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Lost family

I’m looking for my aunt Ann Murphy daughter of Gerald Murphy from Dublin. Her last known address was Blackstone House, Churchhill Gardens, Pimlico in 1968.

Fri May 27

Effingham Street

My Grandad Cecil Webster lived at number 5 in 1911, he was 11 months old, this information has come up when doing my family tree

Fri Apr 15

Ranelagh Road area 1945 onwards

Just wondered if anybody is still around. We were a family that moved back after WW2 and previously came from Wild St Covent garden. names remembered are -Gatehouse - Delaney - Murphy - Grant - Paye -Hayes - Blair - Nalty - Hendrick -Perrin - Ainsworth - Parker - Heath etc. Just a long shot.

Wed Oct 13

Effingham Street

Hi there, does anyone remember Effingham Street? It looks like it became Sutherland Street after 1950, which is when my grandmother was there.

Sun Sep 19

The Day family Walden house

There is a post on here from Michael Day I would love to get back in touch with your sister Ellen my name is Daphne Kaczmarek nee Leadbetter

Thu Aug 05

St Michaels Graham Terrace

My name was Carole Pine and I lost contact with everyone as I moved to the USA. I went to St. Michaels from 1961 - 1965. Anyone else out there during this time.

Wed Jul 28

Looking for Joyce Armstrong, parents were Anne and Jim Scottish family

Moved out of Alderney Street in 1963, my mum was Doris and dad Tony (Greek Cypriot) The Armstrong’s lived above us in 63? Alderney Street. I remember Joyce marrying Bruce an Asian chap. Love to see these wonderful people again. My Mamet is Maria Charalambous

Wed Mar 24

123, Lupus Street, Pimlico

I just found out, my Grandmother was living and working at 123, Lupus Street, in the mid 1920's. She was a waitress there, according to the information I have. I know it's a long time ago, but I was wondering if anyone knew what type of place it was back then, or it's name? Thank you

Fri Mar 19

History of Churchill Primary School

Hello, does anyone know when Ranelagh Road School, which was a forerunner of Churchill Primary School, was built, and whether it had any other function before it became a school. The site seems to be marked on 18th- and 19th-century maps, but I can't seem to find out what the building was for. Many thanks!

Fri Nov 27


Does anyone remember Alexander and Maude Deane who lived at 25 Glamorgan Street until 1945?

Thu Oct 22


hi barry walsh, liked your photo of stewart grainger, he was my brother jerrys friend, write back

Tue Oct 06

Apologies if this posting has appeared before! I went to Ranelagh Road School, later Churchill Gardens School from 1951-57 and would be pleased to exchange memories with any ex-pupils. I remember many of their names.

Sun May 17

I remember Lesley Rocky I think he had a motor bike( maybe wrong) I am the McDougall family was Mary,Con,John,Barbara,and me Derek and I remember your family

Always remember Walden House good times

Thu May 14

For Barry Walsh (primarily)

Very interested to hear all your descriptions of Pimlico. I lived in Churchill Gardens from about 1951. When we moved in, Martineau House overlooked Antrobus St, and I remember clearly it being demolished, along with Glasgow Terrace and other streets running down to the Thames. There is a fascinating (but rare) book called 'William Carey's Pimlico' pub. 1986, where he calls it 'the stuccoville grid', as you can see from the pattern between Warwick Way and Lupus St. I have a few b/w photos of the area.

Happy to be contacted:

Tue May 12

I new the wards very well I lived on opposite side of their houses

Thu Apr 30

Pimlico Library

Hi Betty

Pimlico Library moved down the road about ten years ago. It's still on Lupus Street, next door to Pimlico Academy which is number 36. You can borrow DVDs for a small fee (there is lots of choice) but it doesn't have CDs.

Sat Apr 25

I also remember Sid the newspaper man: flat cap and a fag in his mouth. I passed him every morning on my way to the 24 bus stop in Claverton St, going to school. I lived in Churchill Gardens, Martineau House from 1950 to 1965. On the corner, at the junction of Claverton and Lupus streets was a bompb-site, behind the primary school.

Thu Apr 23


I went to Churchill Gardens Primary School from 1951-57 (I think!) It was called Ranelagh Road School when I first went. I have a vivid memory of many of the teachers: Mrs White was the infant head, and Mr Brooker the junior head. The caretaker was Mr Cook.

