Welcome to London South Wimbledon

Big fat music and film quiz tonight

Big fat film and music quiz tonight!

(contemporary up to date questions, old farts need not apply)

Come on down, and take part in the biggest event since Fred Perry won the mens singles!

Cento Basement Bar, 100 Wimbledon High Street.


All welcome.

Tue Feb 15


Anyone wants a dog walker, cleaner in Wimbledon/South Wimbledon area, please contact me, I'm available every morning till 12.

Fri Aug 06

Mon May 18

Tue Jul 15

Cleaning and ironing

I'm looking for cleaner work.

If you need, please let me know.

Very good cleaning of home, office and ironing.

100% honest, reliable and always on time.

I have cleaning experience.

Good references.

Thank you!



Tue May 20

LEOs painting




We have got lots of references from Wimbledon , Tooting Broadway ,Tooting Bec , Claphan jn. Earlsfield, Wandsworth area .

Big or small , we can give you the best quality.




Mon Apr 28

cleaning service.

:Hi Dear . If you need any help with cleaning and ironing , i would like to help you , i've got good references from my clients!

Thank you Mirian

21 abril 2008.

Tue Apr 22

Space to Rent in Morden

We have a space to rent in Morden. The building has a large downstairs area, previously used as a classroom and a couple of offices upstairs. Please contact 020 8646 5678 and ask for Karen

Tue Jul 10

Hall needed for 9th December 2006

I am looking for a hall in the merton area for around 45 people to have a xmas dinner. Please contact me at

Tue Nov 07


i'm looking for a venue to hold a meeting between 20-50 people in southeast or southwest london

Mon Oct 02

Tue Aug 22

Merton Medical Practice

This is on Merton High Street - 5 minutes walk from South Wimbledon tube heading towards the Sainsburys Savacentre. There are a number of women GPs - none of which have ever scared me! The waiting time even for evening appointments is really good usually.

Wed Jun 14

authentic home made lebanese cooking

hi id like to recommend a great restaurant in south wimbledon 197 merton road, near the tesco express called YA HALLA, its lebanese. the food is great and the people who run it are lovely, theres a real family feel in there. Its not a very big place but its cozey.

Tue May 09

you could try bar sia in wimbledon. It can be rented out for parties and holds about 100 people. I think its about £200 and includes a DJ

Wed Jan 04


Hi you could try the Watershed Nightclub. I am the friday DJ there and have done a number of privite parties there. The smaller Bar room would be ideal. If you are looking for a party DJ then I would be more than happy to have a chat with you.

you can mail me at

Fri Sep 30

Venue for brithday party

Hi, a great place for your birthday would be the watershed nightclub, as they can offer you either the smaller bar room which would be perfect for 100 people or the larger back room. I am the Friday DJ and have done a number of privite do's there. If you would like further details you can always mail me

Fri Sep 30

Hall hire

We're also looking for a venue with a bar to rent out for a birthday party for about 100 people. Does anyone have ideas as to where we could look? Thanks!

Wed Sep 28


I am looking for life drawing classes in the evening once a week for myself and a friend.

Tue Jul 05

Piano Lounge

Mon May 30

Try Queen's Road Surgery. They have at least two young female doctors who are extremely good. It's about ten mins walk from South Wimbledon but you might still be in the catchment area. It's worth it.

Thu May 05

Tubes are alright but the trains are horrific, always packed solid. You have to walk right down to the far end of the platform to stand any chance of getting on. Forget the concept of seats.

Thu May 05

South West London Need Hall to Rent for Rare Plants Fair

Can anyone help.. i'm am looking to rent a hall for the day in South West London, to hold a Rare Plants Fair. I'm expecting around 800 people to attend but over the corse of a day, so the hall should accomadate around 200 people. This is our website: www.rareplantsfair.com

If anyone can help that would be great. The date of the show is APRIL 10th 2005

Tue Nov 16


Can anyone recommend a good beginner's yoga class in Wimbledon that's cheap - for someone who's just starting out?

Fri Nov 12


I can recommend a restaurant called SLURP which is at the Sth Wimbledon end of the Broadway SW!9 (few hundered yards down, and on the same side as the Tesco petrol stn/supermarket). Theit food is chinese and japanese. Not only is it great value, but it's a great atmosphere and a great menu. I would siuggest you try it early evening - I believe it's open from 5 or 5.30pm.

Fri Nov 12


Hall hire

im looking for a venue with a bar to hire for about 50 /100 people for a 21st birthday


Wed Oct 20

Conran Furniture Sale

Hello I have heard a rumour of a Conran Furniture sale in South Wimbledon on Saturday 15 May - can anyone tell me where it is???


Fri May 14

Lots to do

There's lots to do in south wimbledon. It's really well connected in terms of local transport links. You have the northern line which takes 30 mins into Central London. You've got Wimbledon Mainline BR and the Tram. There's lot of restaurants for catering for all tastes in south wimbledon.

Sun May 09

south wimbledon station

Thu May 06

<b>Hall Hire</b>

We're looking for a venue with a bar to rent out for a birthday party for about 100 people. Does anyone have ideas as to where we could look? Thanks!

Sat Feb 07


But you'd be in the £350-450 range probably. Bit of a buyers' market presently though.

Wed Jan 14

rates for renting

I have a small but very pretty room in my house that I'd like to rent out. House, which is really nice, is two minutes from South Wimbledon tube. What's the going rate for this?

Wed Jan 14

life drawing classes

are there any life drawing classes in the earlsfield area? prefeably classes on a casual basis, rather than courses as I'm a student, so away at uni for much of the year. so also, cheap clasees too!

Mon Nov 17

Restaurants in Sth Wimbledon

Try the Mongolian BBQ on The Broadway, heading towards Wimbledon. It's different and do a pretty good feed.

Sun Nov 16

The one just opposite the tube station

on merton high street. It used to be called eagle cars but i'm not sure if it still is. Always found them to be reasonably priced with pleasant drivers.

Wed Oct 22


Between South Wimbledon and Colliers Wood there is one of the biggest Sainsbury's in the country - the Supasaver - basically a hypermarket.

For a quick and easy shop there is the Tesco Metro on Merton road close to the tube station.

Thu Aug 14


Personally I use the Merton Medical Practice on the high street towards Sainsburys. They have only moved there quite recently so it is clean modern and has a chemists attached to it.

Thu Aug 14


One of the benefits of living so far down the northern line is that you always get a seat on the tube in mornings.

Thu Aug 14

Sport Centres and Swimming Pools

There are quite a few in the South Wimbledon area. There is the swimming pool on Latimer Road, a Holmes Place on North Road and a few more I can't name plus the YMCA on Broadway and the Cannons in Wimbledon along with a few others.

Thu Aug 14

Council Tax

Obviously council tax varies depending on the size and quality of the accommodation but I live in a 3-bedroom house and we pay £26 each a month. Rates can be found on the merton council website.

Thu Aug 14

Places to eat in South Wimbledon

The Piano Lounge which recently opened on the high street served good food at reasonable prices. There is also Mamma Rosa's at Abbey Mills which is a good Italian restaurant.

Thu Aug 14

South Wimbledon Bars

Although most of the best drinking spots in the area are in Wimbledon itself, South Wimbledon does have a few places.

The Grove Tavern opposite the tube station has a late licence and has been recently refurbished which has helped to improve the clientele. Then there is the Nelson's Arms which is now under new management, and the Piano Bar which is good for food. There is also the Watershed nightclub near the bottom of Broadway.

Thu Aug 14

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