Welcome to London Telegraph Hill

Interested in the Brockley Central Old Scholars. Do you have an e-mail contact for this group.


Sun Aug 03

The information about Brockley Central School was interesting. Any further details of pupils?

Sun Aug 03

A lovely vibrant area

I moved to Telegraph Hill to study music at Goldsmiths after living in Brixton for years; primarily so that I could be within walking distance of the pianos!

Having spent years living in Brixton I was worried that I would find the New Cross Gate area a little too down at heel - but I have to say that it is a great area, full of interesting people, musicians, writers, journalists and it has quite a bohemian vibe.

Lots of new businesses has opened in the last year, a few really cool cafes and restaurants: The London Particular, Chinwag etc. and being so close to Goldsmiths means that there's a constant creative hum.

If you are a first time buyer and are not sure whether it will be the right sort of place for you, I would say visit the new cafes, walk around Telegrah Hill and go and see the new galleries in Deptford - this place is on the up!

Mon May 27

Telegraph Hill Brockley central

The correct addrss is Mail Me

Mon Feb 25

Telegraph Hill Brockley Central School

This school was nearby to Telegraph Hill Park and many a pupil spents a few hours courtinh ther. The school has a wonderful Old Scholars Assn to join contacy mail me on charles,

Wed Sep 05

We are a UK registered charity, working to provide assistance with education to orphans and underprivileged children in Puno. Peru.

Part of our fund raising is selling alpaca woollens and 100% cotton goods for children. Our merchandise is made by the ladies of the community we work with. They are paid fairly and the proceeds go towards the up keep of the orphans.

We would like to have a stall at telegraph Festival Craft Hill. Could you please send an application form?

Thank you

Elena Day -

Sat Oct 03

Festival 2009

If anyone is interested in learning more about the Telegraph Hill Festival - an event run without major outside sponsorship by the community and for the community - perhaps thinking about getting involved, come along to an Open Launch Event on Saturday 20th September at 3pm in Cafe Orange, Kitto Road.

Fri Sep 05

Space to deliver a Personal Dev/Creative Course


Does anyone know of a space that is available ( that is easily accessible re public transport) for PD or Creative courses. We are proposing a series of innovative courses to be delivered locally. If anyone can help , please let me know. Many thanks. NB: I have tried contacting the TH Centre but no one answers the phone!

It would also help if the venue has some IT facilities. Thanks.

Mon Sep 01


I from in uzbekiston

Tue Jul 01

Telegraph Hill Festival 2008

Just to flag up that this is starting shortly - 29th Feb to 9th March. Programme available from the Telegraph Hill Centre SE14 5TY (020 7639 0214)

Mon Feb 18

do like making things?

I will be organising an arts and craft fair at St Catherine's hall (top of the hill in Kitto road) in the near future - so if you like making things - whatever it may be and would like to sell your wares, give me a call - it doesnt matter if you havent done craft fairs before, I'll do all I can to support and encourage you - so come out and show your stuff!!

contact me for further details (table-fee, marketing plans etc)

Thu Oct 25

art / creative expression


I am a qualified art therapist from Holland. And I am studying MA Art Psychotherpy at Goldsmiths. I am looking for a part-time job in Telegraph Hill / Brockley area. I work with children, families, adults and eldery people. I provide art classes / expressive activities, at (people's home). This is Not therapy.

If interested or need more information please contact ********0 or mail

Tue Oct 23

Open Launch Meeting for 2008 Festival

Hope this is within the restrictions for posting on this site but this is to publish an open invitation to anyone living in the Telegraph Hill area (or around) who has ideas to contribute to the annual spring Festival - arts, drama and music.

The Open Launch Meeting is in the Telegraph Hill Centre at 8pm on 5th November.

Sun Oct 21

Spirit on the Hill

On 19 October from 1 - 3 pm in Waller Road a new monthly Spiritual Development Group is starting up. Topics likely to inc. The soul journey, Karma, Crystals, Healing, Meditation and much more. If you want to join us email:

Fri Oct 05

Have you investigated the Telegraph Hill Centre. The pre-school is starting up in the mornings from next Monday but the large room (Narthex) is sometimes free in the afternoon and there is also the Lounge, fairly light with an equally generous expanse of window. Phone 020 7639 0214.

