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Columbia road school.

Hi Betty My names june I remember you and your sister Ann. I have a group photo taken of our class at Columbia road school it was taken around 1953 ! Ann’s in the photo I’m sitting next to her.

Mon Apr 05

Columbia road school.

Hi Betty My names june I remember you and your sister Ann. I have a group photo taken of our class at Columbia road school it was taken around 1953 ! Ann’s in the photo I’m sitting next to her.

Mon Apr 05

Nichols Square

My email address is kandamariner@blueyonder.co.uk

Mon Nov 30

Nichols Square

I have a photo showing the square taken from the top floor of George Loveless house that I can send by email. My name is Alan Mariner and lived in the square until 1963.

Mon Nov 30

Nichols Square

My family, the Hoffman’s lived at 71 Nichols Square from WW1 to 1955

Fri Jul 03


WILSON/MARINER/CALVERT/LOCK FAMILIES lived Nichols Square 1950s Wilsons emigrated, I followed to Oz.

Many houses were lovely and gardens beautiful especially in Spring when the lilac was out, very happy times there and Canberra/Sydney/Brisbane /Melbourne meeting up with Mrs. Mariner Mrs. Wilson, two Wilson sisters, Dick and Den. and fabulous times with Den,

Wish I knew how they all are now though Mrs.Wilson and Dick I know died. I took pics of Nichols Square for the Australians and can let you have copies if interested.

Sun Feb 22

My ggrandfather lived in 86 Nichol Square

My great grandfather died in 86 Nichol Square, in May 1885, his name was George Tomlinson. Does anyone have any information about this address and people who lived there?

Thu May 29

Authentic Chinese Wing Tsun Kung Fu

New Wing Tsun Kung Fu classes starting for beginners and advanced levels. The classes are a very very good workout, lots of theories, forms, focusing on all aspects of the art - especially on the self defense side. In our classes you learn how to deal with dangerous situations without fear and how to keep improving your physical, spiritual and general well being. More info: www.julianhitchmase.com

Wed Apr 09


Hi Charlie,

My gr. gr. aunt, Louise Emma Bruce and her husband Jack Bruce were both actors at the New Brittania Theatre Hoxton. He died and she then remarried Edward Elton who also performed at the same theatre. She lived first at no. 68 and then at no. 76. This is between 1854 and the 1870s when they took an appartment at 331 Strand. I would love to know more about the houses, people etc; in the area at that time.

Sat Nov 23

Come And Support The Newest Team In The Ryman North League

Come and support Barkingside Fc next season

Barkingside Fc finished runners up in the Essex Senior League and won the Essex Senior League league cup.

The team play there homes games at

The Oakside Stadium,

Station Road




literally behind Barkingside tube station

The Club are always looking for new supporters and sponsors.

Mon Jun 10

e1 6gy

Sun Jun 02

Sorry the site is Memories of Hoxton and Shoreditch, not Hackney and Shoreditch doh!

Sun Jan 20

Nichols square

hi my mum lived at no 50, the other side, she has pics of the area with freands and family, she lived there for 20 years from sometime in the 40s till early 60s any help? judy

Sat Jan 05

Hi Betty. I remember you and your brothers and sister. You can see 15 photos of the square at collage.cityof london.gov.uk

Tue Sep 11


Hi my name is Ken Craze and have lived in Auckland New Zealand since 1957, i used to visit my Gran (Mrs Daye) and my Aunt (Rose Pybus) when they lived at 31, Nichols Sq.

I have one photo taken about 1947 showing myself and cousin Horace Pybus near the church. Sorry I forgot to include my e-mail address

Tue Aug 21

best hair colours in shoreditch

check out francesco picardi hair salon on pitfield street for some of the best hair colouring experiences in london. The service and eye for detail are amazing


Thu Aug 09

my gggrandfather lived at 86 nichol sq between 1850 and 1884. i can't find any photos of the square. what sort of houses were they?

Tue Jul 24

Nichol Square

Doreen, Found this site by accident when looking for info about Nichol Square as my mum was brought up there. Her name was Brenda Lock then. She remembers you, Vera, Stanley and June and your mum and dad. She remembers your mum playing the piano!

If you have photos of that era I would love to see them.

Tue Feb 28

I grew up in the flats neighbouring WH. Cornelius in the Old Kent Road. It was known locally as he 'Toy Factory'. Please tell me exactly what the company did.

The building has been demolished and replaced by flats and is called Success House.

Was the business successful?

