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Tue May 29

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Tue May 29


Thu Feb 02

shame to say most vets are as crooked as a jail bird ,their payback will be in the next world //for them hell //shameful but true

Thu Sep 29

MediVet be aware

Kirby's has changed to MediVet. I was sent a reminder for my cat jabs. She is 15 and very nervous. If hospitalised she goes into complete shock and shuts down. On examination I was told that she had a heart arythymia and could drop dead any minute, also that her teeth were badly infected and needing some removing amounting to £2000 and that I should bring her straight back the next day. I was quite shocked as the cat was very well, playing and eating. I got another vet to check her. Her heart rate was high from NERVES and her teeth a bit scaled, but not worth the risk of doing. I phoned MEDIVET and complained and was told a manager would phone me. THEY NEVER DID. I do not trust them and am not going back there. How many pets are they operating on unnecessarily to get money????

Sat Sep 24

Minicabs in surrey quays 0207 252 3252

Quayside cars: 0207 252 3252

Sun Nov 17

Minicabs in surrey quays 0207 252 3252

Quayside cars: 0207 252 3252

Sun Nov 17


Can you send me a GP number in Surrey Quays,London. to be fill in the form in Wood Green GP


Andriyan Shchupak

Tue May 14

Found any classes?


Im also interested in salsa dance.

Did you find any good classes near Surrey Quays?

Thu Sep 06

Registration with a GP - e-mail address


I would like to register with the Surrey Docks Health Centre. My birth date is 19th of June 1978.

My address is: 44 John Silkin Lane, SE8 5BB.

My e-mail address is

Sun Feb 19

Sun Oct 09

Looking for mates

Heya, Im a 28yr Male from Canada (I KNOW DONT ASK...) looking for people to kick back and hang out with on the weekends. Anyone around?

Sat Aug 28


Did you manage to find a running club in surrey quays? I am after the same thing and would be grateful if anyone could help;

Sat Aug 28


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Fri Jul 23

I need friendly girls to show me around

I am 26years old and just moved to surrey quays.I dont have any friends and would quite appreciate cute n friendly girls to show me around and as well catch fun together.I am male.Contact ---

Sun Jul 04

i disagree that they are rude in splitendz!

they are always helpful and always try there best to squeeze me in. i find the salon atmosphere to be extremely friendly almost like a family.

ive been a regular client for years and wouldnt dream of goin anywhere else!

Thu Mar 25



Mon Jan 25

Cleaner Available

Hi!!! I am Indian male cleaner who is gay friendly. I am friendly, punctual, reliable and I have experience of 2 years in london. I speak excellent English and I am also good at decorating houses. Look forward to hear from you soon.

Many thanks,


Sun Nov 15


Learn how to love recycling in Southwark. Stop by and chat to the friendly recycling team. Have all your recycling questions answered and pick up some free recycling goodies at the same time! The team will be at supermarkets and shopping malls around the borough in November. Our next stop is. . .

Saturday 14 November

43 Surrey Quays Shopping Centre

Redriff Road

London SE16 7LL


Fri Oct 30

Cleaner wanted

Hi - I'm looking for a reliable cleaner for a 2-bedroom flat (Rotherhithe Street), once a week for about 2-3 hours. Someone who lives locally would be preferred. Must speak well English and have good references. Immediate start. Please contact me at

Sat Oct 03

Surdoc Social Club

Surdoc Social Club

Cope Street



SE16 2UJ

Tel: (020) 7237 6154

New members required

Fri Jul 03

Sun May 17

they are very rude in split endz and would rather do their own hair than yours.

Mon Apr 20

Try Split Endz on Lower Road, they are pretty good and reasonable in terms of cost ****64 1927.

Wed Jul 16

Wed Jun 18

I will like to register with a GP in surrey quaysjeniferrogersjenifer@yahoo.co.uk

Tue Apr 01

Yellow House

The Yellow House also makes the best meringues in London! Its worth going for the deserts alone! Their main courses are out of this world as well but my god I haven't had meringues like that ever - they're huge!

