Welcome to London Sydenham

Wells park Rd

I lived at 4 WellsParkRd in the40’ and50’s. It was a newsagents and confectioner’s then Called the Bon Bon. My grandparents ran it. MyMotherand I ilivedwiththem.

Mon Mar 29

st Philips & St Barts

I lived in the small cottages in Taylors Lane and went to st philips with Miss Nash in 1961 and onto St Barts With Mr Bleasdale . Wells Park was great to play in with Scrobies on the corner for sweets Iris

Wed Jan 06

Hi I lived in Mail Road and was born there in 1959

So was was a young lad there in the 60s and used play out with all my mates perhaps you were one of them

Peter Collyer

Mon Jul 22

Miall Road

I'm Mick Bishop, I lived at No 11 between 1948 to to 1960. Please reply.

Tue Jan 01


Hi I lived in Miall Road from when I was born there in May 1959 please contact me

Sun Apr 08

Love of Dancing

I was taught 3 times a week by Barbara Small. I only went to Sydenham for the exams. I went to YMCA as assistant and did exhibitions. They were the best days of my life, late 60s early 70s. It started my lifelong love of dance.

Patricia Maltby (Taylor)

Sun Sep 10

Mayow road vets

Does anyone know if Mayow vets has gone under. They are on answerphone and even the emergency vet number says it is closed today but website says open 7 days a week. I am registered with them and surely they would have let their clients know?

Wed May 24

Jimmy Smalls grand daughter

Hi. I am trying to trace Susan Small, Jimmy's daughter.

She was at school in the sixties at St Ursulas, Blackheath and this year is our 50/52 anniversary of leaving.

We are organising a gathering on 24 th June.

Please if anyone has contact details I would be most grateful.

Regards Jackie Buckle (nee Ulph)

Fri Mar 03

Jimmy small

i used to attend jimmy smalls dance school for many years in the early 70s and have some lovely memories of jimmy and his team x

Fri Jun 24

i used to attend jimmy smalls dance school for many years in the early 70s and have some lovely memories of jimmy and his team x

Fri Jun 24

i used to attend jimmy smalls dance school for many years in the early 70s and have some lovely memories of jimmy and his team x

Fri Jun 24

i used to attend jimmy smalls dance school for many years in the early 70s and have some lovely memories of jimmy and his team x

Fri Jun 24

youd be jimmys daughter

i bet your my uncle james daughter, peters daughter is siobhan, my sister.

Wed Nov 18

Sun Aug 02

Jimmy Smalls granddaughter

Are you peter's daughter?

Sun Jun 21

im his granddaughter

hi im jimmy smalls grandaughter i never got to meet him as he died but i know all about his dance school

Thu Jan 08

Mon Oct 06

African Drumming Course for Adults. Starts 26 January at the Horniman Museum

Suitable for complete beginners, and those who have drummed a little in the past. Drum provided. Sunday classes. You will learn to play an African drum and progress to playing traditional rhythms in a social and supportive group atmosphere, on this lively and authentic 10 week course. If you've never touched a drum in your life, thats fine! Lessons are intensive and you'll be able to drum by the end of this course.

Class time: 12-1pm

Course dates: Sundays 26 January to 30 March 2014

Venue: Horniman Museum 100 London Road Forest Hill London SE23 3PQ

Course fee: £60 (NB: weekly/drop-in payments not accepted)


Cheque or Postal Order made payable to Nzinga Dance. Send to:

Nzinga Dance PO Box **** London SE6 4WH

Enclose brief note stating name, email address, ’phone number, and which course you are enrolling for


