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Wanted 2/3 bedroom house



Wed Nov 16

Thu Jun 26

is the mill still for sale

Sat Mar 08

I just moved to Plumstead Common

Hi all I just moved to Plumstead just off the common, it seems like a nice area, I heard bad reports about plumstead but having lived in Hackney for 10 years this seems like paradise! Havent checked out the pubs yet, although I'm sure they are fine. Anyway just saying hello.

Thu Oct 03

Often travel back from Central London on 53 always feels safe, also come back on train then 53 up to Plumstead Common.

Mon Jun 03

re-baby sitter needed

I'm wimmy.I'm a baby sitter\baby minder.

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Thu May 30

In the 1840's the gardens formed part of Tidneys Field. By 1869 brickworks had been established on the north end of Tidneys and the field was dug out as a clay pit. The brickworks finished production by the end of the 19th century and the field became a rubbish tip up until Woolwich Borough Council bought the land in 1935. Rockliffe Gardens were opened in 1937.

Tue May 14


Fri Apr 05

Please Support our local businesses!

I have lived in Plumstead common for 32 years, schooled in Plumstead (Timbercroft & Plumstead manor) and now run a beauty salon in Plumstead,

I too notic to need for other services in the area,

a cafe somewhere near the beautiful common would be a much needed asset,

As a local resident and business owner I know the importance of local Support, in order to encourage other business minded people to start new shops & services we would Like, We have to Support the ones we already Have.

Please Support your local Busnesses. X

RocStar Salon.

Sun Mar 17

Shrewsbury park area

Does anybody know anything about the plum lane/Shrewsbury park area of plumstead? Soon moving to nithdale road and would like the lowdown, thankyou!

Fri Mar 08

hmmm think it was the sports bar??? at one point it had a pool table..... Well now by the time you had gone from the top of the high street ie the lord derby (now nepali restaurant) to there you forgot YOUR name never mind the pub's. another pub gone... that is now the african restaurant which name escapes me was it the Rose and Crown then pop across the road into o'dowds for the guinness then along from there was the Red Lion (now the noodle bar)... .... well then across the road .. but it used to be a members club - conservative at one point - which is now paddy power or something.... the volly is still there at least . then sports bar then the prince of orange and then end up at the best pub ie the Plume (of Fevas)! What a crawl.... Now of course only 3 pubs left. Plume is still the best IMO

Mon Jan 07

yes it was a pub originally it was the prince of orange

Mon Jan 07

Moving to Plumstead

Hello there! Sorry this is another post about moving... I'm currently buying a flat on Piedmont Road, in the area inbetween the High St and the Common. Is this a good area? Also - how safe is it to get home late at night from central London, as a woman on her own? I've found out the number 53 bus goes 24hrs. Is it a safe route? Any other info on the area would be very helpful. Thanks v much!

Fri Nov 16




Thu Nov 08

Im thinking about buying a 3 bed on swingate lane. Its near the cemetary and a bus stop (sigh). Anyone know the area? Thanks in advance!

Wed Oct 31

Ann Street

In the A to Z!

Runs from Brewery Rd to Walmer Terrace, crossing Glyndon Road.

Wed Aug 15


This the Council's fault.

For decades they have tried to move the focus of the borough, piece by piece, from Woolwich to "Tourist Greenwich".

Those who have lived here have witnessed it.

Now we have a 'skeleton town', while Greenwich has, well pretty much everything.

Woolwich is seeing an enormous amount of flats being built, blighting the view of the river for everyone else, but i don't kn-ow where the new, and existing tenants will be entertained. Maybe the biggest Tesco in Europe (ridiculous idea, see how many shops will close) will include all the entertainment, too. Tesco a la carte, anyone?

Wed Aug 15

Flats, Flats and more Flats

Sadly, it's flats.

No imagination.

Government rules no longer require a change in 'terms of use' on the deeds, therefore no panning permission needed.

Therefore, flats.

Wed Aug 15

Green Flag Award for Rockliffe Gardens!

The Royal London Borough of Greenwich, has been awarded 13 Green Flag awards for parks and open spaces, in 2012.

If ever there was a former jewel in our borough's public spaces that desperately needs repolishing, it is surely Rockliffe Gardens.

Come on, RLBG. 13 down, just a few more to go. How about Rockliffe Gardens in 2013?

Wed Aug 15

I come from plumstead

lived there from 1948 till 1973 and have not been back.

Have I missed anything or is plumstead not what it was.

