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Susan Lawrence

My William wenborn I went Susan Lawrence with Terry shilling we play cricket together and i remember mr e enever great teacher

Thu Apr 28

Hay Currie - 1950s/60s - John, Jimmy, Alan, George & Terry Singh

Does anyone remember the Singh family that lived in Old Church Rd Stepney in the 1950s, who then moved to Zetland Street, Poplar E14, during the 1950s/60s? The family was made up of 10 children, the five sons, starting with the eldest where called; John, Jimmy, George, Alan and Terry. I think they attended Hay Currie School in Poplar (Which absorbed Limehouse's Sir Humphrey Gilbert school and became Langdon Park). If anyone remembers them, please contact me on onkar247@yahoo.co.uk - I would love to hear from you as they have passed away sadly.

Sat Mar 19

Susan Lawrence school

My name was Maureen Holland I lived in brabazon street. Arthur Gillette made a post some time ago. Think you were in my class Arthur. Would love to hear from you, think you were quite good at boxing.

Fri Jun 18


Jennifer Rawlings (the daughter) was in my class in Susan Lawrence

Mon Sep 09

Hi my name is Len West.

Do you remember Miss Plant and mother Saviour - I was at the school until I did me 11plus-

Tue Aug 06

Grosvenor Buildings

My great grandfather lived in Grosvenor Buildings, no 131 I think, his wife was Elsie He died in 1963.

Sun Feb 10

I used to go to Wades Street catholic school during the 1940/50s

Fri Dec 21

Herbert enever

He was my sports teacher, miss Golding was my teacher, loved the school great memories but have not been back since my mum died 5 years ago

Arthur gillett

Sun Dec 09

Hi my name is Len West.

Lee Fook family in Pennyfields chineses restaurant

Sun Nov 18

My,u worked at the bag wash with my aunt Jess Whittaker my mums name was nelly Bryant we used to go up there and watch them at the. Machines mymum worked evenings that would have Been

in the 50s

Tue Oct 30

Hi my name is Len West.

I used to live in Providence House flats West Ferry Road during the 1950s - I have lots of memories and stories to share - I use to walk to Wades Street school via Penny Fields - Does anyone remember - Charlie Browns - Limehouse pier - Chrisp Street - Poplar baths - Victoria Park - delivering coke/ coal for jewish people -

Thu Sep 20

Hi I lived at 203 Grosvenor Bldgs Manisty Street from roughly 1946 to 60's when my parents were rehoused in Stepney. I went to Woolmore Street and George Green grammar our paths must have crossed at some time being similar ages.

Tue Sep 11

Wondering if this gets through to john Driscoll

Steve mason.

Fri Sep 07

Montreal buildings

Hello you can find a reference to Montreal if you look up social housing in Poplar. We lived in the Montreal building too.

Sun Aug 12

Paris Pet Shop Grundy Street Poplar.

Have there been any postings regarding the pet shop in Grundy Street run by the PARIS family of Piggott Street?

Sat Jul 28

My mum worked at the far famed cake co, she did evening shift her name was Gladys Smith. I was about 8/9 years old. I went to Devons Road School and lived in Fern Street.

Tue Jul 24


HI my name is terry shilling had 3 years at susan lawrence school wonderful time remember teachers mr enever ,miss tilley , miss churchill, also school caretaker mr floyd and yes i remember mr bowen music teacher miss williams . loved the scool for sport mr enever was my form teacher and i remember he would burst into some poetry in the of lessons oh to be in england now that aprils here and many others loved that teacher should have been knighted.. anybody would welcome email .. fame

Fri Jul 20

Adams Funeral Directors

This Funeral Directors was still going in 1937. They also had premises at 87-89 St Leonards Road Poplar E14. I have a memorial card with their name on it. Does this business have any connection with the corner shop run by Nell Adams, whom I once met in about 1970? The Shop was I think was on the corner of Joshua Street and St. Leonards Road.

Sun Feb 18

Joe Snelling


Not sure when the posting regarding the SNELLING family were put on, no year dates, but would love to hear from anyone who posted. Jo asked to get in touch, please do.

Tue Feb 13



My parents had stalls in Lansbury market, we stood back to back with the Burgess family. There was father mother and son. Can’t recall their names but do remember they seemed to keep themselves to themselves.

Tue Feb 13

Hello again.

I sent the above post some time back. It’s was in response to the question, ‘does anyone read these posts?’. I’m sorry to say I only pop in now and then.