I would be interested to exchange memories of the place.

My email:

Thu Apr 23

Trying to trace an old friend from 1964 / 1965

I am trying to trace Clifford John Brooks (Snowy) who was serving in the Royal Navy at Northwood in 1964/1965. If you read this Snowy and would like to get back in touch, or anyone who knows the whereabouts of him, could you please let him know or let me know how I might better contact him, please email me at

Mon Feb 03

My hearts always in Pimlico!

My family lived/live in Pimlico and the immediate surrounding area (Inc. Aylesford St, Lillington St, Horseferry Rd, etc.) From the very early 19th cent. to the present day. I lived in Pimlico Rd and went to St Barnabas School. As a keen family historias, I'm always keen to know more about my favourite part of London!

Sun Mar 31

Pat Collins

Any one from Tachbrook Estate in 50’s 60’ about who would remember me?

Mon Apr 02

I was born in Glamorgan st 1954 my mum was a ward she had five sisters one brother and her mum dad all live there with all there kids we where a big family only the husbands where Irish and one candain most people new us

Sat Mar 17

I'm not sure if you or anyone else is still looking for someone to play squash with in Pimlico. Let me know. Female of intermediate standard although haven't played for some time.

Wed Jan 03

Two Pimlico FaceBook pages

There are two very lively Facebook pages for Pimlicoans: One is simply called: 'Pimlico', the other is called 'Another Brick in the Pimlico Wall'.

Sat Sep 30

St Michaels School Graham Terrace Pimlico

Any body out there who went to this school 1958-1964 my name was Linda Webb and I am in touch with several oils school friends and we would love to get a reunion going.

My name is now Drury and my email

Tue Aug 30

Picture of Colonies please


I recently became the landlady of the Colonies and I have been trying to get pictures and history of the pub and area would really appreciate any feed back

Sat Feb 13

Hi, my brother is married to one of the sisters

Thu Oct 29

I lived in 42 Antrobus street the next road to Glamorgans street

I also went to Ranelagh road school ,in 1944,during the war.it was a nice red brick building. We had to sit quietly and listen to the doodle bugs coming over,and wait for the bang, very scary.

Wed May 13

I lived in 42 Atrobus Street

70 years ago , with my Grandmother and Grandfather, Mr and Mrs Maycock. I also knew Sid the newspaper man and his brother albi.My grandad used to take my cousin and I on a Sunday morning to the little garden outside of the William pub., whilst he went in to find out the time,supposedly. I also remember going to the balmoral pubs street party after the war.

Wed May 06

Upper Garden Street pimlico

Anyone got any photographs of Upper Garden Street Pimlco,

My gt and parents lived at number ten from 1890 Until 1920 they lived at number ten and the name was Newell.

Tue Mar 03

The pub was called the gun

Wed Feb 25

The pub was called the gun

Wed Feb 25

The pub in Glamorgan's street was called the gun

Wed Feb 25

To michael guihen

I remember mrs ward, I was born in claverton st in 1963 and mrs ward lived on the corner of lupus st and claverton st next to the big open garden where the war damaged houses had been knocked down, just round from sid the news seller, I remember mrs ward as being a nice lady with black hair she kept in a pony tail, she also had a parrot that we could see when we passed her basement, but the best memory I have of her is the lovely home made bread pudding she used to give to us kids, you've brougth back great memories michael, thanks for that.

Fri Apr 25

127 lupus street.

Hi Brian, I know that the gun tavern pub was at 125 lupus st and next door to that was the british meat company butcher shop, I think that was the high numbers end of lupus st, so that would make the butchers shop no 127, that is exactly where the rent office in nash house is today, hope that help you.


Fri Apr 25

I went to Churchill Gardens Infant and Junior School. It was called Ranelagh Road School then. This may be the school you are looking for. Marguerita.

Sun Mar 30

Pimlico Glasgow Terrace.