Lots of people have said don't go back you'll not find what you had.

I lived in roydene road.

Sat Jun 09


My Grandmother was Margaret (Maggie), married to Thomas Charles Stears

Mon May 14

Supermarkets in Plumstead.

I've lived in Plumstead for 19 years and I am yet to see a decent afordable supermarket. It's not that we don't have the space, just look at the new McDonalds near Plumstead station!!

There is room near the industrial estate to put an ASDA, Morrisons etc... We have Tesco Express in Lakedale road, charging convenience store prices and as for the Co-op, well if you shop there, you're definately of a high income bracket. We just need somewhere to buy groceries at afordable prices, only the larger supermarkets can make this happen!!

Sat Mar 10

Plumstead Make Merry festival

The next Plumstead Make Merry festival will take place on Saturday 2nd June 2012, from 12 noon to 6pm, on Plumstead Common.

You can find further details of the event at:

www.plumsteadmakemerry.co.uk or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PlumsteadMakeMerry

Sun Mar 04

The next Plumstead Make Merry festival will take place on Saturday 2nd June 2012, from 12 noon to 6pm, on Plumstead Common.

You can find further details of the event at:

www.plumsteadmakemerry.co.uk or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PlumsteadMakeMerry

Sun Mar 04

Reliable Builder needed

We've recently moved to Plumstead and need quite a bit of work doing to our house. Can anyone recommend a good, professional builder in the area who isn't out to rip off customers. We've already had a few quotes in but there's some pretty extortianate and extreme pricing going on. In one instance there was a £5000 difference from one builder to another for one specific job (which rings alarm bells). There's got to be a trustworthy, reputable builder in this corner of London surely who can give us a realistic quote. Having had a few houses done up in the past we're pretty savvy when it comes to the general costing so we just want a builder who can be level with us.

Wed Feb 22

I am trying to find pictures of the old Plum Lane school. Not Plum Croft. Fishtailannie at Hotmail.com

Tue Feb 07

150 plumtsead common rd se18

Roc star salon got a great tan a cool place

Thu Dec 01

Roc Star beauty Salon & Tanning salon,great place for making me feel and look better, so warm and friendly.I be there tomorrow for my therapy appointment.

love you Roc Star soooo great to have stand up tanning just on my door step. x

your great Roc Star.

Thu Dec 01

Good coffee shops and cafes

Indeed "Friends" cafe is worth supporting. Sadly, "CJ's" has now ( Autumn 2011 ) had to move, and is relocated to Shrewsbury House up on Shooters Hill. Well worth the climb, or reachable by bus from Woolwich ( the 244 ).

Happily, Plumstead has been given a boost with Gurkha/Nepalese cafes - you can't miss 'em; give them a try.

Sun Nov 06

Vic Sehmi Plastering & Drywall Specialists

Local plastering company,

Affordable prices,

Friendly workers,

No job too small,

Call us for a quote on **** 20 60 35

Thu Jul 14

And now is closed under premises , lol

Wed Jun 01

Mon May 16

herbert road

Hi All,

I am just starting a degree in social science and one of the projects in about a street that you know well. I am therefore going to write about HERBERT ROAD. If you have the time or inclination I would really lve to hear your memories of herbert road and why you think it's a good or bad place.

Many thanks Louisa

Sun Apr 17

Rockcliffe Gardens

Hello Maeve -I'm very interested in what you were saying about this fabulous green space. Please contact me if possible; I've lived in Plumstead since '94, but haven't explored RG until Feb 2011, and missed the consultation walkabout there on 22 Jan....Thanks

Sun Feb 06


I would like to make contact with any relatives of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards nee Connor poss. O'Connor (my Aunt Liz) who died March 2nd. 1950.

Fri Feb 04

Relaxation Classes

Hi there I live on Kirkham Street in Plumstead and was wondering if there are any relaxation classes being run in any local community centres or such?

Thu Feb 03

RE double glazing. I agree TOPS double glazing at 82 Plumstead Hg St.take a lot of beating,I have used them twice,and they are the best. Give them a ring on 020 8855 0921. You wont be sorry.

Sun Jan 02

Baby-sitters now..!

Hi there, this is David, Vicky's husband, here. We did move here and all's going well. (Though we'd still love a coffee shop near the common..!

We're now (finally) on the lookout for a good baby-sitter... Any thoughts..?

Hope all's well & to track you down somehow... How might we do so without advertising our contact details to the world...?

