Welcome to London Raynes Park


Please contact we are related. Our parents were cousins so pleased to find this on here.


Sat Apr 21

My mother is Michaels cousin, Christine Cole.

They lost touch after she married, my mother will be 80 next month and she has always wanted to locate her list family yet never has so I am trying to locate them.

All I had to go on was Michael and the name Warner in Rayners Park.

Sat Apr 21

Sam Lavington

The camp was evecuated after the war and while it remained empty it was occupied by families from all around. The police tried to evict them but they came to an arrangement with Merton Council to rent the Nissen huts until proper homes were found. I lived in the camp from 1946 to 1948. We had no electricity or gas, cooking on Primus stoves and lighting by Tilley lamps. I have many fond memories of that time.

Mon Apr 16

Oops just realised I should have left my email address.

Thu Dec 03

Oops just realised I should have left my email address.

Thu Dec 03

Oops just realised I should have left my email address.

Thu Dec 03

Raynes Park book club?


I'm also interested in joining a book club in Raynes Park - did one get set up?!

Here's hoping!


Thu Dec 03

THE cavern

Serves great doom bar and London pride as well a guest ales sometimes.

Wed May 28

Jumping Beans Softplay 0-4yrs Raynes Park

Hi, i.m not sure if you're still looking for local groups but I.ve just recently opened the above Softplay Cafe all new equipment were in our second month. We have a bouncy castle large softplay area and ballpool plus loys of toys and rideon tikes.

We would love to see you and anyone else who wants to.bring their little ones for a play.



Jumping Beans Softplay


Mon Apr 28

Brand New Nursery in Raynes Park

At Nurture Day Nurseries our priority mirrors that of any parent; To provide a safe and secure establishment where each child is loved and nurtured by caring, motivated individuals. We understand that nutritional meals, physical activity and creative stimulation should never be compromised. Although Nurture Day Nurseries has a fresh and modern approach, old-fashioned principles lay the foundations for our setting and we encourage all children to treat others with respect and thoughtfulness. We seek to create an environment where good manners are common practice, children learn to communicate effectively and they gain an insight into the big wide world.

Come and visit us at www.nurturenurseries.com

Tue Aug 13

Reliable gardener for regular maintenance, Wimbledon

Hi, does someone know a reliable gardener in the sw19 area, about a ten

Min walk from the mainline station. Have a small front and medium size back garden that need basic maintenance work (about once a month). If so please email me-

Fri Mar 30

raynes park

I see many people are confused about the dates for raynes park car boot sale. Here as a web adress which leads you to raynes park car boot sales website : www.raynesparkcarbootsale.co.uk

the boot sale will be starting up again in May 2012

Sun Jan 29

english class in raynes park

hello there,

i am looking for good english class in raynes park,i know there is some in wimbledon but those schools are too expensive,i would like to study only about 2-4hrs per week,is there any classes in church or library?

thank you.

Fri Jan 20


I've lived in Raynes Park for 42 years. So far, so good.

Fri Nov 18

is there a new contact number for the car boot sales on sundays Bushey road www.nettyjule.co.uk

Wed Nov 02


Hi, Just wondering if the book club was ever started? I'd love to join one in my local area and be great to meet some new people. If you managed to start one and you're open to new members can you let me know? Thanks,


Thu Oct 27

Car boot sale

What time do you have to arrive at the car boot sale if you are selling??

Sat Sep 10

Sun Aug 21

Sat Jul 23

Have you bought there?


Have you bought a place yet in this area? I am also looking to buy in that area, and am wondering where to buy and where to avoid.

Thu Jun 23

Old Central was in Camp Road. It was shut in the 60s, replaced by Bishop Gilpin School, elsewhere in Wimbledon. See the wikipedia article.

Fri Jan 07


my name is Maria Ferreira I be avellebo to pick up your kids ,

I'm loock for job.

If istill need same one let me know .

My tele fone number is ********6.

I'm live in new malden.


Fri Nov 12

mums with toddlers

My husband and I have recently moved to Raynes Park with our 18 month old son.

I would love to meet mums and new friends and maybe go to some toddler activities together.

Sat Aug 21

Flat Exchange

Need 2/3 bed with garden asap - have large 2 bed flat in Raynes Park. Would like to stay in and around the area. Please email:

Mon Aug 02

Car boot sale

like many other people on the site, I'm trying to find contact details for the car boot sale on Bushey Road. Any ideas?

Tue Jul 20

Car Boot details

Hi, I have been trying to contact you via above number but I beleive the number is incorrect. I am interested in a pitch on Sunday 1st August and have a few questions to ask. Please can you confirm the correct telephone number as I wish to speak to someone regarding the sale. Many thanks.