Mon Dec 17

I would like to join surrey quays dancing club as I live in rotherhithe new road. My email address is

Fri Nov 09

are you for real

where did you live before the bronx

Wed Oct 17

dont do it

its the worst part to live

Wed Oct 17

Thu Sep 13

Hairdresser in Surrey Quays


can anyone rec a good hairdresser in the area?



Fri Sep 07

Junior Netball Teams

Does anyone know a junior netball team somewhere near SE16?

Tue Aug 14


Hey, I am located in surrey quays. I am looking forward to find good friends with whom I can chat, go out and have some fun. I am a very friendly person and loves to enjoy life.

If there are any girls who shares the same view, Pls. contact me!

Sun Jul 22


Hey, I would love to learn salsa and hip hop dance.Iam trying to locate the place where they can teach me. It should be reasonable but good. Can anyone pls. recommend me one?

Sun Jul 22

Good osteopath based locally

I moved recently to the area. Have suffered from aches & pains for years and was having trouble finding a decent practice. I was happy with the result, and found this guy friendly and the session reasonably priced - James, ********9

Wed Jul 04


You should set up a running club in Bermondsey from sprinting to long distance

Tue Jun 19


You should set up a running club in Bermondsey from sprinting to long distance

Tue Jun 19

how much is the pool

we want to know how much is the swimming pool

Wed May 30

Cleaner Wanted

Anyone know a good cleaner?

In need of a reasonably priced one for Surrey Docks area?

Wed May 16





Mon May 07

Surrey Quays Brydale House & John Kennedy House

I am just about to buy my first flat in the 'john kennedy house' estate opposite surrey quays tube, but I think there might be a huge refurbishment bill about to take place.... does any one know anything about it and how much I should expect to pay? I know 'Brydale house' estate is under constuction now ...can anyone help??

Fri Apr 20

Gay life in Surrey Quays

Hey I'm a gay girl thinking of moving to Surrey Quays/Deptford area. Does anyone know how gay friendly the area is? any gay or gay friendly bars etc?

Thu Apr 19


I'm a gay girl in Rotherhithe. Area is much like anywhere in London. SE16 is a mix of social housing and then in contrast City/Canary wharf workers. Not much night life but v close to town so it's a nice quite suburban feeling area but close to the action. Good night bus home from Soho too!

Mon Apr 16


Thu Feb 01

London Volleyball

See LondonVolleyball.org/search_map.asp

for Volleyball Clubs in London

Sun Jan 28

Canary Wharf to Walthamstow??

What is the shortest way to get to Upper Walthamstow from Canary Wharf?

Sat Jan 27

volleyball in maida vale

I would like to join a volleyball team. Do you know where is the nearest club to maida vale?

Wed Oct 04

Pets at Home

If you go to ets At Home, on Greenwich Hill, they cantell you all the local trainers, and they even run events in store, so your pet can interact with other animals.

Sun Aug 27

I've never had any problems, but the kids are the same as any neighbouhood. There tends to be alot of Police presence in the area so if anything happens they're only a short distance away. Why not spend a day in the local youth centre, where you will get a feel of the neighbours both young and old,where you can judge for yourself the type of neighbourhood it is.

Sun Aug 27

There is one near Canada Water station that is cheap (7 Islands?? I think...). A friend of mine goes there and she seems happy with it.

Wed Jul 26

Dog Training Classes

Does anyone know of any dog training/puppy socialisation classes in East London? I just can't anything ;-(


Wed Jun 28

The Hinchley Wood Practice

Not sure of the prices, as I got done on the NHS, but I am now 20 and considering going back there to complete my treatment ("misplaced" my retainer as soon as they took the fixed braces off)

Wed May 31

Toni&Guy Canary wharf does it

Wed May 17

Is Peptys Estate a safe place?