I may have changed my email address so here is the new one,

Tue Feb 13

Goodliffe place London 1940

Help needed

Tue Nov 28

Goodliffe place London 1940

Anyone rember goodliffe place 1940

Tue Nov 28


My mother worked there too. Around 1950. She brought me home printed hankerchiefs I'd never had the likes of, that had 'fallen' from the wash. It was not far from Spratts pet food factory,where Crisp Street suddenly became Violet Rd leading down to Bow. I went to Culloden School.

Sat Oct 28

Does anyone know anything of a Alice May Cook who lived in Grosvenor Buildings in 1938 please? email

Wed Oct 11

hi sheila,my name is patrick mcsweeneyi went to all those schools you mentioned,may even have been in the same classes!

Thu Oct 05

Was Ronny Hutley related to you?

Sun Oct 01

WW Howard Brothers

Does anyone know if any photographs exist of the barges this timber company used on the Poplar Wharf they used to have? I am trying to find how the company sign wrote their barges. It was sold off in about 1980 so anytime earlier. Any information please to

Thu Sep 21


There's a face book woolmore school site

Thu Sep 07

hi christine,my name is patrick-pat-i worked at the far famed 1956-1959 in the stores great place to work,everybody was friendly .those times will never come back

Tue Aug 08

her name was kit snasdell

Mon Aug 07

have you a sister,coral?

Mon Aug 07

hi my name is pat mcsweeney,went to all the schools you mentioned

Mon Aug 07

Ellesmere st poplar

Does any one remember Pats stores or have any photos.

Mon Jul 03


my Grandparents lived in Sydney buildings about 1910-1954..i used to visit them and stand outside their front door and look across straight into the hospital opposite, it fascinated me as a child

Sun Jul 02

Wades Street School

I attended Wades Street around 1946/7 - My teacher was called Miss Plant - The head teacher was Mother Saviour - I remember the school caretaker Mr Harvey -

Sat May 20

Wades Street School

I attended Wades Street around 1946/7 - My teacher was called Miss Plant - The head teacher was Mother Saviour - I remember the school caretaker Mr Harvey -

Sat May 20

Wades Street School

I attended Wades Street around 1946/7 - My teacher was called Miss Plant - The head teacher was Mother Saviour - I remember the school caretaker Mr Harvey -

Sat May 20

Hi we lived in bracken hse behind the pub i was mates with Lawrence I met him and his mum and dad around about 1964 in jaywick sands and I think Lawrence had a hairdressers in Clacton

Fri Feb 17

Hi Terry. My name is Alan Fisher. I recognised your name and think you lived somewhere near Crisp Street market. I lived in Devon's Road, Bow, but moved to Greenwich in about 1957/8. Would love to hear from you.

Thu Feb 16

Hi i lived at number 8 sidney buildings from 1949 to 1952 with my gran tilly archer ,i was born in grosvener buildings and used to go to the queens theater near poplar high street, and my gran used to go to the vonenteer pub in east india dock road

Tue Feb 07

Adelaide Buildings Poplar

MY Father lived in Adelaide Buildings Anne Street Poplar he was born in 1923 l he lived with his brother, Mother & Grandparents while name was Fuller , until the 1950s . When it was demolished for the new Blackwall Tunnel. HIs name was Leslie McKenzie his brother was John,

Wed Jan 25

Poplar Bag wash

Does anyone remember the Bag Wash near Crisp Street by the old wooden bridge? My mom worked there in 1954. We moved to Canada in 1955. I went to Susan Lawrence School.

Sun Dec 25


this firm I think was owned by a great grat grandfather of mine

Sat Nov 19

Joe Snelling

Hi Bee email me

Fri Nov 18

Poplar Coroners Court

This is on Poplar High Street and the corner of Cottage Street. The grand building on the corner of Woodstock Terrace is the former Poplar Board of Works offices.

Mon Nov 07

Willis Street

I lived at 79 willis street until 1956 September went to Susan Lawrence school. Although i was 9 when i left have some lovely memories. My name is Cynthia my brother Raymond parents May @ Bill Edwards. We moved to Willis street when i was a year old after my gran ma Elizabeth passed away, my grand dad died approx year later his name was Frederick they lived there for quite a while.Dose any one remember me or my family. Would be really nice to catch up with the old days.

