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Jukebox Sunday Night Jive 1950s Jive club every Sunday

Popular weekly jive night Jukebox Sunday Night Jive goes up town every Sunday night. We’ve moved up to the Vinyl Bar in Soho. Join us at the liveliest and fun-fill vintage jive party night for fans of the great jive music from the 40's and 50's American jukebox era.

Retro diva and vinyl queen DJ Jeniffer Jackson will get you dancing and having fun all night long, with the red hot, pulsating, uplifting, energy driven vintage vinyl sounds that sizzle. Get ready for some red hot 40’s and 50’s rhythm n blues, jump jive, doo wop, jivers, rock ‘n’ roll, blues shouters, big band swing and a whole lot more.

Sunday 16th July- then every Sunday

6.00 pm - 10.30 pm

£5.00 on the door

The Vinyl Bar, 36 Hanway Street, London, W1T 1UP

Thu Jul 13

Patricia M Barker/Norman/Cox

Lived Bateman st At her mothers house. (ella?)

Tue Dec 08

Your local WI

Did you know that there is a Women's Institute (WI) here in Bloomsbury that meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month?

6:30 - 8:30pm

For more details visit www.londonwestendwi.blogspot.com


Fri Mar 23

Mobile Massage Service home and office

I offer consistently excellent Sport Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Massage, Indian Head Massage and Chair Massage in London.

I come highly recommended:Private clients: Ben Challenger - british athlete

Company's: "Jones furniture & Catering" , " The Londonkitchen"

I am Professional Massage Therapists: BSc, ITEC

Book your treatment today on ********9

Roman Massage London

Tue Jul 26

Hi ladies, I am a qualified dressmaker based in London. If you are ever in need of having something made, or looking for something unique to wear for a special occasional, I am your lady! Please dont hesitate to contact me: traceybrown80@hotmail.co.uk

Mon Apr 25

is there any body about who used to graft in soho

any of the old mob who used to graft in and around soho in the 50's did you know Albert Dimes driver who used to collect him from the airport in his Caddy

Sat Mar 19



Sun Nov 29

room in a fab flat needed

any types interested in fashion, dressing up, art, clubbing in need of a flatmate / roommate early january in soho??

give me a shout

Thu Nov 26

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Thu May 14


Originally Soho was a hunting ground during mediaeval times, legend has it that Soho got its name from the hunters who cyring out "So Ho" as they rode through the fields. The area was built up as a destination for the rich, althought they cleared out when Soho was hit by a cholera outbreak in 1854. Cheap rents made it a haven for pubs, brothels and artists; and writers came soon after. I remember attending the world famous Ronnie Scott's jazz club here during the early 1960s. Soho made history during 1999 when a neo-Nazi party detonated a nail bomb in the Admiral Duncan pub on Old Compton Street, killing three people.

Wed May 14


As you quite rightly point out originally Soho was a hunting ground during medieaval times, legend has it that Soho got its name from hunters who crying out "So Ho" as they rode through the fields. The area built up as a destination for the rich, although they cleared out when Soho was hit by a cholera outbreak in 1854. Cheap rents made it a haven for pubs, brothels and artists; and writers came soon after. I remember attending the world famous Ronnie Scott's Jazz club here during the early 1960s. Soho made history during 1999 when a neo-Nazi party detonated a nail bomb in the Admiral Duncan pub on Old Compton Street, killing three people.

Thu May 01


As you quite rightly say Soho was originally a hunting ground during medieaval times before the expansion of London, legend has it that Soho got its name from hunters crying out "So Ho" as they rode through the fields. The area built up a destination for the rich, although they cleared when Soho was hit by a cholera outbreak in 1854. Cheap rents made it a haven for pubs and brothels, and artists soon after. Soho made history in 1999 when a neo-Nazi detonated a nail bomb in the Admiral Duncan pub on Old Compton Street, killing three. I best remember visiting the world famous Ronnie Scotts jazz club during the early 1960s.

Thu May 01

there is one on top of the hat factory, no idea how you get in there though

Thu Sep 13

Mobile Hairdresser London

Unisex Hairdresser Mobile and Bridal

Call Bryn on **** 211 901 anytime


Sun Sep 02


Janet ginnings in mayfair on curzon st is the best ask for carina

Thu May 31

Cheap and painless Hollywood wax in Soho?

I need somewhere that does a relatively cheap but excellent wax in Soho area. Ideally they would do Hollywood hotwax but I also need a half leg...

Sat May 19

Basketball Courts

Can anyone tell me if there are basketball courts in Soho? Or near Soho? I'm at a loss to find anything.


Sat Apr 07

Mister Peel

You can go to Cleveland Street, in Fitzrovia as well : big, clean and empty laundrettes, just perfect !

