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What happened to Martin and Matthew Hooper?

The Hooper brothers. I knew from my time working at the Red Cow, corner of Consort Road. Joey Singleton was the manager Roy Ellard, Con, The Buttergigs, Micky Rosemyer...good old days..

Sun Aug 16

What happened to Martin and Matthew Hooper?

The Hooper brothers. I knew from my time working at the Red Cow, corner of Consort Road. Joey Singleton was the manager Roy Ellard, Con, The Buttergigs, Micky Rosemyer...good old days..

Sat Aug 15

What happened to Martin and Matthew Hooper?

The Hooper brothers. I knew from my time working at the Red Cow, corner of Consort Road. Joey Singleton was the manager Roy Ellard, Con, The Buttergigs, Micky Rosemyer...good old days..

Sat Aug 15



Sat Aug 15

Is it the same John Wilmot who lived in Gildart Road Peckham. I used to live in the same road and knock about with John if it is the same person. He used to play in a band grays combo beat before joining boby King and the Sabres.

Thu Jun 25

AVOID: Peckham Hair & Comestic (Next to Fresh Fish & Sea Food).

"WE DON'T TRUST ANYONE FROM PECKHAM" stated a Staff (wearing a white T-shirt) at: Peckham Hair & Comestic, Peckham High Street on the 13 July 2019, at 19:28, after I questioned why it needed 2 staff to be watching a regular customer who shopped from there .

One will observe that these Asian/Arabic owned shops, which despite selling African/Black Hair/Comestic Products, virtually don't employ any African/Black People (well they seem to employ Ethiopian/Somalian etc).

So if He doesn't trust anyone from Peckham, then why is He trading in Peckham?

AVOID this Shop.

Mon Jul 15

my name is mike I went to john donne school 1961 to 1967 then went to Peckham mad house school left 1972 I lived on the council est in hollydale road my email is

Wed May 15


Just seen your posting,

Sat Aug 25

Could anyone tell me if Huddersfield house is still about or the area

Mon Aug 20


Dominic Sparkes was my Brother, I knew all the others too

Mon Jul 09

Bette Wakelen

My Mum is Bette and would love to have a chat.

She remembers you!

Thu Feb 08

My mum is Bette Everett nee Wakelen. Reply below?

Lots of family in King Arthur st!

Fri Feb 02

My name is Michael Dillon. I lived at 25 Rye Hill Park Peckham from

1944 until 1961. Attended Thomas Calton School Goodrich Road from 1950 to 1958.

Would like to contact anybody who was at Thomas Calton School in the 1950's


Thu Jan 18

Who remembers Martin Hooper, Dominic Sparkes, Jimmy Salter tony Chatters And Adolf Buttigieg ?

knew them all - Unfortunately the Undertakers know them better than me.

Sat Jan 13

I've just remembered - we used to run a Jazz Club at Havil Street Hall, too - With Ken Hine and his Jazz Band, anyone rember them?

Bob Fox

Fri Jan 12

Ah, those were the days! I'm Bob Fox, now approaching 90 years old, and retired down to Dorset Had a great team in those days, and we put on lots of Entertainments in various halls (Bruce Forsyth once appeared at Dulwich Baths) and in the parks. Sadly two of my assistants, John Simmons and Bryan Watts have both died but Johnny Ricks is still in touch.

What happened to Bobby King and the Sabres? I did hear that they disbanded and that one of them joined Tom Jones backing band. Can anyone confirm/

Regards to all who remember Camberwell in the 60s.


Fri Jan 12

Tue Jan 09

My dad was Alfred (known as Fred) Martin and he worked at Milton Syers on the wallpaper side for over 40 years. He passed away in October 2011 aged 91.

I also remember the lady who worked with him was called Vi.

I also remember the names Bill Taylor, Jimmy Tombs and Freddy Baines.