My email address is:

Tue Jul 13


Hiya, we have recently moved to raynes park and are looking to make some local friends. would love to meet other people around this area

Mon Jun 28

The side streets in Raynes park you dont need a parking permit.

Thu Jun 24

Street Dance


Hi! We run adult hip-hop, street, sexy street and Bollywood classes in Kingston if thats any help!




Tue Jun 22

is there a number for the car boot sale in raynes park please can you let me know i want to have a pitch

Sun Jun 20


We run a great playgroup on a Tuesday morning from 9:30 am - 11:30 am which would be perfect for you. It is £2.50 per family and you get a free cuppa, biscuit and healthy snacks for the kids. There are ride on toys, craft table, slide, dress ups and singing at the end.

We are at the Methodist Church Hall, 195 Worple Road, London, SW20 8QY.

Hope to see you soon.

Mon Jun 14


Hi , I was looking to buy a flat near raynes park station, however there is no parking space near the development, does anybody know if you can buy year car parking permits for the side streets and if so then roughly how much???


Tue May 04

Car boot sale info

Hi, I would like to know who to contact regarding info on the car boot sale in Raynespark. The number from the previous postings is not available any more.

Tue Apr 27

Sat Apr 10

yoga in raynes park

Not sure how old your post is or if you have managed to find something in the meantime, but from the bus, 2 weeks ago, I saw an A board in the road opposite the station carpark on Coombe Lane, advertising yoga classes.

Tue Feb 02


WE need a cleaner for 2 hours a week who is dog friendly. SW20 8BS - Raynes Park

Please email on

Fri Jan 29


Hello, I work as a nanny in the wimbledon area and my charges whom I care for are both 2 yr olds (older siblings at school) There is a place on haydons road called (TJ's gymnastics) which we attend- this is very good and the boys really enjoy the gymnastics aswell as the song time before and after...

I can try and get some more details for you for in the new year if poss?

Tue Dec 22


my name is Sam Lavington and was born in the Kingston Road 1948 and my recollection was that the camp was on Prince Georges playing fields, and just after the war there were people living in the old camp until council properties were availble, it was demolished

approx 1957 time when myself my three brothers and our good friends Malcolm and Ian ray used play on the rubble. anyone who remebers Sam Ray Peter and John Lavington then reply to

Wed Nov 04

Raynes Park Piano / Singing Teacher

I have just moved to Raynes Park and I am a Piano and Singing Teacher - for more details please email me on

Thu Oct 08

Ms kselbonne -


I would like to purchase a spot at the car boot sale on sunday October 11th. at Bushey Road, Can you advise me?

Many thanks

Thu Oct 08

Yoga or Pilates classes

Does anyone knows anything about any yoga or pilates classes in or around the Raynes Park / Wimbledon area? Im really looking to get involved locally!!!

Mon Sep 14

Wed Sep 09

August 2009. Raynes Park Car Boot times/details?

Does anyone know if Raynes park are doing the usual Boot Fair on Sundays. Times for sellers etc?

Sat Aug 22

Car Boot?

Hi I dont know how old thisposting is but does anybody know of a car boot that is happening this Sunday where I can sell things? Around Raynes Park/South london/clapham?

Thu Aug 13


I found this notice when googling "book club raynes park". Did you find one as I am also interested in joining. I see you suggested starting one if one couldn't be found, I am all for that.

Wed Aug 12

Tue Jul 28


car boot sales tel number

Sun Jun 07


I am an Aussie in SW20!

Wed May 20


I am an Aussie in SW20! Is your post really old?

Wed May 20

Female tennis partners wanted (raynes park)

Im female late 20s looking for some people to play tennis with during weekdays

email me:

Tue May 05

Raynes Park, Wimbledon Chase, South Merton and Motspur Park


We are looking into buying in the area near Raynes Park. Thank you everyone for your kind input regarding Raynes Park, I now have better ideas with things like mother group, pubs, restaurant etc.

We will be house viewing in the following - Martin Way, Cannon Hill Lane and Tennyson Avenue. Can someone please advise if the above are okay to buy or you would avoid it?

Many thanks!!

Fri Apr 24

Good Brunch Place Wanted

Hi I've recently moved to the Worple Road area and can't find any decent Brunch places. Please can you send me your recommendations?

Wed Apr 22

Raynes Park Bushey Road Car Boot

Is there one on Sunday April 5 and if yes what time?

Thu Apr 02

Hairdresser in Raynes Park

Can anyone recommend a ladies hairdresser in Raynes Park? If so please email me on

Thu Dec 04

Driving to Raynes Park

Hi, if you want to drive, I can tell you it takes 40-50 minutes to go from Raynes Park to The Strand by scooter, but that is taking shortcuts, and with the ability to get though the traffic.