Thu Jan 16

Tue Jan 07

St Michaels and all angels Primary School

I went here from 1953 to 1959. The headmaster was a Mr Baker. A lot of the school was old with open fires in the classrooms and an outside urinal open to the elements. I started on 30th April 1953 and soon after that we celebrated the Coronation in early June. Every kid got a red white and blue propelling pencil. I wish I still had mine. It was a time of the first sputniks and all the kids were talking' about space and the planets. We used to swap Brooke Bond "out into space" cards on the playground. My first teacher was Mrs Adamson, then Mrs Night and Miss Belsham. In the juniors I was with Mrs Pinacre, Mr Barham and Mr Marsh. All the kids tried to avoid being in Mr Oakley's class because he had a cane and certainly used it. WE had a Mrs Singleton for singing and one day she handed out the singing books. Mine had a bloody great scribble mark on the front. She saw the scribble while she was walking round listening to the singing and smacked my legs thinking that I had defaced the book.

Mon Dec 23

St Bartholomews School

Does anyone remember St Barts or Sydenham County Girls School?. Miss Bagshaw taught English there. I have so many memories but no contact with anyone from those days. I was born in 1958, so looking at people 55 - 56. Also spent many happy hours at the park off Taylors Lane. And Crystal Palace Park.

Also Hornimans Museum during summer holidays.

Wells Park. Couldnt remember the name of the park.

Went to St Phillips infant school.

Thu Dec 05

Where is champion hall?

I used to spend a lot of time kicking a football about in the station approach when I was young and bounced it off the jimmy small school of dancing sign more than once. In later life I also met a few of the folks that used to frequent the dancing school and club that was above the school.

Sun Dec 30





Wed Sep 19

Sydenham Pheonix Insurance

Is the Pheonix Insurance Sports Ground still there off Perry Rise Sydenham where the 1475 Sqdn ATC had its first HQ back in 1942.

There was also a pub opposite that we lads used to frequent especiall after a football match.

Mail me

Thu Aug 30

Sydenham 1475 Sqdn ATC

Anybody still around who remembers this ATC squdn based at the Pheonix Insurance ground durint the 2nd war.

Names to mid - Tyler, Burman, Godfrey, Wells, Jackman,

Brant etc.

contact me on

Fri Aug 24

Sydenham 1475 ATC

Is there any body aSround who was a cadet in the 1475 ATC Squadron based in Sydenham using as HQ a major insurance co sports ground.

The squadron is now very succesful and now based near Forest Hill.

Please make contact with me via e'mail

Sun Aug 12

Cleaner available in SE area

Small Polish cleaning team looking for regular cleaning private houses and flats.

We are not a cleaning agency, but a small company of 4 women.

We have experience as a professional cleaner in London

Great reference , responsible, honest, trustworthy and hard working girls.

We cover SE area (Crystal Palace, Anerley, Sydenham, Norwood, Selhurst, Dulwich, Beckenham)

Prices from £8.5 p/h

Please call us

mobile: ********5 or ********2

or email:

Tue Jul 10

Garage needed

many may know me and i need to relocate i am looking for a motor trade garage in sydenham,if you have a garage or know of one avalible for long term lease i would be greatful

Sun May 06

Looking for Doctor

Hello our family is new to the area and we are looking for a family GP, would love a good naturopath as well...many thanks

Thu Feb 16

does anyone know who owns this garage in venner road

there is a garage in venner road, just behind the Pedder Estate agents office. If you're standing on Sydenham High Street looking down Venner Road it's on the immediate left just after the Pedder office but before the flats. It has a black concertina garage door and a qwerky tiled roof with a door in it at the front. At the moment there's some temporary metal mesh fencing around the front. I'm looking for a workspace in the area and this looks about the right size. anyone know who I could contact about it ?

Sun Jan 08

Hi ..need downstair loo done

hiya - saw your ad, not sure how old it is! I am looking for someone to paint and tile my downstair loo - my email address is

Tue Sep 27

Footsies Boot Sale

Please advise if boot sales are still operating at Lower Sydenham.

Kind regards

Jeanette Parissien (

Sun Sep 18

Wondering where all the posts have gone?