Sun Feb 26

my dad worked for guillet and sons under a mr gollay(spelling iffy)

Fri Feb 17

Hi Betty, just to say I remember you and Anne and your brothers John, Alan & Richard. We lived at No. 70 and moved to 86. Hope your all keeping well. We were the Reynolds family.

Sun May 22

i lived in nichol sq with my family my name is betty i have a twin sister and three brothers, i was at no 9 i went to columbia school, sorry no photos,

Fri May 06

hi david, i also lived in nichol sq, i lived at no 9, my name is betty i have a twin sister anne and three brothes,i went to columbia school, lots of memories but no pic

Fri May 06

searching for info on SAMUEL EDWARD J TOYE 1906-1990

Hey residents of shoreditch.im searching for more information on my great grandfather,Samuel Toye was raised in shoreditch later moving to hackney.He had 2 daughters margaret and doreen,and used to work for pan am(america)as a driver.any help very welcome,thanks

Mon Jan 03

DHS accomodation sought

Single clean male, seeks accomoadtion that accepts DHS/Housing Benefit.

Reply to:

Thu Dec 16


yes i would be interested in joining i live very near to victoria park and grew up in Shoreditch during the 1970s-80s my e-mail address is

Sun Dec 12


does anyone know where I can have a shower locally in Shoreditch as i sleep over in my studio at times

Sun Oct 24

I am first time GAY

i would like to find gay and bi people in the shorditch area that would give me a gay night with no strings as I have wanted to be with an anal experience that will let me know if it is just a fantasy or if I can really enjoy myself I have wanted this for a very long time after I had an experience with a girl with play toys please let me know where I can try out my feelings with no ties


Thu Sep 02


Jam is definitely the end of the world.

Fri Aug 20

define safe

Fri Aug 20



If anyone knows Brian Johnson who uses this site, please can you ask him to make contact. I am his daughter Tina and he has been trying to find me. I have an e-mail address of

Sat Mar 20

Lost Daughter

Brian, please can you check your e-mails and get in touch. I am your daughter, Tina Dawn Johnson

Sat Mar 20

I used to spend my nights out in s/ditch in99

Then i decided it would be cool to live here.

been here since 2002 - its definitely turned into a parody of itself - i blame my arrival for its decline.

Sun Jan 31

Crafts/writing or book group?

Would anyone be interested in starting a group for either knitting/stitching or perhaps a writing or book group?

Wed Jan 27


this sounds really interesting email me if this goes ahead.


Tue Jan 26

shoreditch circa 1956-58

anybody able to help me - need to know approx weekly rent for 2 bed terrace and approx purchase price for terrace property in shoreditch for say 1957

Tue Jan 19


I am moving from the area and have a good quality 2nd hand bed for sale.

Easier if you can pick up....looking for around 100GBP

Please email me if you're interested on

Tue Jan 12

Hello Yoko

I had family living there from about 1910 up to the the 20s was there any old photos left when you moved in

Mon Jan 04

Mon Dec 14


Hi Julian and Phil yes i remember Great Eastern Buildings as i was born there in 1931 it was in Garden Walk off Great Eastern Street.there was two blocks of flates and we liver on the top floor. I went back to reminisce in January 2009 but they have been knocked down and re built with luxury flats,i still remember so much about Shoreditch,my granfather was a car minder in Hoxton Square, i can go on and on any body remember a place called Daddy Berts if so i would like to here from them. Martin

Mon Dec 07

Seeking room to rent in Schoredich / Bethnal Green


I am a 27 year old Italian girl living in London for about 1 month. I'm Looking for a room for the next 3-4 months to Schoredich/Bethnal Green.

I would not spend more than 530 pounds per month (bills included).

I'd like to share this experience with some nice flatmate, who want to socialize maybe even eating spaghetti together sometimes.

Note: I prefer not to have Italian flatmate in order to improve my English.

This is my e-mail:

Wed Dec 02

Shoreditch art gallery

Is there an art gallery in Shoreditch displaying photographs of people from the White House, Washington, please?

Mon Oct 12

The Hackney Book Group

Are you interested in joining The Hackney Book Group?

Monthly meetings will be held at a pub in Hackney or in Victoria Park in warmer weather. Each month we vote on a new book to read while enjoying light discussions with a drink.

Sun Sep 20

Nichols Square

My Great Grandma and Grandma lived at No5 Nichols Square and it was certainly there until 1958. They rented one floor of a large Georgian house (outside privy, cold water tap in the basement scullery etc) and I am trying to hang on to the memories of the square. I seem to remember a number of elegant but run down houses and a gated churchyard. Anyone got any photos or a street plan?

