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Family tree - felicii@hotmail.com

Hello, I'm looking for Keith Davidson, born 28/3/1951 in Stepney. His parents were Alfred William Davidson and Hannah Eileen Newman. I am doing some research into my family tree and I have some gaps. I think his children (Hayley and Thomas) still live in East London but Keith has moved to the home countries although not sure. Thank you.

Mon Aug 17


Hi, I am trying to trace some family tree and I saw this post when I did a name search. My G/G/grandfather is James Fraser and the only information I have was born 1837, Clyde Barracks, Stepney. I have been unable to obtain a birth certificate to confirm his birth or parents. He came out to New Zealand at some point and married. I also would be interested in contact details to find these records if you're willing to share. Thank you

Mon Apr 13

Ronandsylvie 2323.ataol.com

My parents both resided

My parents both raidedre in Cowley gardens e.1 they lived at no 17 my mother and her sisters and their mother also were brought up in Crowley gds. formally cowley street my father was killed in the street on 19.03. 1941 he was a fiirefireman when bombs were dropped his name was Walter cook and is commorated on statue outside St. Paul’s

My mother’s maiden name was GRiffin

Cook was my mother’s married.

Name previously griffin my grandma lived in the street until it was demolished in the 60 is.

Sun Dec 23

richard tremain

trying to find a post for richard tremain born in stepney about 1946

Tue Sep 25

My nan Constance Buck was born in Cowley street

Number 42 cowley Street in 1935.

She had 2 sisters, Doreen born 1931 and Patricia born 1928

Sat Sep 01

Single Street Stepney

I know it’s nothing to do with your enquiries, I use to live in Solebay Street and I new a Linda Clayton from Single Street opposite the bombed out school also the Parkers & Oakleys, sorry if I’m intruding but I have memories from 1945 to around 1957 my name is Terry Regan

Wed Feb 28

Searching for Clyde Barracks, Stepney

I'm researching a branch of my Fraser family who lived at Clyde Barracks, Stepney, London. I wondered if anyone could tell me what "Clyde Barracks" was in the 1800s. Someone suggested it might be a work house.

Mon Aug 29

Cowley Street around 1930

I was born in Cowley street and went to Broad street school at 3 years of age- is anyone still around. There was a railway at the end of the street. I knew someone who's last name was Homes or Holmes. I am 88 now and survived the blitz in 1940 Bromley By Bow.

Thu May 21

Evening News men

Any body worked on the evening news back in the 60's

and did Willesden junction on rota love to here from you Del

Mon Dec 22

Jean worked at Alid insurance late 60s

Jean did you remember Kay Who worked on the switchboard with you please reply Derek her partner at the time

Mon Dec 22

St Dnstans Church - Stepney

I believe that this Church has birth, marriage & death records going back many, many years, The church is well over 1000 years old, it is known as 'the Church of the High Seas" as it kept records of births at sea.

Suggest that you write to the Rector of St Dunstan's Church at the Rectory, Stepney, London. E1

Mon Sep 01

Ancestry help

Hi, I know this is a long shot but I am looking for my father and I was wondering if anyone could help me. I was born in 1960 and lived in Cable street with my mother Regina Cartwright. All I know of my father is that he was Jamaican and his name was James Steel and he was a chef. If anyone could help I would be grateful. If anyone does think of anything please get in contact with

Wed Mar 12

Single Place

Hello Bill

I lived in Single Place in the 1940`s. I must have been aged about 6 or so. I think my house was about 3 or 4 houses in from Single Street. We used to run across the road to the air raid shelter when the raids were on. There was a bombed out church also in Single Place.

Mon Sep 16

MEOT stands for Mile End Old Town, an area of East London incorporating Stepney,Bow,Poplar etc.

Tue Nov 06

re single street

Hello, I am tracing my family tree. I lived in Single Place in 1940. It was offshoot of Single Stret. This was off Harford Street Mile End. Google MILE END SINGLE STREET as a start.

Wed May 23

Single Street, Stepney


My husband's aunt, Helen Heather Edwards, lived at 30 Single Street when she married Robert Richard Maguire, who lived at 26 Single Street, at Holy Trinity Church, Stepney on 27 March 1937.