It's very eerie out here! Where are ALL the old posts, previously made on this site, gone? Hello to all in Sydenham anyway! ;)

Sat Aug 13

Need a quick job done in my house

I am looking for someone that can offer me a cheap quote for laying down one pack of laminate flooring in my hallway, and carpeting five steps in my hallway. I live in the South East London area. I need an trader as soon as possible so please send me an quote or rough emistate to Mail-me . I also need other jobs done in me house so this would not be an one of job thank you.

Wed Jul 27

Cafe in the Park

hi, I remember a cafe in the park when i was a lad, Iam now living in Surrrey for a great number of years , was it my imagination or was it there, we used to use it .

Thu Jul 14

are footsies doing boot sales this year and is your web site going to be updated to 2011,

Sun Jul 03

are footsies doing boot sales this year and is your web site going to be updated to 2011,

Sun Jul 03

This would not be final advice you can listen to. Most of the stories about the hoodies are found on the ForestHillSociety site and they appear to be centred upon an area far over towards the PerryValeSE23

side. Also,maybe more important to you,there is a real connection not too well voiced at present about the vicinity of school playgrounds and lanes to one side. If you are near a school and hoodies who acccost youngers for a tour de force to break windows then move out. I would just call into the police station-it was once in DartmouthRoad but check your area-and just ask tentatively to speak to an officer re frequency of reports to finalise your decision. GOOD FORTUNE and FAREWELL.

Sat Jun 18

the ice cream parlour has turned into a mexican restaraunt now

Thu Apr 28

Girls ever wanted a new way to keep fit try wrestling........

I know what your thinking wrestling........ but it not what you see on TV ;-) It just pretend non competed wrestling for girls only that keeps you in shape especially how summer coming :-) Unlike having to sigh up to a gym and pay monthly fee it completed free. So get back to me girls if your interested at

Sun Jan 30

Domestic Cleaning in South East London

My name is Emma, and I have been working as a domestic cleaner for the past two years. Having recently moved into Sydenham, I am looking for some new customers in and around the area.

I offer a high quality cleaning service - I will clean your house until it sparkles! I am happy to take on any other tasks you have for me, including ironing and any other general household chores.

Please feel free to give me a call or

Mon Jan 24

32 Champion Road, corner of Miall Road opposite St Michaels School

My name is John Emery I am 48 born boxing day 1962.

My family lived at number 32 Champion Road, Sydenham corner of Miall Road opposite St Michaels School. If you take a look on google street map it's just a pleasant summer's day photo of the community hall and Miall Road is now known as "Miall Walk". I was hoping that there might be some photographs of the property before it was knocked down in the early 1970's or whilst it was being torn down even. Or perhaps I could be directed to an archive either in the town hall or on the internet. I have also a lot of local knowledge and memories from childhood to offer other people if they are searching for answers or looking for memorabilia such as I. I attended Adamsrill School from 1967 until 1973 when my family moved to Fordmill Road near Catford.

Wed Dec 15

140 Interiors

That 'great interiors shop' will be re opening in March 2011. New and revamped. Selling loads of lovely furniture, mirrors and accessories -

~ New and Preloved ~ Shabby Chic ~ Retro ~ Modern ~

.........Watch this space........

Thu Dec 02

Mayow Road Vet

try Mayow again Gil - I've been with them for 14 yrs now but would only ever see Mr Rodgers - the younger male Vet was ghastly - he's now gone back to Australia (Cheer) and they have appointed the marvellous Amy. After an incident with Vet Aus I tried a few of the local Vets and really Mayow are the only truly good one!

Sat Aug 28

Billings in the High Street opened yesterday

Fri Aug 13

144 Kirkdale

Hi there

I am the owner of the shop at 148 Kirkdale called Alhambra Home & Garden (a crafts and gift shop) with a tea garden at the back, and it would be truly great to have a deli next door but one. Kirkdale is a friendly up and coming area with a creative young community just crying out for a nice deli. If you fancy popping in to see us for a chat we are open 10-6 Tues to Sat, 12-4 on Sunday and late night until 8pm on a Thurs. The shop at 144 is v. suitable for a deli as was used as a takeaway until recently so must have A3 use. Hoping to see you! Becca and Julia, tel. 0203-417 6385.

