Welcome to London Stamford Hill

i went to montefiore house school and i am in the photofirst in line second row up on the left

my name is michael guttenberg

Sun Nov 29

Clapton tiger -jackie x- any hill people

Did any people from the hill 1969-1970 go to the waste ( kingsland rd ) shopping or getting apple fritters and hot orange/blackcurrant ?? .I miss those days and the Freund's from that era

Be happy and healthy ,keepsafe

Thu Apr 23

Stamford Hill

I have sent you an email. Do you happen to remember a girl named Bettine? She had a daughter named Katrina Jane and gave her up for adoption. Bettine is desperate to find her. She was at St Mary’s in April 1963. Thank you in advance.

Wed Jul 03

Stamford hill

I have sent you an email. Do you happen to remember a girl named Bettine? She was there from April 1963 and had a little girl she had to give up for adoption that she named Katrina Jane.

Wed Jul 03

Sat Dec 29

Sat Oct 27

Sat Oct 20



Sun Oct 14



Sun Oct 14

Sat Sep 29

150 million WIN WIN WIN

yep i did it my way pip NO HAND OUTS ==SORRY

Wed Sep 26

Thu Sep 20

Tue Jul 31

from boo

bo-boo be doo

Sun Jul 29

Hi pip

Some of the names crop upon Facebook the is a page

(we grew up at Stamford Hill ) or something quite similar it deals with the past and the memories that people like to share maybe you could look in possibly link up with some old and not so old friends

Live longer g happy and healthy


There I go with the is type again

Fri Jul 27

Hi pip

Some of the names crop upon Facebook the is a page

(we grew up at Stamford Hill ) or something quite similar it deals with the past and the memories that people like to share maybe you could look in possibly link up with some old and not so old friends

Live longer g happy and healthy


There I go with the is type again

Fri Jul 27

My name is Mary Wharton (Giddings) I was at St Mary's April to August 1966. Sister Superior was Sister Melier. There was a Sister Deborah Mary who became my sins Godmother. He was baptised in the chapel at the home. If you were there at that time please get in touch

Tue Jun 19

I had my son at St Mary's in 1966 with the wonderful nuns of Csmv (Wantage was their convent) If anyone was there at that time would love to hear from you. I kept my sin who us now 52 and a grandfather

Tue Jun 19

mr boom

boom boom boom

Fri May 11

Clark’s College

I was at Stamford Hill from 1952 to 1956. I would love to

Hear from people who were there at the time.

I still remember the names of the persons

who were in my classes. My teachers were Miss

Fee and Mr Gray.

Raymond Raven

Sat May 05

Sun Apr 29

Thu Mar 01

Wed Feb 14

Mon Jan 29


poor old jolly England has a whole pack of cards but no TRUMPS I raise you on that

Fri Jan 12


new years greetings brothers ,no snow little chilly under arches ,//substitute for youth // yes being allowed to grow into skin gracefully & enjoy senior benefits ,,its a blessing getting ready to go & not see what is happening to gods creation being made a mockery all the wickedness seems to be coming to a head ,,, seems few will survive the heavenly delights ,he who laughs last in gratitude shall enter eternal happiness //POOR OLD JOLLY ENGLAND

Fri Jan 12

Tue Jan 09

Thu Dec 28

Wed Dec 27

1940 something-2018

Sounds more like the "Gettysburg Address"..well done well said.

Mon Dec 25

Sat Dec 23

1940 something - 2018

All of us who had the privilege and pleasure of living and growing up in the "HILL" and contributing and sharing emotions, anecdotes and memories - it was fun, but as someone has said... 'its Goodbye from me - goodbye from him and goodbye from all the others"

Hope 2018 is great .......if not at least OK x

Fri Dec 22

Tue Dec 12

Sun Dec 10

Thu Nov 30

Fri Nov 24


oh, naughty, naughty

Thu Nov 16


me thinks , your thinking only comes from Your blank mind ,, ONLY COMPARISON MATCH UP

Thu Nov 16


HO me thinks its the ladies trying to say some thing in upper blank spaces

Mon Nov 13


as a side note clissold park is still a home or lovers rabbits and deer I might visit soon to see I any o the engravings on the trees are still readable

live long happy and healthy


Sun Nov 12


What about any old packets of three.

Sat Nov 11

glad evidence of lovers promises have disappeared now i can rest easy still no news from edgware ladies .. hows my good friend eddy ??hope he enjoyed norfolk on holliday x mass here already hope west end puts on great show ,here always bright lights & plenty of food & cheers , shame lades & lasses have taken a powder ,anyway hope they are all well and warm around fire place with plenty to eat & drink sure one day we will all meet up & still be good friends // GOD BLESS TO ALL,,,of US stamford hill crowd ,hope the new wave enjoy like we did springfield park /pip

Wed Nov 08


Tue Nov 07


oh, thanks for that.