Alternatively - as BM stands for Brockley Mum - it might be worth calling in on the Hatcham Oak Early Childhood Centre in Wallbutton Road.

Wed Sep 05

Photographer looking for hall/room to hire for shoots

Does anyone know of a hall/space in the Telegraph Hill/New Cross/Brockley area that would be suitable for photographic shoots? Somewhere clean, safe and light preferable.



Wed Sep 05


I'm looking for a reasonable hall to rent for 12 weeks in the Telegraph Hill/New Cross/Lewisham area. Its for vocal training course for about 20 people, Preferably on a Thursday for 1.5 hours at the end of September. Must be close to a station or within 10 mins walking distance. Any Ideas please?

Wed Aug 08

The number for the Centre it is 020 7639 0214 and bookings are arranged though them. There are restrictions though and quite a hefty desposit is taken to be retained against any damage.

Consider anyway coming to the Summertime party that will be "Hillaballoo" in the Upper Park from 12noon to late on Saturday 21st July. No bouncy castle and only unamplified music, but there will be a temporary Camera Obscura!!

Sun Jul 15

The number for the Centre it is 020 7639 0214 and bookings are arranged though them. There are restrictions though and quite a hefty desposit is retained against any damage.

Consider anyway coming to the Summertime party that will be "Hillaballoo" in the Upper Park from 12noon to late on Saturday 21st July. No bouncy castle and only unamplified music, but there will be a temporary Camera Obscura!!

Sun Jul 15


Hi! I'm want to host a CARNIVAL style fancy dress PARTY in the summer to celebrate my birthday and end of exams: SUMMERTIME. I would like to have a bouncy castle, but still looking for a local space for about 100 people, some music to hire.

Does anyone have any ideas? Or else have contact numbers for St. Catherine's Church?

Thank you!

Sat Jun 02

General Feedback

Hello Readers,

I realise that parts of Telegraph Hill have great views of the city. Is anyone aware of anti-social behaviour in specific parts of the area? Any feedback (positive or negative) would be greatly appreciated.

Your welcome to email me @

Mon Apr 30



Does anyone know a good painter to repaint the OUTSIDE of our house?


Wed Mar 28


There's a community blog called Brockley Central which you might find useful. It covers local news and events and gives a flavour of local life. A google search will give you the address.

Hope that helps.

Tue Mar 27

There's a community blog covering Brockley, Telegraph Hill and Crofton Park, which you might find useful.

It's called Brockley Central and is easy to find on a google search (no links allowed here)

Mon Mar 26

I definitely recommend the Montague Arms on Queen's Road. It's friendly, quirky, and always fun.

Thu Mar 22

Skeehans on Kitto Road

Old pub locals with music on Friday and Saturday nights. Good Thai restaurant round the back

Sat Mar 17

book club

there have been, ususally stimulated by the festival. not sure of any current ones. Start one! I know lots of people in the area throught the primary school and running hillbusiness.com for SOHO/creative business workers in the area.

Wed Mar 07

Fast and friendly cleaner

my au pair does a lot of cleaning in Telegraoh hill. She is efficient and honest. Let me know if you want her number.

Wed Mar 07

Positive & Negatives on Telegraph Hill

Hello fellow readers,

I'd be grateful for some up to date feedback on the area (Telegraph Hill) i..e negative and positive. Can someone provide the name of any roads that are more desirable, particularly for a single woman. It seems a commute to Canary Wharf could be straight forward. I'd particularly like to hear from residents in the area. As a child I grew up on Drakefell Road, the family moved away and now I hoping to purchase a conversion flat within Brockley surroundings. If you know of someone selling a 1 bedroomed top floor conversion I'd be interested to hear from them.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply.

If you prefer, please email me at

Sat Feb 24


We've hoping to move to the area but would love a good local pub nearby.

Can anyone tell us about them?



Thu Feb 15

telegraph hill

From Brockley Station go up Endwell Road, turn left up Vesta Road. You are now at the top of Telegraph Hill (St. Catherines Church). Great view of London from there. Or turn left to the next park for a better view.

