Welcome to London Thamesmead

Where are you all living? Please lets be honest.

I am astonished to see so many positive emails regarding this area.

I have lived in West Thamesmead for nearly 2 years and I hate having to come home to what I consider is one of the most violent, dirty and disgusting areas I've ever lived in on the planet.

I would love to know where some of you live, you must have a big wall blocking of the real world if you never see problems in this area. There is not 1 day that goes by that I either have to walk on the road as someones parked on the path, have to pickup rubbish bags that people just can't to seem to put in their bins, have had people look at me as if I was dirt they wanted to scrap of their feet.

I agree that this is not the only place in greater London that has it's problems. But it is the only 1 I've ever heard of that has had such big problems in such a short space of time. It's scary to think of whats happed here in less than 4 years.

At this time I could not recommend West Thamesmead to anyone to move t

Sun Oct 29

Fair enough and you are not alone in your anger and dissatisfaction. That is why those who have more time to commit and who feel strongly about preserving the beauty and decency of the area have grouped together to do such jobs. Our community action groups have formed good relationships with ocuncillors and other key people and our name GUVNA is well known. If I email our local councillor with a complaint it is more likely to get a result than if i telephone the local number provided by the authority to deal with these issues. Try Peter Brooks of Greenwich. However if all you do is moan and complain to a website or your neighbour then nothing positive will happen. Yes it takes al ot of effort and I have the time and the commitment. So do a whole lot of other people, however I acknowledge that not everyone is able or willing to keep trying. Good luck with whatever you do, but if you want to make a difference seek us out, we are not difficult to find, ask anyone in Delisle Road.

Wed Oct 25

reporting damage

if there are so many people working hard why are all these bad things still happning and the areas still being destroyed? im sick of calling the council reporting beds dumped and other stuff. seems like it is left to residents to sort it all out, i thought there were people who got paid to do that, I have one full time job already dont have time for another

Wed Oct 25

If you notice these things then report them to the council who will come and have them removed. It is simple. Yes there are some dreadful tenants being housed by equally dreadful and feckless landlords in the area. However many decent residents who cannot just up and move , and why should we anyway, are forming action groups to tackle these issues. We work very closely with the council and the police and are making excellent inroads . Illegal car sales and car repair businesses have been removed and fly tips like those you describe have been cleaned up. For many residents it is the support of like minded indiviuals that empowers them to act. If you only gripe and moan but never report issues to the police , authorities or local action groups then little will change . This area is environmentally beautiful and deserves to remain so. We have choices to act or remain complacent to problems. Contact your local community group at GUVNA NW and RA.

Tue Oct 24


Hello. I thought I'd introduce myself as one of the new Bexley Councillors in neighbouring Belvedere ward. Please feel free to contact me with any issue you have and I'll take it up on your behalf with the appropriate authorities. Having lived in the area for 22 years I am aware of many of the problems residents in Thamesmead face, such as anti-social behaviour, depravation and poor transport links. Nevertheless there are some positive things happening in Thamesmead and this is something that I think needs to be built on and would be happy to hear your views.

Kind regards

David -

Tue Oct 24

The local council now is in charge of the lower and upper river thames path. Phone and complaint to them and request that CCTV which should have been installed a while back is installed now.

Sun Oct 22

Royal Artillary Quays

Have u noticed the benches on the upper river walk are damaged? I thought the kids were banging them with stones. On friday I caught 3 boys on bmxs doing tricks with there bikes on them, balancing wheel bars on them as they fly at them. I told them off, there were chips of stone from the benches everywhere. they said that they lived in a dump so didnt care if they damaged the area but they did go. the riverside is being ruined. whos supposed to look after that path?

Sun Oct 22

decent people leave

Theres different views on here.......heres mine....the whole place is blighted by a lot of rough people, decent people leave It isnt only in the newer areas either.

Sun Oct 22

have u noticed the beds matresses cookers fridges in front gardens of houses in warepoint drive battery road merbury road? look like right dumps

Sun Oct 22


I am the Chairman of the RAQRA, for the Social Housing residents of RAQ. There is also a residents Association set up for the private residents too! Both committees are working together, successfully, in driving out crime and reducing issues with fraud and such like.

We have put in place measures with the managing company to upgrade things like planting, CCTV and the whole development in general.

We are looking at landlords to use estate agents within CW and surrounding areas who have 'cash rich' clients on their books loooking for people to sell or rent too and this is something we are pushing heavily to make sure that the fraud etc is eradicated.

We are trying to make this a better place to live working with the residents who do care! If you want furthe rinfo, chats then your welcome to email me on

Fri Oct 20

Julia there are more great and good people than poor quality people in West Thamesmead . It is simply that the just and the good are so often invisibly getting on with their lives............please be careful not to give the wrong impression. I know there are a lot of problems appearing , however they are only out in the open becase active community groups are challenging and tackling the developer, the local authority etc to deal with issues rather than to bury our heads and assume all will disappear. The great and the good will RULE and the feckless and fraudulent will receive their come uppance.