Tue Nov 07


Springfield Park Bandstand still standing!

OK - not original - all etched on names and scratched messages gone but Bandstand still a monument to us ex Hill kids........well, once upon a long time ago, we were kids!

Sat Nov 04


Springfield Park Bandstand still standing! OK - replaced - stuck on chewing gum gone! Scratched on names and messages gone but Bandstand (OK not original) but still a monument ......to us ex Hill kids (well, we were kids once)!?

Sat Nov 04

Thu Nov 02

Sun Oct 22

I was in the home at the same time October 1960 My son was born on New Years Eve. I remember some of the girls, Paulette and Elizabeth, who Ithink came from Reading. I think she had lovely red hairs. the girls were all lovely, sadly in the same plight as myself then.

I can be found

Thu Oct 19

To John Baker

I wrote sometime back to you, John. I am really hoping that as time has passed that you have some comfort. Life is so short that I hope your birth mother Jacqueline is now in your life.

Anne Hibberd

Thu Oct 19

Sat Oct 14

Fri Oct 06

Wed Oct 04

Tue Oct 03

i was there

conformation on Elvis was Jewish when his tight trousers accidentally tore apart showing his ram- a dam-a ding dong

Fri Sep 29

the Elvis in the shtipp....

But Costello didn't wear Blue Suede Shoes..

Fri Sep 29

Fri Sep 29

the elvis in the shtipp was Costello not Presley elvis p was to scared to perform in the uk

Mon Sep 25

Happy one

Thank you very much....shul in the morning...park in the afternoon..!

Thu Sep 21

pip // happy one

i would like to extend my sincere wishes for jewish new year to my comrades of the immortal stamfordhill may you all be blessed with all you wish yourself s

E MAIL TOO ALMIGHTY ----GOD @ GMAIL,COM if no reply please leave message

Tue Sep 19

Mon Sep 18


Yes I remember him in Egerton Rd cheder and Shul.

He used to blow the shofar and always had his tsitsis hanging out.

Wed Sep 13


just a matter of interest ,,did you know ELVIS PRESLEY was Jewish according to jewish law if you are born from a Jewish mother that makes you a jew if you think i am joking look up records ???

Tue Sep 12


yes we all made it out because we stayed in ???

Tue Sep 12


stayed & faced music . no damage around my property thanks for heads up /PIP ,,,, STAND UP AND FIGHT BOY TILL YOU HEAR THE BELL

Tue Sep 12


Did you , wife and dog make it out ok?

Mon Sep 11

it should have read.....

Well explained !

Sun Sep 10


it should have read" load trump " definitely not lord

sorry about that

Sun Sep 10

pip //the indestructable sending xxxxxxxxxxx

thanks for those wonderful suggestions on wind power also good wishes // pip //always a s hill boy ,even the strongest hurricane can not defeat me because ,, the NASHOOMA of my wonderful parents is wrapped around me ,defying the evil like a shield .even though i walk trough the valley i will defy the devil just like the few ignorant bloggers talking nonsense about Alzheimer ,,TO the best of the best stanfordillions ///a new word in the oxford dictionary // i will survive to play in the sunshine another day and send my best wishes still miss conversation with edgware dollies

Sat Sep 09

sorry, say that again.

Sat Sep 09


to really settle the situation in north v lord tump on to a plane and drop him on their leader

Fri Sep 08


What a great idea. Why on Earth hasn't anyone else thought of that. It must be a first. A "Hillboy" special.

Fri Sep 08


why not turn on loads of industrial blowers and send Irma to north v

Thu Sep 07


Stay safe, batten down the hatches, and as Churchill said

"we can take it"

Wed Sep 06

Thu Aug 31


nothing wrong with Norfolk sport i was evacuated during war time ,very happy time as large expanses of fields & animals up ging yong was just up my ally /still the hottest months here in America reached 115 on my roof but only stays for mid day then comes torrential rain ,makes my acreage look like Springfield park ,must put up band stand ha ha still nice to play guitar on deck i made for dreaming about good times ,some one wrote ,was i responsible for so many babies born ?? condoms where expensive in those days in the 50 to 60 s //who knows //pip GOD BLESS ALL HERE still looking out for those wonderful ladies to say hi

Sun Aug 20


greetings I must agree this site is sadly lacking members it is either memory failure or arthritic fingers next week is my time to hit the tide the Norfolk coast is calling again no parking worries (all the spaces are taken )no guitar just a spouse playing on my nerves

live long happy and healthy


(ps I still cant spell proper)

Thu Aug 17


salutations o wise one my self I fair health just her indoors seeing three or four consultants a month off to Watford tomorrow another gym day lost....alas I believe you are right about the once fabulous HILL as for parking no problem there is no parking all the spaces are taken keep well and keep hoping the HILL will return

live long happy and healthy


Wed Aug 16


you have just read my mind I was just about ready to delete this site from the favorites list as it seems there are no people that are proud of their roots any longer it might be that some of the memories are fading or the fingers can no longer do the walking (a tv adert in uk) I believe the problem is with the internet as words in print are taken at face value so what anyone types may upset a lot of people whereas talking face to face people can read your face and realise that your words should be taken in an entirely different way

ilve long happy and healthy


Wed Aug 16


all these girls born in the 60's in the "unmarried mothers home".......got nuffin to do with you has it.?

