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Comber family

Does anyone remember Arthur, Dave and Len Comber who had a barber shop at 1 Prince Regent Lane, Plaistow

Sun Apr 24


Hello. My name is Barbara Wolf and I am a South African teacher who taught at Regent Primary School in Plaistow in 1963. My name then was Barbara Soskin. I loved the young students that I taught there and have often wondered about their life journeys. I would love to hear fromi anyone who remembers me. I can be contacted at jeffbar.wolf@iafrica.com

Sun Apr 03

Hello my name is jenny and my mum and dad (Peggy and don) lived at no 1 next door to mr and Mrs dann and their boxer dog tiny, unfortunately that's all I can remember but my dad is still alive and I am sure he will remember them better than I. Will leave my email address if you want to contact me.

Thu Nov 23

Pat Bingley & Chipper Pile,lived in Beale St

Mon Aug 14

E13 Avenons road

Hi there i am a lady on my own thinking of buying a property in Avenons road, i wanted to do some research on the area in terms of safety and crime, are there many burglaries? what are the people like, is there many green spaces ie, parks and canal? is there a community? we noticed some foot prints on walls etc where it would seem people have been climbing into properties which scared me a little, would love some recent feedback from people in the area, currently renting in Victoria park east london so have been spoilt with the park people and canal, just ridiculously expensive and would like a new start. Plaistow was my first choice. Thankyou so much in advance.

Wed Jan 25

The Bookshop and Art Studio, Balaam Street

This was my Dad's bookshop, if you want any info get in touch!

Tue Dec 27

django (biily williams)

one story....seeing him walking near the peacock gym my father inlaw said"lets pull over and chat to young billy...he had pipes(drips) from hospital hanging out of his coat...he had got out of hospital bed to go to gym.....unfortunately he had a large army issue revolver in his hand..a webley ? he saw us smiled at us give us a wave walked into gym....last we saw was boxers and trainers running everywhere trying to get out........we didn't wait around either...lol

Sun Nov 02

if you mean south molton rd e.16 just over newham way from Plaistow...original st was I believe blown up in ww2 by a land mine which flattened all houses.....I lived there rebuilt 1954

Sun Nov 02

caistor park road

is it safe? yep. it's a quiet residential road. with buses running from stratford at both ends. i walk home from plaistow station late at night and have never had any problems. it's london. be sensible and confident and you're usually ok. Houses have been selling there for 400k!

Thu Oct 02

I was born and spent the first 21 years of my life in the next street(Libra Road). My Nan lived in Beale Street right up until she died and a son and daughter lived there with her until the streets were demolished to make way for new housing i the early 1970s. I think she lived at 18 but can ask the uncle and aunt who lived with her if they have any memories. I well remember the pie mash shop and the marble tables and wooden benches. Pie mash doesn't taste as good now as it did from

Sat May 24

Come And Support The Newest Team In The Ryman North League

Come and support Barkingside Fc next season

Barkingside Fc finished runners up in the Essex Senior League and won the Essex Senior League league cup.

The team play there homes games at

The Oakside Stadium,

Station Road




literally behind Barkingside tube station

The Club are always looking for new supporters and sponsors.

Fri Jun 07

y Grandparents used to live there.

My Grandparents - Arthur and Lillian Anthony lived at I think it was maybe #22 Beale Street in the '50s, up until they were moved into those awful Tower Hamlets flats Beal Street and the surrounding area was to be flattened for "development". Prior to that they had lived in Stratford, however their house there was bombed in WW II after which they eventually moved to Beale Street. I also stayed at #22 Beale Street at an early age in 1955-56 (1-2yers old) and we would often visit my Grandparents there during the '60s. After a few months in Tower Hamlets my Grandparents moved to Westcliff On Sea and have since peacefully passed away there. Wonderful people. I seem to recall Arthur mentioning the Pie and Mash restaurant and I have a feeling we may have even gone their ourselves in my younger years on a visit. He'd visit the pub on the corner occasionally with his work pals and we went along once or twice. Fond memories!

Thu Apr 25

LILLEY family

Anyone know of the LILLEY family, living in the area back in the 50s/60s. I am researching my husband's family tree and have very little information to go on. Any details would be of interest.

Fri Mar 01

Lived here for 8 years

There are some great things about plaistow, generally people are friendly, west ham park is good, the whole olympic thing and transport. Price is of course the best reason.