Wed Oct 18

You really need to do your homework wherever you move to. I have been in W T mead for 6 years very near to Ridge Close. Properties bought up in the early stages of the estate's development ( as in Ridge Close) tend to have more settled neighbourhoods with fewer poor renters than the newer build areas such as riverside apartments and apartment blocks on the estate where rogue landlords with poor quality tenants have monopilised these properties. However, most houses are family dwellings and are generaly quieter and more settled. There are however sometimes multi occupancy houses with transient tenants that have no care for neighbours or the environment. Knock on all doors either side of the house you are looking at and ask people . I know 3 families in Ridge Close and they have no problems. The lake and park are lovely to live near to .

Wed Oct 18

Affordable housing

Nothing to do with 'affordable' housing...its all the private buy to let.

Mon Oct 09


Parties that start at 10pm that dont finish till 6...that is West Thamesmead. The police are out nearly every weekend to idiots creating hassle. Where I live, about 90% of folks cant wait to get out because of crime, violance and unsociable behaviour. They moved here because they liked the area..the people that have since swarmed in have made it like one of the old inner city slums.

Mon Oct 09


West Thamesmead rates high in the national stats for credit card fraud,No 1. Fraud is rife and that includes mortgage fraud, hence empty properties going for knock down prices...creating negative equity for those already in. If you want to buy a bargain then a reposession would be good value...just hope that negative equity doesn't continue to grow as a result of social ills and fraudulant activities. Theres loads of empty properties on the new builds...thats not a good sign. Good people arent attracted, but that is what the area needs.

Mon Oct 09

Warepoint Drive

It seems ok, it doesn't appear to get gangs of youths/adults hanging around. The only down side would be if you lived in a house by a bus stop...the people around that area have no respect and the poor homes by bustops are used like litter bins. There are a lot of rented houses there, worth checking out the neighbours as there are lots of socials ills amongst the few great people in West Thamesmead.

Mon Oct 09

Well, as far as I am concerned Thamesmead is a very nice place to live, it has a mixture of cultural. If you do come to Thamesmead and you would like to share a flat, we have a very nice high tech accommodation. The flat is facing the river Thames, where you can sit and relax and watch the water all day and beautiful scenery at night wich looks like New York, and you can also take long walks or jogg along the river.

Mon Oct 09

Warepoint Drive, SE28 Thamesmead

Does anyone have any comments/views about living around Warepoint Drive area, near Ridge Close? We have made an offer on a property. Is it a fairly safe area to live in?

Sat Oct 07

Sounds Good

I work on Canary Wharf and am looking ahead to the DLR, hence me desire to move to a place such as Royal Artillery Quays. I have some friends living there and they are all very confident about the future of the area. They also enjoy the Quays, rating it as good accomodation. I was also made aware of some of the teething problems going on. Docklands is too expensive and I believe that the DLR link will make the Canary Wharf to Woolwich journey around 15 minutes? Is that right, anybody know? Beginning to sound like a good investment to me! Will be viewing soon.

Sat Oct 07

Not strictly accurate....

... I only know of 1 reposession though there may be a couple more i dont know of.

A lot of people have bought flats in the development as an investment opportunity for when the DLR extension is completed (2008). Some of these have been rented in the short term to council tenants or housing association tenants for the secure, consistent rent they provide. Its a medium/long-term game in this area until Woolwich is developed.

Some people have had trouble selling as they were initially overpriced (as happens with most new-builds) and the fact that there is a glut of housing in the local area on the Royal Arsenal development.

The Royal Arsenal are now working on the commercial/leisure/retail/cinema stage of the development meaning the amount of new houses available will drop off.

One block had problems with youths and graffiti but there is an active residents association and new CCTV has now been installed. The concierge should be 24hr soon.

Fri Oct 06

Moving to Thamesmead

Hi I am thinking of moving with a young family to Epstein Road near Birchmere. Can anyone give me their opinion on this particular area of Thamesmead. Thank-you in advance.

Thu Oct 05

Its amazing how we can have so opposite viewsb on the area! We are a family with a boy and feel safe. We have never had any real problems. In summer there were 1 or 2 parties with music in our street, but even these were quite by midnight. Our boy plays out in the street and we go to the park and by the river no problem. like anywhere you might see some litter but we havent seen the problems you talk about and our neighbors havnt spoken about them either.

i dont think anybody thinking of moving to the area should rely on websites, but talk to the seller and neighbors and walk from the house to the bus stop or Tesco/pub/school to see how they feel. Things can change fast from street to street like anywhere in big cities. Take Greenwich. Turn one way you end up in Deptford, turn the other and you're in Blackheath. I'm not comparing here to Blckheath, Greenwich or Deptford, but we like living here so I am happy to talk about the positives and our day to day life and be honest. <br

Mon Oct 02

Future of the area

exactly, thats what those of us who moved here came here for...the view is wonderful. If we can get rid of all the criminal gangs getting fraudulant mortgages and clear out rogue tenants the place could be as good as anywhere in docklands. It's broken my heart, and others seeing what these morons have done around here.

Mon Oct 02

Whats the outlook for the RAQ and the other riverside developments?

With the repossessions and the social ills, is there any hope for the area? To me, the place looks very appealing. Its actually very pleasant and tranquil down at Erebus Drive!