Thu Sep 29

I went to he Holy Child School, and after that I went to Wade Street then when Cardinal Griffin was built we were transferred to there. I have such great memories of that time . I wonder if there is any one who also remembers these times 1945 / 1951. The teacher at Wade Street was Miss Youles. I have a class photograph of 1947 /48? and if anyone would like a copy I would gladly send them one. I can remember the names of quite a lot of them. my email is

Mon Aug 22

i also went to Wade Street School,and went from there to Cardinal Griffin when it was first opened. I remember all of the places you mentioned, all with lovely memories,plenty of laughs too.They were happy times and great people. I have a class photograph 1947/1948? If you are interested please contact me

Wed Aug 10

Hi we lived at no 10 montreal buildings I remember Alfie brockwell he used to babysit us our name was Thompson

Thu Jul 14

My mother, Irene Lockyer, worked at the Far fame cake co in the 50's & 60's. We lived at 77 Abbott Road at the time (now demolished along with half of Poplar). She used to mention a supervisor, quite a fierce lady; her name is on the tip of the tongue but just escapes me.

Wed Jul 06

The pub I believe was called the railway tavern and we lived on Willis street with my grand parents around 1956-1960 they were Bert and Emily Hutley no 33 I can remember the baths opposite where they used to go to bath &#****5;

Mon Jun 20

Poplar 1915 to 1920

Hi there...


Does anyone know about how I might find out about the archives kept by the police in Poplar in the 1915 to 1925 s.....my mother was 'taken' by a man and was found standing outside a sweet shop near Millwall when she was about 5 years old...I thought there might have been some record of this...with them or the newspaper around there at that time...thank you ....contact

Fri May 20

Mary Milton


Thanks for info. Can your dad remember her aunts name

or any other details?

I know it was a long time ago and your dad must be getting on now so thanks

Thu Apr 21


My Nan's (Ethel Humphreys / Patten) Parents James Benjamin and Susannah Humphreys lived at Grosvenor Buildings number 94 from around 1919 to 1936 (appx) Also living with them were my Nan's brothers-Walter (baptised Willoughby) Charles and Bertie .This is going back 0ver 80 years but if anyone was related to the Humphreys in any shape or form or has pictures from that era I would be most grateful

Tue Apr 05

My grandparents lived in Sydney Buildings around 1948, name of Gander

Sat Apr 02

the pub was called the cobden

Sun Mar 20

Hi, I'm looking for Brian fielder who went to Hay curry school, would appreciate your help.



Tue Feb 23

Hi, I'm looking for Brian fielder who went to Hay curry school, would appreciate your help.



Tue Feb 23

Hi my name is Terry Shilling , I went Susan Lawrence just joined the school in the 3rd year.Fell upon this site by chance. great school great teacher MR ENEVER wish i could meet him today to thank him for some great memories remember MISS CHURCHILL, MISS TILLEY, MISS WILLIAMS, MR CLARK , MR FLOYD caretaker and MR HOWELL Headmaster. wish i could have those times again spent most of my time playing cricket and football .Best wishes to all former class friends and foes..regards terry

Fri Jan 22

Hi, Now living in New Zealand.. We did reside in March Street in the 1950s. Mum,Doris dad,Bill. 2 boys and 3 girls, named Murphy. I have also looked for the Street on line and the closest I came was that a Street named Grundy ( I think) was parallel to ours.March St was demolished in the 60s. The old store on Grundy corner was still there.

When March st was pulled down we were moved to Dingle Gardens. Some of which as been demolished for a flyover.Hope this helps

Fri Dec 04

My dad John Holmes ( b1912 ) went to Hay Curry school, does anyone know where this school was

Thu Sep 10

Looking for mark and chris lush

Hi I've searched a while for my friends mark and Chris lush

They live in poplar herne hill have twin girl and boy Georgia and Jordan

If it's you chris my email is

Mon Aug 17


My family lived next door to Godfreys in corner house name of

Keeley opposite pub.Moved out 1967. Parents/2 sons Grandfather to isle of dogs.

Tue Aug 04

Grosvenor Buildings Manisty St

My Grandad, Edgar Morey was caretaker for these flats. My Dad, Lionel, Uncle George Edgar and Aunt Hilda Joan all went to Woolmore School and George Greens.

You might only remember Grandad Edgar, the others were all born before 1920 and had left home. I have a number of photos all taken prewar and possibly one from about 1964 when a lot had been demolished.