Can't help you with pictures Hayley, sorry, but as a young lad just after the second world war I would visit my Aunt and Uncle who lived at 127 Lupus Street which if I remember correctly was between Glamorgam Road and Glasgow Terrace. Their flat was also demolished to make way for Churchill Gardens where they were rehoused. As Kids we would walk through Glasgow Terrace to get down to the River Thames and I suspect make a nuisance of ourselves, having said that I would spend hours watching the cranes unloading coal for Battersee power station. brian

Sat Feb 01

Glasgow Terrace

My family used to live in 16 Glasgow Terrace before it was knocked down for the Churchill Grds development. Does anyone have any photos or pictures of the street prior to redevelopment? Or know anything of the family - Frankham and Howard? Thanks my email is

Sat Feb 01

51 Lillington Street

My great grandparents lived at 51 Lillington Street Henry Charles Wheeler Maude Wheeler The house was bombed in WW2 and Maude and two children were killed. I am looking for any information on the street a picture before the bomb damage or after the war before it was developed would be great my email is

Fri Dec 13

Sat Oct 12

hi could you give me any details of the coles quads as i know a lady who looked after the quads in the 50s iam a hairdresser in leicester and this lady is a client please can you help on

Mon Sep 30

A dear friend, John Llewellyn, was born in 1920 at St Georges, Hanover Square and lived on Glamorgan St.

His father (Canadian)was in WW1 and married over there...stayed on after the war for a few ye

ars before returning home to settle in Nova Scotia.

Any picture of the street that could be posted?

Mon Sep 30

King William 1V had meney a pint there

Tue Sep 10

King William 1V had meney a pint there

Tue Sep 10

Hi I can come to your house and do ironing for you every week or whenever you will need.

I live at Clapham north and do ironing people around south and west London. I am very reliable and easy going.

My name is Evie.

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Sat Aug 17

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Wed Aug 14

Pimlico full of socual housing

Couldn't agree with you more Lou.

Whilst owning my own flat and presumably falling into your definition of filthy rich, it because of the unique mix of residents that Pimlico is to my mind the only possible place to live in London, I wouldn't even exchange my flat for the same in lifeless Belgravia or Kensington. I notice that St George's Square is full of council owned properties, the fear is that because each house is now worth many, many millions that the WCC might wake up to this and sell them to 'filthy rich', like me, thus destroying an unique community. I bought my first house in Sutherland Street when it was basically a slum area and put in the first bathroom in a block of about thirty houses.

Wed Jun 19

Pimlico boundary

I have an original coloured print from the mid C19th that shows the first row of Belgrave Square houses newly built on the East side, presumably they were for courtiers as it was closest to Buckingham Palace.

The print is inscribed: Pimlico, Belgrave Square.

All that has happened is that the word Belgravia superseded the word Pimlico.

Wed Jun 19

Pimlico Boundary

Pimlico isn't as big as some seem to think. I grew up there and for us Pimlico finished at Vauxhall Bridge Road and everything the other side was 'Westminster proper'. Indeed when you crossed the 'tramlines', the local name for Vauxhall Bridge Road, you were left in no doubt (especially by other kids) that you had left your 'manor'.

For us, Pimlico was bounded by the Thames, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Buckingham Palace Road and Chelsea Bridge Road. And most older Pimlicoans would remind those in Pimlico Road that it leads to but isn't in Pimlico; it's in South Belgravia.

There was a time when those living in Pimlico kept quiet about it and said they lived in Victoria or Westminster. Today it seems to be fashionable to live there and its boundaries are being stretched; fair enough. However, fashionable or not, it's still London's finest village.

Barry Walsh Email:

Fri Apr 12

Yoga class in Pimlico


I have been teaching a class in St Gabriel's church hall since May 2012. Beginners are welcome, and I am a BWY certified teacher. For more details contact me on

Mon Apr 01

I was in London yesterday also looking for 123 Lillington St.What a coincidence.

No the street no longer exists

Tue Feb 26

hi peter would love to see old pic . my family have been in the area for generations grand parents were from ebury then moved to tachbrook . you must be related.

Wed Nov 14

Pulling yourself together

Are you talking about Dr Munday?

Sat Sep 01

Safety in Millbank

The Chelsea College of Art, Tate Britain and Millbank Estate area are so safe that they are almost off the radar of crime statistics. Millbank Estate TMO (MEMO) with its engaged residents and sustained community programmes play a major part in this.