As for socialising you must be prepared to travel, pubs are hit and miss. If you are near a station there is lots that is not far! Shore ditch, brick lane, Westfield, docklands are all very very close. People are snooty about plaistow but at least you don't get the huge wealth inequalities that exist elsewhere. As you are used to east London you know about tatty high roads often leading into nice streets etc etc

Wed Aug 08

Reply re king family

Hi my mothers grandfather came from plaistow and was called williamking known as bill. He came to my parents wedding in 1954 and they think would have been in his 70s. His wife was called Rose and my mother thinks they may have lived in wilberforce street - although this may have been her other grandmother. William king was her maternal grandfather. My email address is

Sat Jan 14

Hi, my name is Bhupen and i did go to Lister School in the 80''S, Class members were Eric,Tony,Kerry,Umesh ,Sainlock, 2 Sandra,, Ajay.

Principle was Mr English.


Fri Sep 23

Hello Yes

Tue Aug 02

does anyone know how plaistow got its name also there is another one in south london bromley way i think

Sun May 22

Anyone remember Wilsons Chemist in Terrace Rd?

I grew up in Plaistow in the 60's + 70's, my mate's Dad used to run the chemist shop in terrace Rd. By chance we met when I was down and out in the early 80's and he helped me out and turned my life around. I lost touch when he went to Uni

Does anyone know the whereabouts of, or anything of what happened to the Wilson family so I could try contacting them?

Thu Feb 10

Flat 6, Holly Court. 28 St. Andrews Road,

Plaistow, London.

E13 8QD

Tue Dec 01


Ann Summers Parties are fun free and for girls only.

Its a fun girlie night in.

So invite all ur girl mates round, someone from annsummers will come with lastest underwear, nightwear and toys.

We will play fun games with the chance to win prizes from annsummers.

And the hostest will recieve a FREE gift and 10% on any item. nat ********2

Fri Jul 24

hamza what s to join this club

Wed Apr 08


dose any one know what happend to him.was a bit of a hard case,ex boxer

Sun Mar 22

Taxi service from Heathrow

I need to book a taxi from Heathrow to Plaistow. Can anyone recommend a taxi/van service that they have used and found to be reliable?

Tue Feb 03

Tue Aug 26


Is there anbody around who used to live in Beale St way back in the 1950s, my family the Danns used to live at number three.

The good old days when Peggy and her husband used to run the pie and mash restaurant on Statford Rd, when the pub on the railway end corner was a busy place.

Fri Jul 18


HHAAHAA i live just next to it!!

ingle road is nice and very short. just probably 10 houses. main road right next to it if u want.

usually space for parking on the road

no nature or anything but great location!!

Mon Jun 30

ingal road

have the chance of moving on ingal road...can anyone tell me anything about the road and area as were not from london ...thanks....

Sun May 11

Plaistow Night Bus

Just to let you know, route 69 runs 24 hours a day with a minimum frequency of every 30 minutes at night.

Fri Apr 04

try contacting Stratford theatre

Thu Apr 03

Salsa dancing in Plaistow

Anyone know anything about the Salsa classes in Plaistow? I think they are at Lister School and advanced level?

Thu Apr 03

Plaistow is easy for tube transport in the day time and there is a good park near by for running i.e. West Ham.

There do not seem to be any night buses running from Stratford to Plaistow Station. Does anyone know of any that currently exist or proposals to develop a night bus route that goes past Plaistow tube?

I find it very safe here to live as there are lots of neighbourhood watch schemes.

Thu Apr 03

Tue Feb 19

has anyone in london heard of a company or business of christians that goes by the name hyzonlink (directors name is mathew woods)

please and thanks from bad orb, germany mail me

Tue Nov 06

Can you please delete this posting? I am no longer running Plaistow FC.

Thank you

Thu Nov 01

Shall I move to Plaistow?

I'm movin back to London shortly and have been looking at property in plaistow, seems the only reasonably priced place left in East London..

Do you live there? what is it like? what kind of area is it? What are the pubs like? What kind of people drink in them? Any info you can tell me would help...I lived in Hackney for 4 years so i'm no stranger to east london..



Mon Sep 03

hi. i am hereby writing to you to inform you of my interest to play for your football club. I am an international student living in woolwich and i can work 20 hours per week. I can play centre forward and just behind the two strikers. All i need is one week proper training to get back to my best. I'm sure i'll be a good addition to your team and if given opportunity score goals. All i need is a chance to show what i can do and from there discuss any possibility of a contract. Actually i'm studying law at holborn college in charlton and my contact number is ********7and my mail add is

Mon Jul 02

Carrying on from the Moore Family

I am also looking for decendants of the Jordan family that was born in Plaistow, Canningtown area. My grandmother was Frances Emily Lydia Jordan born 1879 and her sister were Maud Jordan born 1881which married a Alfred Osbourne and other sister Polly Jordan born 1883, her brothers was Edward Jordan born 1878 and the other brother was John Jordan born 1884 which migrated to a Australia and live next to his sister Frances, married name is Moore. Just want to contract to fill in the gaps my email is