Any more information please

Thu May 19

mr and mrs hamilton

my mother sheila clayton lived at 30 single street

Sun Oct 31

Tulloch Family

I am looking for descendants of my great great grandparents, John Tulloch and Sarah Garrett.

My great great grandfather was John also & I have a Christening date of 21.09.1794 at St Georges in the East Independent, Old Gravel Lane Stepney.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sun Oct 10

Fri Jun 04

28 Single Street

I had to change my e-mail address for this notice. It is now

Thu May 27


What was St.Dunstons M.E.O.T nean in the 19th.century. Replu to

Wed Oct 21

James Fraser

Persons born at sea and landing in the East End, were generally registered at Bethnal Green.

Sun Sep 20


DNA indicates that Stephens, Vaughs, and Hoopers are related. One is our members has ties back to Stepney. Do you see those names in late 1600s-early 1700, particularly if they show contact with each other?

Sun Sep 20


Re yr enquiry do you know the names of the parents of Caroline Mary Knox born 1889-91 Stepney?- As I may possibly and hopefully

Fri Aug 28

hi valerie

my father in law was in john benn house about the same time at the moment i am trying to find a book that was published may have been a year book. john benn house is no longer there

regards monica pridie

Tue Aug 04

Hi, my grandon Hal is now living and working in Bethnal Green and I would like to know if John Benn House in Bower Street still exists. It is where my father lived as an orphan in the 1920s and 30s. Also can you tell me if the firm "Hendersons", which used to be a shipping chandlery in Stepney, still exists. It is where my father worked for many years. Thank you. Regards Valerie Cozens

Sun May 10

I am looking for my father's birth details.His name is Herbert John Saint. He lived in Stepney with his parents and

6 siblings. He was born on 27th April 1917 and orphaned during the flu pandemic

in 1918 or 1919. He and his siblings were sent to a nearby orphanage and later he lived at John Benn House, hostel for boys. I would like to know his place of birth and his parents' details, including place of residence. Any other details would

be welcome. My father died in 1980. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Valerie Cozens (nee Saint)

Sun May 10

28 Single Street

Is there a 28 Single Street in Stepney? The marriage certificate is for St Peter Stepney and it says the couple lived at 28 Single Street. Any help here? Thanks

Fri Feb 20

Life Drawing in Stepney on thursday night

60 yards from Stepney Green station there is a place where you can Draw, Draw and draw for about £5 a head for 3 hours. As long as I bring a few friends sometime and nothing else because we share the cost. Yesterday the model was a formidable Brazilian curvy and flexible model, the music was so relaxing, tony was so attentive and helpful, people so friendly, poses amazing and beer on the tap, I simply wonder if It wasn't a dream. Today I went to meetup.com/lifedrawingsociety and it wasn't they do it everywhere in London in absolutely perfect locations.

I had to let you know, let's bring our pencils and change the world to a better one.

Mon Jan 19

creative writing group

Is there a writers group in stepney that meet up and discuss their work?

Sun Jul 13

Looking for Caroline Mary Knox family - Stepney

Searching for family of Caroline Mary Knox, born in Stepney/Mile End around 1889 - 91. Caroline left there for Canada/USA around 1904 - 1914.

Will appeciate reply/info to -

Wed Jul 09

walker family seach

34 brenton street year 1916 anyone know walker family? isabella and frank, please help, if you know were they moved to, or there family are.thank you jan,

Wed Jul 02

The free drinks promotion is wrong.

Do not bother printing that off, the manager says he never wrote it and didnt even know the site existed. He was very understanding though and gave a free drink anyway just because he said he felt bad for me having bothered to do it.

All in all a nice social pub with decent food and a very safe place. CCTV and bouncers for your safety make you feel really relaxed not having to watch your wallet every 5 seconds.

A lot of students though, if you have an issue with that stay clear.

Wed May 28

Fri Mar 07



Sat Feb 23


Sat Feb 23

Locally living friends


do you live in Stepney and sometime feel like you would like to have more locally living friends? After 4 years in Stepney lots of my local friends have moved out and I really miss having people just around the corner. Would love to meet new people living in Stepney who are up for a coffee at Departure (great new coffee shop if you have not been), drink in one of our local pubs, picknic on Sunday afternoon or just a lazy evening at someone’s house….. or anything else.


