Welcome to London Seven Sisters

The Cinema Was previouslycalled The corner cinema

Hi Colin,

I also played at the Noreik with a band called Group 004 + 1.

(Formerly Johnny & The Bobcats)

We supported quite a few acts there, The Kinks, Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames and The Paramounts to name a few. What a great place it was in the early days. There were not many places like it outside the West End the atmosphere was electric, when you were on stage or in the crowd on the dance floor.

Wed Oct 24

UCL researcher looking for people sharing or renting in Seven Sisters

Hello everybody,

I am a postdoctoral fellow at University College London looking for renters who would like to share their experiences of living in privately rented accommodation. I would like to invite you to participate in the study by filling out an online survey on www.haringeyrenterssurvey.co.uk or by taking part in an interview, which will explore your housing history and your choices of accommodation, your levels of satisfaction with your landlord or letting agent, and the activities and places you go in the neighbourhood. The interviews can be conducted at a cafe of your preference and at a time that best suits you. They will be audio recorded and anonymised and our conversation will be kept confidential.

Also, for more details about the research, you can email me at

Wed Oct 04

Removals / Man & Van hire, Home/Office Moving

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Sun Sep 24

Studio rooms for rent

• Single Studio Room (£650)

• Double Studio Room (£800-£850)

• Toilet and shower facilities

• Fridge and freezer

• Wardrobe and chest of drawers, with storage

• Fast broadband Internet


• 2 min walk to Seven Sister Underground Tube Station (Victoria)

• 8 min walk to Tottenham Hale Tube Station (Victoria)

• 4 min South Tottenham Overground Station

• 24 hours buses to Central London available on main street!

All tenants are working professionals or in University, respectful of each other the house is quiet as all rooms contain everything that you need!

There are shared kitchen facilities with access to a nice garden where you can have BBQs with what is left of this summer with your friends outside.

All bills inclusive in monthly rent:

• Gas

• Water

• Electricity

• Internet

• Council Tax


Wed Aug 16

Committed Football Players Needed

We are looking for football players in the North London area (Wood Green) to build a new squad, ( adult men ) must be willing to attend training session in Wood Green.

Football training starts on Thursdays at 7pm

On grass.

Are you up for it?

We welcome new beginners, people returning to football and people new to London, please only reply if you are interested in joining our team. No time wasters.


**** 531 351

Fri May 19

Dont fret!


I've lived in the area for 12 years, and often use Seven Sisters at night. I've never had a problem, and the thing I like is that there are always people about, and some shops are open late, so I feel safe. Like anywhere in London, you need to take care and keep valuables including phones concealed, but please don't worry more than you would in any other part of London!

Fri Jan 20

Re Noreik.

I'm not sure what it was called before but I went there a lot as a kid with my parents, The owner was "Pat" (can't remember surname) had son named "Kieron" The club named after him backwards, Pat was associated with the music industry, my parents became quite friendly with the owner & we would stop after Saturday evening bingo, to remove chairs from floor, 1 Saturday evening John Lennon, Cynthia Lennon, Paul McCartney & Jane Asher came in & went behind the bar & Barman "Perry" put me on his shoulders, And they were giving autographs, parents got autographs & the bottle of coke cola John had. I was also allowed on another night to play on the "Kinks" drums before doors opened.... Great Times....

Fri Jan 06

From my experience living in Seven Sisters this isn't true any more. The place has changed - just look at how many of the houses on Westerfield Road/Beaconsfield Road and around that area are being smartened up (even on West Green Road too). I've lived there for 3 years now, not had any trouble walking home late at night etc, not even been offered any drugs (that happened far more when I lived down Camden years ago...). True, it could do with a few more restaurants (San Marco, Beehive and Garden Cafe are all good) but those will come in time.

Mon Jan 11


Hi Colin,

I also played in a group at the Noreik, it was previously called The Corner Cinema. The group I sang there with was called Johnny & the Bobcats and later changed to Group 004 + 1. We played on the same bill as Georgie Fame, The Kinks, and The Paramounts to name just a few. What group were you in ?.


