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Looking for info

I know this is a long shot but does any one know whether 96 St Ann's Road, in 1899 was a private house or care home? my gt gran died there.

Sun Jan 24

Jan Pizarro in Wales

Our other friend,Brian Southey,is recovering at home from his 3rd hip operation and I'm turning 78 next week.

Seems only yesterday we took you to Sheffield to watch Spurs.

Best wishes and hope you are well.

Mon Oct 29

Looking for renters in South Tottenham to participate in academic research.

Hello everybody,

I am a postdoctoral fellow researching the private rented sector. I am looking for renters who would be willing to talk to me about their experiences of renting.

Interviews will last between 30 min to 1 hour and will be conducted at a time and place that best suits you (e.g. a café or library). They will be audio recorded and all responses will be anonymised and kept confidential.

If you would like to participate, please

Tue Oct 10

Looking for people sharing or renting in South Tottenham for academic research.

Hello everybody,

I am a postdoctoral fellow at University College London looking for renters who would like to share their experiences of living in privately rented accommodation. I would like to invite you to participate in the study by filling out an online survey on www.haringeyrenterssurvey.co.uk or by taking part in an interview, which will explore your housing history and your choices of accommodation, your levels of satisfaction with your landlord or letting agent, and the activities and places you go in the neighbourhood. The interviews can be conducted at a cafe of your preference and at a time that best suits you. They will be audio recorded and anonymised and our conversation will be kept confidential.

Also, for more details about the research, you can email me at

Wed Oct 04

janice pizzaro in wales

as I told you sometime ago,we lost our friend brian berritt in 1994......and now we lost big john thatcher in 2015.

hope your well.

Thu Jan 28

Sat Apr 04

University accomodation

I have been wondering if it's safe if coming back late at night?

Fri Aug 29

Nice place to live


Thu Apr 17

Lived here for 5 years. Transport links to city and west end for work are great. Markfield and Springfield parks closeby, as is Stoke Newington. During the riots, saw and heard nothing from our house despite watching carnage unfold on sky news. All hype. Underpriced property and will get more expensive to live here. Sure if you want to be caught up in gang warfare you can get involved. If you don't, you won't find trouble. Like anywhere in London?

Fri Apr 12

Haringey Council

Haringey Council

Tue May 15

The Flower Pot

yep I remember it, was the first place i ever got stoned :)

Wed Jan 26

The Flower Pot

yep I remember it, was the first place i ever got stoned :)

Wed Jan 26

The Flower Pot

yep I remember it, was the first place i ever got stoned :)

Wed Jan 26


I have lived in South Tottenham for close to 30 years and I really don't see a problem. Lovely parks, everything close by.

Perhaps dirty, but then so are most places in London.

I come home any time of day or night, and am a woman.

Love the multicultural relaxed atmosphere, and it's green.

Mon Apr 20

Yes there is Tottenham Green Leisure Centre which is at the end of Philip lane, N17

Sun Mar 22

Living in South Tottenham

Hi I bought my house in South Tottenham 4 years ago and really like it! You can get so much more for your money and there are really great parks. I have never had any trouble living here and know most of the neighbours on my street who are always really friendly. South Tottenham is brilliant for transport and close to Crouch End, Stoke Newinton etc. I am really glad I bought my house here and would recommend it!

Mon Mar 16



I want to ask about job... maybe sombebody knows were i can find cleaners job just for weekend ??

maybe somebody knows some links or somethink , please

Thakns a lots


Thu Jan 08

station court

Im thinking of living at station court next year. If you have lived there could you tell me what its been like. Is the area as dodgy as it sounds? lol

Wed May 21

station court

Im thinking of living at station court next year. If you have lived there could you tell me what its been like. Is the area as dodgy as it sounds? lol

Wed May 21

Tottenham Hale Bowls Club

Tottenham Hale Bowls Club

Down Lane Park

Park View Road



N17 9DS

Tel: (020) 551 6991

New members required

Tue May 20


Is Roberta Ann Thurston of Hackney Stadium fame still about?

Mon Apr 09

The answer is...

Haringey Council

Mon Mar 19

Would some kind person please tell me, under which Council, South Tottenham is responsible to.

