Welcome to London Stoke Newington

findin old friends

i lived in no5 aden grove around 1944 my name is michael guttenberg the church was still standing when i lived there

Fri Nov 20

'Grace Mignott now Ellis

Colin my email is gellisjw@gmail.com

Tue Nov 03

Fleetwood School memories

I attended there from about 1953. First teacher was Miss Morgan, Head was Miss Fawn. Later my teacher was Mrs Gibbs and then the Head was Mr Freeman. From my class I recall Marilyn Dester, Carole Thompson, Barry Palmer. One year we were taken on a trip to the Scala Theatre to see Peter Pan. Do these names ring a bell with anyone?

Sun Oct 18

Grace Mignott (May be married now.)

Grace was a student at Padgate College in Warrington, Cheshire in 1976. She was a good friend of my wife Pam Heyworth, now Bell. My wife visited Grace in London in the summer of 1977 and was looked after so well by the people of Stoke Newington and particularly Grace's family. Pam lost contact with Grace and often talks about how lovely it would be to meet up. Pam and I celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary soon. As a surprise for Pam, I'd love to make contact with Grace and, if she is up for it, arrange to meet up. If anyone can help me, give me a call on ********9 Colin Bell

Sat Sep 12


Does anyone have any information on the Wolinski's who lived at 33 Rectory Road, Stoke Newington.

Fri Aug 28

Cleveden Street

Hi, S/N child 1943-65. Looking for any reference to Cleveden Street. Is it still there? My grandfather lived there for a time. Thanks. Joan

Tue Aug 11

Hi Hellen,

that sounds fun!

Would love to give it go.

Let me know what you have in mind


Sat Jun 20


I attended Fleetwood and have some fond memories myself.

I was there from 63-70. I often wished I had got to revisit

the old building, but unfortunately, the chance never came.

Fri May 08

I was a Fleetwood pupil, 63-70. Have fond memories of the school

and the area. My first teacher was a Ms. Burbank, last teacher

Mr. Timms. It feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago both

at the same time.

Fri May 08

compulsory purchase Rectory Rd. N16 1967

Hi all

I used to live at number 92; it's where the childrens nursery

is now. Anybody remember this event or know anything

about it, or anybody who lived at 92 or the houses in the immediate


In the early 2000's I knocked on the door of the nursery

and introduced myself, told them I used to live on the site.

The lady took me to the back, let me look around at what was left

of the garden. There was still a plank left in the tree, right next to where

the land slopes down to the railway lines - the remains of a tree house,

still there after all those years.

and that tree house was already old when I was a kid in the 60's

Fri May 08

I would love to know what the place is like knowi imean now!!

Fri Jul 13

fleet wood I was on the1st floor near the hall which is where we had assembly every day.my teacher wasMr Reese There was a big shed in the playground we collected paper to take to Prices for penny's and lemonade bottles to return formoney we would 1 wander around Abbney Park cem and scare each other loved Dudleys on the corner.

Mon Jul 02

What about Dudleys NearRidleyrd market.lots of useful shops and4 picture houses as my nAn called them Regent Savoy ambassador and vogue.

Mon Jul 02

Boys entrance in the high rd girls round the corner.shed where we huddled in winter. I had a teacher called Mr Reese bony knukles spiteful when he poked you.big centre hall wood flooring happy days.

Mon Jul 02

There was a little park top of Evering rd we called the Rev there was a Churchbombed out in front we played on it as kids I lived above Strakers

Sun Jul 01

I went to Fleetwood school in1948age 5 lived on no10 the high st andclissold cresentuntili got married in69 I remember it fondly I loved theWoolworths andStevens dept

Sun Jul 01

Stoke Newington is sooooo greeeeeen!

Clissold Park Springfield Stoke Newington common

Plus I love this shop - food for all!

Sat Jun 30

Hi I rember Stephens loved going their with my Nan and Mum

Sun Jun 03

Fleetwood School

Hello. I live in a place which I think is where you went to school and is now called Fleetwood Apartments. There are apartments in the school building, and 3 new-build houses where I believe there was a bike shed back in the day.