Wed Aug 16


hi eddy just us chickens left to-tell the tail /dont think its worth trying as most are brain dead ,,, ,,, others lost it glad i retired from the once fabulous S HILL full of character NOW ,,,WHO KNOWS HOPE YOU ARE KEEPING WELL today for me is a beach day bringing my tent & portable grill , no parking spaces to worry about ,,just park anywhere on sand with out the gutter snips throwing their rubbish everywhere dont know what i done to deserve this wonderful encounter last week spent time in the smokey mountains ,,brought my old guitar and played high in the spectacular views still not taking the views of the yorkshire dales look so ordinary //god bless PIP & A SPECIAL HALLO TO THOSE GREAT GIRLS that spoke the truth about our wonderful times

Tue Aug 15

I was there in October 1960 - my daughter born that month. This is a very long time ago but I do remember a few names.


11 August 2017

Fri Aug 11

Fri Aug 11

where have all the people.....

walking back to happiness whoopee oh ye ye..

Thu Aug 10

what is there now

St marys stamford hill was where i was when i had my son at hackney hospital in march 1963 . Would be so interested to know if still there if not what is there. Also love to hear from anyone there at same time i left apreil 1963

Sun Aug 06


Yes I am simeon

Sat Aug 05

i was in st marys in 1971 my son was born in hackney hospital i am still friends with1 of the girls would love to contact any1 who knew me then. i was to get my son shane adopted but decided to keep him sadly he drowned in 1979.My name was johanna

Wed Aug 02

St Marys mother and baby home

My mum Julie Hoole know in the home as Lynn, spent some time at st Mary's before and after I was born. Today I found a letter from a girl she got to know while she was there. My mum would love to get in contact with her. Her name was Jennifer. In the letter Jennifer mentions. Audrey, Gay, Liz, and felicity. I was born on 6th may 1960.

Fri Jul 28

Tue Jun 27

St. Mary

My mother ended up at St. Mary's, 153 Stamford Hill, London N16 in 1938. It was like a home for unmarried mothers and was run by the nuns. My mother ended up there from Shropshire would you believe and ended up giving birth to my half sister not far away at 102 City Road, London which must have been the local hospital. I have a small baptism certificate from the nuns relating to my half sister and it is headed St. Mary's, Stamford Hill. I went to Google Maps and entered the address of St. Mary's, 153 Stamford Hill, London and it showed a large ornate building which I suspect was St. Mary's. My half sister now lives in New Zealand and has been there for 52 years!

Tue Jun 27

October 1960 - kwr.research@gmail.com

Hi Elizabeth, could I kindly ask you to contact me on the email above.

I am seeking to trace someone who had a daughter who was subsequently adopted. The details match with the information you have posted, I would very much like to discuss this in more detail if at all possible.

Many Thanks

Wed May 31

where have all the people gone long time passing

Tue May 16

can I do you nah sir?

Wed May 10

to itma

I wont take my coat off im not stopping

Sat May 06

ullo ! ullo ! can yer ere me muvva?

Thu May 04

St Mary - kwr.research@gmail.com

Hiya, I am trying to find out a little bit more about St Mary's as I am doing some research on behalf of a friend, as we think her mother may have been born or stayed at St Mary's, we were particularly interested in speaking with anyone who was there in October 1960 - Its a long shot we know, as we do not know if there is definitely a connection but it would be good to speak to anyone who had stayed there and went through the awful process of adoption during that time. We really are struggling to gain more information as we know very very little. Please contact

Sat Apr 22

lillie white

one potatoe two potatoe three ,,or eeny meeny miny mo

the must be lots more all unique to that era but originating indifferent cultures there again cultures as such played less importance than todays politics

Tue Apr 18

please please , take your all ,,,,, even the drippings of your tired old body & dull mind i suggest a long swim in the river lea hopefully not returning & boring us S H GIANTS

Mon Apr 17

to unsigned

a - ha ,sounds like where was the goaly when the ball was in the net hanging round the goalposts with his b,,,,,lls round his neck

Sun Apr 16


If I have to be in goal again i will go home also I will take my all with me

were have i heard that

Sun Apr 16

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