As I live on the borders of Wales, I find the demarcation of Norh London districts somewhat complicated.

Thank you.

Fri Mar 16

Having now ascertained the name of the owner of the

greengrocers shop at 72 High Road South Tottenham in 1938(Mr John T. Nash.) I was wondering whether anyone knew the family and could tell me what has become of them. the family had a son, Gerald John Nash who died,at the age of 11 years. It was Gerald, who was, at that time, a very close friend of mine. I would appreciate very much if someone could help me in this matter.My e-mail address is

Sat Mar 03

Thu Feb 01


Can anybody tell me if there is a place where i can exercise in South Tottenham, preferably gymnastics facilies???

Mon Jan 29

Can anybody recall the name of the family who owned

a Greengrocer shop at 72, High Street Tottenham?.

The year I am interested is 1938

Email address

Mon Jan 22

South Tottenham is a lot better than many of it's surrounding areas, but like London in general you have to be vigilent and lock up securely, I've lived here for almost thirty years and I love it.

Wed Nov 01

Gutter Repair

Does anyone know some with a long ladder who can do this??

thank you

Tue Oct 31

Graham Road

I used to live in Graham Rd, behind the old cinema (now bus garage) many moons ago and drove trough Turnpike Lane the other day. Doesn't seem like much has changed....still got that filthy, cosmopolitan feel about it. Like you, I moved to Southgate and prefer it also although it's getting like Turnpike Lane now with the litter, congestion, etc, etc.

Wed Aug 09

Student too...

I'm a new student in London, and I will probably live at the Station Court. I'm also worried about the safety in South Tottenham. I'm not so eager on living in that area but what can I do when I don't find any other place? But hopefully it's not that bad and Station Court seems quite nice allthough.

Is it safe to go jogging around in the area and come home with the bus/tube late in the night?

Sat Aug 05

its london in general

I always thought id never live in streatham but its absolutely fine and like ANYWHERE in london, you have to lock your windows and keep an eye open.

Fri Apr 21

the postal code for tottenham is n15

Thu Mar 09

Try Ferndale surgery on the High Road towards Stmford Hill. Greta doctors, and get seen very quickly too.

Mon Feb 13

There's a pool and re-vamped gym at the Tottenham Green leisure centre

Mon Feb 13

Not unsafe but lawless

I've worked right next to Seven Sisters station for 4 years now and there are some nice back streets in the area, there's always lots going on, lots use the tube here and you can get any type of food at any time. It's also quite safe (so long as you're careful around the exits of the station) but the people here are lawless. There are no social rules and everyone does whatever they please - driving on the pavements, spitting, dancing in shop doorways and you'll never see a bus queue again. However, this is some people's cup of tea.

Fri Jan 13

it happened in da l8 90's i used 2 go 2 da skool nx to it...dey made it into a private housing place

Sun Sep 11

Mon Jul 18

Do not let the negative publicity about Tottenham scare you off. It is a great place to live. Good transport links, and to date still reasonable priced houses of excellent quality. This will not last long as the area is being regenerated and will benefit from 2012. You cannot say you have not been told.

Fri Jul 15

Its Great

I've lived in South Tottenham for 29 years, and 25 of those in the road I live in now, just off St. Anns Road, the area is improving and the people I meet are very nice and friendly, all sorts, colour wise and religious wise, there are many many far worse areas than here. Have a look around, I'm sure you will like it

Thu Jul 07

Home sweet Home

I am as south Tottenham as it gets, its not a chav area like nearby enfield but more like somewhere between compton (los angeles) and hackney/brixton and only a bit worse in places. Its not all bad, a friend of mine whos away on her Majesties "hols" for blowing off two halfwits heads clean off their shoulders after they totaled his prize-winning RS Turbo is a known name in the area and a lot of the residents hold an equal standing in the community. Memories like these remind me that while i can feel proud in growing up in a tough area, i do feel a lot better that i now live in Southgate.. Still Tottenham to the bone though!

Tue Jun 14

it is improving, with many young people moving in..

I like South Tottenham. It is eclectic, acceptable rent, and close to everything....