Wed Dec 29


hi i'm Tony & i have been running a handyman business for 10 in this area.

i will under take all work around your home & garden.

Please mail me if you have any question or you further information?

Sun Dec 19

Daily 5 - To Let

Sadly this business didn't last long, used to frequent it WHEN it was open!

Mon Nov 15

help old people

Fri Oct 01

yes come on plumstead

someone has got to buy the mill on the common off the lazy owners but keep the lovely bloke that manages it. that pub in my opinion is bizarely key to bringing up the plumstead common area. If that pub was renovated and provided food it would be the local community hub - and then perhaps people would cotton on and open the odd coffee shop on the common.

Sun Sep 12



Sat Sep 04



Sat Sep 04

Good GP near The Slade


Ive just moved to the Plumstead/Welling borders area and wanted any reccomendations for GPs in that bit of Plumstead. Dont want to end up registering with a useless GP. Thanks.

Tue Aug 31

looking for hand cash jobs!

hi ,i m elina,20yrs ,i m looking a cash in hand jobs,part time.If i m suitable for them. then please give me a call at this no.********8,********2.

Mon Aug 16

The Woodman

Does anyone know what is happening to the pub? it has been for sale for ages. Why has noone bought it and turned it into a restaurant or nice gatropub? It has the structure surely as it looked nice before just noone did anything with it trying to put food out etc. Come on plumstead.

Tue Jul 13

Cafe Daily 5...turning Plumstead into Hampstead?

What a pleasant suprise...a potentially 'posh' cafe in PLUMSTEAD!!?? I have lived in Plumstead for 25 years and never go to any of the cafes, preferring to travel to Greenwich or Blackheath for some decent fare!

I went in there when I spotted their sign for freshly made juices. Wanting to have a daily juice for health reasons, I had tried doing them at home but the chore of cleaning the juicer put me off!

Now I just take my own fruit and veg to them and they juice it for me (they have a limited range in stock for practical reasons).

They also do smoothies, decent coffee and a range of sandwiches, rolls and cakes...the sort of place that could attract would-be 'yummie mummies'! They are very friendly, open to customer feedback and committed to providing healthy options. Pity they are a bit hidden away at the top end of Lakedale Road, though that is a plus if you want to sit outside.

Long may they prosper!

Fri Jun 11


call 0774 ****50

Sat Apr 17

Born in london

I was born in plumstead over 50 years ago. I left when I was 7 and have been back. A lot of physical things haven't changed. I loved the Junior School and the Park. Happy memories.

Mon Apr 05

local house prices

on rightmove are going bananas - even more than in other areas in london right now. it could be that estate agents are trying to make plumstead and woolwich's house prices reach the level of houseprices in charlton (on average 100k more) in one summer!! These days some areas of woolwich and plumstead are alot nicer than charlton so maybe we will see a significant price hike in real terms - but i can't believe it will happen all in one year! But who knows? Lol.

Fri Mar 26


Come on Plumstead, pull your finger out! Whilst it is great Woolwich is being given a face lift if I was going to travel from Plumstead to eat I wouldn't go to Woolwich I would go to Greenwich..

Thu Mar 18


There is a nandos being fitted out right now next door to mcdonalds on the main woolwich high street!

Wed Mar 17

good coffee shops actually in woolwich!

Friends cafe - ran by an italian. I think. homemade lasagne, moussaka , jacket potatoes. for woolwich has a really nice feel to it. on the way to sainsburys (if you approach it from behind!)

Friend's cafe

2 Barnard Close


SE18 6JQ

Also if you are around during the week and fancy excellent very good value homemade food (like your mum used to make!) go to

CJs Cafe

147-151 Powis Street

London SE18 6JL

CJs is rather a special place and is ran by the camden society who manage cafes all over london for people with learning disabilities to work in. What the cafe lacks in the charms of its physical surroundings (the ground floor of a municipal building) it makes up with in its amazing food, and smiley very enthusiastic and talented staff. One of my clients is very local and we get regular takeaways and can not believe the standard of food for the price. A main meal costs between £3.30 and £3.85.

Wed Mar 17


...that it now looks really tacky with the plastic flowers in the window, and just very uninviting in general.

Tue Mar 16

Im guessing the King's Restaurant is an African type restaurant. I pass it everyday and there are only Africans which Ive seen going in and waiting outside, but decor is luxury and very decent on the outside.

Fri Feb 26


any part time job really! i'm at six form at the moment so any part time job would be great!