Sat Jun 26


i lived in Peak hill for 10 years,if i had the chance to move back ther i would. we were very happy there Unfortunately i had to sell my house.

Thu Jun 24

Try The bridge lesuire centre speake to Mrs Jackie bird********7

Sat Jun 19

I vividly remember the off licence at the top of newlands park.

I can still remember the smell of the wood and bottles. We use to collect our lemonade bottles and return them for cash.cant remember how much we use to get but it seemed like a fortune. I can remember the owners I think the wife was german and they had a son and i seem to remember he later owned a furniture shop towards the top of sydenham. Later they had a couple run the off licence for them. I do remember the ice cream parlour i loved it. It was a real treat to sit and and have your icecream. Im 44 and I can just remember the cinema and it turning into safeways. I also had friends that worked in the dye factory.

Now as for the department store cobbs that was a real treat to cut through. We use to go and see father christmas there of course it later bcame twilights but they never changed the toilets they were exactly the same as when they were the store.

Tue Apr 27

Leg Waxing

Hi there I'm looking for a recommendation for a salon to get a leg and bikini wax near Sydenham.

Just moved to the area so would like to find somewhere local

Fri Apr 09


I'm trying to trace my Cousin, on my Mothers side of the Family. He is Alfred (Alfie) Connor married to Susan (I think) lived (lives) in Kent House Lane. the Family originated in Deptford my Mothers name was Ellen (Nellie) and Alfie's Dad was Michael.

Fri Apr 02

One-to-one French Tuition in London uk!

Learn french in the omfort of your home, office or in your Tutor's area with a qualified and experienced native French Tutor. Grammar is taught and practical conversations are made!

Private and corporate, all levels, daytime and evenings learning . Please contact:

Mon Mar 29


Do you have any images of Sydenham? Please contact me via my blog www.whatifsydenham.wordpress.com or just email us:

Thu Mar 25


An interiors shops would be good (as long as it's good quality rather than the tat sold in the shop near peppermint).

I started a blog which aims to improve the look of the high street (www.whatifsydenham.wordpress.com). We are talking to a number of local shops and restaurants. There are a lot of possible developments from new signs welcoming you to the high street, the high street refurbishments right down to Kent House Road, a pocket market, a fishmongers and possible butchers, a new tapas bar (soon to be refurbished), a possible new wood fired pizza place, a new yoga/pilates studio in the old sorting office, the Somerfield will be a co-operative soon, the development of the old Greyhound pub has been approved, the old blind factory going to be developed, JH skincare has graced Kirkdale, as has Alambra, Home park is getting an outdoor gym, film shows in the summer, the adventure playground is being done up...Lots is happening, not to mention the Arts Festival.

Thu Mar 25


yes, i can only second that. used to go to mayow for 10 years. the older vet is ok but the younger one seems to be totally incompetent. Allpets in Catford are really nice and seem to know what they are doing and their reception team is great!!!!!!!!

Thu Mar 25


i am looking for a shop to buy/let and how to go about getting the funds any ideas as to go about this

Sun Feb 28

its middle class but if your looking for a upper class area im afraid youll' have to go to west dulich

Sun Feb 28


Ni Natalie,

We are in a process of buying a place in Sydenham. I don't think it will hapen before beg. of April.

We have a 20 month old girl. Perhaps we can swap the babysitting? You can contact me

Thu Feb 25

Kitten wanted in Sydenham

I really want to give a kitten (or young cat) a home. I absolutely adore animals and cats especially. I have been looking at the adoption of rescued cats but it is such a lengthy process. From Pet Shops they cost hundreds. It shouldn't be this hard! :(

If anyone has, or knows someone who has, a kitten to give away or sell at an affordable price, please email me at n i c o l a 3 2 7 4 @ h o t m a i l . c o . u k (link wasn't working).