Thu Sep 07

My mum and her sister worked there for years Ruby and Dolly have many photos of the Beano,so they went on. I am on FB Gloria Blanchard

Mon Sep 04

My name is kathleen chapman I lived in king Arthur street peckham se15 in the 50s

Sun Aug 13

hi I remember kim Sandra harry and Margret ross is this u contact me on

Mon Jun 12

Staffordshire St etc early 1960s

Hi all. Does anyone remember these family names in and around Staffordshire St? Crabb, Brett, Smith, Bond, Peel, Russell. Also, remember Coata's the Italian import factory and Keddies the "Pickle Factory"? I was born & lived in the street (no.31) throughout the 60's and remember loads of people etc. Great growing up times. I went to Peckham Park school in Friary Rd, then to Thomas Calton. B good to hear from anyone who can connect with any of the above. Keith Crabb.

Tue Apr 25

Jimmy Cole

Fri Mar 17


My name's Martin and i was great friends with Jimmy Cole in the mid-late 70's. He had a sister called Pat. Jimmy was mixed race: half Sierra Leone and half irish and he was unmistakable. What a character he was and with pat they made quite a pair.

I still think of Jimmy even today all these years later. I miss him for sure.

Unfortunately he died in 1979 and was buried at the cemetery on Anerly Hill. A sad day for all. Pat was with someone called Noel peacock at the time and they had a baby daughter together.

I'm wondering if this is the Jimmy you are looking for.

Wed Mar 15


Hello, my name's martin.

I was just having a browse through thgis site when i saw your post.

I was good frinds with Jimmy Cole in the 70's and he had a sister called Pat. If it's the same Jimmy, he was of mixed race: half Sieera Leone and half Irish.

The same one? There was only one Jimmy and him and Pat were a right pair indeed.

I still think of Jimmy even today. He died, unfortunately in 1979 and was buried in the cemetery down anerly Hill. A sad day for all of us. At the time Pat was with someone called Noel Peacock and i believe they had a daughter together.

Wed Mar 15

hey I knew billy in 60, he was a member of the 31st Camberwell scouts run by skipper Stadler Billy was a rover scout when I joined What Age was he when he Died could only have been in his early 40s? Happy Days JB

Tue Mar 07

Hi Mandy

i lived at number 40 and moved away in the summer of 73. The family name was Ross

Wed Jan 04

Mr Holman. My headmaster 😄

I attended Edmund Waller from 1956 until 1962 when I passed the eleven plus

Mr Moon was the school caretaker

We lived in Waller Road. Happy days

Mon Nov 21

Hi Steve, my mum is Jackie. She has spoke of you fondley over the years... Please get in touch if you wanted to :)

Sun Oct 23


John Donne primary school in Wooda rd, The school still exists. I lived in Sunwell street from 1954 to 1965 at 24

Sat Oct 22

Single mother with 3yo son looking for double room


Hi, I am a single mother with my 3yo son Sacha. I just moved back to London 3 weeks ago but an unexpected event is forcing us to leave our temporary accommodation.

I am looking for a double bedroom to rent in a child-friendly house share in either of these locations; Brockley / Nunhead / Peckham Rye / Telegraph Hill / Crofton Park / Honor Oak

Sacha goes to Sunrise community nursery in Brockley.

£400 to £600 incl bills. (temporary 4 months)

Please contact me ASAP if you know of anything suitable.

Tue May 31

Oliver goldsmith school ,camberwell

Wondering if anybody is around .....l was born 1943, lived in Barry Rd,went to Goodrich Rd school ( I think) then moved to a new block of flats called Monkland House (not there now)Peckham,went to Oliver goldsmith,then went on to Peckham secondary for girls....knew Rita Dennington who lived next door the Expedite factory..oposite Monkland House ....and Rita Denn who ,I think lived at the top of Barry Road somewhere ( lots of water gone under the bridge since then) also I remember Malcom Smith and Derrick George both lived in the flats ...along with the Saturday morning pictures, scrumping,knockdown ginger ,and many more .

I'm Barbara ( Hopkinson) would be lovely to hear from someone from those days Email

Sat May 21

Hi Norma was your grandfather .Alfred George Guy?Myname is Dave Guy We lived in Carden road Nunhead and Alfred was my great uncle.