Fri Sep 18


What happened to norfolk bldgs...And when...was it bulidt

Wed Sep 02

Is Fellows Court safe area?

Sun Jul 26

looking for hill family from shorditch

Hi I am looking for my farther and his family, my dad left us when i was three and we have never seen or heard from him i would love to meet his family. They all came from shoreditch london have you any info please emil

Tue Jul 14

my family came from shireditch


Thu Jul 09

book club interested


Yep looking to join another book club. mondays sound good. whats the deal?

Sun Jul 05

W H Cornelius Ltd

Hi, Gail!

I forgot to mention that Carol King resigned the company to work for a printing company near London Bridge. About that time she lived in the Belvedere area though I am not sure if she subsequently relocated again after that. I resigned the company during Christmas 1976; and Josie resigned sometime later. Margaret had earlier left the company and later worked for Peak Freans (?), the biscuit manufacturers. I hope the above names might help your memory!

Fri Jul 03

W H Cornelius Ltd

Hi, Gail!

I think I remember you. There were some staff who joined the company but not stay. Carol King (nee Cope), Office Manageress, was the only woman who I recall marrying at the time. Her sister, Josie Collett, lived opposite. Rita Thorpe was the switchboard operator. Rita junior, who could have been a fashion/photographic model; and Margaret (Walker) worked in the general office. Mary Miller, no relation and also Welsh, packed some 'lucky dip' toys in the warehouse. Agnes, a Scottish lass who could really sing, was a typist and before your time. Grace Wright worked in the showroom and removed from a nearby flat to Bromley. I forget other names, but I still have a group photograph of the period.

Wed Jul 01

W H Cornelius Ltd

Hi, Gail!

I think I remember you, but after 30 plus years' I too have senior moments and forget faces to names. Carol King (nee Cope) was the Office Manageress who was the only woman I recall marrying at the time. Her sister Josie Collett, lived across the road, worked in the office. Rita Thorpe, was the switchboard operator. Other office staff were Rita junior who could have been a fashion model; and Margaret (Walker). Agnes, a Scottish lass who could really sing, was a typist and before your time. Other youngsters whose names I forget, came and left for better things. I still have a group photograph of some of the staff from the mid-1970s.

Mon Jun 29

City of London Book Club


I am looking to start a book club to meet one Monday evening a month in the City.

If you are interested, please email

Tue Jun 16

Weymouth Arms

Hi Sue, the house in which the pub was located still exists (it is located at 80 Weymouth Terrace). I have been living in it for about 6 years now (but am about to leave the property).

Tue May 26

pearson street

does enyone know enything of a familey called banks that lived at 28 pearson street ,the house has long gone the year would be about 1920s,

Tue Apr 07

12 New North Rd Hoxton 1920

I am trying to find information on this address. From about 1917 to 1920 it was given as the address of an Australian soldier, James Green, in WW1. Mail was received there until 1920 when he was discharged, then he disappeared. I believe it could have been a hairdresser's premises, but have been unable to locate it in old directories. A street search in 1911 census goes from 10 to 14, which is even more puzzling. Can anyone help?

Wed Mar 25

Bad north an south.

Went to this dentist years ago, total shit.

Took a tooth out , it took almost 2 hours.

Later I realised that he could of gone down into

the root and take it out via gum. Tosser.

Wed Feb 25

Weymouth Arms, Weymouth Terrace

My family were the publicans in this pub in the 1880's, I understand it was demolished in 1996, does anyone know anything about it or have a photo?

Sun Feb 08

E2 book club

Hi East Londoners,

I'm hoping to start a book club in East London, roughly in the E2 area (so Bethnal Green, Hackney, Shoreditch, etc.) Of course, success all depends on who's interested and how many people can regularly attend.

Ideally, we'd meet once a month and the club's members would choose books to read. Personally, I'm open to all sorts of books, but I guess the type of books might be something to be decided if we can reach critical mass. The number of members is a tricky one. Again, something to decide later perhaps.

At the moment I'm experimenting with Google groups. If you're interested in joining the book club, post a message to the E2 book club group and I'll invite you to be a member. The email to post to is:

Mon Feb 02



5.15pm – 6.45pm

22nd January 2009 for ten weeks

Location: EC2A 4XW

(Old St / Liverpool St / Moorgate Tube Stations)

Contact: 020 7426 1977

**** 226 906 Mail-me

Fee: £60 for the course.