Fri Feb 22

just been told to check this site as i have hit a brick wall, i have an ancestor who was 'Born at sea' about 1824, never found her birth info, how do i find the info i need? is there a special website, not heard of St Dunstan's Stepney, before.

Sun Dec 23

stepney kid

my uncle was the other half, alex steel, my mother's brother, she was talking about him the other day, their sister nancy had died, and the funeral was last week, my mother has no photographs only past knowlege, she is nearly 89yrs old, her name is ellen, but is known as nelly. I am one of her 7 children, she is the last in the steel family, their brother john died last year.I would love to know more, all my mum says is that alex would tell their mother that he was popping out for 10 minutes, and be gone for 2 years!

Thu Dec 20

Shredinger cat, detectors, cat

Sun Nov 04

Shredinger cat, good table, cat

Wed Oct 31

Shredinger cat, good table, cat

Sat Oct 27

East is the best place in London

I've been living near Stepney Green station for 2 years and it's a great place to live. It's so convenient for socialising in central london and brick lane! The last person to get shot in London was in Clapham!

Thu Oct 25

Shreder cat, good table, cat

Wed Oct 24

ian_lyn @hotmail.co.nz

David my family come from Stepney James Fraser said that he was born at Clyde Barracks Stepney London

His wife said that her husband was born at sea near London , the birth is before Register, and i have know idea who his parents were but do you think this will be the parish that will have some record of him

And if it is can you give me a address to write to

E MAIL etc

Sat Oct 13

Stepney - Londoner in Paradise

I'm looking for the family of my 4th great-grandfather John Hale Hunt (born 5 Aug 1822, Stepney, London) who showed up in Paradise (Samoa, South Pacific) sometime between 1870 and 1885, and swept my gX4-grandmother off her feet. Any one know of how I can find birth information? Everywhere I've checked on the net only offer services starting about 1840 or so....

Mon Aug 20

hi i workmin stepney and its not a very nice place to be

its dirty full of rude people and its very dangerous to go out of a night because there are a lot of young asian men who harras young women

Mon Jul 02

I live off Ben Johnson road, and know the yellow police sign you are referring to, but I've been there a year, and that was the first one I have seen. I've never had any serious problems, and read up on that incident in the local press - apparently a group of kids (it said 9-16 year olds) attacked a girl in broad daylight, but some other men drove past, and chased them off. Still, not a nice thing to happen, but not quite as bad as it seemed on the police signs. Don't rule it out, I say, as I like all the greenery of the churchyard near there.

Fri Jun 29

good to hear..

I am thinking of renting in stepney and was wondering which part you live in? good to hear theres someone who thinks it is safe!


Wed Jun 13

Thinking of renting stepney...

Hi - thinking of renting in stepney with boyfriend and a mate, looks good and cheap but concerned about whether its safe or not, thing is i guess everywhere east is a bit rough and you just gotta be careful

first impressions can make you think somewhere is rougher than it is as well - i always think its good if lots of families live there. What are your feelings about the area now?

Wed Jun 13

Stepney/Ben Jonson Road - Safe?

hi everyone,

my boyfriend and I are thinking of buying somewhere in Stepney, possibly on Rectory Square and thought it seemed like a fairly quiet safe area until we visited today and saw a scary police sign about a girl who'd been assaulted by a gang of 10 men on Ben Jonson Road! Slightly freaked out now and wondered what you think of that area? Is Ben Jonson and the surrounding estates an area to avoid and is it true there's lots of regeneration going on? Also is the walk to Limehouse safe?

Any advice or thoughts greatly appreciated!!


Sun Jun 10

Cable Street

Has it altered much since the end of WW2?

Mon May 28


Sun Apr 22

Lost Cat

Our cat escaped from his basket on the way to the Vet yesterday. In Alderney Road, Stepney Green. He ran into a back garden. His name is Thomas, he is a 20-month old neutered male, micro-chipped, black with white paws and chest and a distinctive small white mark on his forehead. He will be very frightened as he does not know the area at all - he lives in Bethnal Green. If you see him or know of his whereabouts, please

Thu Apr 12

Thanks Micky - really helpful and reassuring :)


Sun Feb 25

stepney meet ups - andrew 11 Dec and any one else?