Mon Jun 22

Willis Street

I lived at 79 Willis Street and was friends with the daughters of the funeral director. I lived there from 1948 until 1956 William @ May Edwards my parents name. E-Mail address

Sun May 31

I lived in Broomfield street just across the road from Ellesmere St, I remember Lawrence he used to set my mums hair ever week. Also used to buy my sweets from Loaders

Wed May 27

We lived in Gough Grove in the 50s and 60s at No 13 My mum and dad Beryl and Jim us girls Jennifer Janet and Gillian with my nan Mabel Oliver.The road was demolished in the early 70s and were replaced by flats and the road renamed Gough Walk.

Sun Apr 26

We lived by the Waterloo Hero at 13 Gough Grove. We were the Lewin's Beryl and Jim my parents, us three girls Jennifer Janet and Gillian and my Nan Mabel Oliver. Can remember some first names of people that lived on the street Mabel and Frank and Frank in the wheelchair Timmy who I think was the son of the Waterloo pub Landlord. Would love to hear from anyone who knew our family or any memories of the street. We lived there from the 50s till late 60's.

Fri Apr 24

We lived by the Waterloo Hero at 13 Gough Grove. We were the Lewins Beryl and Jim my parents, us three girls Jennifer Janet and Gillian and my Nan Mabel Oliver. Can remember some first names of people that lived on the street Mabel and Frank and Frank in the wheelchair Timmy who I think was the son of the Waterloo pub.

Fri Apr 24

We lived by the Waterloo Hero at 13 Gough Grove. We were the Lewins Beryl and Jim my parents, us three girls Jennifer Janet and Gillian and my Nan Mabel Oliver.Can remember some first names of people thatlived on the street Mabel and Frank and Frank in the wheelchair and Tommy who I think was the son of the Waterloo pub landlord . Would love to hear from anyone that knew us or any memories from those days we lived there until 1969 and my sisters were born there so we're there in the 50s

Fri Apr 24

Fri Mar 06

Re: Mary Milton.

My father lived next door but one to her Gough Street (up to WW2). According to my father, she was one of his play mates during the war years. My father says that Mary had an aunt who lived in Sturry Street who visited her mother once a week.

Thu Mar 05

Hi yes your aunt was Julie. Got lots of photos of your cousins Paul & Jackie. I see a lot of them.

Have you got an email so I can contact you Bee?

Thu Feb 26

Willis Street Poplar

I moved to 79 willis street in Jan 1949 until sept 1956. Has anyone any old photos of Willis Street . I had a friend called Frances Hale she had a younger sister called Doreen the lived in the undertakers corner of Willis Street. Also Ann Page and Patrick i was 9 when i left and would love to catch up

Sat Jan 31

Poplar in the 30

I lived with my Mother, May Lillian Allen in Giraud Street. Athol Street and Upper North Street, Poplar. My name is Tom Allen and I had an elder brother James (Who was known as Lenny) One of our schoolboy friends was Alfie Gowler. My mother used to load barges on the Limehouse cut and one of her friends was Fanny Sullivan. I went to Saint Saviours school and also Brunswick Rd school. I moved away from Poplar when I was 14 in 1944. Does any of this ring any bells? if so email

Fri Jan 30

Was your mum Joe Snellings sister in law? If so I knew your mum - i'm his daughter. Get in contact & I'll fill you in.

Mon Jan 12

That was my dad - Joe Snelling who had the carpet shop. Also had a shop in Manor Park and Westcliff on Sea. We must be cousins.

Sat Dec 27

Railway Tavern

I remember this pub well, but forgot its name. The landlord chucked me and a friend out once because he didn't like the look of us. It had an outside toilet whose entrance was on the street, which was very handy when you were caught short in the area. I went to Susan Lawrence School with the landlord's daughter - her name was Valerie as I recall. There were many very nice cobbled streets all around the back of the pub through to St Leonards Road. Fine Victorian terraced houses. All knocked down and replaced with ugliness in the shape of modern housing. Absolute disgrace what the local authorities have done to Poplar - heads should hang in shame. The Tower Hamlets council is now so corrupt.

Fri Nov 14

The Chimes

The Chimes is still there, but no longer a pub. I think it is a Muslim community centre of some sort.

Fri Nov 14

Houses on top of shops Kerby Street

Hi Susan,

You might remember my family - the Tucker's. We lived in the corner house above the shops right next to the pub. Remember your dad well - he used to let me park up my motor scooter in his garage. Happy days! I moved away when I got married in 1970 and my parents moved out several years later to Essex.