Tue Nov 14

Childrens Show


A Children’s Story based on the aboriginal tale, The Greedy Frog magically retold by Tam Tam Theatre using puppets, masks and music.

For 3 – 7 Years

Saturday 4th November 2006

At Nunhead Community Centre, 56 Nunhead Lane SE15

Doors Open at 10.45am

Show Starts at :11am

Tickets Adults £2, Children £1

Available from Nunhead Library, Gordon Road, SE15

Fri Oct 13

where is Telegraph Hill

I am new to the area in Brockley, but heard a lot of good things about Telegraph Hill and thought I might walk there - just not sure where I am walking and how to get there from Brockley Station - could anybody let me know and advise the area I should walk towards and the best bits to see! thanks

Thu Sep 28

It is f a n t a s t i c!

Telegraph Hill is full of artists, young professionals, families. There is a great sense of community and a lot of support. It is like a little pocket in SE. A very nice one. Pubs and restaurants are coming up slowly but they are coming and also the streets are starting to be cleaner. There is lots of transport facilities and don't forget the Telegraph Hill Festival. I have lived there for 8 years and just sold my flat, I am looking to stay in the area (if I win the lottery as well). You will not regret to move in the area or around SE4. Good luck

Fri Jun 09

Naval Telegraph

A series of hills between Portsmouth and the Admiralty in London had semaphore telegraphs on them . Each one would pass the message on to the next until the meassage got to London or Portsmouth.

News of Nelson's victory at Trafalger was received this was in the age before telephones. It took less than 2 hours to get the meassage from one place to the other

Sat Apr 08

Thinking of moving to telegraph hill to rent. What's it like? People? atmosphere,? pubs etc?


Fri Mar 17

Window and domestic cleaners in the Telegraph Hill area

Can anyone recommend a window cleaner and domestic cleaner who works in the Telegraph Hill area?

Thu Feb 09

Book Club?

Does anyone know if there is a book club in Telegraph Hill. Or would anyone be interested in joining if I started one up?

Sat Jan 14

The Restaurant 100 Evelina Road Nunhead excellent European food.

Tue Jan 03

Does anyone know a Cello teacher in the area

I am looking for a cello teacher in the Telegraph Hill area. I have taken up the instrument after a 14 year absence so am rather rusty.

Thu Nov 03


There is one on the hill itself: St Catherine's (go to the Telegraph Hill website www.thehill.org.uk for more details.

There are two just outside the Hill: St James' in St James, New Cross London SE14 and All Saints' in New Cross Road London SE14. Both can be found with a google search.

Of these St James' is now the more traditional service.

Sun Jul 17

St Catherine's is at the top of the hill. It's most remarkable feature is - that it has no spire. Maybe its because its a Lady church - i saw it about twenty years ago & again recently - & nobody put the spire back. If there is a problem about this - it wasn,t me that whipped the spire OK? Is this all you need to know? Are you papists? Thankyou.

Thu Jul 14

Is there a flute teacher in the area?

I've taken it back up again and looking for a teacher to help me along.

Also, I was wondering if there was anyone on the hill who might be interested in putting together an amateur orchestra?

Tue May 03

The Church is called St Catherine's. It is at the top of the hill.

Wed Apr 20

Telegraph Hill is well established Green Land

I like living on Telegraph Hill because the 'woodlands' (yes I think we can call the areas between the backs of the houses woodland) are so well established and the wildlife is prolific. Since living here I have spotted numerous birds and animals that are a rarity elsewhere in London e.g. a Kestrel landed on my front room window sill the other day, and we have Jays in the garden from time to time. I reacon it's down to the fact that it's quiet up here on the Hill. There seems to be a reluctance of the minions who pass through New Cross to venture UP hill and so leave us alone by & large, this is, in my opinion, a good thing.

Sat Jun 26

Trains and Transport

Train services are good - i.e. regular - from New Cross Gate, Queens Road, Nunhead, New Cross and Brockley all within a 5 minute walk depending on where you are on Telegraph Hill. A tube service (East London Line) from New Cross Gate and New Cross makes working at Canary Wharf or thereabouts very easy.

