Welcome to London South Hampstead

Which is a better area to live in South Hampstead or West Hampstead

Want to buy near Hampstead but don't know which is a better area to live in, South Hampstead or West Hampstead

Sun Jan 06

Jogging buddy

I'm interested in an early morning weekday jogging partner - have been slack lately, so am back to beginner-ish (can jog for decent stints but slowly) - say 7/730am - am near Broadhurst gdns. Get in touch if you're interested!


Fri Jul 15

Sun Aug 16

New to S.Hampstead - clubs & gyms

Hi to you all, I am moving to SH end of next month and keen to hear your advice on the best gyms, clubs etc in the area. I'm particularly interested in gym and classes incl yoga.

Thanks a lot. Stephi

Tue Jul 01

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Offered at The London Centre for Psychotherapy. I work with adults, couples, children & adolescents. Fees slide from £35-50. Spaces available Saturday only. Call/email for free consultation. **** 253 159

Wed Mar 26


hello. my name is marius 25 y o male looking for handyman jobs like: gardening,painting,wallpapering ,etc

if you need someone to do some jobs in and around your house and you have the tools,please contact me.

thank you! ********1

Tue Jan 29

Mobile Hairdresser London

Unisex Hairdresser Mobile & Bridal

Call Bryn on **** 211 901 anytime


Mon Aug 27

the pool bar.finchley road

have any of you been? I love it there for its friendly fleazyness. and hot chocolates on a winters day. The boss is very friendly but doesnt like drunks coming in too roady after the pub..And they are not really god people playing so you have a chance of going in and whipping arse! Downside ..loos not great.

Mon May 29


cant help, im rarely ill so have put up with transient doctors who seem overworked and the receptionist believe me is even scarier. Theres supposed to be one up greencroft...However the abbey road practice i go to when i am ill ...really ill...is reasonably efficient in refrring you to a specialist. and will have some nice new building on abby road once they get out of the porta cabin...ha ha..im not joking. Goodluck...3rd option is the doctor wholives next door. cc

Mon May 29

I have a TV and DVD

I have a 32 inc TV with integrated digital tv in it and a dvd player, both made by sony. It is 6 months old and was brand new when I got it. How much do you want to spend?

Mon Jan 02

sainsbury,s, waitrose, m&s, do you need more?

Mon Jun 06

Esporta health club at 02 centre in finchley rd. - don't know about prices

Mon Jun 06

Second Hand TV wanted

Hi there my flatmates and I have just moved to Aberdare Gardens in S. Hampstead and are in need of a reliable 2nd hand TV for the sitting room-21 inc screen, colour ,remote, MUST HAVE TELETEXT. Also looking for a DVD player as well if possible? Does anyone living near by have one they want to sell? Thanks. Please reply to

Thu Feb 03

South Hampstead = West Hamstead

I know that it is really a slightly different area, but essentially South Hampstead is the residential area between Swiss Cottage and Finchley Road and is a 10 minute walk from West Hampstead proper. A really good location for shops, cinema and transportation.

Safe and pleasant area...

Mon Dec 06

There is a really nice italian restaurant on Broadhurst Gardens, opposite Hampstead mews. It's very friendly and the food is fantastic.

Mon Oct 11

Tue Jul 08

Compayne Gardens Surgery :-)

Sun May 18

It's dead nice residentially.

and safe.

Wed Apr 30


most bars are in west hampstead which is 10 mins walk, (La Brocca, Cane)

but there are a few on finchley rd...

the Arc is particularly cool. Then there's the Elbow Room too.

Wed Apr 30

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