I have the possibility of living in Pepys(?) Estate. As I am a woman on my own I am a bit concern for the safety. I am planning to buy a car, but even so...

Any comments will be very much appreciated.

Many thanks

Mon May 01

i want to celebrate my daughters 1year birthday, i want to know whether there is a facility there to use

my email address is

Thu Feb 02

Eyebrow threading Canary Wharf

The beauty salon at LA fitness Canary Wharf (West Inda Quay) does eyebrow threading. You don't have to be a member to use the salon (but get a discount if you are). I don't know the number but you can look it up online.

Mon Jan 09

Gate Remote

does anyone have a spare gate remote for 11 woodland Crescent? I ahve been dealing with a company called CPM and they have sent out the wrong one twice, so i am still unable to get into our parking slot with my car.

Fri Dec 23

NHS dentist in surrey quays

Wed Nov 23

hi my daughter would like to join the club

hi my daughter would like to join the club because she likes singing and i would like to know what age you have to be to join the club because she is 8 years old so

please send me an email at

Sat Nov 19

But not cheap

Thu Jul 28

Its 10-15 mins cycle to London Bridge

Thu Jul 28


Hi there,

I have been living in Rotherhithe / Surrey Quays for about 2 years and love the area. A friend of mine works for 'Time and Talents' in Rotherhithe and with him and few other mates we are starting a Drum circle/club/class etc. It's gonna be quite an informal thing for anyone from beginners to experts. We have recieved a significant amount of funding to go and buy drums (bongos etc) and have a good drummer who is going to be leading the group.

This is meant to be as much a social thing as it is a class so going to the pub afterwoods is definately on the cards. It should be up and running by next month and if anyone is interested i can give more details. It will also be advertised locally.

Let me know if you are interested!

Mon Jun 13

Re your question

Yes London Bubble at Elephant Lane SE16 a brilliant theatre group for all different ages

Wed Jun 08

Re: Singing Lessons

Hi, are you still looking for a singing teacher? I'm a singing teacher, and I charge 25 pounds an hour. Please get in touch if you're interested! My email is

Sat Jun 04

The time and talents center have a running club, I have never been but it might be worth a look. I doubt they are a registered club though if that is what you were looking for.

Thu May 26

any luck with threading near surrey quays?

Wed Apr 20

volleyball club

Do you like volleyball? Do you know any volleyball club in the surrey quays area? let me know please.

Tue Apr 19


You could try Fisher Athletics which is an amateur football club on Salter Rd SE16

Wed Mar 30


Did you manage to find out about a running club in SE16 - I am looking for the same thing



Tue Mar 15


Do you still need a cleaner ?

Sun Mar 13

Directions To Surrey Quays

Get the Northern Line from Camden Tube to London Bridge. Change to the Jubilee Line for two stops to Canada Water. Either walk from there, or change to the East London Line for on stop to Surrey Quays tube.

Sat Feb 19

evebrow threading

does anyone know where i could get my eyebrows threaded near the surrey quays area? do not mind if i have to travel a bit.

Wed Feb 16

Yep- nr Rotherhithe tube

I have recently been going to the dentists in Brunel Road, Rotherhithe, which is NHS and taking patients on. (It's in Brunel Road just where it turns towards the river and the main road is Salter Road.) Their tel no is 020 7237 8386.

Tue Jan 18


Does anyone know where I can find either a singing teacher or amateur dramatics group in the local area (or not so local is fine too as long as it's near a tube!)

Thank you.

Thu Jan 13

Fri Nov 26

Yellow House Restaurant is nice.

Fri Nov 05

Running club near Surrey Quays / Rotherhithe area

I am after a running club in the SE16 area of London , I just want a club that is not overly advanced as I am relatively new to all this. The nearest one i could find on the web was in Dulwich. I am considering this one , if anyone has ones closer please let me know. I would really appreciate it. Please email me at

Mon Oct 18

Squash Courts in and around Surrey Quays

Im also looking for squash courts in and around Surrey Quays if any one can help.