Mon Oct 02

Royal Artilary Quays

There are 50% reposessions in some of the blocks..due to fraudulant mortgages...and that is not unique to here...it is in all the new developments.

Additionally there have been a lot of social/crime problems here...some blocks are better than others though. Just make sure you check out for these things before you buy. I think by law the seller has to notify you of any problems at the point of sale?

Mon Oct 02

Why is Royal Artillery Quays For Sale?

I was flicking through West Thamesmead proprerty for sale and one website showed around 40 flats for sale in this development. What's wrong?? Is it worth buying there?

Sun Oct 01

Dont buy here

I think anybody moving to this area should be told the truth about ALL the new developments in west thamesmead it is not just the riverside ones that are affected. Id hate to think that Id asked for information on a website like this before looking to move to the area and told all its great when it isnt. Its not a safe place right now, feel sorry for families with children. It might change hope it does but reality is reality. Estate agents are telling people it is mostly owner occupied here when it certainly aint. If people look they will see the crime for themselves. Negative equity is caused by lots of different things the way people behave is one of them.

Sun Oct 01

Two Different Worlds!

I don't know about the crime and vandalsim you talk about as I have never seen it in person, though i have heard there have been a few problems in the new blocks by the river. It really isn't like that in my street or in the streets around.

I am not sure negative equity is due to crime and vandalsim but it is more about the success of the devlopers who managed to sell there devlopments to people who fancied making a quick buck on buy to let but did'nt do their reseach on the market or the area first. They are left chasing tennants who do'nt exist and so are forced to put their flats back on the market at the market rate instead of the inflated rate the devlopers managed to get out of them in the firts place, or let it out at any cost to cut losses.

Negative equity is tough on those owner occupiers in the flats at the moment who wanted to put down routes in the area but the market will sort itself out and I'm sure it will be fine in the long run.


Fri Sep 29

Different worlds

Gangs who deal in guns, drugs...who intimidate others whilst standing in groups on street corners, police rading flats in million pound riverside developments, men jumping off balconies to get away from the police...vandalism on a level I've never seen before, security doors and gates consistently broken...fraud rings - fraudulant mortgages, stealing post and identities, cars parked all over pavements....

I wish I could say differently as the area is lovely...there are just a lot of bad people/gangs operating here. There is already negative equity here so that says it all.

Fri Sep 29


Talk of lots of crime, vandalisnm, dirty people who urinate in the street ... does'nt sound like the place I live in.

You still get a lot for your money here compared to other areas and a nice enviroment into the bargain too.

I hope you do decide to move here. We had our reservations before we did based on the reputition of Thamesmead Central/South/North. Thamesmead West is much much nicer. We definitely dont regret it now. I'm sure you wouldnt.


Mon Sep 25

I WOULD recommend moving here.

We have been living in West Thamesmead for nearly 6 years since our house was built and we are settled and do not intend to go anywhere else soon. The area is really nice with the widlife and water and people are generally fine and friendly. Our street which is not far from Ridge Close is fine and we have good neighbours. I know that there are some problems in some of the flats in the area by the Thames where they have been lots of buys to lets whith landlords who don't really care and a high turnover of tennants but that can be the case in any new "affordable" developments. In the streets with houses things are generally fine and it is a nice place to live and convenient for town, Docklands, Greenwich, Bluewater, ...


Mon Sep 25

I think the new school will be on Battry Road on the 380 bus route and opening in 2007.

I think it will be a council school so keep an eye out on the Greenwich Council web site or in the local papers for jobs.


Mon Sep 25

Good transport

Good transport? Hmm you must have lived outside of London before moving here...otherwise you would not think it was good transport! Ever tried getting on the 244 or 380 in rush hour.....or walk along the river in the dark and get stalked?

Fri Sep 22

West Thamesmead

Don't buy here.....you are better renting somewhere more centrally where you can safely travel around. I speak from experience. There are too many problems out here.....far more than central London.

Fri Sep 22

You are right

developers have messed it up here with all the buy to rent.

It is the most luxurious sink estate in London.

Fri Sep 22

Dont do it!

I wouldn't recommend moving here. The area is lovely physically but that is about it...the people are aggressive, dirty and you rwon't get a moments peace. I speak from experience....a year and a half here and it was the worst move I could have made.

I've never seen so much crime, vandalism, unsociable behaviour, dirty people who urinate in the street and throw their rubbish as they walk. There are just too many problems here...less problems in central london

Fri Sep 22

what do you intend to sell

Tue Sep 19

new school being built in west thamesmead?

can any one give me any info where a new school is being built around west thamesmead.i did hear it was being built around the back of the plumstead bus garage around that part of thamesmead.can anyone give me any info on when it will be finished? when will it be open and how to go about inquiring about jobs positions. thanks

Mon Sep 18

Ridge Close, West Thamesmead

Hello, I am thinking of making an offer for a property on Ridge Close (opposite lake) in West Thamesmead. Anyone able to offer further information on this area?