Wed Apr 27

Grummet Road

It has been wonderful going through the comments covering Peckham. I lived with my Grandparents in what were once Pre-Fabs at the top end of Grummet Rd. My Grandfather was Bert Barnard and Grandma Lily, I am David born 1954 and now living and working in China (email

Sun Apr 10

Toy Shop

It was called Zodiac Toys

Wed Mar 16

My mum worked at Flooks in the mid to late 50s. Mary Conroy. My mum passed in 1996. I went to school at Peckham Park Primary School. Lived in Breamore House Friary Road. I had two sisters PAULINE and Laura.

Sun Mar 06

Thomas Calton from 1964-1970 primary school Peckham Park lived in Breamore House Friary Road. Astoria Old Kent Road Saturday Morning pictures. Lovely Jubly!!!!

Sat Mar 05

My mum worked at Flook, Mary Conroy. My mum passed in 1996.

I went to Peckham Park School.

Ran out of school one day, missed my mum badly, went round to Flooks to visit her at work, was around 6 yrs old at the time must have been around 1959-1960.

Went to Thomas Calton Secondary until1970.

Sat Mar 05

peckham 1950 onwards

im pete mills,lived in nunhead from 1939 to 19 57,peckham rye in the 50s had a itilian prison of war camp on the rye,there was wilsons fun fair ,befored it became an open air swimming pool,in rye lane there was the tower picture house,at the bottom of the lane was the gaulmont,and towards Camberwell was the odean,up the lane was the market by the station,jeans record shop was in choumert road,and the pie en mash shop at the bottom of the rye,in the old bus garage in nunhead lane ,after the bus service closed,you could buy wine for £1 a bottle,there was a speedway track for moter bikes in troy town, behind the kings arms,the public baths at goose green was where you got a bath,before bathrooms,n Peckham we had trams,low decker buses,steam trains,on the rye we had air raid shelters,want to know more about Peckham or nunhead,in the 50,s-60s,contact me,peter.peter.

Sat Mar 05

Mon Feb 01

Does Any Body Remember The Gardner family in gorden road se15

Does any one remember the Gardner family that used to live in Gorden Road Peckham . (John and Hazel)

John was a Friend and Hazel I went out with like to know how they got on over the years (67-69)

Mon Feb 01

Mon Feb 01

Phil Keens

Yes I remember my mum bought my first blazer there. I enjoyed the arcade too. The record shops were great too!!

Thu Dec 10


Hi, I'm Craig and I'm doing a feature on music in Peckham during the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's for the Peckham Soul website I do. Would love to hear some stories about Co-op and Heaton arms. My email address is

Wed Nov 18

Tue Nov 17


Anyone remember King Arthur Street, would love a photo of it

Mon Aug 31

Friends from my past


Would like to get in touch with two people from my teenage years.

Jimmy & Pat Cole. Brother & sister. We each had rooms in the same house in Peckham Hill Street during 1969/70. They would have been about 16-17 years old at the time. Please message me

Sun Aug 09

My name is Dorothy Barrett, my maiden name was Webb.

What happened to Christine Whitely, I used to go around with the two of

you. i am living in Deptford now. My e-mail address is

Mon Jun 08

Snuggle Street, Peckham

Hi Robert, I used to live at 24 Sunwell Street and attended the school you are referring to, John Donne Primary School (still there). I resided there a little after you 1954 - 1965. I remember the Baldwinson family opposite and I think the Tuckers round the corner? Unfortunately there seems to be no pictures of Sunwell Street anywhere on the Web.

