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Email the Royal Parks about the bites/infections

We have to make the problem known email is hq@royalparks.org.uk

Sun Sep 20


Every time I go to Regent's Park and come back, I have huge red spots/swellings that come up on my legs. It's so bad I can't go back in, seem to get this all the time in there, never in any other London park. What is going on????? The Royal Parks need to sort this out big time, massive health and safety problem. Too many people are reporting the same issue.

Sun Sep 20

Same here !

went for a jog yesterday and came back home to massive lumps, sore swelling and few boils which were painful. Some are still leaking about 15 hours after starting leaking lol ima go to boots soon because I’ve been bitten by mosquitoes before abroad and it wasn’t too far of the same pain looool

Thu Sep 03

Me too!

I've been getting this too from cycling around the inner circle in Regents Park - and I never get this anywhere else. I develop huge red lumps, with swelling, turning into weals and blisters over a few days. Did the insect repellent work for you? If so, which one?

Thu Jul 21

insect bites

Exactly the same. And the reactions are quite bad - very large, red swellings. It happens every time I go, and never in any other park in London.

Sun Aug 14

same here

I have the same problem every time I play at Regents park tennis centre. I think they're midges. But the bites seem much worse than anywhere else in the country - bleeding and apple-sized red swellings that last about three days

Thu Jun 30

I too have been bitten by the bugs in regents park, and the bites are getting more irratated. What are they because i can find a reply!!

Mon May 23

home swap in Regents Park

Hi I live in Shoreditch. I've got 2 bed flat .Very good area, buses, schools, college and gp's near. I would like to swap with 2 bed flat or house in Regents Park area. If someone is interested please let me know

Sat Apr 05

Tai Chi in the Park

Are there any tai chi classes or groups for beginners in the park?

Wed Oct 10

Looking for social football in the park

Hi, I'm looking for a regular but casual game in Regents Park on a Sunday. Any tips?

Sun Sep 09

Mobile Hairdresser London

Unisex Hairdresser Mobile & Bridal

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Mon Aug 27

Hi Anne

This may be too late but we have a nice little room in a victorian flatshare to rent in primrose hill. gloucester avenue. i am in it iat the moment and i am a girl. it is white and clean and has a double bed.

rent is 585.00 no deposit required excl. bills and counc. tax

let me know if you are interested


Wed Apr 04

Problems posting. . . .


I have only discovered this excellent site this week, I am keen to post some messages but am having problems.

Are you able to help?

Kind Regards


Fri Mar 23

seeking flat on Primrose Hill

Hi I'm Anne, looking for a charming, Victorian-style flat/room to rent/share on Primrose Hill, Regent Park Road. I don't mind if it is small so long as it is charming. Anyone has a clue?

Any leads or tips?

I'd be glad to help you out in Paris in any way I can.

Thanks for dropping me a note here.

Sun Mar 18

Environmental group meeting Portland Place

Hello everyone

A new environmental group looking for new members! Our initial meeting is going to take place on 31st of March in Central London. If you are interested in learning more about environmental issues, recycling, composting, organic and fair trade products etc, why not come and join us! It is free and we are a friendly bunch of people. Please

Fri Mar 02

Holmes Place

you can expect to pay between £55-75/month at Regents Park Holmes Place, depending on which level of membership you choose, but the staff and services are quite nice. if you're seriously looking for a private gym in the £30-40/month category, I suggest you look in a different location cos you ain't gonna find it here.

Fri Jul 28


Primrose Hill on the north end is an area consisting of mostly families, prams and dog-wlkers. Students run amok nr London Business School on the west; musicians fill the air with music along the south; and more students and bankers along the southeast. And finally, directly east you'll find some former council flats and some lovely churches from the early 19th century.

Hope this helps.

Fri Jul 28

Regents transport

The tube during rush hours is horrendous -- esp Baker Street tube stop. Picture mad swimming through people. If you get into the tube before 7 AM, it's near empty. Likewise, activity starts to cool after 9 AM.

Gt Portland Street is also busy, but not as bad as Baker Street. Eastbound trains seem worse than westbound trains, so if embarking at Gt Portland Street tube stop, it may be more difficult to find a seat as everybody's already grabbed it earlier.

Regents Park tube stop is closed until June 2007.

Not much going on in terms of tube stops to the north of Regents, only buses, unless you're willing to walk from/to Mornington Crescent, Camden Town or Swiss Cottage. But then you're no longer in Regents.

btw, I prefer the buses because they are less crowded.