Mon Sep 18

Happy in Thamesmead

Hi, I was born and bred in Erith and for anyone local to Thamesmead the area has a very bad reputation. The reason for this is the massive Thamesmead Estate which is actually in the postal area of Abbey Wood so is not even in Thamesmead really. Im pleased to say that despite the bad reputaion I have been renting in N thamesmead for the last 2 years. I like the area so much that I have just brought my first hse also in N thamesmead. Yes the area has its problems just like any other part of London...but it also has so much more esp with the lake and canals and the wildlife that they attract. I seriously belive that i have made a good investment esp with the DLR and Crossrail both comeing to the area. The only way is up for Thamesmead and im glad to be a part of it!

Wed Aug 30

glad i got away

i moved out of south thamesmead last year, i lived near yarton way, i HATED it ................. i had so much trouble there with mouthy kids, drug takers, graffitt, fights and rubbish.

Wed Aug 30

i fthey didnt return the questionaire, then they cant be too worried about the bridge, put it this way people who did cared enough and put in a questionaire were in favour by 4:1 of the bridge being built. bring the bridge on!!

Thu Jul 20

I agree with you. these kids will seriously injure someone one day, but in the meantime wreck our enjoyment of west thamesmead, and impact greatly in terms of noise.

What aren't their parents supervising them??

Thu Jul 20


.................maybe we should be more like the Europeans and renting should become the norm. I'd say don't put young people under the pressure to buy...let them enjoy life.

Thu Jul 20

Mixed Tenure Developments

Hi Dee

All of the developments being built in West Thamesmead are mixed tenure...in fact there is a large development of properties for rent through a housing association right on the edge of the Royal Arsenal and more to come. The government made any developments over a certain size contain about a 1/4 of properties for social housing, some for shared ownership and the rest for private sale.

To be honest most of the private sale properties seem to be purchased for buy to let...so there is no shortage of places to rent, it's the poor devils buying who get the short straw.

I was under the impression that there is a larger volume of social housing new and old in this area than in most boroughs. We have struggled to get on the property ladder through shared ownership..but to be honest home ownership is not all that it is cracked up to be, the financial responsibilities are huge and nobody can envy that...maybe we should be more like the Europeans and renting should b

Thu Jul 20

How long ago was that Thamesmead was a lovely place when I moved to Kale road in the tower block when the g.l.c. ran it .but it has been getting worse and they can build as many houses as they like it will make no difference because its the people that make a place not

bricks and cement.

Fri Jul 07

You have got a big shock coming to you when you move over here have you seen broadwater docks before they eventuly clean it and wait untill you hear the young lads on their bikes at night roaring up and down the road.

The area is looking more like a slum everyday. a lot of people only seem to live in the new houses untill they get repossed. oh and by the way look out for the kerb crawlers in their cars looking out for the Prostitutes

Fri Jul 07

How can you leave Devon to live in Thamesmead are you mad sorry I am not being rude. My son tryed to get a job at Plumstead garage and he was told they did not need drivers yet when you walk past they are advertising all the time for drivers.All day long our bus`es are jammed packed and you have to push your way through to get on as there are certain people that don't seem to known what a queue is

Wed Jun 07

I hope the bus will be safer than the ones coming through Whinchat I have had 2 accidents on the 244 it went so fast around the roundabout I was flung off the seat and skidded across the floor on the 380 driver pulled away so quick that I smashed my leg on a metal bar the skin was cut it blead was swollen and I was limping for 3 weeks.

Wed Jun 07

Thamesmead has always had the smell of the sewage

it used to be very bad up where the tower blokes are but its not to bad in west thamesmead, in fact the only real bad smell here now is the fish that people cook

and I'm not jocking or being funny.

Wed Jun 07

You seem to be very lucky yes graffiti is cleaned when you report it as I have done. but for the last two years I have done nothing but report the disgusting state of my block that has not been cleaned properly since we used to have a caretaker and still its a disgrace, my 9 year old grandson has commented to me about it being a filthy place and why do I live here.

Tue Jun 06

If Gallions were to save some land instead of selling it and let the kids have it for there bikes they would not be useing the streets. What Gallions need to do is spend there money in our town instead of buying and building in places like Orpington. I will join you because there are a lot more issues to sort like the canel the rats

and the brothels that are appering.

Tue Jun 06

I suppose if you have lived in Islington then Thamesmead will feel like the country to you,I personally would love to be able to move away because its not the

same here and there are lots of the older tenets moving away. If you have children make sure they are covered for T.B as stated in our local press the surrounding area is a hot spot for T.B

Tue Jun 06

You need to visit our canal it goes back to Napoleonic times and it looks like the biggest dump site in London

I feel really sorry for the wildlife that are trying to nest among the settees,lawn mowers,tyres, washing machines

litter and broken bottles. Not what I would call little venice shame because it still has the old lock and the places to tie up the boats.

Tue Jun 06

Tue Jun 06

Tue Jun 06

Looking for a retail shop to rent in Thamesmead

Any help?

Mon Jun 05


it all sounds way too positive. I lived here most of me life and wonderful it is not.

Its not fab either. Its ok.

sort of.

if you can afford to buy.