Fri Jun 10


I grew up in south tottenham (school too).

Used to be a dangerous area and still has the odd crack-hoe or three.. could be worse. The flowerpot was agay-pub and demolished in the mid nineties.

Tottenham.. my old home

Dont know of any masonic centres though..

Wed May 18

It is becoming a popular area...many arty trendy people moving in...

Fri Apr 29

It is safe

and as safe as Hackney or other parts of north London. I recently bought a flat near seven sisters tube and I do not regret it. The area is in for regeneration and the high road will be transformed over the next 5 years. My advice is go ahead with it.

Tue Apr 05

Is it really that unsafe?

We are a couple thinking of buying something near Seven Sisters tube - it's cheap, has good transport, and some of the streets look quite nice.

We've been up there a few times and it doesn't seem from first impressions any worse than other slightly dodgy but not too bad parts of North London (eg Holloway, Finsbury Park etc). Would people living there agree with this?

Are there any streets/parts worth avoiding?

Fri Apr 01

It is fine

Good transport links and affordable housing. Close to stokey, wood green, and Islington...

Tue Mar 22

tottenham zip codes

what are the zip codes for tottenham?

Thu Mar 17

I lived therefor 15 years.I can honestly say that I never had one scary moment. I was never once burgled mugged or heard a gunshot.It is the inner city though be sensible and you will be fine

Sat Nov 06

Have you been sleep walking?Tottenham Green Sports Centre is an excellent council run pool and gym

Sat Nov 06

Try Egerton Road Surgery on Stamford Hill. Super place

Sat Nov 06

Station Court, me too

I'm atarting at the College of Fashion and have a place in Station Court like you, I've heard it's not the greatest of areas but what can u expect as a student in London?! Please come and live with me we can survive together!!! ....

Tue Aug 03

Thu Jul 29

The Flowerpot

I used to use a pub called the Flower Pot in St Annes road N i5 in the early '70s I noticed on a recent trip to London that it had been demolished, when did this happen? Any one got any info, memories etc. <

Sat Jul 17

station court

ive been offered this one too and its new and does look nice, ive heard the area isnt too good but its not as bad as people make out and its on a good tube route but thats all i know about it 2

Wed Jul 07

the tube line....

that gets you the f*ck out of the place...be thankful you got out alive...

Tue Jul 06

What about Station Court?

am student. offered place at Station Court. anyone know how safe it is to live there? South Tottenham does not seem to get good reviews.

Mon Jun 28

Hi jo-ann im in the same situation as you i also start uni in september at college of communication. Where are you thinking of moving to- staying in halls or other accomodation. Im thinking of staying at station court which is in that area, im also worried about the area, however the student accomodation is really nice there sorry i have no info. jade

Mon Jun 28

new to the area...

moving to london to go to university and just wondering if people would reccommend this area, heard mixed reviews and would just like an honest opinion

Thu Jun 24

What is the address for the West Green Masonic Lodge

Tue Apr 20

If you find any, can you let me know too please?

Tue Feb 03

Trains going via South Tottenham run like clockwork, are not that packed, and are prompt in the morning

I prefer the north london line in the evening,

Tue Feb 03

I recommend ALLANS, out of Seven Sisters, take the exit which DOESN@T lead to the buses, and turn right, they are just there!

Tue Feb 03


There are occassionally a few quiet moments between gunshots. But be thankful the council tax is really high.

Mon Jan 26

We got the hell out

We left a year ago and never looked back. We thought our outlook to humankind was damaged beyond repair. Our advice to anyone is to get out before it's too late, and don't take the gun shots too seriously nor bother calling the Police as they take 7 hours to arrive.

Mon Jan 26

Wat is South Tottenham like??

I am just really wondering wat its like? Is the N15 area a good or bad area? Any info wud be much appreciated! Many Thanks xx

Tue Jan 06

it's not the safest area to live in but it's not as bad as people think. most of the time you don't even hear the gunshots.

Wed Nov 19

Great for the fast Victorian line and you always get a seat since evry third train starts there

The area is rapidly improving and is a great first time buyers hunting ground

Wed May 14

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