Thu Feb 04

Phase 2 of Woolwich Arsenal

Phase 2 of Berkley Homes is the regeneration called "The Warren" it includes a cinema and bars

Mon Jan 25

Woolwich Arsenal Berkley Homes Phase 2

Mon Jan 25

Hey what kind of jobs u looking out for?

Mon Jan 25


The shopping situation is ok, there is now a Tesco Express, Somerfields, and Icelands. There are quite a few pharmacys and there is a boots.

If you want more other shops like Sainsburys and Marks & Spencers , there are these shops in neighbouring Woolwich Town Centre, Woolwich also has Primark, Peacocks, BLU INC, NewLook, Burtons and many more in town centre.

There is also a Morissons in neighbouring Thamesmead which the roads are very good dual carriage going and coming to Plumstead.

Plumstead is mainly a residential area, while Woolwich focuses more on commercial shops.

Mon Jan 25

Shopping in Plumstead


We are looking at moving to Plumstead...what is the shopping situation like there? Is there a high street with the usual shops i.e. Boots/ Superdrugs/ Primark? And where is the closes supermarket?


Fri Jan 22


I've grown up in plumstead and it really isn't at all bad! theres a few areas to look out for at night like gyldon and the dip on the common but i've personally had no problem at all and i'm 18. To the person thinking of moving to griffen hill i'd say you will have no problem there theres been no trouble at all that i can think of on that actuall road the only thing i would say is the parking isn't brillant and the roads quite busy. i live 2 roads away and it's a much quieter road! so if possible try another road.

anyone know of any jobs going in plumstead, would be great to have a job so close to home!

Sat Jan 16

Plumstead !!

I've grown up in plumstead and it really isn't at all bad! theres a few areas to look out for at night like gyldon and the dip on the common but i've personally had no problem at all and i'm 18. To the person thinking of moving to griffen hill i'd say you will have no problem there theres been no trouble at all that i can think of on that actuall road the only thing i would say is the parking isn't brillant and the roads quite busy. i live 2 roads away and it's a much quieter road! so if possible try another road.

anyone know of any jobs going in plumstead, would be great to have a job so close to home!

Sat Jan 16

buy or not to buy


I recently viewed a couple of houses in plumstead, first time i have been in the area. I really liked one on Griffin road, as alot of folk on here I am looking for some lowdown on the area. I have read a few threads and get the feeling the area is full of people just waiting for the place to explode into a cool and vibrant place to live, as with all good things i am sure this will come. In the meantime is the travel reliaable to central london from plumsted station? Is it a safe area? Some folk in work seen to think its quite rough? Has the property prices consistently risen over the past 3 years?

Not many questions LOL - just enough to continue my search in the area or move to another part of the city

thanks in advance folks

Thu Jan 14

prince of orange pub in plumstead

anybody know about a pub that is or was the prince of orange my 3xgreat uncle and aunt were licensees there and she died there in 1876 I'm just curious

Mon Jan 11

Plumstead is Great


Im new to this forum site,But i was born in Plumstead, Im 18 too

I would like to say thanks to everyone that lives in Plumstead that makes it a great and safe place.

Thu Dec 31

Happy New Year Everyone In Plumstead

Thu Dec 31

STEPZ School of Dance - Brand New Dance School - Herbert Rd

STEPZ School of Dance is providing new dance classes that are centred on the teaching of ‘Streetdance’ to children of all levels aged 4 and above. We believe that everyone should be given the chance to work together to achieve; ‘Anyone can make it if you know how to shake it!’

This is why STEPZ School of Dance is not only an opportunity to learn something new but is also a place to meet new people and make new friends.

First class begins Friday 15th January 2010 from 4.30-6.00. First lesson free!

If you are interested contact us at

Wed Dec 23

lm looking for place to hire for childrens birthday party 1 birthaday in plumstead

Wed Nov 18

Local Carpenter available to hire

Hi Everyone! I am local carpenter, offering DIY, handyman and carpentry services. If you need extra pair of hands or help with furniture assembly, shelving, boxing, fencing, kitchen fitting, bathroom fitting, flooring, please do not hesitate to contact me, free estimates, no extra charge for work over the weekends. Reliable&Friendly, References available.

Call me any time or drop an email

Fri Nov 13


Please tell me it is a proper restaurant or even a chain one! Like Nando's, Pizza Express (even Pizza Hut) or a lovely cosy bistro serving steaming bowls of pasta..