Wed Jun 13

Looking For Family Members

I am looking for the decendants of Jane Moore born in 1866, Frederick Moore born 1871, Eliza Moore born1874, Florence Moore born 1876, Walter Moore born 1878, Louisa Moore born1880, all were born in Plaistow and Canningtown, Essex if they are still in the area their grand children would be in there 50's, 60's as i am 53 and I am one of the youngest grandchildren of there brother William Raynor Moore born 1869 in Beaumont Road, Plaistow. My great grandmother was a Jane Foster(Winkworth)married a Moore in 1866-1868 born 1847 in Poplar. I just want to make contact to fill in the gaps of my email is

Wed Jun 13

Beaumont Rd Plaistow

To Derek

I try email you but hotmail will not except Outlook Express and I try emailing you on your email address with my optusnet address and it came back unknown. Thank you for your help and it would be nice to have a picture if like you can email me though my optusnet email address.


Fri May 25


Hi there Beaumont road is still there but a a carb seller on the coner and a school at the right hand side bottom, green on the left. camn take a pic for you, no problem. Arkwrough Street is no more.

Wed May 23

family history

Hi my name is sandra and I live in Brisbane, Australia and my great and grandparents was born and raised in Plaistow in 1869 the street I am looking for and cannot fine it on a map on the internet is 9 Beaumont Road, Plaistow, West Ham. Can someone tell be what has happen to it my grandparent left there in 1012 to come to Australia. I am also looking for the Parish of St Thomas Church, West Ham it was a church of England. The reason I am asking these question is that I am letting my finger do the work instead of my legs when I come over next year. There is one more street I am looking for and that is Arkwrough Street, Canning Town. I am hoping that someone can help me I have sent so many emails and they have come back as address unknown thank you for your help

Thu May 17

Lister School


My name is Suzanne Dyal and I used to go to Lister Secondary School on St. Mary's Rd in the late 70's early 80's until I moved to the USA when I turned 16. I still live in the US. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. My email address is

Thu Feb 01

Plaistow supermarket

Which supermarket is this ? i presume its not

Cost Cutter on Upper St ??

Derek E13

Tue Jan 02

Help, Basketball Club in South-East London and Kent, please help!!!

Anyone can help Me find Basketball club to join in. In South-East London or Kent. I'm 25 years old , anychance to find and join basketball club. I wish to play in basketball league. Please help Me !!! This is my e-mail

Mon Oct 23

Looking for a running club in Plaistow/West Ham

Wed Oct 04

Football in plaistow!!!! urgent reply needed!!

hi my name is aymen and i'm only 15 and i'm really intrested in playing football i've played all my life and i want to play for a football team and further my career and i'm not gonna lie i've never played for a team and its not that i'm crap or anything because i'm not its just that i couldnt find any.... so please reply quick my email address is

Mon Sep 11

I've just seen a really nice property in Caistor Park Road. Is this road and the surrounding area safe for a single woman?

Tue Aug 29

lookig to join cricket team

any cricket teams in the east of london looking for amateurish players, have all my own gear just looking to have some fun.


Wed Jul 19

Plaistow/Upton Park isnt all bad

Sorry I'm not aware of any cricket clubs in the Plaistow - might be worth going to Newham Council and they could recommend some to you.

On the subject of Plaistow/Upton Park being a dodgy area I have to say I've lived in Upton Park for the past 4 years and previously lived there 8 years prior for a few years and can honestly say I've never had/seen any bother. Sure it's not the cleanest of areas (Newham Council if you're reading please do something about it) but definitely one of the safest. It's handy for Canary Wharf and the west end and there's so many options for transport ie Canning Town, good bus system, Plaistow and Stratford Tube Stations are within 10-15 minutes travelling time.

I've noticed the area is changing, all for the best with more people realising it's a good area to buy a house now that Stratford has become so expensive.

Go on move to Upton Park!!

Wed Jun 21

been living in Plaistow by tube station for 4 years and have never been robbed/ or had any trouble and often am walking back on my own late at night many times. The main road by the tube is always busy but it is London so you can't do stupid things like wander around talking on your mobile phone at night or waving a Ipod - but then I guess that is just common sense. The local police station is excellent and seem to keep the area safe. There are also loads of neighbourhood watch schemes in the area

Mon Apr 03

hiya i wud like to join the Plaistow fc, i luv playin football, its the best sport ever, cud u please consider givin me a chance to play in your team i wud appreciate it Thank you.