Sat Sep 01

Hi we now live at 53 Lupus St

Wed Jun 13

the Ward family

I think your referring to my mums family! My grandmother Mrs Ward lived in Glamorgan street with her 6 daughters and one son Paddy, Kit, Eileen. Shelia, Lily, Maureen, Pauline until it was pulled down to make way for Churchill Gardens when they moved to 53 Lupus St.

and you were right those girls had a foul mouth for every occasion, my mum was Maureen who married Burt Guihen back in the 50's who lived in Russell house

Mon Jun 11

Lillington Gardens is actually a housing developement of low rise blocks of flats.

Sat Jun 09

London Pimlico

I have a photograph of a large group standing beside a bus outside the Balmoral Castle 86 Glamorgen Street. It was taken in 1928 and appears to be the start (or the finish) of a pub outing which were very common in the twenties and thirties.

Sat Apr 28

St Vincents School

Hi I use to go to St Vincents untill I moved School to Hastings.

If you do get any Pics please share.

Mon Mar 19

Books about Pimlico

Yes there are a lot of books about the Area. Deep Well of Glee. which part of Lillington St as it was a very long Street and I was born there and grew up in that Street from 1960 - to 1970 when they started to knock down the very last part from Charlwood St to Churton St.

Mon Mar 19


Both my parents are born and bread Pimilico, it was also home to both my grandmothers, who arrived in London from Ireland during the second world war, so many happy memories of this place.

Thu Mar 15

Well said John, not all Council estates are bad news are they?

Thu Mar 08

Do you have a flat to sell?

Hi. I'm looking for a flat in Pimlico up to approx £****0. If you're thinking of selling, I'd love to hear from you. Selling privately (without estate agents) can make life easier and much cheaper. I need one bedroom and if it has outside space, that would be great. Thanks very much.

Sat Mar 03

Glamorgan Street, Pimlico: Answer

Glamorgan st used to run between Lupus St (north side) and Antrobus St (south side) where the Balmoral pub stands. The two streets ran parallel untill just before the pub, where they joined. During the construction of Churchill Gardens they were demolished, late 50's

Tue Jan 10

My late father lived in Effingham street in the 1920/30 which also made way for churchill gardens, and he would often talk about 'The Gun' the pub which used to stand in Lupus street, until the bombs got it.After living in Ebury bridge estate then Walden house in Pimlico road, the family moved t Churchill gardens for 35 years

Michael Day

Tue Jan 03

Hi Valerie. Almost certainly we are related. The George christian name has been in family since arrival from Portugal some time about 1700 some thing. The first one was a George and seems was carried down through the generations. We could be more directly related than you think. Born Glamorgan street 1934 but migrated to Cambridge street, opposite St.Gabriels church. Mother worked for years in Pratts Stores, corner of Antrobus st and Lupus St, later re-located into Churchill gardens shops. Went to school Warwick Junior, Ranleigh Rd and later to Buckingham gate. Now realise how much of my life happened there. Went back but found it so sad, all I knew seemed gone. Pity! but I do have the memories.

Sat Dec 31

56 Lupus Street, Pimlico

I'd like to see a photograph of this address before the ground floor was converted to shops as they are now. My email is

Sun Nov 20

Mr and Mrs Rocky

My grandparents are the Rocky family you are talking about and i live in Pimlico and love it!!

Fri Nov 04

Pine Apple pub, WIlfred Street


The Pine Apple is now called the Colonies and I am currently trying to research the history of the building.

I would love to see the picture if you have it availble to send?

I would also be very grateful if you have any other information that may be of help.

Mon Sep 26

Wed Jul 20

My family have lived in pimlico for 5 generations. We lived the Ebury bridge road end/Chelsea barracks. My grand father used to mention Ross st which i think is about where gatliff close is now, anyone confirm this?

There is still a pub called the balmoral castle, it is now part of Churchill gardens estate.

Tue Jul 19



I just saw this. I lived at 91 Elizabeth street from about 1953 (at age 5) to 1964.

I have very fond memories of it. Although even then it was posh, there were lots of (everyday) shops in the street then. The dairy, Bainboroughs the greengrocer and a butchers shop.

Across the road was a bomb site and a pub. I seem to remember that there was a garden in the bomb site, but then a new block of flats was put up in the space.

Sat Jun 25

Glamorgan Street

I lived in Glamorgan Street from 1932 to when it was demolished in the 1950's.