Tue May 30

Tell us what you want from an Actors/arts centre in SELondon/Kent area

A networking event for theatre and film arts people to come along and have their say about what they might like from an actors/arts centre in the SE London/Kent area. If you can make it please come and have your voice heard and fill in a questionnaire for us so that this process can get started. We will give you coffe/tea and other people to network with while you are there. What have you got to lose? Come along between 3PM AND 8PM ON FRIDAY 2ND JUNE 2006 @ COFFEE CO, UNIT 5, 25 CALDERWOOD STREET, WOOLWICH, LONDON, SE18 6QA. For more details please email

Tue May 23

a valid point Pierre however it is likley , since I live here and know the area well that the tenants who default are those ripping off the systems incredibly well and whose name changes and devious methods of getting onto an agents books are causing a number of problems. They just move house when the heat gets on......... The good and honest tenants are never a problem and work hard like anyone else. We have a hard core of really poor quality people who are exploiting as landlords and exploiting as tenants too. Come and have a look and dont be so judgemental. The people at fault are the housing developers who sell to dishonest and dodgy mortgagees and it is these people who then exploit others by ripping them off and also allowing thier properties to deteriorate by fly tipping thier rubbish ( beds they dont want, sofas, etc ) onto the street. Basically its people with no manners and no sense of community who are spoiling it for honest folks whether they rent or own.

Mon May 15

In a nutshell Adele the problem has been over investment by irresponsible landlords who have bought up property with a dodgy mortgage and have rented to even dodgier clients. There fore some properties are encountering problems with poor quality tenants who dont care about their environment spoling things for many. Also when these landlords have been unable to pay their dodgy mortgage they are repossessd and so its good riddance to bad rubbish.

Many people are beginning to take action against these people, it is only a matter of time before they get the message and get on their way! Take heart though we have a community of good people who are taking a ction to make this minority ashamed and shape up !!

Sun May 14

building a community

West Thamesmead has a lot to offer. We are a developing community and there are a lot of people here keen to put down their roots. We are determined to make it work here and all problems can be overcome with local support.

We are a thriving community group here with a website you may wish to access. We have a large and diverse group of people of all ages who are working to make this a great community . There are new residents groups popping up all over the place and we have contacts with folk at the riverside apartments at Tideham Hse as well as a lot of streets in the surrounding area. We can be found through our web address at present on old site at greenwich waterfront transit ( all one word) . Shortly to become a new ccommunity site the guvna at co dot uk.

Thu Apr 27

Buy to let and tenants rights

I read your posting here whilst I was at work and thought about it on the way home.

You've been able to buy two properties because something you already own went up a lot. But there isn't an infinite amount of property to buy, so people such as yourselves are able to buy more property because you already own some, and so it goes on.

The losers here are not only the poeple who can't afford to buy, they are the people that can't afford to rent either.

You seem to infer that you have a 'right' to receive a rental income. Where did this idea come from ?

Did you consider that you tenants are defaulting because they too find it difficult to make ends meet and that perhaps they are unluckier than you in that they have no investment opportunities atall since people such as yourselves continue to buy up the housing stock ?

Tue Apr 25

property prices

Property prices have progressed healthily here in the past 12 months: approx £30,000 on a 2 bed 2 bath new apartment.

I'm not sure how quickly you could sell a property though, I would have thought that was a bit slow.

Tue Apr 25

West Thamesmead and tenants

West Thamesmead is a lovely place to live, it is quiet, green and fab for families. If you work in Docklands you can jump on the clipper and have arguably one of the best commutes into London of all. The river is the most amazing sight and lots of money is being spent to develop the area and make it a good place to live.

Buy to let properties worry me: this is due to some landlords not being choosy enough with their tenants and this causes a lot of problems which make some people's lives a misery. There are some very shifty tenants with some nasty links to fraud. Please, any landlords reading this, be choosy with your tenants. It is a bit gutting when you have paid over £250,000 for your property and a renter comes into the same block and does not treat the block with the respect it deserves.

Property prices are incidently healthy here...there's been about £40,000 increase in one year on the value of a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment.

Tue Apr 25

property prices

THis is in Central Thamesmead and the area fronts the river side. It looks as clean and respectable as other areas but I do not know it other than its location. It is a little further out from the Woolwich Arsenal development and the DLR but these will likely be your main transport routes into central London. The area has enjoyed massive growth and also property price hikes and is likely to continue growing as the Woolwich developments take place in my opinion.

Tue Apr 25

Investing in Thamemead

Hi All - We moved here from Streatham in 2001 and bought a brand new 2 bed flat by Fairclough Homes. Sold it in 2002 and made a profit of 25%. We bought a detached 3 bed house and sold that in 2005 for a profit of GBP 80,000. We then bought two 2 bed 2 bath apartments in The Gateway on Tideslea Path and have let them out.

So far, we have not had any major issues except that the tenants are often in arrears (but have been good otherwise) and Mains Amis - the agents - often pays us 5-8 weeks late. There are however a lot of tenants around (as there are so many Buy To Let properties) that just don't care and have no respect for anything or anyone. It makes us sad as we have worked so hard to buy these properties - they have a specification that we have not been able to enjoy for most of our lives, and now people that get to enjoy it tend not to care about anything.

However - as an investment - once transport links to the area improve property prices should go up.