Regards - Frank

Thu Mar 05

98 Quarley Way

I remember some of the names you've mentioned but also: Ashby, Gardener, Green, Taylor. We were the Guy family at no. 98. Moved off of the estate in the early 1980s. Remember the chippie, dry cleaners, laudriette, shop/mini-mart, disco. Such a lot there at the beginning. It really was very nice to start off with but sadly, it didn't last. I think the council closed the books on 'moving/transfers' shortly after we left. Drove back a couple of years ago, to have a nostalgic look. Looks very different. Live in Kent now. Much greener. ;) Contact:

Thu Feb 26

Wivenhoe Road, Peckham 1960s1970s

Hi. We lived at 17 Wivenhoe Rd during the late 1960s and early 1970's. In fact, we were amongst the group of families that were moved to North Peckham Estate, because Wivenhoe Rd etc was being demolished to build a new houses. Our family name was: Guy. You can contact on:

Thu Feb 26

FC Flook Peckham

I was a travekker for the company working Paddington, Hendon harrow shehers bush ealing etc. Became No1 salesman. Left in early 50,s to join Genreal FoodsMaxwell House Coffee, Birds Custard Angel delight etc. finishing as senior exective, retied the dat Kraft merged with GF.

Knew Mr Stanley Raton very well, remembered a drive in his

rolls Royce. HisStanley looked after the buying and Leslie the administration.

They were good time but the spread of Supermarkets ensured the downfall of Wholesale Grocers, noe the small shops obtain their supplies from Cas Carry depots.

Thanks for the info. mail me

Sat Feb 07

Staffordshire Street

I knew a young lady who lived in the road which ran side of Peckham Baunont. She worked in the Post Office in Eastcheap EC3.

I wonder if she recalls me when I used to take tge mail in to the PO, worked opposite in Philpot Lane.

Nail me charles,

Sat Feb 07

Peggy Waterer

How strange to see you were a friend of Peggy Waterer ..... unfortunately I am unable to offer any assistance as to her whereabouts save to say that her Father married my Aunt and they moved to Crawley West Sussex but I don't think Peggy went with them I remember Peggy going on holiday to Switzerland

Thu Jan 29

Peggy Waterer

How strange to see you were a friend of Peggy Waterer ..... unfortunately I am unable to offer any assistance as to her whereabouts save to say that her Father married my Aunt and they moved to Crawley West Sussex but I don't think Peggy went with them I remember Peggy going on holiday to Switzerland

Thu Jan 29

yes I worked there as an apprentice my first job in life just 16 that was in 1962 worked in the engineering side only remember a guy called colin didn't stay long maybe a year.think there are flats now

Wed Dec 17

Quarley way

Dont realy remember you but i was friends with Chas ducker on quarley way / im john codona lived at no79 and 77 / are u chas's sister remember him having a brother in the army / great times chad will remember me !!! Btw i live in york now with my wife and 2 kids

My email address is

Sat Nov 08


My dad worked there and his brother I was told there was a plague has you went in the door is it still there can anyone help. Thanks kathy crawford my e.mail is

Tue Oct 21

Barrow Boy and Peckham Clinic

My father, Jimmy Thomson, worked as a barrow boy in Peckham during the mid 1940s. Does anyone remember him. Also, did anyone attend the Peckham Clinic (as he did). What was it like?

Fri Oct 10


Someone was looking for information regarding Emily and Albert who lived at 33 Hooks Road. I have information as Emily was my grandmother.

Fri Oct 10

Emily and Albert at 33 Hooks Road - I am Emilys granddaughter

Emily was my grandmother. She emigrated to Australia. Albert was a boarder. Her first husband was my grandfather, James Thomson who lived at 33 Hooks Road till 1947.

Sun Sep 21

Toy shop

Any one remember the name of the

The toy shop that was in peckham 25-30 years

ago, it is opp where HSBC is now,

Tue Sep 16

Hallo John......I'm Barry Bolts sister Gill......Have some news of Dickie Drane..He married Jean Skelton and moved to France years ago..Something to do with central heating but that is only what I heard when we were all talking about our friends in Peckham...........John Hathaway met him once when I was walking my dog up at One Tree Hill..He asked me if I was Barry Bolts sister..He married someone from Nunhead I forget her name and they live up by Hornimans Museum....Wasn't he a good footballer??..Brian Turner-Robert Warren not heard a peep of.....I was more Ian Dranes age Dickies younger brother.....Barry died in 2009 He was living in Lanzarote and got seriously ill and came back to England..I still miss him.......Hope this has been a bit helpful..PS Did you used to live in Sternhall Lane and had some really pretty sisters???? Kind Regards Gill

