Welcome to London Roehampton

Looking for a cleaner in Roehampton

Hiya, I am looking for a reliable and efficient cleaner in Roehampton

Thu Feb 14


Sun Jul 25

yes i think i knw him

Sun Jul 25

Attractive Female Wanted

Attractive Female student/women required. IF you young and attractive and want to make some serious cash socializing! Then forward two sexy professional images with your name,height,location,nationality,age and contact number to

Sat Mar 27

But on average, how many days in the first year do you have off, I too would like to know as I am starting in september.

Thu Feb 04


new here (American) attending Roehampton...aspiring writer...mature lady, non-smoker.

Having huge problems getting around, needs help!

Southern lady from the states....

Thanks! Would like to meet friends, but have lots of work to do at the university!

Sun Jan 31

Dog walkers in Roehampton

I am looking for someone who could walk my jack russel once a day. you could email me at:

Sun Jan 10

Clarence lane is now Residents Parking only. If you park there without a permit in your window you are liable to be either fined, or to have the people who do live there block you in when they come home.

Sat Mar 14

Parking in Roehampton for the Uni

Clarence lane has been made residents parking. So unless you have a resident's permit in your window, you could either receive a parking fine, or be blocked in by the cars of the people who really do live there.

Sat Mar 14

DoverHouse Lion

Thu Feb 26

Mikomi 21" Ctv21TX30 Colour Television with Philips Dtr Freeview (£35)

The advertisement is for a used; however in perfect working condition, colour TV Mikomi 21".

The TV was inhereted from the previous flat-mate and now is only taking up space since nobody uses it.

The TV has teletext and it comes with a remote control. The plug is standard UK.

It doesn't have any visible scratches or scars - the only thing you should know (hope it's noticable from the picture) is that the front cover of the panel is missing.

Together with the TV you will obtain used Phillips Freeview DTR 210.

We're based in Roehampton.

Sun Oct 12

Public Transport Around Roehampton ..

Try visiting the Tansport For London web site for help in mapping out the bus routes you will need to take to travel between colleges by public transport.

Roehampton is well-served by buses which connect to train services at nearby Putney, Richmond, and Kingston town centres as well.

I would avoid uing a car at all if possible ..

Wed Sep 17

Roehampton is gorgeuos!

It might be dominated by the council Estate, but never less it is a great place. The balance of cement structures with green parks, a rinding club, a cycling club, gym, liabrary, roehampton university and South thames college, to add to the beauty we haveRichmond Park at our door steps. And as for amenities, it has a new hospital - Queen Mary's hospital, loads of buses, barnes station... One would feel like one was out of London in the country side. Its great.

And honestly, the council estate has lots of families. Their only Crime is that they are as wealthy and rich as people who live in huge house. They are perfectly normal people. I love Roehampton,


Sun Sep 07

Sun Jul 20


Don't know about roehampton but there is a team called the Putey Magpies, just do a quick search on google to find them. They used to be sponsured by the Walkabout (putney) site, so you could pop in there and check.

Tue Jun 10



Sun May 18


roehamptons a rouh area

Tue Mar 18

HI Katie

Im also starting on the same course good to hear from you! yep im a little nervous i am coming back this week to the uk having been working overseas for 3.5 years

Also a mature student -32 ,are you in uni accomodation? i am but its not confirmed which site yet

good to hear from you Fiona

Sat Aug 11


Im also starting above course in 07,a mature female student, are you new to the area?

Im really looking forward to starting ,well a little nervous -long time and little study.

Im on my way back this week having been away working overseas for 3.5 Years ,i was due to start last year but defered

great to see a post from someone joining the course i just googled on the off chance , look forward to hearing frm you

Sat Aug 11

Greeb Man putney heath

Your local pub is either up Roehampton Village and the next one is the Green Man.

Wed Jul 04

Lobjoit Farms

There is a book Key to the fields by Jessie lobjoit which may help.

Not sure which ones they owned or rented farm names might help

They started with 12 acres of ground at Hammersmith, co. Middlesex, which later became the site of Harrod's Depository.In 1840, took over Gypsy Lane Farm, Upper Richmond Road, Barnes, co. Surrey, then the tenancy of Bell Farm, Putney, co. Surrey (now the site of a church). Putney Park Farm, otherwise known as Dulleys, which adjoined Gypsy Lane Farm 1856.

Southfields 1865-6; Middle Field 1871; Harrod's Field 1874-5; Collis 1874-5; Park Fields 1874-5; Barns Elms Farm, Barnes, co. Surrey 1886;

Fri Jun 29

HI I'm also starting at Whitelands and Southlands in September - what course/courses are you doing? I'm doing criminology and psychology.

Fri Jun 22

Has anyone just bought there??

After seeing endless adverts for flats for sale in Roehampton, in the ex-authority buildings near Richmond Park, I thought I would ask anyone who has bought there what their experiences have been?? Have heard some good and bad things about the area. As a female on my own, would have to be in an area I felt safe in. Any input would be appreciated....

Fri Jun 01

roehampton... clarence lane flats

in responce to this just wondered if u knew anyone from this area??? I lived there a couple of years ago in the flats on clarence lane

Thu May 03

the scout hut aint there no more they pulled it down years ago i know i used to go there

Sat Mar 17

get out asap this area is v.v.v.BAD!!! its a trap once your here you cant get out there are muggings stabbings shootings you name it. not that im trying to put you off, just trying to help

Sat Mar 17

hi, i am looknig for a football team in Roehampton area. Can anyone recomend one and let me know hot to get in contact wit them.

Mon Feb 19

but mr dick head, where r we supposed to park our cars.