Mon Apr 24

can anyone give advice


we r planing to buy a house in thamesmead(greenheavens drive).can anyone tell be about that area?how r the property prices?how will be the propety prices in 1 or 2 years? thanks in advance.

Fri Apr 21

Tue Apr 04

I live more or less under the flight path for City Airport and I do not find the planes too noisy. The planes do come over in at 3 minute slots – or less – at some times, but most of the day flights are lot less frequent. Add to that, there are no flights at all from Saturday lunchtime to Sunday afternoon – so weekends are mostly quiet. The planes are also only small and quiet planes – so if anybody is thinking about moving here don’t get the idea that there will be 747s over your head every 3 minutes! If there was I wouldn’t be living here!

Also, flying in and out of London City is great. Check-in is fast, distances are really short, and you don’t have to wait long for your bags. Distances you need to walk are more like catching a train than the miles you need to walk at Heatrow or Gatwick!

Thu Mar 16

Some of the shops at the Thamesmead Town Centre are great! Wilkinson's is really really useful and can save lots of time on trips to supermarkets and B&Q for household and DIY stuff and other things, Argos is good and they have always had things what I want in stock. The Front Page news agents/post office has a great choice of magazines and really friendly staff and Choices video store has a good choice of films and games for rent and sell.

Mon Mar 06

Making friends 3

Your reply makes lots of sense. I do think that children are the catalyst to most neighbourhood friendships, especially in somewhere like West Thamesmead.

When you work full time, you hardly see anyone on your way out and in each day. I am thinking of setting up a residents association so maybe that will open a few doors.

Mon Mar 06

- DLR Extension - Woolwich not Abbey Wood

The DLR link to Woolwich Arsenal is now under construction, and scheduled for completion in 2008/9, I think. There are no plans, as far as I am aware, to extend the Docklands Light Railway to Abbey Wood.

Abbey Wood is on the planned Crossrail route - but this is not so far advanced in planning, and is not due for completion until after the Olympics.

Mon Mar 06

Football makes my world go round.

I desperately need to be played-in on the right wing again, to run at a defender, beat him and deliver a superb cross. I'll work my buttom off for a first team spot week-in-week-out. Give me a shout please:

Fri Mar 03

Thank you, I'll definitely check out that site.

Thu Mar 02

yeah, its good here isnt it!

I am pleased that N Thamesmead is also enjoyed by people. I know the buses round there are excellent and Abbey Wood station is pretty near. I agree on the bridge. We do need it and soon. It will of course make a difference to the traffic volume through Woolwich but , progress and change have downsides as well as upsides. Thamesmead has to throw off its poor image! It's time the property press recognised what it has to offer and started to promote the area in the same way they promote other parts of up and coming London. To be honest though I think when people come here they are TOTALLY AMAZED by the green space we have-and we are not out in the sticks .And all the waterways are FAB, if you were in N London they would call it Little Venice . Personally I think we should get Phil and Kirstie down to Thamesmead to give our area the accolade it deserves!!!

Thu Feb 16

Thamesmead is a good investment

I think I live in North Thamesmead, near the boiler house, which is more on the Erith side. I was told that this is actually the oldest part of Thamesmead. Most of the houses here are bought by families and are Terraced 2 or 3 stories high. One thing I can say 100% is that the older houses build in the 1970's and 1980's are larger and have bigger gardens. They are also more solidly built than those new developments. I know this as I am a local broker and have seen hundreds of houses inside and outside. I bought my house 5 years ago and it has more than doubled in value. The new developments were overpriced then and have not risen in value at the same rate. However long term its a good investment due to the green areas we have (still!).

Thu Feb 16

Thamesmead is a good investment part 1

It is good to live here as the schools are best if you live in the Bexley part of Thamesmead. If you child is extremely clever I suggest you get them to take the test at Hill View to get your child in one of the Bexley grammar schools. For Girls the best one is Townley Grammar school for girls. My daughter went there and is now at university studying law. My son went to Erith School, which has a grammar stream he visited but I was not impressed at all and he did not reach his fullest potential. He is now at College in Lewisham.

Thu Feb 16

Thamesmead is a good investment part 2

Don’t expect any high life in Thamesmead. There is none. In my part we have the Golf course which is cheap and cheerful, we also have lots of park area and if you have a dog and kids its perfect for playing securely outside. The other side of Thamesmead which is Part of Greenwich has the Belmarsh High Security Prison and court.

Woolwich is a dump and hopefully they are going to revamp it to its fullest potential. Some of the store and property owners should be forced to spend some money on their properties.

We have Morrisons as the only large supermarket. There are also some other less glam high street stores in the shopping area but they are pretty naff and for the low end consumer. If you want to do proper shopping you only have Charlton, Bexleyheath or Bluewater.

Thu Feb 16

Thamesmead is a good investment part 3

There are very small shops hidden away with post ofice access dotted around Thamesmead. The best way to find them is to walk the area to get familiar.

The sewage works are being taken to court and last summer was actually the first I was able to enjoy outside. They were having problems with parts and such so had to store some of it outside, hence the nice smell. But there has hardly been any smells for a long time.