I hope you don't mind me contacting you - my own former school (in Sussex) is also now residences. I have fond memories of the place and feel vaguely sad and resentful about the change, and no particular interest in talking to people (probably a fraction of my age - I am 60 now!) who now live there. But then again, if they are interested in the history of places - as I am myself - perhaps they would love to hear from me and hear my memories of being at school where they now live.

Anyway. Hello. If you'd like to see what the place is like now, please let me know - and if you don't mind sharing with me your memories, I'd be grateful and very interested.

Kind regards


Wed Nov 01

Medallion man

Hello. I remember him. I moved to Stokey in Feb 2006. Have only just discovered this site and have not yet worked out to check what dates things were posted. Since I started googling local history I am not bothered if things on here are a bit seasoned! But actually I DO remember this person, and like you have not seen him recently. Please do let me know if you find anything out.

Kind regards

Wed Nov 01

I remember Lyons tea shop I used to go in there with my mum on a Saturday morning and when I got older I used to go in with my friend one afternoon a week,we used to leave our babies outside in their prams ( that was 1964 ) onwards it was quite safe then. I also went to William Patten and Daniel Defoe school I left school in 1957.I no longer live in London although I do still love visiting.

Fri Oct 06

Hi I do remember Christine, I lived at number 4 a family by the name of Story lived next door son Patric & & daughter Lil, I can't remember the name of the green at the end of the street, I also belonged to the Salvation Army which had a hall near by regards jean

Fri Feb 10

Stoke Newington

Oh how sad, I don't remember it. Tough be be injured by a childish prank that lasts for life...

Sun Oct 16

One of the saddest memories I have regarding fireworks is when a 'Banger' was put in a bottle and went off in Michael Brace's face and blidinded him for life.

Michael, although a couple of years younger also went to Fleetwood School initially - He actually lived in Smalley Road opposite Francis Pridmore. If you didn't know him I'm sure you'll remember the incident.

Sat Oct 15

One of the saddest memories I have regarding fireworks is when a 'Banger' was put in a bottle and went off in Michael Brace's face and blidinded him for life.

Michael, although a couple of years younger also went to Fleetwood School initially - He actually lived in Smalley Road opposite Francis Pridmore. If you didn't know him I'm sure you'll remember the incident.

Sat Oct 15

Stoke Newington

Definitely remember Francis Pridmore from school. We had fireworks in the back yard - they all got set off at once one year - dad didn't put the lid on the box, always made a guy and went out guying.

Fri Oct 14

Hello Mike

Do you remember any of the following from the mid/late 50s:

Bob Alsford ~ Harry(Nobby)Clarke ~ Bill Bash ~ Ted Botrill ~ Bill Sullivan ~ Ron Tiller ~ Chalky White.

John A .... 14/10/16

Fri Oct 14

Hello Mike

Do you remember any of the following from the mid/late 50s:

Bob Alsford ~ Harry(Nobby)Clarke ~ Bill Bash ~ Ted Botrill ~ Bill Sullivan ~ Ron Tiller ~ Chalky White.

John A .... 14/10/16

Fri Oct 14

Hello Mike

Do you remember any of the following from the mid/late 50s:

Bob Alsford ~ Harry(Nobby)Clarke ~ Bill Bash ~ Ted Botrill ~ Bill Sullivan ~ Ron Tiller ~ Chalky White.

John A .... 14/10/16

Fri Oct 14

Hello Mike

Do you remember any of the following from the mid/late 50s:

Bob Alsford ~ Harry(Nobby)Clarke ~ Bill Bash ~ Ted Botrill ~ Bill Sullivan ~ Ron Tiller ~ Chalky White.

John A .... 14/10/16

Fri Oct 14

Hello Mike

Do you remember any of the following from the mid/late 50s:

Bob Alsford ~ Harry(Nobby)Clarke ~ Bill Bash ~ Ted Botrill ~ Bill Sullivan ~ Ron Tiller ~ Chalky White.

John A .... 14/10/16

Fri Oct 14

It’s more likely that not, that I was there at that fire, as me and my mates were always on that piece of waste ground (what we referred to as ‘Over The Tin’) if not up to all sorts of mischief ‘here, there and everywhere’ else!

Of those other kids I was always with, that you may also remember were: Keith Glover (Sanford Lane) Francis Pridmore (Smalley Road) Brian Webb (Garnham St) David Fedarb (Sanford Terrace) to name but a few!