I would say if you want to drive into the city you are looking at 1.5 to 2 hours at rush hour, because of the heavy traffic, and there are so many junctions with traffic lights with long queues.

Catch a train, there are 12 per hour, and it takes 20 minutes.

Sun Oct 12


Hi - I am wondering if there are any yoga classes running in Raynes Park? Thanks!

Fri Aug 22


I was wondering if there is anywhere in Raynes Park that I could join a yoga/meditation class in the evenings?

Thu Aug 21

Thu Jul 24


I would like to find out when the car boot sale in Raynes Park is going to be start this year.Thanks

Tue Apr 15

Car boot sale bushey road

hi i was wondering if the bushey road car boot sale was on tomorrow sunday 13th april! please let me know. many thanks terriplease email

Sat Apr 12

Sun Mar 16



Sat Jan 19

Car Boot Bushy Road

I want to arrange to sell my stuff at your car boot sale. Can you please supply a contact name and number.

Wed Dec 19

Moving to Raynes Park

My fiancee and I are considering moving to Raynes Park but don't know anything about the area. What is it like in terms of poeple, shops, eating out, crime? Is it a good place to live?

Tue Dec 11


Hi,i have cleaned in wimbledon & Raynes park for 15 years,now my children have got older i can now take on more cleaning jobs.I can supply top references & am still working for one of my 1st clients 15 years on ! please call me on ********1

Sun Oct 28


good reliable window cleaner,also i do property maintenence ,i have excellence references.Please phone for a free quote ********1 ask for gary (i charge low prices not silly prices)

Sun Oct 28

This was on a sat afternoon and sunday I want to know if still on at weekends as its winter now

Sat Oct 27

Car boot

Hi ya

Just wanted to know if you do car boots on a Sunday still


Fri Oct 19

Does anyone remember us

I was born in the flat above Warners greengrocers in Durham road in 1965 being the son of Michael Warner who owned it then. I wondered if anyone remembers us or the business. We sold the shop in about 1969

Mon Oct 08

Venue needed to run small workshops


I am looking for a suitable venue in SW London (preferably around Raynes Park/Wimbledon area) to run small workshops in ... preferably with ability to play DVDs!

Oh yes, and venue must be within easy walking distance of public transport!

Many thanks.

Sun Oct 07

Mummy of 3rd old daughter and another baby due in Spring

Hi there all,

Sat Sep 22




FREECALL 0800 -077-6459

MOBILE ********0

Sat Aug 25

Book Club

Hi there,

Please let me know if you have started a book club and are looking for people to join.


Wed Jul 25

looking for accommodation/flatshare/room in Raynes Park/Wimbledon Chase

Hi. I'm looking for accommodation in the Raynes Park/Wimbledon Chase area. I'm looking either for a room or flat/houseshare. I'm working and would be happy to provide references. If you know of anything please can you let me know on

Sun Jul 01

council tax

you pay your council tax to merton council thats in morden how to get there 163 bus if your near the train statoin and you ask them at the main desk and they will tell you how 2 get your 25 discouint

Thu Jun 28


I think you'll find you are in the London Borough of Merton. My son used to live in Raynes Park. Good Luck.

Sun May 20


I think you'll find you are in the London Borough of Merton. My son used to live in Raynes Park. Good Luck.

Sun May 20

Where shall I write to pay my council tax? I live in raynes park

I move there next week and since I am alone I was told to write in and say this in order to get the 25% discount.

Which borough does it belong to?


Sun May 20

www.cpldistributions.co.uk is the place for coal buying..very good service

0800 ****8

Fri May 04

There is a Mums and Toddler group that meets on Thursday mornings 9.45 till 11.35 on the Kingston Road (halfway between Raynes Park and Wimbledon Chase stations). It's run by Dundonald church but is open to anyone, not just church mums. There is a short waiting list to join but some people will be leaving after Easter so there might be spaces for the summer term. Let me know if you want more details (

Wed Mar 28

Toddler Groups in Raynes Park and Wimbledon

I have just moved the area and am looking for classes/groups to go to with my little boy who is just over 2. I am particularly looking for music groups,playgroups, soft play or tumble tots. Thank you!

Wed Feb 28

Wedding Reception Venue for 100 People?

The largest hall at Sacred Heart church holds more like 500 people - and is currently undergoing building work so not available for a while. But Christ Church on Copse Hill has a lovely hall which holds 120 people and has a kitchen, and St. Matthew's Church, Durham Road, has a slightly bigger hall than that - both have reasonable charges - search for them on google for more information on booking.