Sat Sep 13

Maureen Reeves

Ha ha remember you Bridget

Wed Sep 10

My name is Kay Beechey nee Firth, I went to Peckham girls school from 1949 to 1954/1955. Anyone know Anne Knight? Or Maureen Breed, obviously that was their maiden names. Tanya Burke was another, gosh at a time like this I wish I had the memory of an elephant? Seems they are the three that I can remember at the moment. If anyone at all remembers me it would be great to trip down memory lane with you :)

Sun Jun 29

My mum gillian Brock worked there about the same time. Do you remember her. She was married to my dad harry. My died this January just gone

Wed Jun 25

Cleaner wanted

Hi there,

Im looking for a cleaner to come to my house to do some cleaning jobs for me that I dont have time to do myself.

I think at the moment I would need someone to visit my house every 2 weeks for 2 hours ( this could increase ) but to start off with I would say 2 hrs fornightly.

I would provide cleaning detergants etc. Im looking for a trustworthy and reliable person I can depend upon.

Rate I can pay is £10 per hour.

If you think this may suit you and you live local to the SE15 area please drop me an email.

I live in the Nunhead part of Peckham - close to Nunhead Lane.

Tue Jun 24

Thu May 15

Hi,my name is berryman,my mothers sister was married to a man named jakes and lived in the big houses just befor you got to consort road.there was a big family of them and i only remember one boys name which was ricky who died verry young

Mon May 12

You know my uncle Tony Walker .

I gave him your details and he got in touch x

Fri May 02

Hi Julia,

I remember you and ann and was at the wedding as I was working with you and ann at sweeties in peckham.

How are you ?

Fri May 02

Yes I remember these bomb sites and the one on the corner of Evelina St Mary's and Gibbon road although that was just on old 'Tank' as we called it,maybe we may know each other my name is Adrian Parfitt.

Sun Apr 27

On the subject of pickle factories there used to be one in Evelina Road, just around the corner from Hollydale Road and set back from the road underneath the railway arches. I'm dating his in my memory to between 1945 and 1948 but it may have gone on for longer. My Dad always told me this belonged to the great French chef, Escoffier, but perhaps this was only a subsidiary to the factory mentioned above as it wasn't a very big site. Perhaps Dad got it wrong - after all, one pickle factory smells much the same as any other pickle factory! The site has long since been occupied by a car repair workshop and even that seems closed nowadays We were also "fortunate" to have Sarsons vinegar factory at Tower Bridge Road! There were lots and lots of food manufacturies in our area - remember Kennedy's and their famous sausages? Two shops in Rye Lane and their factory in Peckham Road - past the A.E.U. building and near Barnes Piano Factory

Fri Apr 25

Yes, I remember only too well The Teen and Twenty CLub at Camberwell Green, It was run by the Enterainments Manager, Bob Fox, and his team based at Camberwell Town Hall when I worked in the Town Hall - long before it became "Southwark". There was one momentous evening when Bob's Assistant, John Simmons, got stabbed. This was as far back as 1964! Other entertainments provided by the borough were Monday night Music Hall at Havil Street Hall, gala dances at Dulwich Baths, the Camberwell summer carnival complete with Carnival Queen and Princesses. Also during carnival week there was a knock-out 5-a-side football tournament, children's talent show and children's dogshow all culminating in Lucas Street Gardens where the cups were presented

Fri Apr 25

Yes that is I,who am I talking to,please let me know xx

Mon Apr 07

Yes this is he xx

Mon Apr 07

I think it closed in 1984

Sun Apr 06

hi is there any one who remembers fredie lebreton who had the gararge next to stanley coach works in the 50/60s my email address

Mon Mar 31

Vivien Jones


My name was Vivien Jones (now Sutton) I went to Peckham Park primary school then later on to Thomas Carlton secondary school in Dulwich that would have been in 1956-1960 as I am now 68. Anyone I know out there?