(free on means tested benefits)

You can book online at:



A course for beginners or near-beginners who would like to achieve a genuinely useful level of French.

It teaches essential skills for the language-learner and traveller, such as how the French language “works”, and how to get what you really need.

Also useful if you have taken French lessons before and felt that you would have liked more background and explanation.

Most importantly - you will not be made to feel uncomfortable by being asked to repeat phrases that you do not understand.

Tue Jan 20

Life Drawing in Shoreditch on Monday nights

60 yards from Old Shoreditch town Hall there is a place where you can Draw, Draw and draw for about £5 a head for 3 hours. As long as I bring a few friends sometime and nothing else because we share the cost. Yesterday the model was a formidable Brazilian curvy and flexible model, the music was so relaxing, tony was so attentive and helpful, people so friendly, poses amazing and beer on the tap, I simply wonder if It wasn't a dream. Today I went to meetup.com/lifedrawingsociety and it wasn't they do it everywhere in London in absolutely perfect locations.

I had to let you know, let's bring our pencils and change the world to a better one.

Mon Jan 19

i have space for you.


Fri Jan 02

i have space for you.


Fri Jan 02

W.H. Cornelius - lost friends


I worked at this company c.1974/5.

I moved from Yorkshire & was working at this company c 1974/5

I'm going to add it to friends reunited workplaces. I'd especially like to get in touch with a lady that worked there but I'm having a senior moment. She invited me to a wedding, I was heavily pregnant at that time with my first child, 1975, he is now a strapping 32 yr old lol.

I'd really like to get hold of her, also she had a photo of my and my unborn baby, as never had any photos taken that'd be great to get hold of.

I lived in East Dulwich at that time, Upland Road.

Mon Dec 08


I am looking for 2 people to share my small /medium sized studio in stoke newington,london. The studio has a high ceiling and white painted wooden flooring and measures roughly 11ft by 19ft. The building has 24 hr access with bathrooms ,kitchen and shower. I need two people from the 15th december until the 15th january at a cost of £145.00 each for the month (excluding power which is usually between 5-8 pounds each)

Please contact Hayden 0790 457 2545

or email ..

Thu Dec 04


HI there,

Does anybody know a good web designer who can do our web page (for a young business) at a reasonable price?

Many thanks for your help ***

Mon Oct 20

Old Kent Road premises

A block of flats is now being built on your former premises in the Old Kent Road.

Mon Sep 08

W H Cornelius Ltd

A block of flats is now being built on the site of your former premises in the Old Kent Kent Road.

Mon Sep 08

Your hardly an original! Ive lived here since 1994 and its been downhill since 2000 if you ask me-dreadful, smelly,crowded hole! Never mind, moving soon!

Fri Sep 05

ridley road market dalston

Fri Aug 22

try soto calvert ave familky went there for years

Fri Aug 22

No but there is a Cottons Gardens. Ive lived there since 1996

Fri Aug 22

Im looking too!

If you find anything, please let me know -

Tue Aug 12

be4 n e one else discovered it....

nah...... that's what newbies think... lol... they discovered it....2004 shoreditch was already long past its sell by date and crowds have taken over..... maybe weekday nites in '04 were good but weekends a definite NO NO....

Fri Aug 08


I've lived in the boundary estate since '95 and yeh I HAVE seen it all change... some things good other not so good. It's all fine the way it is but what i do find weird is a Conran restaurant/hotel @£300 per night and the people living opposite that hotel earn less than £300 p/m.. wahey....well.. beauty needs to spread and radiate ou.

Fri Aug 08

you cant turn back time

i've been here since '00 and my god things have changed. i've moved out to get away... but somehow found myself back 6 months later.

my advice if you can't stand all the crowds & glitzy new developments... move to hackney wick!

Tue Jul 22


Lawson practice on Nuttall Street has female doctors.

Fri Jun 27

Shakespeare in Shoreditch

1587. A young lover, William Shakespeare, arrives in Shoreditch, seeking his fortune on Curtain Road.In this dangerous, disreputable part of town, magic and history begin to be made, as the English theatre is born. Includes extracts from his plays,and entertaining narrative. A must for theatre and literature lovers. Upstairs at The Old Blue Last on the site of the original theatre Saturdays at 3.00 pm 2nd/9th/16th/23rd August Tickets £7 and £5 on the door. www.lightsoflondonproductions.co.uk

Thu Jun 26

Nobody Cares???

Gosh - it's been nearly a fortnight since my posting (below). Not one suggestion! Is it because you're all latecomers and I'm the only real original left? Come on!