I live by victoria park and work near stepney. I have friends in the area and visit frequently. Are you settling in yet?

mail me or post reply if you're interested.

Sat Feb 24

alderney road

there is some nice green space near alderney road sometimes it can feel a bit hectic around stepney green tube. you can still get to bg very easily and roman road. My teen daughter has a friend on globe road and they visit each other by bus and feel safe doing so. like anywhere in a big city you get to know it and know how to handle yourself around an area.

good luck

Sat Feb 24

Alderney Road, Stepney Green

Hi everyone,

My fiance and I currently live on Bethnal Green Road and love it. We are thinking about moving to a slightly cheaper place on Alderney Road and wondered what the area around is like? We don't know Stepney Green/Whitechapel as well as we know Bethnal Green/Shoreditch/Roman Road etc and would like to know how it compares. It seems to have less interesting things to do at weekends but as we don't mind travelling back up to BG that's not a dealbreaker. How safe is it right by the tube? How would people compare it to BG?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Sat Feb 24

Try Google Maps

My Great Great Grandfather lived at 22 Beaumont Square. You can see a map of the square on google maps. Just enter the address on the google maps search page.

Mon Feb 05


I have lived in many areas of london, and for many years lived in Stepney Green. I am a single woman, and have always felt 100% safe living in this lovely mulit-cultural borough. I always find that the local people are always willing to be friendly, sociable and to help out if needs be.

Thu Feb 01

Norman Chamberlin of Stepney

Hi Folks,

I am researching my ancestry. I have discovered my great grandfather Norman Chamberlin was born on 7/3/1842 at 18 Beaumont Square, Stepney (his parents were Denham & Ann Georgiana (nee Norman) Chamberlin). I live in Queensland, Australia and I can't wander down to Stepney & check out the address. Can anybody advise if the address still exists or deos anyone know anything of the Chamberlin's of Stepney. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I am contactable at

Sun Dec 24

Ive just moved there

and yikes!

I've been there a week and its looking pretty grim. Gangs of youths roaming, car chases, screaming arguments in alleys and no organic milk in the shops.

I know there's some good stuff there or there abouts and I'm looking for folk to help me find and enjoy it.

I'm a 33 year old straight male into pool, gigs, pubs (not bars) and non-car-chase based films. Anyone fancy meeting up for adventures or just safety in numbers?


Mon Dec 11

Henry Collins was a starchmaker in Stepney London.1630

He had 3 children - all baptised in St Dunstan,s Stepney - . The family - wife three children and three servants sailed in The Abigail 1635. to Lynn Mass

I can give you details and references through many lines to the present day!(Each generation had lots of children. Our line ended up in Duchess Co NY after adventures in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War - makes history very interesting.M Z

Wed Oct 25

What is Stepney like?

Hiya, I've been thinking of moving to Stepney and was wondering if anyone could tell me what its like? I currently live in Stoke Newington and love it because it's got loads going on and clissold park to stroll round in good weather.

Does Stepney have cool bars?Green space? Cooll atmosphere?

Any info would be great!

Thank you

Wed Jul 05

Desperatley Seeking Pia

As topic sugests I am Northern English lad named Aaron seeking Swedish girl named Pia, who has recently returned form Crete Greece where she met me walking the samaria gorge. She lives in east london poss whitechaple, 33 years old tanned and blonde hair. bit of a needle in haystack i know but really want her to get in touch, ring any bells?

Sun Jun 18

A Cockney Kid

In 2001 I wrote a book titled A Cockney Kid in Green Wellies it tells of my ancestors who lived in Stepney for 300 years and also of my childhood before and during the Blitz in WW11 and my evacuation to the country. My father was very well known in Stepney he was one half of the double act Ruston and Steel piano and songs performing in pubs and cinemas they also broadcast on BBC radio on both home and overseas service. They are featured on Churchmans cigarrette cards series In Town Tonight. I am very proud of my East End heritage and go back often.