One thing so which is important as well is that Thamesmead is exactly over the City Airport flight path. Planes come over from 7 am until about 8 or 9 pm in a 3 minute slot. I find that even more annoying than the smells. But depending on the wind flow this changes their approach route, but always over Thamesmead.

Thu Feb 16

Thamesmead is a good investment part 4

I am one who is for the Bridge. It will make my life easier getting across the river. Right now it is either Blackwall Tunnel, Woolwich Ferry (which is free btw), and Dartford Tunnel.

Thamesmead has excellent Bus service. Its the best I ever had. And to get around you can either use Plumstead station or Abbey Wood station for quick trains into London. Soon the Light railway will come to Abbeywood as well. All this is very good for the value of the properties in this area.

I used to walk the dog at the Thames river path. From tere you can walk or bycicle ride beside the river to either Dartford or to Greenwich.

All in all I would say its a pleasant area to live in if you have kids. And quite a few people like myself work from home as well.

Thu Feb 16

HI there . I am pleased you have found West Thamesmead and that you are enjoying living here. We have an active community forum , typ ein greenwich waterfront transit ( all one word) dot co dot uk and you may get to know some people. Now I am not out and about that much but my daughter favours Greenwich or Blackheath for good bars and restaurents. Woolwich hasnt come up yet, or if it has no one has told her yet. Ther may be some but I have long since given up bars! The regeneration of Woolwich will take a bit of time and I reckon good bars are just around the corner , hypothetically speaking that is. Oh , Bexleyheath is very popular but maybe a bit young! Loads of bars there, daughter favours Drayman before the broadway.

Tue Feb 14

Going out in our area

I recently moved to West Thamesmead from Tooting and I must say that I am glad I made the purchase. It is quiet and there is a great view of the Thames when I exit the rear of the appartment block. The only thing that has miffed me is that fact that someone keeps parking in my allocated parking space. I left a polite note secured on the vehicle which was ignored and I dont't yet know which resident the car belongs to. Grumble over.

Anyhow, does anyone know of any decent bars and/or clubs in the Woolwich/Greenwich area? Incidently I've visited a pub just down the road, next to tesco express which is nice and serves decent food. But on occasion, I would like to try somewhere more lively. There aren't any in Thamesmead so I'm guessing there are some good bars in Woolwich and the surrounding area. Or am I mistaken?


Tue Feb 14

There are quite a few things for kids to do round here, Waterfornt Leisure Centre and Thamesmere Leisure Centre offer loads for kids at 11.95 per month. Quite a few adventure playgrounds, just pop into Trust Thamesmead a community shop/centre.

Also greenwich offers quite good facilities,ice rinks. a few adventure playgrounds here as well, one in woolwich and the other in plumstead

Tue Feb 14

380 bus

The 380 bus from Lewisham to Belmarsh is to route change around Gallions Urban Village from 11th February. Instead of continuing along Merbury Road towards Belmarsh from the roundabout at Miles Drive/Merbury road , it wil continue along Miles Drive and turn right into Hillview Drive through to Battery Road around the estate. The 244 route will not alter. This means people living at the far end of the estate will be better served.

Thu Feb 09

yeah Katrina!! Are you the hurricane??? The area was flooded in 1953 at Woolwich once. If the flood risk is si great what do you think they would do about the inmates of Belmarsh? Leave em there???

All the area is drained thats why there are so many canals...duh!!!!and thats wher the water gose

Mon Feb 06

more making friends

...once our Neighbourhood Watch group began it was amazing how we all really got to know each other. Obviously not everyone is going to be best mates but groups of us have certainly formed deeper friendships. The NW group is just a catalyst for community involvement and isnt about snooping and checking up on burglars! From these contact points we also started a stay- at -home -parents group , which has been a resounding success! There are about 8 stay at home parents who now know each other and offer support to each other. Its all about small acorns................

Mon Feb 06

making friends

...I am naturally a sociable person. However when we moved here I was working full time and like many others had limited time to get to know others. Having kids helped and I made friends with other mums this way. In a small street it was easy to say hello to new neighbours because there weren't many of us. Later on as the estate grew it became more impersonal although when we formed a campaign group against TFL to stop the green space being carved up and turned into a bus route.... this gave an opportunity for more neighbourly contact and greater friendships were forged. We also formed a Neighbourhood Watch which has again strengthened the community and also created even more friends. You have to be a lot more pro active to get to know people these days. Try it though, it works!!

Mon Feb 06

Clipper floats on - and making friends

Yes, great news about the clipper having a reprieve on the weekday services! This really is a great lifeline for commuters and will continue to encourage people to move out here.

As you have lived here for 5 years...have you found it easy to make friends here who you can socialise with, and where do people go? We have great neigbours, all friendly, but we haven't made the friends we had hoped to yet. People kind of keep themselves to themselves despite being friendly.

Mon Jan 30

I don't have children so can't offer first-hand advice on schools, but just wanted to say welcome to the area and hope you are happy here. The children round here seems to love it - specially in the good weather as they are out and about playing in that good old fashioned way that many of us used to (i.e. in fresh air playing games, not playstations...). Seems to be lots of activities too.