Wed May 28

Cleaning and ironing

I'm looking for cleaner work.

If you need, please let me know.

Very good cleaning of home, office and ironing.

100% honest, reliable and always on time.

I have cleaning experience.

Good references.

Thank you!



Tue May 20

Used to be Great

When I started roughing it in The Ditch back in '04 (before anyone else discovered it) it was a fab unspoilt area for me and my design company. Now everyone's on it and it's been ruined. What do others think? How can we turn back the clock? Luce

Fri May 16


Wed May 07

Physical Mime

Any Physical Mime groups in Shoreditch. Since arriving from the Ukraine, I need to get back into this I'm doing. Thksxxx.

Tue Apr 22

Tel: 020 7739 3863

Wed Apr 09

Tue Mar 25

Tracing Family Footsteps

Hi I live in Australia and I was wondering if there still is a place call Willow Gardens Shoreditch

Tue Mar 18


artist poet, love to be involved....

Tue Mar 04

Writing Opportunities

Yo! If you love Acid House Parties like me and really love the groove of Shoreditch, or 'The Shore' as I believe it's now called, then get in touch. I'm starting a terrific lifestyle magazine - fashion, art, muzak, green houses. The works. Call me NOW!!!

Mon Mar 03

What about somewhere in SHOREDITCH where they teach spelling???

Mon Feb 25

Hi. Two of us are looking for a flatshare in Shoreditch for around £450 each pm max but are having a nightmare. Does anyone happen to know of anybody who is looking for two friendly females to move in??


Thu Feb 21

There is a stall in the UP Market in the Brick Lane Brewery which was doing this last weekend. Feb 07.

Wed Feb 20



Do you know of anywhere in Schoreditch where they do eyebrow threading?


Thu Dec 13

Old Kent Road premises

With reference to your message, I took a bus ride along the Old Kent Road en route to central London a while ago. And sure enough the site of the W. H. Cornelius Ltd has been demolished. How final as it marks the end of an era for me personally! I recall many happy memories from my time working in that particular company; and many happy memories with my hobbies from outside of work hours. Life moves on, eh!

Mon Nov 12

Shoreditch cleaner

Judith and not Judiyh

Sat Nov 03

Shoreditch cleaner

Hi Kathryn,

There is a lady that cleans and shops for my mum, her name is Judiyh and she is very trustworthy and uses her discreation. I dont know if she is still taking on new clients.

Her number is ********1. Cheers.

Sat Nov 03

Shoreditch cleaner

Hi Kathryn,

Sorry about the mix up in names.

Sat Nov 03

Recommending a cleaner

Hello Kathryn,

I would like to recommend my cleaner to you, she is very thorough and reliable, I got her off this site through someone else's recommendation and I can tell she is good.

Her Number is ********1, just give her a trial.


Sat Nov 03

Night Out?

Hi Cat,

Well, if you like overpriced, packed and unfriendly bars full of pretentious, fashion victim Student Grants, Sharons too drunk to stand or Mockney Geezers looking for a fight, then Shoreditch is for you. Or perhaps you prefer sleazy strip joints with evil-looking bouncers and vile punters? Shoreditch has this too. But forget the bars - look outside. Enjoy the beer p*ss soaked walls and pavements, the jungle of empty fried chicken boxes, the insults shouted by strangers and the hassle of mini cab drivers. And if you're really lucky, you'll get mugged! Enjoy!

Tue Oct 23

Night Out?

Hi Cat, Well, if you like horrible, crammed, over-priced bars full of Sharons too drunk to stand and Mockney Geezers looking for a fight, then it's the place for you. Or maybe you like stripper dives? Shoreditch has plenty of these complete with evil-looking bouncers and a-hole customers. Better still, enjoy the streets outside. You can smell the beer urine that's on every pavement, step over the fried chicken boxes and be constantly hassled by minicabs. If you're really lucky, then you'll be mugged! Enjoy.

Mon Oct 22

Night Out?

Hi Cat, Well, if you like horrible, crammed, over-priced bars full of Sharons too drunk to stand and Mockney Geezers looking for a fight, then it's the place for you. Or maybe you like stripper dives? Shoreditch has plenty of these complete with evil-looking bouncers and a-hole customers. Better still, enjoy the streets outside. You can smell the beer p*ss that's on every pavement, step over the fried chicken boxes and be constantly hassled by minicabs. If you're really lucky, then you'll be mugged! Enjoy.

Mon Oct 22

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