Talking of fires, do you remember the big bonfires and fire works on the ‘Common’ on Guy Fawkes night - most of the kids of the immediate area were there, usually with their mums and dads.

13/10/16 - 22.50

Thu Oct 13

Hello Christine, as I recall we were both in the same class

when we first started school at Fleetwood, our teacher was Miss Morgan.

Thu Oct 13

Clevedon Street

Hi I am Christine Wood from Clevedon Street and went to Fleetwood School. Remember Teddy - surprised to find my name here...

Wed Oct 12

Hello Jean - I too, went to Fleetwood School from 1953-59. Did you ever know Christine Wood, Tommy Wallis, Teddy Foster all of whom that I rember also lived in Clevedon St. I lived around the corner to you in Garnham St. - where my house backed onto the waste ground in Clevedon Passage.

Regards from John A . . . . 7th October 2016

Fri Oct 07

Who lived in Garnham Street N16 1n the 1950/60s?

Fri Oct 07


My memories of living in Aden Grove no 7. Which was next to the church. My fathers company was transferred to Guildford surrey . And looking at Google pictures our two house and the church was demolished to accommodate flats. So sad so many memories would love to share. I was borne 1951. Please reply.

Fri Jun 24

Hi my name is Janet was Kemp. I lived in Aden Grove and went to Stoke Newington School. Borne in 1951. Am keen to compare notes and early memories of the school, saw your posting and was intrigued. Would love to hear from you.

Fri Jun 24

Any-one new to the area wanting to meet up for social evenings?

Hi there,

my names is Elsie,

newish to this part and hoping to meet new people to hang out with. 30-65 years is fine by me . Any younger and i fear you'd have to be pretty mature......

Sun Jun 12

Hello Laura!

I was born in Stoke Newington in1948 and lived in Garnham Street(where the ’Jolly Butcher’ is the corner) above the 'barber shop' until 1962.

Unlike you I went Fleetwood Pimary School from 1953-1959 - However I did go to Daniel Defoe from 1959-1963, my first teacher there was Miss Armstrong in class 1B and my last was Miss Preece in class 4S

I too remember: Lyon's Teashop, Woolworth’s, The Post Office, Dyson's, The Fire Station and many other shops etc.

Posted June 2016

John A

Contact Via:- facebook.com/john.saxon.568

Sat Jun 04

I too went to Fleetwood School from 1953-1959, my first teacher there was Miss Morgan, and my last being Mr Addlington.

I was born in 1948 and lived in Garnham Street above the 'barber shop' until 1962.

When I was 9 years old I had a little girl friend, and she being the daughter of a fireman also lived in the Leswin Rd/Brooke Rd fire station at No 4 or 5 - her name was Linda Hopgood or Hopwood?

I too remember: Lyon's Teashop, The Post Office, Dyson's also the Green Grocers you mention and many other shops etc.

In June 1953 (Coronation Week) I was run over by a van. Apparently I just turned and dashed across the Zebra Crossing o/s Woolworth's - First on the scene

to offer assistance were a couple of Firemen from that nearby station.

I literally never knew what hit me, all I remember is coming round in an ambulance on it's way to the Metropolitan Hospital where I was kept in for a week or more.

Posted 3 June 2016

John A

Sat Jun 04


Sat Jun 04

Sat Jun 04

Sat Jun 04

I lived in Stoke newington from 1949 in Clevedon street & went to fleetwood school

Thu Mar 31

I lived in stokenewing ton

Mon Feb 15

Wed Dec 30


I have lived in Stoke Newington all my life, since 1952 and I have always known it as "Stokey" because my Dad, who was born in 1924, and his family always called it Stokey.

It's a term of affection and I don't know why people think it's a new name brought to the area by so called "newbies", it isn't.

This is always coming up on the group I run on Facebook called I Lived In Stoke Newington.

It's still Stoke Newington but Stokey to everyone, just like "Donny" is a term of affection for the people who live in Doncaster, Yorkshire.

Thu Nov 05

Yes, go to Stunt Dolly in Dalston.

Brilliant place and pretty much all my friends and family go there as word spreads. Dean who owns the place cuts my hair and is brilliant, but all of the team are great.