John Maskell

Tue Jul 21

Sun Apr 19

Area is ok

You have to be careful but it is like any other area in London. Major advantage is spacious flats/houses and excellent transport links. As far as crime is concerned, it is like any other area in London. Be prudent and you should be fine. Good luck in your move!

Thu Feb 19


Hi Everyone.

I have a question. My partner and I have found a place to live on Gourely Street in Seven sisters and we will be moving in soon. I have been reading up on crime rates and have gotten myself all wound up about our safety. We will literally be 5 mins from the seven sisters station but I do work nights and late evening so will be coming home or leaving home after 9pm. I don't want to offend but do I have to worry about our safety?

Tue Feb 03

Lawrence Square

Hi All

I'm thinking of buying on the new Bellway development- not from London myself and my London friends are telling me it's a dangerous area - I don't know it at all - can you help?

Tue Feb 03

Seven sisters rocks

I love my flat and the area is as safe as any other urban area. Great public transport...

Tue Oct 07

Carpenter in Seven Sisters

Did you find a good carpenter in Seven Sisters in the end?

Thu Jun 19

Developments to Seven Sisters

I am soon to move into the seven sisters area and I hear that the council are planning lots of developments - the market, the gyratory, tottenham green etc but although these plans should have been running since 2012 not much has happened. Are the council stalling or are the works going on?

Fri Jun 13

Stonebridge Road area safe?

Is Seven Sisters and the Stonebridge road area outside the tube safe at night? Or is it a really dangerous area to live in?

Sat Mar 15

Yoga/Meditaton still happening?

Hi there, wondering if the above is still taking place. Please do email me, if so.

Warm wishes.

Fri Feb 28

As safe as any other place

but it is affordable area in let and also for first-time buyers and young professionals who are buying their first flat/house..

Wed Dec 11

Excellent Transport

Excellent transport- tube, rail and buses

Wed Dec 11

Transport is very good. Victoria line very reliable and one train in three starts at seven sisters so you always get a seat. The overland to the City has got busier recently, a few years ago I'd always get a seat in the rush hour but now I sometimes have to stand. However it's never sardine-full; it comes in full but many people get off at Seven Sisters to get the tube. The line is pretty reliable, often delayed by 5-10 minutes but rarely suspended.

Sat Sep 28

Victoria Line

I was planning on moving to the area, but am a bit cautious due to the transort links. I lived in Clapham before, and the northern line by the morning is a nightmare. Never want to go through that again. So could anyone tell me how busy it is to take the tube or trains at rush hour?

Mon Sep 23

I second that

if you are buying, better buy in an area under regeneration then you will make money on your investment. N15 is great for spacious and still affordable flats and houses. Tottenham green, East of the Green, and the hale are great areas to buy in as they are close to both overground trains and the underground.

Mon Sep 02


you are advising to look for flats in Muswell Hill, Highgate, etc..these are very expensive areas either to buy (forget it) or rent. Seven sisters is ideal for young professionals, first time buyers, and young couples. Transport is excellent and space wise, flats and houses are a bargain. In addition, the area is now regenerated, with the hale a good centre for shopping. Strongly recommend it!!!

Thu Aug 29

Bedford Road, Seven Sisters

im looking at moving on to Bedford Road off Philip Lane and West Green Road. Any one know if the street is as nice as people report, there seems to be a huge college at the back and council estate at the top and bottom of the street. Is it safe to walk to SS station.

Mon Aug 12

Costa opened in seven sisters

The area is cleaner and houses in demand...20 mns to central london and tottenham hale nearby. recommend it for buyers

Mon Aug 05

Totally Agree

Areas near the hale are nice. Streets are clean and transport through TH station is excellent, in addition to the shops in the retail complex...Roadworks undergoing now, so the area is really improving..

Thu Jun 13

Area improving and house prices increasing

I am surprised by how much the area is imporving. House prices are on the increase - nice streets to live in such as Talbot street and Tynemouth Road near the hale retail complex...Big plans for the area

Tue Jun 04

underrated area

I bought my first flat a few years ago in Seven Sisters, after being priced out of Stoke Newington. You just get so much more space for your money, we were able to get a decent sized one bed garden flat here literally a minute away from the station.