Mon Apr 02


Ask at the French House in Dean street, they will be able to help you.



Thu Mar 22


hello,im francis,i looking for a room/flatshare in soho london or around tat area,i got 3 person 2gether looking for the room,we find the room already such a time...hope any1 can help me up n contact me...thanks so much...

Sat Mar 17

Would this suit?

I am an English artist living and working in a very nice

part of London(NW3).

I have a small split-level room that was my son's room.

It just needs a little decorating.

I am looking for a person to do some simple work,

helping me with cleaning, decorating and tidying in the

studio. Perhaps 2 or 3 days a week.

(Officially you can be a student for 15+ hours a week

and work for up to 20 hours)

I can offer the room, some food and spending money

to the right person.

If you are interested, tell me about yourself and your situation.

If you want to know more about me, or what I am offering please ask.

Sun Oct 29


Who ever that bloke that said its South Holborn is either daft or american (its not south of houston or any of that rubbish). Holborn is a stretch from Soho and certainly not south of it. That bit between the City and Soho that you think of as Holborn today would have been fields , slums (people who could not live within the City walls) and marsh around the time Soho was a hunting ground.

Wed Oct 11

looking to buy a nightclub in soho

im looking to buy a nightlcub in soho. i dont want to spend a fortune tho! any ideas???

Fri Dec 09

Looking for a Flat Share

Hi My name is Chris I’m 26 year old gay male working in Marketing. I am very clean and tidy and can supply you with references. I am looking for a room/Flat share in SOHO, Covent Garden or surrounding area

Fri Nov 18

space nk on broadwick street

Sun Oct 23

hi i'm in the same position as you!

i'm mark, 19, about to move to Soho but no living/working plans yet and no mates in that area! aah

give me a buzz if ur still looking ********5

Sat Oct 08

flat mate - im moving to soho

hi i'm mark, 19, and am randomly looking to move to Soho. Only problem is I have no contacts and no plans job wise or where to live.

I need to leave where I am asap.. if any guys out there has any ideas/contacts or vacancies please give me a buzz ********5 or email

Sat Oct 08

There is a brand new laundrette in a side street just off Peter Street which runs past Somerfield supermarket. To find it-, come out of the supermarket, look to your right and you see a little passage way called Walkers court- to the right of this- parallel to it is another little side street ( It doesn't seem to have a name in my A to Z !!)- very easy to find.

Fri Aug 19

No you are wrong, Marzio is partly right. Any history book of London will confirm it. Soho is a corruption of 'So-Hoe' dating from the 17th Century. The Earl of Monmouth, who lived there, used 'So-ho!' as a battle cry at the battle of Sedgmoor in 1685. Soho is a good mile WEST of Holborn anyway.

Sun Jul 17


Marzio, Im affraid your wrong about Soho. The meaning of the name is not so creative!

Soho got its name from its location... its an abreviation of South Holborn.

Hope that helps.

Sat Jul 16

Any job


I look for a job immediately, I m native polish, I speak french fleuently and i speak english.

I have a lot of experience as au pair in France.

I finished my study in law, european law, but actualy I look for any job


Mon May 23

dressmaker wanted

I am looking for a reasonably priced dress maker in the local area to make a formal dress. They would need to be able to cut a pattern from a photograph and create. I will supply fabric.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

Wed May 11

Check out the Oasis - outdoor and indoor pools, plus gym, squash courts etc.

Tue Apr 05


Just off soho sq, there is a doctors surgery, walk in centre, which also has a dentistry floor for residents.

Tue Apr 05

Safe cab firm

Steer clear of all mini cabs round there - too dodgy. Instead book one with Addison Lee - ********8. there cheap and totally reliable - they even have satallite navigation systems.

Tue Apr 05


If you cross over Oxford st into Newman st and walk up into cleveland st, there is a launderette on the right. Also there are a couple of taylors, plus a great little cobblers. It's about a brisk 10 min walk from where I live in dean st.

Tue Apr 05

Walk-in eyebrow wax

Would anyone know somewhere that does walk-in eybrow waxes so I can get my eyebrows done on my lunch break without an appointment?

Mon Jan 24

GP Practice

The one on Frith street is always easy to get an appointment. You have to be able to prove you live here though!

Sun Sep 05

Does anyone living in soho go to the Soho Ball?

I've lived here for well over a year now, seen the ads for the soho ball (the next one is fast approaching) and thought it was for old and stuffy peeps!. Anyone living here who attends?

Sun Sep 05

Renting out room like B&B

guys, I have a spare room in Soho and I don't really want to flat mate. I want to use my spare room as a way to make friends internationally by renting it out like a B&B and charge a reasonable B&B rate. Firstly where can I advertise and secondly what is a fare rate to charge.