I will give a little kitten a wonderful home, lots of love and a great life!!

Thu Feb 04

Well, I was fascinated to read this!

Some years later, 1965 I think, I ran into Wally Barnes who was living in a somewhat ramshackle house in West Norwood. He was very anxious to sell me a Raymond Mays stord in his garage. Failing that, would I like to buy this, or maybe that? I declined these offers but I did acquire from him one of only five Bond Type C single seater F3 cars made. Being rather younger and before the police became what they are now, I was able to drive this remarkable machine from Norwood to Bexleyheath. I made many attempts to get him to tell me what he knew of the history of the car but he always got sidetracked onto something else, like his extraordinary performance in the Easter Long Handicap or somesuch at Brooklands in 1937.

Wed Jan 27

car boot sales

as well as i need a lis to sell thing i think do i can some one help me i need it give me some info so tell me wat u saying

Wed Jan 27

Plumber and or handyman needed


I saw your post about a handyman in Sydenham, and wanted to know if you have found a good handyman here in Sydenham? I have a small problem that I can't fix, so hope you can help me.

My email is:

Thu Nov 19


There is a new one now in Beckenham - Horton in Beckenham High Street - excellent

Wed Nov 04

St. Bartholomew

Have you tried St. Bartholomew's Church

St Bart's is located on the north side of Westwood Hill about 400 yards west of the Kirkdale junction. There is free carparking on the pavement near the church. During busy periods you may find parking in Lawrie Park Avenue more convenient.

The nearest railway station is SYDENHAM served by frequent trains from London Bridge to Croydon and less frequently from London Victoria. Buses stop outside the Church.

Conatct Rev Michael Kingston

St Bartholomew's Vicarage, 4 Westwood Hill, Sydenham, London, SE26 6QR

Tel: 020 8778 5290

Sat Oct 17

Hi I'm trying to contact you regaurding babysitting but I do seem to be able to do this. If you would like to contact me by email I could explain my experience.

Fri Oct 16

Looking for meeting space near Crystal Palace Park

We teach photography to adults, and have been asked to take groups to Crystal Palace Park to photograph the dinosaurs etc. We need to find a place we can hire for up to 20 people that is an easy walk from the dinosaurs, cafe etc. Any one got any ideas?



Mon Aug 10

Sydenhams Coming Up!

Warm Wishes to all those who've discovered the hidden treasure that is Upper Sydenham! Reasons to be cheerful in SE26: Crystal Palace Park, Sydenham Wells Park, that lovely grassy area on the way to the Green Chain Walk. On summer days like these the air is fresh and leafy, with lots of lovely wide streets and older houses. The East London line will mean that already impressive transport links are getting better and better. Feel the love, Sydenham!

Sun May 31

Missing persons Debbie Bryne around her 80, Rowena Bryne 16, James Bryne 50

Sun May 24


Does anyone know of a mobile hairdresser who works in South East London? Preferably someone who knows trends and young funky hairstyles??

Please contact me on

Fri Apr 24


Does anyone know of a mobile hairdresser who works in South East London? Preferably someone who knows trends and young funky hairstyles??

Please contact me on

Fri Apr 24


Does anyone know of a mobile hairdresser who works in South East London? Preferably someone who knows trends and young funky hairstyles??

Please contact me on

Fri Apr 24

Visiting optician


Does anyone know of an optician who would be willing to visit a housebound couple in their 60s [not disabled] in Sydenham, who both need new specs.

Please mail me on

Tue Apr 07

contact details for footsies boot sale in lower s


Tue Mar 31


I have tried to contact the admin of Sydenham Town Forum and realise that it is not this site, but maybe someone will read it and advise me.