I have seen some change in the area in our time here- the streets have cleaned up and judging from the road works at the moment, it will be alot tidier. There isnt a lot to do in the immediate area but you can't beat it for transport- the Victoria line gets you into town in 15 mins or 10 mins to Islington, Stoke Newington is a short bus ride away, and the overground will get you to Liverpool Street in about 15 mins too.

I've never had any bother in this area and I actually speak to my neighbours as well.

Tue Apr 30

Where exactly is being gentrified, please? I'm moving into the area and would love to know where to locate to, and where to avoid.



Fri Nov 16

Like any other area

I have lived there for 7 years now, and it is OK. You have to be careful like anywhere else in London. Major advantage is public transport and time to get to West End. Good luck!

Thu Sep 13

No care

This is not a very good doctors. Don't care about their patients

Tue Sep 04

Regenration of 7 sisters starting: EXCELLENT

Finally planning permission was given by the council to start regeneration of wards corner. Excellent new. It will transform the area and will make the investment I made in buying a house here so worth it!!!!

Tue Jul 03

we are a well established family building company that has over 40 years of experience in the uilding industry. Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to develop a reputation for building work of the highesr standard, together with the quality and integrity that is so important to our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you. You can contact us by telephone on ********4 or e-mail at

Mon Jun 11

House prices in seven sisters

what are the prices of a 1-bedroom flat in seven sisters? and how is the housing market there now? I would like to look for a flat in the area...

Wed May 16

Stamford Close Estate


I went to see a flat on Stamford Close Estate to buy. Is anybody familiar with this Estate and the area ?

I wasn't too sure about buying in an estate as there is so many people living in the same building but it's actually the nicest flat I've seen. I am not familiar with the area and I have not met that many people there to judge about the surrounding though. I would really appreciate the point of view of anybody living locally to there.

Thanks a lot

Fri May 11

£350 mnth Seven Sisters N15 Single Room Available!

Hi! We have a single room available, for a female pref. It is in a Victorian garden property in a Conservation area - original features such as architecture, original wooden doors, floors, and it has a garden and patio.

It is close to amenities and shops,a walk from the underground and lots of buses (41, 73, 76, 123, 149, 243, 230, 259, 279, 341, W4, etc) and there are the marshes and River Lea canal to cycle, jog

We like a healthy, quiet lifestyle and would like to use the garden for a self-supply of organic vegs and you'd be welcome to join in if you so wish.

Wed Nov 23

I love 7 Sisters

It is still a wonderful area for first-time buyers and it is 20 mns by tube from Central London (Oxford Street). Best area is around tottenham hale park..Talbot Road, Tynemouth Road, etc..

Tue Sep 20

gay scene

Not as far as i know, as it's fairly suburban with barely any nightlife. The gay scene i know and love is best down in Dalston which is not far away on a bus straight down the main road. Places like the George and Dragon pub in shoreditch, the Joiners, Dalston Superstore, Vogue fabrics, The Star of Bethnal Green are all full of east london's most friendly LBGT crowd. Hope that helps if you're new to London!

Sat Sep 03

Nursery in Seven Sisters


Can anyone recommend a nursery in Seven Sisters area N15?

Hopefully I can find a good nursery which is like ones in Stoke Newington.


Fri Jul 15

Cafe address?

Hi, i saw vaious people show an interest in the nice portugese cafe you mentioned, but what is the address please? It's rather a long road and i don't know the area very well. Thanks for the great tip, though! Looking forward to visiting it!

Mon Jul 11

Anyone know reliable and reasonably priced builders in Seven Sisters?

Hello there!

I am set to move to N15 by the end of the year. The house i have put an offer on needs major roof work before i move in - it needs completely new joists as well as brickwork and new slates etc. There is also the possibility of making a little extension at the back if we get planning permission.