Sat May 13


Hi I dont mean to put you off but there was a shooting on and stabbing on Ben johnson rd November 05. It is safe during the day though.

Thu Jan 05

Netball Coach needed!!

Looking for someone to coach our university netball team/club. Please get in contact. You will be paid.

Thu Dec 01


stepney i love it........u can go to the george in limehouse or soma or whitechapel art gallery take 25 bendy bus, eat at l'oasis . walk up to bow in the summer and have a drink in the morgan arms or take a trip to broadway market up the road in hackney or maybe go to genesis cinema and see Lord of the rings for 3.50 on a wednesday!

Mon Nov 21

Only one I've tried is the Whitechapel Sports Centre, kinda behind the tube station. Cheap and clean, with some good classes.

Fri Nov 18

Park/Friendly Football E1 Area


I have just moved to Stepney .

To begin with I am looking for people to get involved in some park football on saturdays or sundays to help keep fit. If there is enough interest could end up putting a team into a 5-a-side league but first things first .

Any standard more than welcome. Just come and kick a ball about and have a laugh. if you are interested

Mon Nov 07

Trying get a team together.

if you are interested please

Mon Nov 07


ive lived here 8 yrs....ended up here by acccident and liked it straight away......in that time it has changed alot. There are more students here now and more money moving in , more 'regeneration '. I think because of its close proximity to the city, docklands, shoreditch brick lane etc it will only get more popular. It is crying out for a decent deli/heathfood/ oraganic shop etc...rather than the CO-OP and the fast food chicken places......

Tue Oct 04

Recommended Cleaner in Stepney

Hello All,

Just arrived in Stepney, was wondering if you could recommend us a cleaning company around ?

Thanks a lot


Mon Sep 05


I am trying to Find Sophia Mitchell b 1814 in or around Stepney.She married Thomas Morgan ?? had 5 Children all born in Stepney.Elizabeth 1846 james b 1849 Charles b 1851 Amelia b 1852 Sophia b 1853 .

Sun Aug 14

I would be most interested in your research . Did you find Nicholas: Biography Life of William Davison?

Tue Jul 05

it seems that this biography Life of Davison was written by a cerain Nicolas. Maybe the British Library London has a copy

Tue Jul 05

St Dunstans Church - Stepney

I was an altar buy and choir boy at the Chiurch for many years (I now live in Thailand). I remember that the Church had many ancient records, particularly of births, deaths & marriages. I have no doubt that a letter to the Rector at St Dunstan's may be able to offer some assistance.

Tue May 24


Does anyone remember William McCarthy, Rosina McCarthy also known as Rosina Linay and Rosina Dye or titchy/totchy McCarthy i think from Stepney/Bethnal Green area.

William McCarthy was born about 1927/28 and married Rosina Linay they had about 4 children William died in 1953 aged only 26, Rosina re-married and became Rosina Dye we believe she had more children rosina died in 1975 aged only 46. We believe titchy/totchy McCarthy may have been his father but don'know his real name does anyone remember him.

We also have these addresses 24 Brightlingsea buildings, Stepney and 36 Leyland House, Old Nichols Street, Bethnal Green. Does anyone remember anything the smallest piece of info will help even if it doesn't match up with what we have we don't know how much is

Wed Feb 16

Please help

I would like to know what your perceptions of crime in the area of Stepney are. Do you think that crime has increased? Is Stepney safe? If you do think that crime has increased why is that. Thankyou.

Fri Dec 03

"Life of Davison"

Do you know anything of a biography that was written about William Davison entitled "Life of Davison" ?

I would love to find a copy. According to family legend, I am a direct descendant. However, I have been unable to confirm this. I am missing 2 generations of information connecting our lines.


Ray Bartley

Tue Nov 30


Did you find a gym on the mile end road or nearby? im looking for one aswell?

Wed Nov 17

please send me info

Mon Oct 18

please send me info

Mon Oct 18

Fri Oct 01



Im looking for a gym near to stepney or even whitechapel and possibly open early?any suggestions would be Great.x

Wed Aug 25

Nearest private gym is probably in the Thomas Moore Centre off the Highway, and it does have a pool!