Get in contact if you wish to.

Sun Jun 05

Yes I remember them, they were quite famous at the time, I was borne in 1949 and lived in Alderney Street, I seem to remember they were "used" at the time for a lot of advertising. Maybe it helped the parents money situation. Anyway I remember they were girls. All the best, Ann.

Sun May 08

Churchill Gardens-Safe as houses!

Hi there, surprised if you think Churchill Gardens isn't 'safe'-I was brought up on the estate and lived there for 30 years from shortly after it was built in 1955 until 1985, my parents until 2000. If anything the estate was one of the safest in London,the UK probably, and has always been moving towards gentrification like most of Pimlico with professionals snapping up the leasehold properties which proliferated under Maggie T. Wouldn't choose to live there now as I prefer to be out of London, but wouldn't discourage others on grounds that this estate was unsafe! Cheers! John

Sun Apr 24

French Tutor

I'm also interested in learning French. Does anyone know of a French tutor in the area?

Tue Feb 08

Hi George,

I am intrigued with your surname as my grandfather was a Fitz Costa. I am researching the family name and have found a Joseph Fitz Costa b 1812 lived in St Pancras area. My grandfather was a George and lived in Fulham. Think there is a connection as the name is uncommon, believe from Portugal.

I am happy to share information with you.My email is

Sun Dec 26

we are looking for a hall to teach bellydancing classes in pimlico or victoria

Sun Dec 05

Old Pimlico an Ariel view

In the photographic archives of The Times is an ariel view of Battersea power station with 3 chimneys but it also takes in a magnificent view of old Pimlico. I've trawled over it with a magnifying glass and truly amazed at what I found including all the old streets. Worth trying to get a copy

Fri Nov 26

Glamorgan street Pimlico

Yes, I was born there in 1934 at No 4. The post office was on one of the corners with Lupus street. The far end curved to join Antrobus St. At that end also was a turning to the right that went to St.Gabriels school. It was as I call a community street where everyone knew everyone. There was one family the Wards (of Irish origins). You did not cross them for fear of a mouthful of verbal abuse. I've seen the daughter scream at one woman all the way down Lupus Street. Never forgot it.


Fri Nov 26

Classic Car Rentals, Pimlico - 1970s

Hi - I hope this is the place! I've gone to various websites and companies and have a partial answer. When I was very small, in the late 1970s, I remember a car overhanging the top of a building on the east of the tracks a couple of minutes (by train) out of Waterloo Station in a spot that would have been impossible to get a vehicle without a crane. It's since been established this was Classic Car Rentals, and the building is where Pimlico Plumbers have been since 2005. Has anyone got photos of the car (or cars - I seem to remember it got changed and eventually ruined by graffiti), dates or any information at all? It's proven surprisingly difficult and I've never forgotten it.

Sat Oct 23

My grandmother lived at 27 Glamorgan Street in 1911. Before that in 14 Hanover Street (1901). She last lived at 33 Clarendon Street leaving London in 1920. She was Kathleen Spinks and married a Polish man William Deonck, Australian army.

Fri Oct 22



My name is Michael Guihen, m mum was Maureen Ward who lived in Glamorgan st , her Mother was Mary Elizabeth Ward and father Ruben Wardwho moved to 53 lupus street when Glamorgan st was pulled down where they ran a boarding house. I was born in 1961 so have no memories of that time, she had 5 sisters, Kit, Eileen, Llily, Shelia, Pauline and one brother Paddy Hope that puts a small window to those long lost days.

Mon Oct 04


I know this is a perennial question when moving to London but I'm already here and looking for a room to rent. I'm trying to get somewhere in pimlico or anywhere in central London, budget is 450pcm can anyone help?

Many thanks.

Thu Sep 30

glamorgan street

Hi Dave. I am looking for information about Glamorgan Street as well. I am making a tv documentary about a woman who used to live there and am trying to get hold of some photographs. If you have any luck, it would be great to hear from you. Best wishes Duncan Coates

Tue Aug 24

glamorgan street

sorry! forgot to include my email address


Tue Aug 24

I am trying to get hold of some old pictures of Glamorgan Street before Churchill Gardens Estate was built, as part of some research I doing for a tv documentary about a woman who used to live there. If you know of any one with photos, please let me know. I am also trying to find the name of the pub that stood on Glamorgan Street.