Hope this helps.

Thu Jul 27

Hoping to find a football team in Regents park....

Moved down from the North East where I played at a decent level and was hoping to find a side down here to get back in the groove again, can anybody help me please.

Wed Jul 26

jogging partner

Looking for jogging partner in regents park.

If interested drop an email at:

Sat Jun 17

4.3 kilometeres apparently...

Fri Jun 16

band stand in regents park

hello enquiry from scotland, can anyone tell me if there is more than one band stand in the park, as I am playing there this summer, and family from london wanting to watch. cheers!!

Tue Jun 13

Outer Circle Distance

Hi All

Can someone please clarify the Outer Circle distance of The Regent's Park. Many thanks!

Sun Feb 05

regents park football

do you play in a league or is it a kick in the park.

i live in the barracks on albany st

and im looking for a team to play for.

if you can help me please ring us on ********3

Thu Sep 22

re Lottery

Whether there is such an address is irrelevant: it's a hoax !!

Sat Sep 10

They are probably horse flies

I'm not sure what repellent works best, but the bites are very irritating.


Mon Jul 18

Biting flies in Regents Park


I play football in Regents Park frequently in the summer months, and have played the last few weeks.

I seem to be prone to insect bites there, and am constantly getting bitten by the things, often immediately leaving an open stream of blood when they finish.

But as time goes on, these bites turn into massive red lumps, and start to irritate.

I just wanted to know if anyone know what these flies are? So I can do a bit of research into them so I can get myself the right insect repellent.

Please email me if you know what they are as

Sun May 29

Im not sure what regents park actually is to live in but it is a beautiful place. the park is awesome as my boyfriend and i hang around there. Its a quiet area to live in, attracts alot of tourists. Not sure whether there may be an issue for shops and takeaways as my boyfriend and i were walking around for ages trying to find some decent gaff. But the area is great on its own, quiet place, stress free, hassle free and whats more, you can destress in the park. Green acres all around for sport and general park. a lovers point in Queen Mary Garden, including a rose garden. Its a beautiful place!

Mon May 23

Trains are packed in ther morning. Propa packed, ppl are sqaushed against the windows of the carriages but thats only coz its rush hour as it is peak time. things do cool off tho after half nine, coming ten am. Trains become a better ride once all the biz ppl get to work. Trains are faster, easier and quicker to use when not busy!

Mon May 23

Fri Mar 18

yes church street market nw8 a-z look in

Sat Dec 11

Tai Chi

I am interested in joining the beginners Tai Chi class. i have done some before but it has been a few years since I was away travelling and have had a baby in the past year.

Thu Sep 09

Hi can you email me some more info regarding your 12 week Tai chi course. I was also wondering whether you practice in any of the london parks.

Thu Aug 19

Good GP in Fitzroy Square

Not technically in Regents Prk, but very nearby, just the other side of Euston Rd, there's a good one in Fitzroy Square, W1. I joined only a few months ago, with no waiting list. Very non-scary.

Mon Jul 26

Fitness First or Holmes Place

Fitness First on Albany St is between £35- £50 depending on whether you're local. Holmes Place on Longford St is probably more expensive. Both near Gt Portland St tube

Mon Jul 26


hi, have you found a football club yet? if you have, would it be possible to join in on saturdays?

Tue Jul 06

Looking for Football also

I've just moved into St Johns Wood and am looking for some football action. Are you guys still having your Sunday lunchtime games? Where abouts in the park do you play?

Sun Apr 18

hello i wanted to ask about the swimming pool if there is ladies pool or a time just for ladies as a lot of people asking and wendring if you do have it.

Fri Apr 16


Come and play every Sunday at 12:00. Check out our website: www.fancyfootwork.50megs.com

Fri Mar 12

Bars in the area

My recommended bar is the "low life" (www.lowlifebar.com). Atmospheric, friendly, comfortable and stylish. Turn left into paddington street when walkling down baker street.

Tue Oct 28

Tai Chi in Marylebone Beginners Courses

TAI CHI. New 12 week Beginners Courses Start Soon. Check www.taichiclasses.com for details. Or call jackie on **** 350 605 or E-mail enquires@taichiclasses.com

Looking to get fit and do something different. Then try Tai Chi, Self Defence, Qi gong or Tai Chi Sword in a friendly atmosphere.

Thu Jul 10

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