I would like to hire local builders and i don't mind their nationality at all, so long as there is no major language barrier. Can anyone genuinely recommend a company / builder / team who they've had personal experience with ?

Would be great to hear what work you had done and how smoothly it all went.

Thanks for any tips! :)

Mon Jul 11

Awesome Cafe

I've just moved to the area and I recently discovered this cafe. It's wonderful, I'd recommend it to anyone.

Sun May 22

7 Sisters is alright

It is one of the areas that will get there by 2012. The anticipated regeneration is expected to add so much value to properties there. It will happen..

Fri Feb 11


Hi. If you want to know the truth Tottenham, Brixton, Streatham etc are not very nice places to live. I should know believe me because I have lived there in the past. Forget South London the one you should try is North London. The best places to live are Muswell Hill, North Finchley, Highgate. Totteridge. They may be more expensive to live but they are safer and in the long run you would not regret it. Good Luck

Tue Feb 01

Buying a flat on Templeton road.

Hi, I am seriously considering buying a flat on Templeton road. What is the area like around here? It looked fine to me despite all of the negative things I have heard but I have done a tour of rough south London over the last few years (Brixton, Streatham, Camberwell, Tooting) .

Also does anyone know when the regeneration is going to start.

I an far too young to be buying a flat and this decision is absolutely terrifying me!

Tue Feb 01

gay man in seven sisters

Are there any gay outlet or a gay social group in seven sisters?

Thu Sep 02

Tynemouth road and Talbot road

are quite nice to live in, near the hale shopping area, and also 5 mns walk from seven sis tube

Fri Aug 27

Westerfield road

I used to love it when it was a bid edgy..drugs, prosies, etc..now it is dull

Fri Aug 27

Good value for money.

Yes I agree, some nice street there and Tottenham Hale Retail Park and Ikea are very handy.

I just wish someone finally did something with the area around Seven Sisters. There is so much wasted commercial space there. And its been like that since i first saw it years ago. Nothing has changed or improved!

I own a lovely 2 bed with a garden 2 minutes from the tube. I could never afford anything like that so close to central london and its so quite a lovely in my back garden.

Fri Jul 16

N15 is good

It is an OK area with excellent transport link. Actually to to the east of seven sisters (Tottenham hale side) the area has nice residential streets (Talbot Road, Tynemouth Road, etc.) and also value-wise since they are near Tottenham hale visible regeneration. Strongly advise it for first-time buyers

Thu Apr 08

Mon Apr 05

Mon Apr 05

Mon Apr 05

Fri Mar 05

Seven sisters N15 LOVE IT

Fri Feb 26

Thanks for the information! I had heard about the Lawrence Road scheme, I see some of the buildings have signs saying they've been "acquired" but nothing seems to be going on right now. Two years seems a long time, I think I'll get some valuations done, put the flat on the market and then just see what happens I suppose!

Tue Dec 29

Very little owrk will be done in the area for the next couple of years. However the new town hall devlopement is a good mix of old and new and the Lawrence road scheme will both be positive for the area. There is even talk of the arts centre being turned into a Curzon cinema. Too early to say. I would hang on if you can but it depends what you need.

The area has some great two bed small town houses so have a look in Jansons Road, N15

Tue Dec 01

Wards Corner and N17 property prices

I am considering selling my 1-bed flat in Dongola Road (just up from Philip Lane) and would be grateful if anyone had any information or just general thoughts on the impending Wards Corner development and how it might affect property prices. Is now a good time to sell do you think? Does anyone know when work is actually going to begin on the new development?

Tue Nov 24

Club Noreik

The cinema was called the CORNER

Thu Nov 19


are there any drama classes for free for kids.

Fri Sep 18

The new plan takes into account the current market

I thought the new plan will incoporate the new market. It is just the area needs a major cosmetic surgery, and long-time needed. We can just keep and live with the status quo. The building is an eye sore, market or not. The whole of tottenham high road needs some major regeneration. The area is improving on the tottenham hale side (east side), all is needed is for the entrance to tottenham to change

Wed Jul 29

The irony is that according to the local police the market has very low crime. The degradation is down to neglect of the area by Haringey Council in the first place. They are acting like the sort of cowboy who can't get planning permission so lets the building decay so it has to be demolished.