Fri Nov 14

Willis Street

Anyone remember Willis street in Poplar? I lived in Poplar in the 1950's to late 1960's on the Lansbury Estate, but often used the old tailors/cleaners in Willis Street for invisible repairs to suits. My aunt also lived in Willis Street. The tailors was in a line of Victorian terraced houses. There was a pub on the corner of Willis Street and Hay Curry Street - anyone remember its name? I was chucked out of it once because the landlord didn't like the look of me! I think it was owned by a man called Rawlings? Has anyone got any photos of the old Willis Street? Be grateful for any copies.

Fri Nov 14

Railway Tavern

I lived in Burcham street close to the Railway sheds. Fred and Lil Fitch who ran a green grocers in the market lived on the corner. The pub was the Railway Tavern and run in the 60's by a family called Rawlings. I went out with Valerie one of the daughters.

Mon Nov 03

My Mum worked at the Far Famed Cake Company then, I was only 10 y/o and she used to work the evening shift, her name was Flo.

Mon Oct 27

Brownfield estate

went to park in the car park,can't believe how the whole estate has changed,new tower block,flats on the football cage and no where to park and did not see any old faces that I remember,shame as I left the area 20 years ago.thank god for Lorraine(sav's) and Jason (piemash),got to know some pals still live poplar but most have moved to Essex.

Fri Oct 17

Willis street

does any body remember the spaces(open spaces)where you could play,explore and make bonfires and camps,before Langdon park school swallowed all that land and prefabs.any locals still living on brownfield est.1970 onwards,or have all moved on""?

Fri Oct 17


I was born there 1955, mum and dad were Terry and Maureen Docherty. Me (Susan) Terry and Danny lived there until 1963. when we moved to Kerby St. On top of the shops. Ravens the shoe shop. My Grandad Kelly lived at No. 13 Montreal

Wed Sep 17

Hello ken, Apologies for wanting to put my five eggs in, but my dad reckons the white bit of painted wall was where his dad's shed was. He did tell me what number they lived at but I 'd have to ask again. My dad is Michael Smith and his mum and dad were John and Rose. He loves to read your postings when he comes to visit.

Thu Aug 28

my mums mum name was rosemary elizabeth anderson born sept 1917 in 1940 she gave birth to my mum april 1st 1940 rose joyce elizabeth anderson her address was 6 goodliffe place poplar my mums dad was samual anderson his wife was mary hector any infor would help .

Tue Aug 05

The film called The Naked Edge

Fri Jul 25

Re Magaret Hale

Just found this website so apologies for long delay. Margaret was the daughter of my late mums sister which makes Margaret my first cousin. The family lived next door to each other in Woodin Street (no longer there) . We lost touch many years ago so cannot give you any more info. She married John Grey who is Scottish and had two beautiful daughters Susan and Sara. I have got a feeling that they moved to Beconsfield but wouldn't swear to it. My e mail address is

Fri Jul 25

Susan Lawrence School

I also went to Susan Lawrence School with Tony Chipchase in the early 1950's. I do recall that his dad owned a pub on Crisp Street. Some of the other kids names were Pat Turner, Pat Bennett, Tony Gibson, Paul Ferris.

We moved to Canada in 1955.

Sun Jun 15

Tue Jun 10

Tue Jun 10

Tue Jun 10


Wed Jun 04


Hi Alfie,

I don't remember you but I was born in Oban Street Poplar in 1948 then lived in Abbott Road until I was 19 when I got married and now live in Kent. I agree that the East End is not what it used to be. I used to go to Crisp Street Market every week with my Mother to do the weekly shopping, and think I remember Cosgroves as being a Fruit and Veg stall. We also used to get savaloy and peas pudding from the savaloy shop in the arcade, and I used to go to the pie and mash shop instead of staying to school dinners, they were the days. Do you remember the peanut factory in Oban Street, my Mother worked there for a while. I miss the old East End but would not want to live there now, and I'm glad I brought my two sons up in Kent. I could talk all night about poplar, so many good memories.

Tue May 20

the film was called The Naked Edge.

Sun Apr 27

I my mothers name was d snelling lived in the eastnd,

in shop? in the 1920s. had 2 sisters and brother len.

Ron Green

Sun Apr 20

Grosvenor Buildings

My dad was living in Grosvenor Building when it took a direct hit in 1940, him and his mum were pulled out after a number of hours but his mum later died in St Andrews.

Sat Apr 12

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