Thu Aug 12


Does anyone know where the nearest coin-operated laundrette is in the Soho area?

Sun Aug 08

whers the late night drink?????

where is there to go drinking arfter hours im goin to see the streets at brixton acadmy next week, an would like to hear from any1 with any info on bars/clubs, where we wont need to be a member etc, nice places an no load horrid banging music only please!!!, thanks.

Sat May 15

Could someone name a safe cab firm from Soho to Kent?

Im find it this hard because I dont know London very well and my mates having her birthday party at Attica. Me and three mates need to get from Soho to Gravesend cheaply and safely. thanks

Mon May 10

Thu Mar 04

For that price youve got no chance

Thu Feb 12

Soho or Covent garden

Hey! please, does anybody have a single room available or need a flatmate in soho or covent garden? i'm a fun loving girl and want to live in central london. maximum rent should be 460pounds/month but i don't have much requirements. please contact me as soon as possible.

Wed Jan 28

Great soho bar to hold a private party??

Can anyone suggest a bar/club in Soho or surrounding areas which will hold approx 40 of my friends plus still be pumping atmosphere. For Next Sat night 6/12. Preferably not an entirely gay bar please....

Wed Dec 03


Soho is great to live in. With all the bars and restaurants, theatres cinemas and markets there is a really nice atmosphere here. We have a room going in our flat! 550/month exclusive. Call fran ********9 or Peter ********2

Tue Nov 18


There's a cafe called Essence on Dean street (I think) and it's entirely staffed by Polish people.

Sat Nov 01

Soho Council Tax

There is no way you pay 215 yearly in soho. The minimum amount for 2003/04 is 380 GBP for Band A and can go all the way up to 1000+GBP.

Fri Oct 31

There are loads of bars in Soho

There are numerous bars in Soho. Most are small and very crowded though. There is the O'Bar and Bar Soho which are among the most popular. The famous Admiral Duncan and Comptons in Compton Street Soho's gay quarter. Most bars in Soho and the West End will refuse entry to single males and have strict door policies. Smart casual dress is the most common door policy. Wear a button up shirt with a collar, trousers and polished shoes for smarter bars and go in groups if you don't want to be refused entry by the doormen. Tiger Tiger just outside Soho on the Haymarket is the largest and busiest bar in the area, but the drinks are expensive. For the really scruffy though there is the Intrepid Fox on Wardour street whose clientel consists of bikers, punks and gothics.

Beware of hostess basement bars there though. Don't go in them at all you will get ripped off.

Mon Oct 20

I think it's something relationated with the fox hunting.

Soho was a former hunting field. People cried "so-hooo"

when the fox appeared. Perhaps "so-hoo" meant "saw". The fox, of course.

Tue Oct 07

Looking for friends! :)

Hi! I`m an Italian guy 20 yo working in London.. Lots of interest looking for more friends and maybe someone who`s having the same experience (doesn`t care if british or not)...

Please write at madinterrail@hotmail.com

Wed Aug 20

Does anybody know where the Soho name comes from?


Fri Jul 25

Jazz Bar in Soho

Which are the jazz bars in Soho and the bands perforfing in them?

Mon Jun 09


Do you really have to be minted to live in Soho/cov grdm/westend central london?? Are there any ways of getting somewhere central without paying a grand a month!! working in media and having a great 'scene' I think it would a superb place to live!

advice or ideas!!!

feel free to email ta. x

Tue Apr 22

Of course hardly anyone lives in Soho. If like me you live there and work elsewhre then you will find that the trains are a joy. Empty stations - everyone heading the opposite way to you, fantastic.

Thu Apr 10

There is a GP on Greek Street (or Frith Street?), can't remember, anyway ,it's at the southern end of Soho Square. Probably the best GP ever because they have walk-in appointments every day until lunch and so you will never have to wait fo a doctor again!


Thu Apr 10

Looking for

any work- soho, london

polish student


thx u

Thu Mar 27

the best

Thu Mar 13


Yes, Sainsbury's, Tescos, Somerfield and Marks & Sparks is pretty close too.

Fri Feb 07

Mines 215 yearly

Mines about 215 a year. Westminster has pretty much the lowest council tax.

Fri Feb 07

Everything within walking distance

You can save on tube fare, especially if you work nearby. Pretty much EVERYTHING is within walking distance. Being the film/media capitol of London, it's quite exciting living here.

Fri Feb 07

The YMCA in Tottenham Court Road is probably the best gym in the area- fantastic facilities and really friendly. Costs about £35- 40 per month.

Sat Jan 25

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