The people in the market have worked hard to establish viable businesses with nothing like the resources that the council is chucking at Grainger. They deserve support, not vilification. With just a bit of help it could bring something special and unique to the area - why throw that away for another branch of Superdrug?

Sun Jul 26

Wonderful news

I just would like to see this redevlopment of seven sisters to happen. The sight of the old market brings the house prices down, in addion that degeneration indicates poverty and crime.

Fri Jul 03

westerfield road

I have heard that westerfield road, well the park, tube building and the witness hall are are all up form demolition as part of stage 3 of the ward corner project. The council want to bring chain shops into the area as they feel it needs the lift.

So if you bought on westerfield it might be quite and peaceful now but busy after the building but your property value might go through the roof.

Thu Jun 18

The cafe is great

Took your advice and went in today. Have some Portuguese chicken and rice plus lovely custard cakes.

The owner is a lovely man. He told me he wants to start doing tapas in the evening if he can have a beet license.

There are some real gems around here I just wish the council would help them. Thsi continuing plaaning blight like they cause like those burnt out out houses by the tube and in suffeild road. All part of the latest council grand redevlopement plan held up due to credit crunch or maybe it was just rubbish.

Thu Jun 18

Not sure if you have sorted anything out as yet, but there is a really good chiropodist based at Cage Pharmacy in Phillip Lane. I have been going there for a couple of years. His name is Mansoor Butt he is based at the The Cadge Pharmacy

105 Phillip Lane

Tottenham, N15 4JR

Tel: 020 8808 2740

Hope this helps.

Thu Apr 30

There are lots of good places to shop - you just need to keep your eyes open. There are a few boutiques on the Tottenham High Road, there is Tottenham Hale that has a Next and an Asda store. There is a clothes factory on West Green Road.

Thu Apr 30

where abouts on west green road?

Sun Mar 22

New Portugese cafe on West Green Road

Nice new cafe opened to sit and read a book/papers. Does all the usual stuff - coffee/cakes/sandwiches. Give it a go. Hopefully it will remain open!

Sun Mar 15

Tottenham hale side

Does anyone know any proprerty to let seven sisters/tottenham hale side (east side of the parade)?

Thu Feb 19

Happy with 7 sisters

I've lived in Lealand Road for a year now and am enjoying it. I have very nice neighbours and there are lots of really great local shops so you never have to be without milk or beer. The Lee Valley's such an asset too and the tube's so handy for central London- it's much quicker than it looks on the map.

Sat Jan 24

Seven Sisters on the up

I think Seven Sisters is very similar to other areas of London, as far as crime is concerned. I am a Regeneration Manager at the Bridge NDC and every year we do a MORI survey- the last one (2008) showed that people had less fear of crime than previously.

We are doing our best to support the police and community organisations to improve the area. We have just launched Rev Up - a project to support business in Seven Sisters, managed by North London Business!

Sat Jan 24

Love Seven Sisters

I have lived in Tynemouth road for few years now, and the area has been transformed. Seven sisters - Tottenham hale side is being gentrified. The area is safe, nice, withb excellent transport links to central London and Stansted. I strongly recommend it!

Tue Jan 20

Gym with kids play area

Does anyone know of a gym with kids play area in North London region?

Mail me at

Tue Oct 21

I have lived in Alton Road, N17 for 4 years. It is a lovely little road and my neighbours are all polite and friendly.

The area needs more people who care about it to move in! It's great for transport and parks and is close to Crouch end and Stoke Newington, but you can actually afford to buy a house here!

Tue Sep 30

My partner and I are selling up and moving out of the area after a couple of years - we've had enough. We live off West Green Rd and although I don't feel unsafe as such, we get a lot of hassle from local 'characters' and drug pushers. The whole area is used for fly tipping, people p*ss and spit in the street and let their dogs foul the pavements. It's depressing. Some of our neighbours are very community minded and try to improve things, but there is a LOT of anti social behaviour and the police don't seem to give a monkey's when you report it. Obviously things vary from street to street (Crouch End is only a short bus ride up the road) but personally I would think twice about buying a place in Tottenham or the West Green area. I've seen no improvement or regeneration in my time there, and there are no decent pubs or places to eat.