Sat Feb 10

buy a car

Thu Feb 08

Local Pub

The only one that is left in Roehampton is in the High Street itself. Its a Youngs pub and is called The Angel. A bit of an old man's pub best to hit Putney really, but there are plans for 2007 to make Roehampton a more sociable area

Thu Dec 21

Local Pub?


I moved to Roehamton (Highcliff Drive) in Feb... but cant seem to find the local pub... are there any local pubs in the area?


Thu Nov 30

Putney Bridge (bus 256)

East Putney

Hammersmith (bus 72)

Thu Nov 30


Hi does anyone know of anywhere not too far to attend a meditation group.

Sun Oct 01

hi my grandfather was alfred lobjoit my grandmother was kate lobjoit,they lived in chiswick w4.my e-mail address is

Thu Sep 07

Days off!


I'm a year 3 student doing BA Primary Teaching. It's almost impossible to say which days you will have free. We are put into groups and each group has it's own timetable - er that's also a new timetable every semester!

Sorry, we all have and moan about the same problem.

Wed Aug 02

Where is Highcliffe Drive from Digby Stuart Campus?

I'm about to start a BA hons in Primary Education and have to drive as I need to drop my young daughter off at Nursery. I live in Epsom and am looking for a reliable parking space I'm willing to pay to use someone drve since all the other parking options have said no!! Can you help???

Wed Jul 26

Roehampton Uni - Bsc Integrative Counselling.

Hi there!

I'm a female "mature" student starting the BSc INTEGRATIVE COUNSELLING course at Whitelands College, Roehampton this September.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has been accepted on this course and who will be starting at the same time!! Please email me at;

Wed Jul 19

Hi..Im also starting Counselling at Whitelands.

hi..Im Kate and Im a mature student of just 26 !. Im coming down from Lancashire to study at Whitelands. How exciting ! Its also a little bit daunting and so it would be nice to chat to people who are going to be there with me. Heres my e-mail...

Wed Jun 28

For Jonathan.

Hi there Jon!

Just came across your posting. Great to hear from you!! I've sent you an email. Best wishes.

Wed Apr 19

intergrative counselling students sept 06


I'm a mature male student from Scarborough aged 49. I have just been accepted for the above course, after a telephone interview, on condition that I attend an interview in person at 2:00 pm on the 31st May. It would be good to meet someone who is going to be taking this course and inner journey as well. If you are interested and can find the time for a coffee or something, please get in touch. I am sure we could find it of mutual interest. My name is Jonathan and my E-mail addrss is

Tue Apr 18

Clarence Lane

I'm thinking of renting a flat in Clarence Lane, Roehampton. It seems nice there but can anyone tell me something about the area please.

Sun Jan 22

Good GP practice

Try the Mayfield surgery on Roehampton Lane - it has three women GPs, very friendly.

Thu Dec 15


Whats the closest tube station to Queen Marys Hospital.

Tue Nov 22

Has anyone done the BA Primary teaching?

Has anyone done the BA Primary teaching at Roehampton?(Frobel site)

If so could someone tell me what the time table is like and what days if any we have off? Found a job but want to know a week day I can work.

Much appreciated.

Mon Jul 04

Parking in Roehampton

I live in Highcliffe Drive, which runs parallel to Clarence Lane. Not only are we more understanding to the needs of students, more polite and dare I say..better looking. We also have bigger car parks. You will have no trouble finding a space during the day. Please park sensibly on Highcliffe Drive as there are lots of children who walk that way to school.

Sat Apr 02

any advice

Im due to start roehampton at southlands college and whitelands. I havent decided to drive or go by train yet, which one is better and did you find parking


Sat Aug 14

parking blocked

yes, its true...u sometimes get blocked in by residents cars if you park in there spaces!

Thu Feb 05

dont park in clarence lane

excuse me but i live in clarence lane and it is very annoying when students park there. we DO know that it is students parking there and we then complain about it. the college has informed students not to park there. it is for residents only and there arent enough spaces as it is, so im sorry but you will have to find somewhere else to park. i know it is difficult, but its even worse when you cant park at your own home. thank you

Thu Feb 05

its the 265, or the 85 to get to asda. not the 245.

Tue Jan 27

Whats really good about Roehampton

Roehampton has a triving and successful Scout Group catering for both boys and girls from 6 to 18 years old.

Meeting every week in the Scout Hall, Alton Road, they offer a varied and interesting programme of events and activities including many residential experiences.

Fri Nov 28

Putney Park House

I can only add that the land used to belong to the Lobjoit family.

Fri Nov 28

Parking in Roehampton for the uni

Hi, I went to Roehampton for 3 years and so know a bit about parking. This might sound a bit strange but i used to live in clarence lane and i used to park my car in the parking places alloted to the maisonettes. Sometimes my friends would park there all day and they would never be bothered because no one knows whether you live there or are just visiting!

Thu Nov 13


does anyone have any info from the pass about this

building on the Dover House Road Estate

who owned the property previous to the estate being

built - was there any covenants and/or rules?

how was it transferred firstly to London County Council and now Wandsworth Borough Council

all help would be much appreciated

Thu Oct 30

Any advice for Parking in Roehampton?

I've just started uni& am having to drive at the mo (no decent public services to get me there in time!). Has anyone got any advice for finding parking spaces? I can't get any joy from the college - other than there isn't any.

Mon Sep 22


Asda is in roehampton as is 24 hr sainsbury local

Thu May 08

Alpha cars

U asked for a cab firm.....use alpha cars they are soooooo reliable and cheap, Drivers dont always speak good english but they are reliable and friendly.

Thu May 08

Roehampton has a Sainsbury in the center of Roehampton. And ASDA is 6min away with bus number 245. There are quite a lot of shops/ and a bakery.

Sun Jan 26

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