Basically anything other than Indian, Chinese, Kebabs, fried chicken, or the other takeaway rot that is in endless supply. (some of the takeaways are good but it would be lovely to have some options and somewhere to sit in and eat rather than going to the dome).

Thu Nov 05

And now a mini police station

A few doors down from Daily 5 is a police station now.

Also a restaurant is opening on the highstreet where the pub once was.

Tue Oct 27

The Slade Toddler Group



Wed Oct 14


I haven't seen it yet, will check it out tomorrow! Saw a nice cafe opposite Lidl in Woolwich today, called Viet Cafe or something like that, which I will try as well.

Wed Oct 07

Handsome man 35 looking for

mature woman 40 - 55 .plumstead email.

Wed Oct 07


Yes it is lovely, shame for me that I live on the other side of the Common so I have to walk up that massive hill to get home but I have been and it is nice and not too expensive either. Am also really pleased with the Tesco. Things are looking up!

Mon Oct 05

Daily 5

I've been there also, drinks are very reasonably priced. It's good to get a decent coffee in Plumstead, frozen yoghurts are yummy too. I'm def going to be supporting this business.

Sun Oct 04

Daily 5 cafe

Hello there,

I just wanted to spread the word about the new cafe on Lakedale Road. I walk past it en route to the station and had seen the work going on there. It's on the side that the firestation is on just before the road forks. I've been in there a fair few times now and it's lovely! The people running it seem friendly and anxious that everyone is happy. Good coffee and a nice vibe. Most importantly it seems to be a local enterprise and it's not a souless chain. Not that I'm rabidly anti the starbucks of this world but it's so nice to see something with character.

I'm really hoping this little place stays so I'm doing my bit to encourage you all to go!

Sun Oct 04


100 Mineral Street


London SE18 1QR



Sat Oct 03


100 Mineral Street


London SE18 1QR

mobile: ********4


Sat Oct 03

Well you and your partner,husband could join the The Plumstead Radical Club,become a member,they have outings,also i am an Avon lady and you are in my area,i get to know most of whats going on,

hope that helps

Thu Oct 01

how to apply for the tesco's job in the plumstead area?

Fri Sep 25

Dreams can come through

I thought living off the Plumstead high street was a dreadful mistake. At long last things seem to be happening. My dream of a Tesco express has finally come through. A Boots chemist also in situ. What next? Can you guess?

Thu Sep 24

Thu Sep 24

remove this add itsmy posting

Sun Sep 13

its my posting please remove

Sun Sep 13

remove this add

Sun Sep 13


all work undertaken call michael **** ****8 email

Sat Sep 12



Sat Sep 12

I am handyman

drain specialist live in plumstaed micheal ********8

Sat Sep 12

I am electrician

live in plumstead I am very good very cheap michael ********8

Sat Sep 12

hurrah! great news and a Boots has recently opened on the high street too (by Somerfields)! two pubs are also being renovated - hopefully into a Pizza Express and Starbucks!

Thu Sep 10

yes the area is rough but i know a number of people who go here and say it is OK. Brookill is within walking distnce and new centre on purrett road will also open soon. Try Toddlers World and The Slade Library (but not The Slade stay and play - that is rough)

Thu Sep 10

Hooray for Tesco!!!

As much as I love Waitrose, its a tad unrealistic to even consider opening one in Plumstead at the moment... One step at a time, eh?

I am delighted that Tescos will be opening here, its definitely a step in the right direction, and a much needed alternative to the hundreds of chicken, pizza, kebab and other stinky fast food shops that blight the area!

Good on ya Tesco!

Wed Sep 09


I would be interested in getting involved in NCT. I'm moving to Plumstead next week and have a 14 month girl called Imogen. PLease email me some info.

Mon Sep 07

Tesco - Plumstead

Tesco's is coming to Plumstead, it's moving to the old Co-Op store on Lakedale Rd.

There's a few shops being rennovated on Lakedale Road, perhaps they will tackle the Plumstead High St next?

Sat Sep 05

Prince of Orange

I think this was the Prince of Orange, and there was another pub on the adjacent corner, can't remember the name now

Fri Sep 04

newly move in

i m a student who consider moving in to plumstead as the rental is cheaper than in zone 1 n 2. is there anyone would like to share bit of place of fun, relaxing, and most importantly, safety in this area? Thanks~

Thu Sep 03

Electric Orange

Walked past recently and there was a nepalese menu on the door. What's the score? Has anyone tried it out?

Sun Aug 30

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