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Kirby's has changed to MediVet. I was sent a reminder for my cat jabs. She is 15 and very nervous. If hospitalised she goes into complete shock and shuts down. On examination I was told that she had a heart arythymia and could drop dead any minute, also that her teeth were badly infected and needing some removing amounting to £2000 and that I should bring her straight back the next day. I was quite shocked as the cat was very well, playing and eating. I got another vet to check her. Her heart rate was high from NERVES and her teeth a bit scaled, but not worth the risk of doing. I phoned MEDIVET and complained and was told a manager would phone me. THEY NEVER DID. I do not trust them and am not going back there. How many pets are they operating on unnecessarily to get money????

Sat Sep 24

The estate has got new windows.

Wed Mar 16

South Bermondsey.

I used to live quite close to the station.

On Rennie Est , but left there in 2004 when

I retired from work (Black Cab).

I now live on the coast.

Has the est changed?

Wed Apr 07

Wed Apr 29

How very rude of you!

Fri Mar 28

Tue Sep 11

Or perhaps most people are not thick, but do not have a computer, or have better things to do - like ...... picking their noses or shouting at eachother or something.

Sun Apr 15

i love u

Wed Aug 25

Not Busy - as long as you get the right one

Any train going to London Bridge before 8am is good - standing room only but not at all packed. Between 8am - 8,45am it is a bit tight - move right to the end of the train to ensure you get on and have a comfortable ride to LB (only 3 minutes anyway).

Mon May 24

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