Tue Oct 05

Gyms in Surrey Quays

The Seven Islands Leisure Centre has a gym and exercise classes that are very good. You can get membership for £37.50 a month which allows you free access to any of the facilities including the classes.

Tue Sep 28

Kickboxing or Yoga Classes

Can anyone recommend a nearby kickboxing class or yoga classes ? I dont want to travel too far especially with winter coming up ?

Fri Sep 24

Not always

I have found that there are some teenagers hanging around in groups of ten or more who seem to bother you if its after dark and you are alone so I would say be alert at all times.

Thu Sep 23

Does anybody know of a cheap orthodontist?

I still have 9months treatment left to complete, Im 19 and poor! If there is anything close to Surbiton or the surrounding area I would appreciate to know! Thank you!

Mon Sep 13

Cleaner in Surrey

Do u still looking for a cleaner?

Sun Sep 12

Cleaner in Surrey Quays

Does anyone know a good cleaner or cleaning agency in Surrey Quays that is reliable?

Many thanks.

Thu Sep 09

Surrey Quays

does not yet have decent restaraunts and bars to tempt you away from Canary Wharf / Shad Thames which are both only 5 mins away. This may change once they redevelop Surrey Quays Shopping centre which is awful!

Mon Aug 09

Best bars/clubs to work in ???

Im just about to move to Surrey Quays and would like to know the best bars or clubs too work in ? Would like a busy bar with goot atmosphere !!

Wed Jul 28

I need to get to Surrey Quays

I need to get to Surrey Quays tube station from Camden town. Do you no how

Sat Jul 24

Squash courts in Surrey Quays?

Can anyone tell me if there are any squash courts in Surrey Quays?

Thu Jul 15

Gyms in surrey quays

Does anyone know if a cheapish gym in surrey quays?

Mon Jul 05

Albion Street Medical Centre 0207 237 2092

Fri Jun 18

Park Medical Centre, Hawkestone Road

No problems with getting an appointment here, really efficient service

Mon Jun 07

Albion Street GPs

There's a big practice on Albion St. in Rotherhithe which seems really good - they seem to offer a lot of services too, and there's at least two female GPs who my girlfriend assures me are not at all scary.

Sat Jun 05

Good places to eat

You should definitely check out the Yellow House on Plough Way. Very good food - interesting pizzas and pastas but excellent brunch and coffee. They also make all their own desserts and breads. It is the only place in the area that is funky enough to hold its own with establishments in the West End.

Wed May 26

Have your wits about you in Surrey Quays

Surrey quays in generally safe at about 5-7ish there a loads of young professionals walking home so you are ok. A bit later on its a bit quieter and there a few young lads hanging around - i have heard there has been mobile phone crime going on and muggings around the shopping area so have your wits about you and don't go flashing your phone about . It's just common sense but i know how easy it is to forget and answer that phone while you out and about.

Fri Apr 16


Seven Islands swimming pool near canada water tube station (33 m) fine pool.

Hope this helps


Tue Mar 23

There is plenty good about Surrey Quays

It is Zone 2 with good transport links, got all the local amentities that you need (24 Hr Tesco) and is a safe place to walk after dark. Its not the prettiest part of London but its got the basics right and is on the up!

Mon Jan 05

At its best it's an oasis in London.Was really not great for eating out apart from the Italian on Lower Rd - which is great - but now a Vietnamese has opened on Lower Rd and another restaurant is opening in Plough Way.

Tue Nov 25

Lewisham is miles away

And it's not that bad anyway. Last time I looked it was southwark that had the crime problem, not lewisham

Mon Sep 08

Seven islands sports centre

This centre is a few minutes walk from Canada Water or Surrey Quays tube stations and is what you might expect from a council run centre - excellent prices, good staff, big pool with facilities for kids, reasonably priced gym etc. Try it out

Thu Aug 14

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