Wed Jun 23

Living on Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill is great - I know, I live there within the heart of the Conservation Area. It is leafy - tree lined streets. Housing is mostly privately owned with some flat lets too. The housing stock is largely late Victorian in the classic 3 storeyed 'villa' style. Streets are broad. Schools are excellent with two highly rated Haberdashers schools in the area - one for boys and one for girls.

It is a lively and creative place too with an annual comedy and arts festival as well as an active church.

Demographically - it is a racially mixed area with a spread of incomes from CEO types through to students or settled middle income families with kids through to bohemian artists and journalists.

Wed Jun 23

Excellent Places to Eat

Hong Kong City on the Old Kent Road opposite the end of Poeroy Street

Love You Long Time - excellent Vietnamese/Thai place at Brockley Station

Meze Mangal - fab Turkish food on Lewisham Way opposite the bottom of Wickham Road

Thailand - two lovely ladies who run a small quirky eaterie on Lewisham Way opposite Goldsmith's College - the birthplace of modern Brit Art

Wed Jun 23

its a restaurant, imaginatively named

Wed Apr 07

To be fair though

you don't live there yourself so aren't really qualified to comment on what it's like to live there are you?

Thu Feb 12


Thu Feb 12

transport from Telegraph Hill

There are several stations nearby.

Nunhead ( top of the Hill) four trains every hour ( Victoria 13 minutes) and Blackfrairs ( 15 minutes) and it stops by elephant & castle if you want to change to tube. You can take a train other direction from Nunhead to Lewisham where you get Dockland line to Canary Wahrf.

There are many buses going to Town via Cambrwell, Peckham, Brixton, London Bridge, Elephnat & Castle etc.

It is also short walkj to New Cross & New Cross Gate with tube and BR lines.

There is also Brockley Station nearby ( again trains from there to Victoria, London Bridge, waterloo, Blackfriares etc).

So there area variety of buses etc. My daughter lives there. She finished Goldsmith College and works for the BBC, but she prefers there as it is good value for money. It takes her 30 minutes ( if all connections are OK) to reach white city - but never longer than 50 minutes if things go wrong. But she says there is always alternative stations and buses nearby when tr

Sun Feb 08

Telegraph Hill

It is very nice, leafy ( very leafy) area and SAFE. My daughter who was a student at Goldsmith College lives there. She sharesa house with three other girls. Excellent value for money ( they pay 1300 pcm between them) they have a huge garden and she can walk to college in 10-12 minutes or a few minutes by bus.

Trains to victoria and blackfrairs evry 15 minutes. Many buses.

It is largelya family homes area, so not violent or noisy and not a bed-set area.

Telegraph Hill park is at the centre of the neighbourhood. Pekham Rye park is 10-13 minutes away ( more recreation facilities there).

There ,many pups and cafes, but if you want something trendy, then New Cross, or East Dulwich or Peckham Rye - great pub food there ina pub called clock tower.

but I feel safe for my daughter living there. I nejoy her graden when I go to visit. You don't get that many big gardens in london.


Sun Feb 08

Thailand is the only place of any real interest

Fri Jan 30

There was a telegraph station at the top of the hill, part of a network that stretched to the channel. Apparently used to convey first news of outcome of Waterloo to London

Fri Jan 30


How did Telegraph Hill get it's name?

Mon Sep 22

What Christian Churches are there in the Telegraph Hill Area?

My fiance and I both living abroad and wish to get married in the UK. We have family in the Telegraph Hill Area therefore are looking for a church there that may agree to marry us. Comments please!

Tue Jun 24

Train service in the morning.

Yes, the trains are definitely packed in the morning. But it is only a 5 min journey, it really is bearable. But from 9.00 onwards they are not so crowded. The tube certainly isn't packed, especially the East London Line

Thu May 29

Reliable and safe cab firm in Telegraph Hill

I always use speedy cars. Their telephone number is 0208 692 6555. They are friendly cab drivers and their minimum fee is £3.50 unlike some that are £4.

Thu May 29


huge new Sainsbury's superstore beside tube/train station. Open 8am -10pm.

Wed Feb 05

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