Tue Aug 05

I guess it is because many South-Americans and Colombians are Roman Catholic. Sundays are holy days to go to church, a day on which thou shall not work! I guess that's why... It is common through South America as well that on a Sunday everything is closed

Thu Jul 24

Yoga class

Tottenham Green leisure centre has Yoga classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Tue Jul 22

Good Cafe

The Bookhouse Cafe on Tottenham High Rd is a really nice Cafe. Good food - good value, nice patio garden space and friendly. It's a very short walk north from the Police Station - on the same side of the Rd. I'm not 100% sure - but I think it's open on Sundays. They have live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

Tue Jul 22

Sun Jul 13

Cinema, Seven Sisters Road/Club Noreik 60/s / 70s

I used to play in a group in the 60's, and played many times at the Club Noreik, at the corner of Tottenham High Road/Seven Sisters Road. The club was a converted cinema, and during the 60's was a Bingo Club weekdays, and a music venue at Weekends, and was then demolished in the 70's!

Do you remember the original name of the cinema in the 50's/60's?

Hope to hear from you.


Colin Stoddart

Tue Jul 08


I got a planning permission to build a level dwelling house on an extra land adjoining to my existing. The land is part of my existing house. The new house is intended to be independent from the existing one.

My concern how the tax authority will treat this. would they see as a developer, a landlord? Any advice?

Fri Jun 27

the Spanish shops in the market are fun

If you wnat something different. Try the Latino units in the covered shopping area next to SEven Sisters tube.

Go on a Saturday afternoon and mix with the local latinos, enjoy a coffee or juice or try Columbian food, have a hair cut or just enjoy the music and atmosphere.

But be quick as the local labour council wnat to pull it down to build a somerfield supermarket.

See www.wardscorner.wikispaces.com or



Fri Jun 06

wards corner

The whole thing is planning to be demolished and replaced with two 8 storey high blocks of flats which are covered with grey cladding. Not very classy and will blight the area.

The devloper has adjuested the plan cuurently with the council for approval to reduce the unit size whcih means no large marks and spencers. The NDC had a review done and the mostly likely bets bet tenant would be Iceland or Somerfield. That ain't going to help your house price.

The residents are obejcting to the low quality of the build proposed and what the market upgraded into small shop units with the creation of a Latin quarter for London.

The area wil never be Stoke Newington with cheap, ugly new architecture. I like modern design nut the proposal is simply not good enough.

Thu May 15


will someone explain to me why anyone would want to save the 'latin american market' at seven sisters. i have been around it. it is horrible. there is nothing on sale that i would buy there. it is not welcoming. the only people in there were just loitering around and they weren't buying anything. it needs demolishing and some decent chain shops moving in. i do not believe that the majority of those people 'fighting' to save wards corner actually shop at the market.

Sun May 04

lawrence road

They are building new private flats all along Lawrence Road. they are planning to knock down the empty office blocks and build luxury two bed appartments. That will make Lawrence more lively. The devloper is also adding some shops under the units at the corner of Lawence and West Green Road.

There are some fab live/work artist appartments along the street in Studio 21 and a couple of nice side streets of cottage sytle housing. Very big and not that expensive. Over 100 local artists work there.

It lacks any up maket resturants but the Japense noodle bar in West Green Road next door is good and there is the new cafe/bar/restaurant at the arts Centre.

Fri Mar 14

beaconsfield Road - what is it like?

I am thinking of buying a flat on Beaconsfield Road. What is it like? It seems a nice street, the house are large and roomy, there are a few street trees and I not the local council have planted some new ones recently and the loclas have planted flowers around the bases of some trees.

the gardens are huge and go a long way back and I see there ar evaroius new building scheme nearby on old brownfield sites which will take care of any remaining scruffy bits or the area.