I was good friends with Sheila Bratuzch dont know if that is the correct spelling!

Wed Mar 19

Mon Mar 10

Just looking for a pic of Peckham Rye open air baths, ended up on this site and first post I see is from Tony Hepworth. Not sure if you remember me Carol Aitken thing you were a bit older than me I was friends with your sister Karen and remember Jamie. My mum worked in the Montpelier I also went to Bellenden. Had a brilliant childhood in and around Choumert Rd.

Fri Feb 28

Looking to make friends with mums

SE London Dulwich/Nunhead/Peckham/camberwell/forest hill surrounding areas


I am 26 with an 8 month old daughter, i live in the SE London area (nunhead). None of my friends have children so I often feel quite isolated and lonely. I dont really have anybody to talk to who understands about being a single mum.

If any of you fancy a chat or to meet for a play date or coffee PM me x

Thu Feb 27

I worked with Peggy for a couple of years, she was a lovely lady..

Tue Feb 25

Thomas carlton

I went to Thomas carlton I the early 80s, left the 5th year the year they closed it.

Was kim Harold then.

Tue Feb 18


Hi yes John was the drummer in the band along with my husband nicky,im still in contact with John who lives up north now.

Fri Feb 14

I remember julie jacobs only thing I went to peckham girls do u remember jennifer allen well am her sister

Thu Feb 13

I remember julie jacobs only thing I went to peckham girls do u remember jennifer allen well am her sister

Thu Feb 13

Card stall in peckham arcade in the 70s

trying to find out the name of the lady that owned and managed a card shop in rye lane arcade peckham in the 70's I used to work for her

anybody know ??

Mon Dec 02

1979 - 1985

Sat Nov 16

F C Flook and Co

F C Flook and Co the wholesale grocers in Frankton Road used to be owned by my father and uncle. The premises were compulsorily purchased by the local council so that the area could be developed for housing. This happened in the late 1960s. Both my father and uncle were in their 50s and decided the business had had its day and it ceased trading. Flook was my Grandmothers maiden name and our family name is Eaton. There used to be Eatons tea, coffee, baked beans etc. Flooks used to supply corner shops in the area. The rise of the supermarket led to the decline of the corner shop which in turn affected the trade of Flooks.

Sat Nov 09

Bobby King and the Sabres - do you remember if this was the band that John Wilmot was the drummer in?

Mon Nov 04


i remember all of them well,my sister ann laming married dominic and had a little girl few years later he was murdered,tony chatter lovely bloke dont know what happened to him,jim salter died and havnt seen adolf for years

Sun Nov 03

Fri Nov 01

I remember Pecry's. The "In & Out" shop. And when Mum took me there in 1940s, it was relaying "Begin the Beguine". And, for me seventy years on, the two are inseparable.

Tue Oct 29


I remember Mark Hooper and Billy Myers they went to Thomas Carlton

we used to hang out at jones and higgins at lunch time.

Tue Oct 29

House cleaner

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Thank You to all of my regular customers.Hope you had a lovely Summer




Wed Oct 23

House cleaner

I am pleased we have availability for cleaning slots Monday and Friday .Our back to school promotion is :Book regular cleaning and get whole month 10%off mentioning Movethat

Thank You to all of my regular customers.Hope you had a lovely Summer



Wed Oct 23

I went to pecham girls in 1975 remember jones and higgins dad still has a table he bought there father christmas was great there it had a zoo still got photos of me as a baby with santa

Sat Oct 05

Frankie Clark

Yes I know Frankie Clark very well although I have not spoken to him in decades. He is still ( to my knowledge) alive and living in the Borough. You obviously know of me or else you would not have asked the question. Mye-mail adress is as follows: -

Thu Sep 19

Saunders do you know frankie clark by any chance

Thu Aug 29

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