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Where to live if on a child nursing course at LSBU

Hi, Im due to start the child nursing course at LSBU in september 2010 and am looking for somewhere to live. I have emailed SWAN housing regarding their accomodation and am awaiting the reply. Does anyone know the best place to live with regard to placement proximity and parking a car as i would ideally like to bring mine. Which of the uni accomodation is the best placed for nursing students? Do the majority of students go for the uni accomodation or through swan housing or private (if so any ideal areas?). Would be better if i went somewhere with nursing students so that everyone understands the shift patterns and demands of the course. Cant wait to start!! Any suggestions appreciated, thank you!

Sat Jul 24

ITV seeking South Bank Residents who have DOWNSIZED

Dear All,

Homes and Property on ITV1 is in association with the Evening Standard newspaper.

We are currently looking for residents in the South Bank area who have moved as a result of downsizing to interview for the programme. We would like to discuss with you, the area, where you moved from, the kind of property you have and what you love about the area.

Filming to due to take place week commencing Monday 23rd June.

To get in touch email below.

Fri Jun 20

One-to-one French tuition in London!

Learn French in the comfort of your home,office or in your tutor's area with a qualifed and enthusiastic native french tutor. Practical conversations are made. Affordable rates! Learn as a hobby,minimum 3 months.

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Sat Mar 24


Im looking for someone to go for a run a few times a week during the week.email me if you are interested

Wed Nov 22


what makes southbank nursing unique?

Wed Nov 08

Nursing at LSBU.

Im an Adult Branch Student Nurse at LSBU.

Kings is fine, dont listen to all the guff about "The LSBU Degree is only as hard as the Kings Diploma" as thats crock - the NMC will accept your pass no matter what Uni its from, and a Dip or a Degree wont matter - you all come out the same staff nurse at the end.

KCL has a reputation of being an old, well established Uni, and so has the rap to go with that (posh may be a word you'd like to use!) LSBU is a realativley new Uni, but none of that matters at all when it comes to nursing - its all about the quality of your tutors, and the Trust where most of your placements are.

For Childrens nursing definatley go to LSBU - They have Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital as their main host trust for child branch students, KCL does not.

Wed Jun 28

Princess Street GP

Im a student nurse at South Bank - I used to live in the Halls at David Bomberg, and went to Princess Street GP Practice. Its a big practice with lots of GP's, male and female, with a good nursing service, and complimentary therapy service.

You can usualy get an appt there on the day, like if you phone at 8AM you might get one that morning.

Hope that Helps.

Wed Jun 28

what is childrens nursing like at south bank

hi ive been accepted to start the childrens nursing diploma at south bank uniersity in septemeber, and i was just wondering what it was like, as i have a choice between south bank and kings college and dont no what one to choose, thanks!

Wed Feb 01

defiantly@hotmail.com: Is there a muay thai, kickboxing or boxing club situated on the southbank.

I live in elephant and castle and have so far been unable to find one

Sun Nov 06

Uni is alright

I have known a couple of people who work at the Uni. The Uni is good, but the area is a bit dodgy. A car in London is not at all advisable!

Fri Apr 22

Reply from South Bank


I am a research student here at London South Bank University. Welcome to joining us. Here it is quite international and the main campus is situated near Elephant and Castle, which is not a safe place. Generally it is okay. Actually there is no real campus as you expect, because this is in London. Buying a car sounds nice, but you have to pay a lot for the car parking. Considering the easy and 24-hour public transportation here. I do suggest you come and check before you make a decsion to buy a car. There are some American students here, but not much. Al the best wishes and luck to you. If you like to hear more, please email

Fri Apr 08

Considering moving to London South Bank

Hi all,

I am an American and I'm thinking about moving to London South Bank. I have an offer to finish school at the University there. I was wondering what is it like? What is there to do? How is it there regarding having a car (I enjoy driving more than most)? Are there many Americans in that area? And what is safetly like?

Thank you very much.

Thu Apr 07

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