Thu Oct 15

Space available for young gay guy in transition. IM me

Temp space available

Wed Sep 09

old stamford hill library

Does anyone remember the old stamford hill library that used to be in stamford hill broadway?it was in an old shop, and once a week the front of the shop was the rates office! i worked there in the 60's, never liked the new library, only worked there for a short time, my e

Thu Jul 30

I lived in the firemans' living accomodation in Brook Rd fire station from the late 1940's until around 1956 (my Dad having been a fireman). I attended Fleetwood Primary School. I do remember the Lyons Teashop, also the green grocers in Brook Road where a very jolly portly chap served.

My Mum used to draw her family allowance in the Post Office on the corner of Brook Rd and sometimes if the money was available she would buy me a 6d National Savings stamp (the one with Princess Anne's head on it).

Wed Jul 22

calling jackie in georgia

hi Jackie or should i say Georgia peach think you left wrong e mail on stamfordhill site ??? if you leave the right one i will get in touch and have a few magic moments of nostalgia //philip

Mon Jul 20


I am from Stoke- Newington now live in Atlanta Georgia U S A just read your post and loved it

Wed Jul 15

I love scrabble too - did you all manage to play? Would love to start a mini league/group


No idea how old all these posts are but wondering if you managed to sort a few games out. I'd love to join!!

Mon May 25


Hi Everyone,

A new hatha yoga class is now available at the Mildmay Community centre (5min walk from stoke newington green road). Here are the details:

Monday 7:30-8:30pm

Price: £7.5 per class (£5 for student)

£25 for a book of 5 classes

Address: mildmay community centre

woodville road, N16 8NA

Contact Dunya at

Tue Feb 17

keek the love up you young jiterbugs

just tuned in from across the pond WOW you guys are really on the ball not like that when i lived in n 16 only Sunday dances ,and church st was a dreary looking dump ,with dirty old shops & a little park at the end near the town hall

guess im a old fart now but i sure had fun at a place called larkswood swimming outdoor pool i remember getting on a bus at lea bridge rd going there for a tanner ,rubbing olive oil all over as no one could afford real sun tan oil think it was in chingford near the forest that being in the 50 s girls looked like goddesses & every guy had a D A or Tonie Curtice hair style ,my one diapered but the memories linger on /god bless all my friends if they are still around

Fri Aug 29

Loves your post Stoke-Newington was a great place to grow up

Thu Aug 21

l live in Hawksley ct and went to Daniel Defoe in the 50's

Thu Aug 21

i lived in stokenewington ?

Fri Jul 04

What About Stoke Newington? Reply.

There is a Facebook group called I Lived In Stoke Newimgton which has over 1,100 members ranging in age from their 20’s to 80’s. It is a group for reliving memories of Stoke Newimgton and the people who lived there and finding old and new friends with something in common, Stoke Newington. The places mentioned here have been discussed many times. You can email me at

Wed Jun 25

Hi can u email details for the dog walking u need,don't know how old this add is live HIGHBURY- thanks

Mon Jun 23

Documentary looking at housing in Hackney

We are making a documentary for Channel 4 that looks at the current situation in the housing market in London and elsewhere in the UK. One area we are interested in looking at is Hackney borough, an area that has seen dramatic rises in house prices that are impacting on anyone living or trying to move into the community.

We want this to be a comprehensive and authoritative look at the housing market viewed through the experiences of everyone, from first-time buyers to keyworkers to families seeking a larger home.

At this stage, we are interested in speaking with as broad a range of people as possible for background research. If you would like to share your experiences, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact producers Dan Trelford

Tue Jun 17

I remember it well.

You are quite correct Lyons was opposite F.W.Woolworth in Stoke Newington High Street.

Fri May 30


For anyone who is living in or has ever lived in Stoke Newington, why not join the Facebook group I Lived In Stoke Newington? It is a friend group with almost 1,000 members and where people can find old friends and neighbours, and meet new friends, and share memories of days gone by.

Just type I Lived In Stoke Newington into the Facebook search box at the top of your Facebook page and it will come up.

