning, who did a brilliant job on my windows. Tel: **** 571 063.

He's based in Battersea which is not that far to Tooting.

Hope this helps!

Sun Feb 15

theres a place in tooting oppisite from primark kinda its on the corner and it starts with a s sorry cant remember the name its cost £3 the last time i went there

Thu Feb 12

Cook/Chef urgently required

Experience & reliable cook/chef required to cover Sunday lunch service for a small pub in Tooting, South London.

To work on 18th & 25th January. Prefer some-one who lives close to Tooting.

£8.00 per hour, 8.30am - 5.30pm

Please contact Saffron or Pat on 0208 648 4478

Fri Jan 16

Private English Tuition

I am a qualified TESOL teacher and can provide private English-language lessons if you are still looking?

My rate is £25 per hour.


Mon Jan 12

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