Thu Feb 08

Can anyone recommend a local piano teacher?

I'm looking for a piano teacher for my 6 year old daughter who is keen to start lessons. I want someone friendly and enthusiastic, preferably female. Any ideas?

Thu Jan 18

Does the Raynes Park car boot still run in the winter?


I could really do with selling some of my unwanted christmas presnets and loads of things I've been hoarding over the year. Can someone please tell me whether the Raynes Park (Bushey road) car boot still goes on in the winter? Is it still Sunday and Thurs night?

Many thanks,


Sun Jan 14

Hi, i know your message was posted a while back, but i moved to Raynes Park before christmas, and was looking to join a book club to get to know some people, and of course, discuss some books!! If you guys managed to sort something out, I would greatly appreciate it if you could get back to me.

Wed Jan 10

POW Camp in Raynes Park

Can anyone tell me the location and dates for the POW Camp that was in the Raynes Park area during the second world war?

Thank you

Wed Jan 03

Is the car boot sale still running please?

I get the impression that maybe the Raynes Park Car Boot Sale has closed down possibly in the winter? I would love to know if it is still running - perhaps less frequently?

Wed Nov 15

Dance classes

Does anyone know of any local dance classes for adults?

I've done smatterings of salsa, ballroom and rock and roll but am basically a beginner at all of them. Ideally somewhere that has some younger people as well (i.e. in their 20s) Would also prefer places work on a pay by lesson basis. Any pointers would be much appreciated!


Wed Oct 18

Damp Proofing in Raynes Park

Has anybody had any damp proofing work done in the Raynes Park Area? I need somebody to price up a job and would like a good, trustworthy, company.


Mon Oct 02

Anyone remember Old Central School

Or Mulberry Park school near the railway station.Old Central was somewhere on the common , in the 60's.I used to walk every day from Durham Road. Do they still exist?

I live in South Norfolk now but would be interested in any information.

Wed Sep 27

FRENCH TUTOR Available in Raynes Park SW20

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable French tutor for GCSE, AS, A2 exams as well as to prepare for COMMON ENTRANCE, please call Vincent on 020 8739 0008

FRENCH for Individual and Group

Conversation classes; Exam preparation, French for business

References available on request

Please contact Vincent on 020 8739 0008

Or e-mail me at

Sat Sep 09

Raynes Park Book Club

Caroline, Did you ever find a book club? I'd be interested in joining one too, or setting one up if anyone is interested.

Sat Aug 26

After school childcare help wanted

I am looking for someone to collect my two children from school and bring them back to Raynes Park 2 or 3 afternoons per week. The school is in Kensington Olympia (simple journey on the train) and I would be home by 6pm. The children are a boy and girl aged 4 and 8. They would need picking up at 3.15pm. I may also need them to be taken to school some mornings, but this is uncertain at the moment. You must be reliable and flexible and like children.

Please contact Rebecca

Sun Aug 20

Re: Book Club

Hi, if you haven't found out already I think the Raynes Park library hosts a book club on Saturdays - about once a month or so. It's a pretty good local library anyway, so worth checking out.

Tue Aug 08



I have recently moved to Raynes Park and I'm looking to join a book club if you know of any or are in a bookclub that are accepting new members please let me know.

If this generates enough interest of people looking to join then maybe we should start our own?

Email me on :

Thu Jun 29

Looking for someone....

Hi there...

I lived about 10 years ago in Raynes Park..Cottenham court rd...now I'am back in Germany and suddenly I lost all my numbers and stuff. So I am looking for a girl named cheryl cavanagh. She used to lived in Kingston road...hope someone can help me....

Sat Jun 24

Football Pitches. Booking.

Yes there are football pitches in Raynes Park itself it you wish to book please call

Steve the site organiser on **** ****2

Tue Jun 06

Car Boot Sale

Yes please call below we will soon be open every Thursday

Phone: **** ****2

Mon Jun 05

Forth Coming Events at Raynes Park.

Hi I organise all events at Raynes Park, is there a great demand for a Book Club ???

we will be hosting Farmers Markets, craft fairs, and many more events during the summer.

What is the peferred days times for book clubs?

You can email me at

Mon Jun 05

Carboot Sale.

The Carboot Sale is now open every Sunday and will be open on Thursday shortly Full Details Below and organiser contact details.Entrance To Sale: Bushey Road, Raynes Park, SW20.

Time 7:30am to 2:00pm

Car Parking Available.

Catering & Toilets on site.

£ entrance fee before 8:30am, 50p after 8:30am, Kids Free.Plenty of Pitches, Please arrive 7:00am to unload.

Any further enquires please

Phone: **** ****2

Mon Jun 05

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