I have tried many times to log on. It tells me that my name is already registered and my password is incorrect. I followed their instructions as how to overcome this but the site will just not let me in, whatever I try.

If anyone from their admin reads this, please contact me at

Tue Mar 24

builder reuired

Yes my son is a carpenter/builder and Im sure would do a good job for you.

Mon Mar 23

Hi, I just moved in and looking for yoga teacher. Did you find one?

Thu Mar 19

Sydenham 80s nightclub

Does anyone remember the name of the club that used to be on the site where lidls is opposite savacenter, not the highstreet. I used to go there every Friday night when micheal jacksons thriller was constantly played on the video tv's it was dark in there but lovley and I remember it was just plain brick Walls inside but the atmostphere was brill, if any one can help me mail me

Wed Mar 04

Jill of all trades seeks GENUINE work (SE London)

40-something Mum, returning to work, seeks position. Minimum 16 hours up to 30+

Could include days, evenings or weekends.

My past work experience includes catering, retail, office, horse/animal care and domestic/childcare duties. Independent, flexible, caring, reliable, bright, genuine and hard-working individual, willing to learn new things, if needed.

Prefer Lewisham Borough or close surrounding areas.

Feel free to

Mon Mar 02


My father owned the barbers at the end of mayo road, and it was in fact called mick's not Nick's (plus he was Greek not Italian.) he was a friend of Mr Valenti (Criterion ices), and when I left school I worked in the offices of Dylon (the dye works) Small world eh? hope to hear back,


Sat Feb 28

Try Pilates - Sat 21st Feb, 2pm

I am holding a 2 hour workshop where I will be teaching the basic principles of Pilates. It is a chance to try Pilates before signing up for a Block of classes. Suitable for men and women all ages - maximum 12 places. Cost £20. Body Control qualified teacher. St Peter/St Clements Church Hall, entrance on Barry Road, opposite Silvester Road - see www.pilatesclub.co.uk for map. Email

Fri Feb 06

Mr. Wally Barnes

In the 1950s there was a motor cycle dealer who specialized in pre war motor bikes, Rudge, OK Supreme, Levis, Norton etc., His name was Wally Barnes, he had a lock up garage in Venner Road, if you were facing Sydenham High Street it was on the right just before the junction with Sydenham High Street. He was a great raconteur and we as teenagers loved his stories about the old motor biking days. When old enough some of us bought motorbikes off him usually in the £17/10 to £20.00 range. Anyone know what happened to Wally? How long he stayed in Venner Road or what is there now?

Thu Jan 15

Livesey Hall

I remember The Livesey Hall well, I suppose it's still there. I used to meet a friend of mine that lived on Perry Vale and we would go to a dance hall on Southend Lane, only really to see what talent there was (c.1956). I had an Uncle who was a stoker at the gas works and my Dad worked for Waynes Pumps in Worsley Bridge Road. I moved away in 1958.

Mon Dec 01

Charity New To You Clothes Sale

Emmaus South Lambeth which is a community for homeless people is holding a New to You clothing sale on Saturday 15th November from 9.30am -12.

We have a limited supply of designer lables such as John Rocha / Next / Debenhams/ Warehouse. Most of these items are in their original packaging with their price lables attatched

We also have New coats / hat and glove sets / shoes Jeans / and other new items.

These items will make ideal Christmas Presents

We are located at 9a Knights Hill West Norwood SE27 0DB


Sat Oct 18


Thanks in anticipation, Dee. If you can perhaps you could e mail it to me and if you want to know anything about Wiverton Road and the surrounding area all those years ago I'll get my thinking cap on.

Fri Oct 17


I live on Wiverton Road, and where you used to live I actually live about 20 secs away. I will print this page out and ask the owner if take i can take a photo for you.