Wed Jun 23

Gud Pub When They Let Me In =(

I Love it in the Hayfeild, the food is fantasic, the great 'life size' jenga, squiggy sofas, live footie on the big screen, the pool tabels...but I am reluctant to go down there as sometimes the 'bouncers' let you in whoever you are - other times you need a student card to get passed teh doors if you dont you have no hope.

Sun Feb 15


I totally disagree!

Stepney is definitly an upcoming area, especially the part closer to Bethnal Green,interesting arty people are starting to move in making it an very consmopolite place.It's quieter than Whitechapel, cleaner and very safe. There're a few really amazing pubs near by: Soma and the Florist are great for a drink, and the food at The Oasis is absolutly gorgeous!

I've been here for two years and I'm definitly not moving out!

Mon Feb 09


Trains are every minutes , busy but never really parked, especially on the Hammersmith and city line where you can always sit down!

Mon Feb 09


Cheaper than whitechapel &Bethnal Green but still in proximity of all you have there, bricklane, markets, bars etc.Plus 3 tube lines! Been here 3.5 yrs and going nowhere.

Sun Feb 01



Fri Jan 23

G.P. without too much wait

There is a doctor's surgery on Roman Rd. called Globe Town, they don't give appointments, but if you call at 9 (and be persistant, as it's always engaged at that time) you can make an appointment for the same day. You can't book a day in advance, but you can get seen pretty soon if you're quick with your dialing!!! Try and see Dott. Arnolt, she probably the only one that makes any sense in there (personal view) and she is a nice lady.......

Tue Dec 16

No Stepney gym with a pool

As far as I'm aware there are no nice private gyms in Stepney, the closest gym with a pool is York Hall in Bethnal Green, it's a council pool with a gym, it's OK, not great though and gets very busy in the evenings.

There's a council run gym in Whitechapel behind the station which is nice, but there's no pool, there's also a sports centre in Mile End but it's more geared towards specific sports than a workout gym.

Some one needs to build one, there's definitely a demand there, I would go!

Thu Nov 13

Stepney GP XX Place

There is a very good National Health GP at 2 Stayners Road, right next to the Tube station, it's called XX Place surgery (don't ask me why!) I have used them many times and they've always been very helpful, especially Dr Reid (he's a man, though I've seen several women GP's there too), the phone number is 020 ****658

Thu Nov 13

The Hayfield Pub

The Hayfield is a prodominently student orientatad bar 2 mins from tube. Open till 2am every morning serving food also. It has £1 drinks on monday and comedians on sundays along with great drinks promotions throughout the week. I am the manager so if u print this and bring it in i will give you a free drink or 2

Sun Sep 21

Stepney Ancestors

Hi Dierdre, I have also traced my ancestors to Stepney and have gotten back to pre-1600 family records of birth and marriage. Here is how to trace your ancestors. Start with your own family, and begin going back through the birth, marriage, death, and other records. Talk with those who know to gather information, and be ready for some surprises stories are often different than the facts. The Familysearch.com website owned by the Salt Lake City Geneology Library is the largest in the world and will be of great assistance for record research as well as meeting people through their private family forums..

Your resources in England, especially Stepney, will be important. The family in England knows the origin of the family name you just have to meet them, and familysearch can help you meet people with the same interest. Also, the local shire or archivist in Stepney/London may know your answers and when you are ready can help trace your lineage. It is hard work but really fun, and I wil

Sun Sep 14

William Davison Family History

Im currently researching William Davison, secretary of state to Elizabeth 1, for my 3rd year dissertation project for a Durham history degree. I have discovered that Davison lived in Stepney and I would appreciate any response regarding present family location or otherwise relevant information.

Wed Sep 10


I have been researching my Collins ancestors, and have found that they came from Stepney to Lynn Massachusetts in the early 1600s. They were apparently from Ireland originally. St. Dunstan appears to have been their parish church. Does anyone have any info regarding this family? Thanks!

Christine Collins Coronis

Wed Jul 30


We stumbled upon L'Oasis after a large night and enjoyed a brilliant fry up. The food is very good, especially for Stepney, its a little pricey, though.

Mile End Road, in between Queen Mary's and Stepney Green Station.

Mon Jul 14

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