Tue Jan 24

Moving soon to West Thamesmead, advice appreciated

In the next 6 weeks me and my family will be moving to West Thamesmead and I have been looking up as much info about the area as possible but local knowledge is priceless. We have always lived in a built up part of Islington and look forward to the change in pace. What schools would you recommend we apply for, both primary and Secondary boys and girls? What clubs and activites are there for ages 4 - 13? We do not have any friends or family in the area so we hope to make some new friends but we also want a balance of privacy. Any info / advice for a New family to the area would be appreciated:

Mon Jan 23

Oh yes, and i do think its good for property prices. All the transport that comming and the big development just down the river path at the arsenal (ten-screen cinema, bars, restaurants and a 120-bed hotel, leisure facilities

landscaped open spaces, a museum.). The nice thing is it will be a 15 minute wlak away, so accessible, but quiet by the West thamesmed waterside because of that.

Mon Jan 23

Yep, a lovely place for buy to live, not so good for buy to lets

Mon Jan 23

I agree with you. However transport should be improving, with the DLR extension to woolwich which is underway, the Waterfront transit which is planned in the next couple of years and the crossrail which under discussion at the moment as to where the stops should be. The mainline BR train is only 15 minute walk (or bus) from the canal by Delisle/Merbury Road (I walk it every day) and the service is pretty reliable. I feel safe n the late trains, and you can get a bus/taxi from Woolwwich if you don;t want to walk late at night. Alternatively, buses go to North greenwich tube - great service - 10 minutes to London bridge station.

Mon Jan 23

The smell is in N Thamesmead and lingers long. Central T mead gets it less, and W T mead even less( odd occassions). Best property is West, nr Woolwich Arsenal but pricier. Cheapest in N then Central. West is more established neighbourhoods. There are no neighbours from hell most people live a quiet life. Come and visit get a 244 bus from Woolwich and get off at Merbury Road stop. You can walk up the side road (Delisle rd) and see parks, waterways, the lake ,wildlife, decent people and brand new beautiful flats only 500m from the river Thames walk. Prices are rising and the new cinema complex at Woolwich is starting to be built as we speak so if your 15 mins walk from there ( in W T mead) you will be laughing. You can get a one bed flat under 130K and a 2 bed under 150 k. rent a room to a mate and you can have a good life here. It may not be buzzin yet but it soon will be and its a good place to put your roots into and we need new blood and decent folk.

Mon Jan 23

If you think that gangs of youths are a growing problem, then contact one of the local neighbourhood watch coordinators or the local police. They will help you to find the right contacts and take appropriate action.

Personally, I do not have the impression that the area is threatening in any way and feel safe walking at any time, although I do not know the road in which you live. If you do feel intimidated, then ask a friend to walk with you to the shops or pub instead of taking the car. We need to keep our streets alive with active law abiding citizens going about their business.

Mon Jan 23

Good News

The good news is the weekday commuter ferry service will continue after the end of January-06.

I agree with your positive comments above. I have been living in West Thamemead for 5 years and think it is still amazing value for money for the quality of life (space, quiet, wildlife, improving facilities) with docklands and central London still in quite easy reach.

Mon Jan 23

Thanks for your reply!! I'm more and more looking forward to moving there now! However, I'v heard some rummers about the sewage work's smell, is it true?

Also, how about north thaesmead? most of the properties which I found festinating is around north and central thamesmead though....

I'm not into buy to let kind of stuff, what i mean about investment is about the property price, do you think the price of the area is going to rise in few years?( or at least not going to drop!) just as it will be impressed to know that you are living in a area with a good future!

Also, how about the neighbourhood? my friends are telling me that you'll find those neighbours from hell people living in new developments areas.......

Mon Jan 23

hello. I moved to a Barrats apartment at Tideslea Path last year. Its got great river views. I travel to N London and get a bus to the station which takes 15 mins. My journey is about the same as when I lived in Wansdworth but I have my own place which was cheap compared to Greenwich which is within reach fora night out anyway. and its really up and coming. Theres quite a lot of young people and its pretty mixed cultures. Woolwich is a bit liek Wansworth but not so good shops but I found Charlton Peneinsula recenlty and its got good retail outlets. The Woolwich Arsenal next to me is developing and promises new cinemas and restaurants. Theres a good feel about the area and I have to agree its got loads of green and water here which my girlfriend loves. We go cycling along the river and I think this is going to be the next place to be for young professionals and the like.

Sun Jan 22

If you read my other posts here you see I am very happy with West Thamesmead. This is the better and more accessable part of T mead, also has good bus service to stations , is right on the river, which has attractive river views unlike some parts of T mead that have river views overlookigng industrial works. T mead has lots of waterways, which are very pretty and many homes look across these. There are swans, geese and ducks so you have an amazing outlook. Riverside apartments are expensive compared to waterside houses and it depends what you want. Young people will like riverside, families prefer waterside. W T mead has local Tesco Xpress, Dominos, Pub. Quick trip to Woolwich which is being regenerated to include cinema complex, restaurants etc a;; only a 15 river walk away. Hot spot it is, dont invest tho unless your prepared for crappy tenants who fleece you dry.

Sat Jan 21

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