Email me on

Mon Oct 10

Cricket Club

Does anyone know of a cricket club in Plaistow?

Sun Sep 18

Atherton Sports centre - Swimming

Yes Atherton Sports centre is 10-15 minutes walk from Plaistow station. It is next to part of the University of East London college building and past the pub called The Pigeons. Atherton Sports centre has a swimming pool - open to 10pm at night for lane swimming from 8pm (costs £1.25 to swim there a time if you are a student/free membership), gym, aerobics classes steam room, sauna,jacuzzi (womens days for the steam room and sauna & pool cost £8 for the day on Saturdays)

Sat Aug 20


Does anybody know whats happened to the Christmas panto on Barking Road opposite the Police Station? Go there every year, but it seems to not be on this year

Sat Nov 27

Newham Leisure Centre.

Fri Nov 12

There is one across the road from the Halifax at the Green Gate, Barking road. There is another one about two doors down from the Halifax, just before the doctor's surgery, and across the road from the post office.

Fri Nov 12

stanley family

Am trying to locate information about my granfather Frank Stanley. 1901 census shows: Frank Stanley aged 12 born Essex Plaistow S Marylebone. His Father was Peter Stanley. Are their other descendants living in Plaistow?

Please contact me at

Sun Oct 24

Plaistow loobi_loo@hotmail.com

Does anyone know the Boyle family who lived in South Moreton Road, West Ham in 1930's. There was Alfred who was killed in the bombings in 1940, his wife Anne and their children Leon, Morris, Jack and Anne. After Alfred died the family moved to Penzance. Trying desperately to find any information. Please contact me

Sun Oct 03

Question from the States

Has anyone in Plaistow, London ever heard of a company or business that goes by the name of Hyzonlink Inc. ??

Please and thanks from Columbia, Missouri, USA

Thu Sep 23

Abbey Arms [Barking Road]

My favourite Plaistow pub. Not too rowdy. Nice barmaids.

Good selection of music on the juke box.

Wed Jul 21

Second Hand Bookshops

There used to be lots of shops selling second hand books and magazines - especially near the Green Gate - but sadly they're all gone now.

Wed Jul 21

A Bit Rough

Plaistow's a bit rough, but not too bad I suppose. We have the occasional murder. Some of the pubs are quite rowdy. There used to be a book shop but that closed a long, long time ago. So if you want to buy a book, you have to get a bus to Stratford market. There used to be a good toy shop, but that's long gone too. Things were better in the 1960s and early 1970s, naturally!

Wed Jul 21

Nicest Gp ever, quick Appointments

We just moved to live near Plaistow Park (very pretty park, too), and right on the edge of the park is what has to be the most desirable GP anywhere in East London - Essex Lodge. They are new, in a lovely old building, NO QUEUES, one woman GP, nice receptionists - and when you want an appointment you get it the NEXT DAY. Ever turned up to see your doctor while still ill? Before time has cured you? Great feeling.

Mon Jul 12

Please, help me!


My name is Anna, I live in Rome. I wonder if You can help me in sending me information about Plaistow. A friend of mine was born there and he would like to know more about it. Please write me :

Sat Apr 10

Football Club

I manage Plaistow FC. We are currently finishing our season in the South Essex Sunday league but will be looking to recruit players for next season. You can check us out in the divisional cup final at Wadham Lodge in Walthamstow if you wish on Sunday 28th March. My e-mail address is

Wed Mar 17

Playing music

Is there an orchestra for adults in Plaistow - or anywhere else in Newham.

Sun Mar 14

Tricky one because I don t know your taste

The two best pubs are the Black Lion (61 High Street) and the Old Spotted Dog (212 Upton Lane). These are nice old pubs.

If you're looking for loud music then you have places like the Castle at the corner of Prince Regents Lane and Barking Road, which has MCs shouting out over UK Garage. Tends to be really bopping in there until about 3 in the morning sometimes, and free to get in, but fights are not uncommon, 'specially if you're looking at my girl allright?

Mon Dec 15

Plaistow & Stratford 020 8471 0000

Tue Sep 16

Theres not much in Plaistow

Like Stratford, it lacks in nightlife, restaurants and all things practical but it has good cheap housing. You won't find trendy designer clothing boutiques, cafes (apart from a fry-up), or a Budgens supermarket here - forget shopping altogether! (but think of the money you'll save). Plaistow has great access to the cycle paths, a short ride to West Ham station and your on the Greenways which continues on to the scenic canal tow path and all the way into the city. For gyms/swimming pools theres Newham Leisure Centre at 281 Prince Regent Lane, Plaistow, a short bus journey away. At least the Brick Lane aint too far.

Wed Jun 11

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