Tue May 13

It was Stephens, I lived in stoke newington from 1943 till 1970.I have great memories of it.I lived in Hawksley road

Wed Mar 26

Sounds like the time's i come from

Thu Mar 06

Sounds like the time's i come from

Thu Mar 06

Hi, I was searching the net for information on the Lyons tea shop in Stoke Newington. I came across your contribution on this page and wonder if you can help. I was speaking to a facebook friend who lived in the Stoke Newington area around the same time as I did, late 50s/early60s, but she cannot remember the Lyons Tea Shop which was situated on the opposite side to Woolies. I believe its now a pub. I notice you lived there in the 50s and wonder whether you remember Lyons. I lived in Brooke Road (with the post office on the corner. The was a fire brigade station just off Brooke Road. I attended William Patten primary and Daniel Defoe Secondary Modern and my contact email is

Thu Dec 19

anyone remember sculpture outside stamford hill library in late 60s early 70s

Sun Dec 01

no luck at Hackney Archives...any other ideas

Tue Nov 26

Hackney Archives have nothing about sculpture outsiude Stamford Hill library.....someone out there must remember it!

Tue Nov 26


All, if anyone wants to play regular badminton, I organise a Friday night club at Clissold. 8pm til 10pm. We're not competitive. A few of us play well, but it's more about banter and fun. Mail me for more info:

Mon Nov 04

The Jazz Department October 2nd

The Jazz Department with dj Jen spinning cool 50’s and 60’s jazz downstairs at Ryan’s Bar. Get the vibe of the stylish beatnik clubs from 50’s Soho, LA, Paris, and New York. With live jazz from stylish London based singer, songwriter & musician Florence Joelle.

Wednesday 2nd October 2013 First Wednesday of the month.

8pm -12.00am

£5.00 on the door /£2.00 after 11pm

Ryan’s Bar downstairs, 181 Stoke Newington Church Street London N16 0UL

Sun Sep 29

Book Club

Is there any update on the book club? I'm keen to join but can only find one at 11 am on a Thursday, which is a bit tricky to manage!

Fri Aug 02

Still interested in badminton at Clissold?

Hi, I have a membership at Clissold gym and usually play badminton once a twice a week with my boyfriend or flatmates, but I'm the only

one that works from home and I'd like to play before work - would you be interested in playing a 7am or 8am game in the week?

Thu Jul 11

I'd love to play badminton, is anyone still up for playing? I can most days.

Sun May 05

Hi guys,

I'm definitely looking for people to play Badminton with, even everyday.

Sun May 05

google mei quan academy

They have classes all over london - including Stoke Newington I think

Sun Mar 17


Hi i live in south london and have done most of my life, i am wanting a change and have been offerd a swap to stoke newington, i was lead to beleave it was an up and comming area with lots of cafes,bars and restaurents, (sorry about spelling) but on further research on the internet, it seems to be a rougth area with lots of crime, this seems to be the only place where there seems to be any normality, what is it really like? thanks kym.

Wed Jan 30


Hi i am 53 and would like to meet new blk friends 6or going out and b good friends men or woman,I like sports,cooking reading,lovers rock,R&B,black shows ect and having a darn good laugh

Sat Jan 05


Julian - Using this this site cos finding it very difficult (several of us are) to post on Stamford Hill site. Have been posting there for over a year - always non-offensive and not advertising - yet nothing or little going through - WHY? - HELP! Thankyou!

Tue Dec 25


Hi, I am looking cleaning jobs in your area. I have got experience as cleaner and can provide a high standard of hygiene even without expensive materials. Smiling personality and social nature, strong sense of responsibility and very good education. Every job is important, and even the smallest work should be done well. I am empathetic with the needs of every customer. Please call me on ********0!

With references!

Mon Dec 10


I am cleaner with experience, who is looking for morning part-time opportunities. Person with very good communication skills, smiled and helpful.

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact with me (

Mon Dec 10


Hello! I want a exchange english for spanish too.

I'm 23, I'm a girl from Spain who is living in Stoke Newington. If you are still iterested send me a email

Sun Nov 18

Still looking for regular cleaner?

Contact "miss maid" and mention my name Todor Bogdev to them..

Their web site is www.missmaid.co.uk

Mon Oct 22

Hello from N17

Hi, I would like to play badmington with you.

I live in n17, but I can catch a bus.


Fri Aug 17

hi from n17

Hi, if you want to do jogging in Bruce Castle Park in n17, why not?