The surrounding streets seems lively which must make it very safe and the nieghbours have all lived their for years whihc is anothergood sign.

Fri Mar 14

More on the Latino Market at Seven Sisters

There is a public meeting about the redevelopment of the Latino Market on Thurs 28th (7 o'clock) in the CONEL building. It's important that as many people as possible attend or the council will go ahead with their plans to demolish the market and the surrounding Victorian terraces.

If you can't make the meeting, take a look at www.wardscornercommunity.org.uk.

Tue Feb 19

I bet a male wrote this bullshit--get a life

Thu Feb 14

Muslim Womens Enterprise Network

This network is a free service for Muslim women who like the idea of starting up their own business but need practical information on how to go about doing it. Women can attend workshops on all aspects of business. We also offer Health & Safety and Food Hygiene training. Existing businesses can also receive further support and training. All those who join the Muslim Women’s Enterprise Network will be able to advertise their business/services through networking events.

For further details please call me on 020 **** 6868 or

Wed Feb 13

on the up

i've lived there for nearly 3 years. it's getting better all the time as houses are sold and new people buy houses and live in them rather than rent them out. the area should change a lot over the next few years. this is the local residents association. fara.wikispaces.com

Thu Feb 07

Lawrence Road new flat building timetable


Anybody know when they are going to start building the new flats and work studios in Lawrence road?

Apparently some of the old run down factories are going to be demolished and replaced with a new gated block of flats.

Wed Feb 06

Anyone know anything about Seaford Road

Hi there, Im a young professional trying to get on the property ladder. Ive seen a lovely place on Seaford Road and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or knowledge of the area?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Tue Feb 05

Great cafe in the Arts Centre

The cafe in the Bernie Grant Arts Centre is really good. It is a bit hard to find as you have to go through the booking office of the Arts Centre. The centre is on the High Road, behind the old Town Hall, near the Green and Leisure Centre.

The food is nice, varied and reasonably priced, the staff very friendly and the design and furniture is modern and fun. The overall of the centre won an architectural award.

They are now open only when there is a performance but it is always worth popping by if you are in that part of the High Road. They used to due a good Sunday dinner but cut back due to numbers. It may return once more people know about the place.

There is also the three cafe in the Latin market next to Seven Sisters tube station. Lively places with strong coffee.

Fri Feb 01

Spanish market

I always hesitate to visit spanish shop but could you tell me plesae if it's a good place to visit?

Tue Jan 22

New in Seven Sisters

Hi, I have moved to seven sisters for three months ago from lyon (france) i didn't have any problem yet, my only problem is as a 22 years old sometimes I want to have a coffe or wach a football match but I don't know what are the good places for that.

Tue Jan 22

Seven Sisters

Reading some of the comments written by others has really inspired me to write here also. What a great website! I love Tottenham in general not just Seven Sisters. I have lived in the area for over 30 years and the area is definately on the up. It won't be long before we have some fantastic cafes!!

Mon Jan 14

Dont be scared!

I'm a laydee in my early thirties who's lived here for almost seven years and though it's still a scruffy, somewhat rough and ready area, with some real characters on the street, I've never had any problems - and I often get the night bus home, too. I've always lived near the tube, so I don't know what it's like for the longer walks home, but I feel safer here than I do in areas like Wood Green /Brixton where large gangs gather to drink and hang out on the streets. As Seven Sisters is so residential and doesn't have that night life factor, the vast majority of people are just heading to / from somewhere else. Of course you've got to be street-smart, just like any area of London, but I've been confident enough to buy here, so don't let the doom-mongers scare you to death!

Mon Jan 07


I live near the tube station too - it is also a quick walk for me to go to Tesco as well. What happened to you really frightens me. What time did this happen? I try not to go out ANYWHERE in the area at night (once I am home from work at 5pm, that's it!) but now I am going to never leave the house....geez... Anyway I am really sorry to hear this. I don't like the Seven Sisters area either and this makes me even more scared for my safety :-( I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. Hope you weren't hurt badly.

Fri Jan 04

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