Thu Oct 16

Bell Green Demolition

Yeh I remember as a kid in the late fifties breaking into the condemned houses in Miall Road to make dens. One of the houses seemed to be occupied by people living rough so we kept away from them after that. I used to work in the Sydenham District Office of the gas board at Bell Green. It employed hundreds of people in gas manufacture, purchasing, sales and service and so on. I expect it's all knocked down now. We used to play the snooker at Livesey Hall at the bottom of Perry Hill. I now live in North Staffordshire.

Thu Oct 16

Very handy for central London

Sydenham is only 15-20 mins from London Bridge and similar to London Victoria. There are also direct trains to Clapham and Balham all similar in time or less.

We live in Sydenham and there are a number of stations around that service London well and we commute there and save loads on rent!! Check out our spare room on this site! Rachel and Anir.

Tue Oct 14


How far is sydenham to london center?

Tue Oct 07


Beckenham Folk Dance Club

St Barnabas church hall

perth rd


Fed up of spending your friday nights in.. Well come on down and join us for a evening of laughter and good company ...new members always welcome whether you can dance or not...no partner needed..

friday 8 till -10.30

Wed Oct 01

Wiverton Road

I lived at 106 Wiverton Road from about 1942 until 1958, all my childhood and teenage years. I now live in Gloucestershire, west of the River Severn and seldom get to London and never to South London. Could anyone take a picture of the house for me? (with the current occupants permission of course)

Tue Sep 16

i think you may have just given yourself an answer - why not using the different communities on this site to promote your business? I for one have already gone and looked at your website!

Thu Aug 21

baby wanting to crawl hay

give me a ring if you ant got anyone yet i will have the work done and the baby will berunning in no time, sam hadfield 0207 ****81 or ********1

Sun Aug 17

Monthly Jazz in the Golden Lion

Hi, anyone interested in live music locally might be glad to hear that on the last Tuesday of the month the Golden Lion has live free Jazz. It is always quality stuff and from some quite renowned players.

It is 'serious' jazz and many of the crowd are obviously real Jazz fans. Sitting up nearer the band you are expected to listen attentively to the performance rather than chat, but at the front of the pub it is fine to sit and chat whilst still enjoying the music. It really is an absolute gem of a night.

I know that they are taking a break for August but are back in September 2008. I don't know how long they will keep this going but i hope for a long while.

Sat Aug 16

I need a builder: Plastering, kitchen, bathroom fitting etc!

Hi, I need someone to fit a kitchen, bathroom and downstairs WC. Also need 2 internal doors fitted and quite a lot of plastering. Ideally like someone to start after August bank holiday.

Please get in touch if you can help. I am living in a building site with a baby that is desperately wanting to crawl!

Thanks very much


Wed Aug 13

looking 4 street dance classes 4 the kids please help

hi there,

i'm a mother with 3 young boys that love dancing mostly street dancing does anyone no of any clubs in sydenham area that teacher this i would be very greatful 4 any help so would my children ????

please email me at

Sun Jul 13



i really want to get into dance locally, but i am not quite sure where! Does anybody know off any dance clubs around the sydenham area?

Sun Jul 06

Did you find anyone?

Did you find anyone? I need someone to glaze and hang my front door with antique glass which bought. I can't find anyone. Thanks!

Mon Jun 16

Is it safe?

Hello there everybody. I am a 23 year old female and I have recently moved to Sydenham (Lawrie Park road). I work 9-5 everyday at Bromley and usually reach Sydenham (Lawrie Park road) at around 5-30 p.m. I have to walk about 4-5 mins to my flat from the bus station. Is it safe to walk that distance? I am not worried about now as the days are longer, but I am a bit apprehensive about winter when it gets dark really soon. Recently, I have also noticed a few signs warning people of muggings and carjacking. All this has made me worry. Should I move out? Can someone please advise?


Sun Jun 15

Try Grove centre jews walk

Please try Grove Centre Jews Walk , Sydenham Lovely gardens

Mon Jun 02

old pictures

looking to purchase old photos of sydenham around the 1930-1970 period

Mon Jun 02

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