I am a female who also wants to do jogging after work.


Fri Aug 17

Whatever happened to...

A chap who was always visible around Church St/ High Street. We used to jokingly call him the 'Mayor of Stoke Newington' as he wore a large medallion outside his shirt. Always dressed quite dapper with a Fedora and lots of jewellery, think his name might have been Del, Dale, or Ted? Always smiling and a bit of a rogue, ha lots of time for the ladies. He vanished a cple of years ago. Someone mentioned a prison stretch? Anyone shed some light?

P.S. we called it Stokey when I moved to London 12 years ago.

Thu Aug 16

Sally - Sculpture

Call local council - they will have the records!

Good luck - Jacky

Thu Aug 02

Defoe Book Group


Fri Jul 27

scuplture outside Stamford Hill Library in the 1970s

Does anyone remember the scuplture outside the library in Stamford Hill-I am sure it was a Henry Moore-friends think I am delusional.

Mon Jul 16

Defoe Book Group - N16

Longstanding Stoke Newington book group has room for new members. We're currently all female and in 30s-40s but open to all interested parties. We're a relaxed group with a fair dose of pub chat as well as the book discussion. Recent reads include William Boyd, Muriel Spark, Charles Dickens, China Mieville and Vaclav Havel.

Wed May 30

I grew up in nearby Stamford Hill and it was and still is always known as "THE HILL" , but until now have NEVER heard of Stoke Newington called "Stokey" - we live and learn!!!

Mon May 28

Looking for friends for gigs, pints etc

Just moved to Stokey for a new job from America. Looking for normal people to hang with after work for a pint or to attend some gigs. (Rock, indie, ska, etc). Email if interested! (F/Age 29)

Sun May 06

Need a room to rent for 6 months


I'm a resident of Stoke Newington and I've had my flat there for five years. But at the moment I'm renting it out because my work as a journalist takes me all over the world and I'm not in the UK often.

But I need to come back to London for six months at the end of April and I'd like to come back to Stoke Newington. I'm looking for a room to rent for just six months.

I'm female, non-smoker, full-time international journalist, no pets and a good housemate!

If anyone can help me out I'd be really grateful.

Many thanks


Sat Mar 17

Best restaurant for a celebration?

50th birthday dinner for about six people? Need good food, good drink, good atmosphere. Music a plus but not crucial. Recommendations please??? to

Tue Mar 06

Can anyone remember the name of the department store that used to be opposite Abney Park cemetery, just past Cazenove Road? Was it Stephens?

Back in the 50s I went shopping with my mother most Saturday mornings to Stoke Newington High Street. It used to take half day!

I remember a butchers just past Church Street that had the pneumatic cash system on wires above your head, and the Lyon's opposite where we went for tea and cakes. They 'hid' their hot meals behind rows of metal doors. Also, the Sainsbury's, opposite Brooke Road I think, where you queued up for butter (taken off a big lump with wooden paddals) cheese, sugar etc at different counters. Seems a million years ago. Great memories!

Stephen Barry (ex Lynmouth Road)

Sun Jan 22

1966-1970 routemaster bus drivers conductors conductress

Hi im desperatley looking for any semi retired / retired Bus drivers who either drove routmasters or conductered / conductressed them in the late 1960s..

My Birth mother was name Wendy Barson and she was a conductress poss working out of Stamford Hill bus depot., as she lived at Stoke Newington.. 1 Dunsmure Road. i do have a few photos of wendy,

She worked with a bus driver Bill not sure if Bill was his name or nickname..?

Also there was a driver called James or jimmy he was from malta and i think his wife may off been a conductress too.. ive photos of him in the late 60s.

Joseph ward or waud believe he was greek cypriot ..? but he did have olive skin and dark hair working or living in the area.

Anyone who thinks the names ring a bell or you think it could be you or family Please Please get intouch with me

Sat Jan 21

Stoke Newington

I lgrew up near Stoke Newington statiion in the 1940s and 50s and never heard the area referred to as Stokey! It was always Stoke Newsington town hall, or Stoke Newington High Street. It's only in the last few years that I have seen the word Stokey, usually in the 'trendy' newspapers. I thought you had to live in Stoke-on-Trent to be a real Stokey!

Sun Jan 08

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