Tue Aug 24

I am trying to get hold of some old pictures of Glamorgan Street before Churchill Gardens Estate was built, as part of some research I doing for a tv documentary about a woman who used to live there. If you know of any one with photos, please let me know. I am also trying to find the name of the pub that stood on Glamorgan Street.

Tue Aug 24

Glamorgan Street

I noticed your posting about Glamorgan Street. I am making a tv documentary with a woman who once lived in Glamorgan Street and am trying to get hold of some photographs of the street to show what it looked like before Churchill Gardens was built. If you have any photos or know of any, it would be great to hear from you.

Best wishes

Duncan Coates

Tue Aug 24

Glamorgan Street

I am trying to get hold of some old pictures of Glamorgan Street before Churchill Gardens Estate was built, as part of some research I doing on behalf of a woman who used to live there. If you know of any one with photos, please let me know. I am also trying to find the name of the pub that stood on Glamorgan Street.

Mon Aug 23

local history

The Pineapple pub has since been renamed 'The Colonies', much to my annoyance. The little drive at the back of the pub is still called 'Pineapple Court'. Our family lived besdie Pineapple Court, on Castle Lane, until the late sixties. I would really love a photo of the pub. Anything esle you want to know?

Sat Aug 14

Not sure how old this message is .But my family all lived in Glamorgan Street my nan having a boarding house there ,I was born there like my sisters in the late 40 s

Wed Aug 11

Hive London

After my recent visit to Hive I had to comment on the negative review I just read. I had my hair coloured and re-styled by this adorable Japanese girl Naomi. She was patience with my fussy nature, tammed my unruly hair and I left feeling like a princess. I would highly reccomend booking an appointment with this young lady. I am also planning to send a Japonese friend who's English is not great as being able to communicate properly with her stylist will be a huge benefit.

Fri Mar 19

Whats Pimlico Academy Like?

My friend is a fantastic teacher and is thinking about applying for a job at Pimlico academy - she wants to know what it's like. I've only just moved to the area, but the kids seem pretty well behaved to me so far! Do any locals have an opinion on the school?

Fri Mar 19

I am trying to find out about 123 Lillington Street, Westminster. Does the street still exist? What type of houses were there?

Thank you

Mary Lillington

Wed Mar 17

St Gabriels

I don't know if this is any use to you but I was christened in St Gabriels in the 1950s and used to attend church parade every Sunday with the 35th Westminster Sea scout troop.

It was Pimlicos parish church at that time and my mother always bought the parish magazine which a little old lady used to deliver to our flat in Peabody Avenue

Tue Jan 19

my name is kennedy charles. funny enough i use to live on the ebury estate in charlesmore house with my brothers murray aka mint.lenny and sister moreen in the 70s i knew veronica but lost touch years ago. in short i had the best time of my life. despite the predeceases back then. we did not have much. but boy did we have fun. our play area was from pimlico to battersea we played to the full it was so lively. it was like being on film set. let me tell you for a lot of us it was play extreme. you did not need a xbox you was the xbox. we was doing parkour in our platform shoes before the name was invented i could right a book ?........ thank you for reading

Sun Nov 22

hi, im melinda, a filipina and a cleaner.and i am interested on the job.please contact me at o******** or at ********64.thanks.

Sat Nov 21

Moving To

I am moving to Pimlico, Churchill Gdns next month Dec. I know crazy time of year to move. However I am hoping it will be woth it to wake up every Morning & see the river. I would like to make some new friends. My interests are Swimming , Reading Crime & SPY novels, AM Dram, Learning Bridge & Horse Racing. I am 44 male & single . I also like a nice Old Fasioned Pubs & Good Food. If anybody out there in cyberspace or even in reality can help or advice of places to go things to do etc. Gp's , Dentists , Hospitals bLAH blah. Then I will be most gratefull. Hope to see some of the locals soon . you can't all be as STRANGE as they say !!

Sun Nov 15

ebury gardening group

there is a gardening group for children on the ebury bridge estate they meet twice a week mondays & thursdays 4-530pm and school holidays 12-330pm they meet at the ebury lodge which is by the childrens play ground it is a small brick building they also have some pets and you dont have to live on the estate to join email

Mon Nov 09

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