Welcome to London Parsons Green

Hi - i would like a stall at next year's summer fair..i am an artist and i hand paint and hand make gifts. i am insured. can you let me now if this is poss .

Wed Dec 07

Fri Jun 10



I would like to know how it is possible to participate in the summer fair please.

Thank you

Wed Mar 23

Spanish lessons with Spanish native speaker

I am a qualified teacher, Spanish native speaker based in South West London offering language lessons. Flexible hours, all levels, for both children and adults & at affordable rates.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Wed Oct 20


Good morning ,

I would like to know who would be the main contact for the parsons green summer fair 2010.

We are a new boutique on the high road and would like to take part with some sort of activity for the day.


Wed Jun 23

Interest in Baby Groups

I would love to join the nct playgroup as well. How do I find out more details?

Fri May 21

Flatshare in Parsons Green

Hi Garry

I have a flatshare available in Parsons Green, please see my ad no. 4104 if you're interested do let me know.


Fri Sep 18

Cleaner Wanted

Please call me on **** ****3 if you are a reliable local cleaner looking for work. Thank you. Immediate start for spring clean job.

Wed Aug 05

Spanish language classes

¡Hola! I am an experienced teacher and author of materials of Spanish as a foreign language published in the UK. I can help you achieve the right level of Spanish for a trip, a job or just as a personal project. I use audio, video and carefully selected textbooks and complementary material to make the classes fun and up-to-date.

I am available for evening or weekend classes and can teach all levels, either in person (Central or SW London) or on skype.


Mon Jul 13

I m living in Munster road , Parsons Green.

I want to finish my grade8 piano exam in next year.

My e-mail is

Wed Nov 12

what the hell

Wed Jun 18


I would like to rent a stall at the Parson's Green summer fair. Could you please let me know who I should speak to?

Thu Jun 05

Cleaning and ironing

I'm looking for cleaner work.

If you need, please let me know.

Very good cleaning of home, office and ironing.

100% honest, reliable and always on time.

I have cleaning experience.

Good references.

Thank you!



Tue May 20


I would like to know who is the organiser of the 2008 Parsons Green Summer Fair. Please reply to my e-m address. Thank you.

Mon Mar 31


Hey, moving to london on the 1st of march 2008, need a flat share in parsons green, can anyone help me out. I'm a professional male.


Many Thanks

Garry Andrews

Wed Feb 20

Looking for accommodation in Parsons Green

I'm a 27 year old girl looking for a single room to rent for around two months. I'm looking to move to Italy after staying in London for a couple of months; my sister is currently living in Broomhouse Road (Parsons Green) and I would love to find a place nearby; this could be either a flatshare, hostel, studio or bed and breakfast.

If there is anyone that can help me I'll really apreciated.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks!


Sat Dec 01

Who Is Organising The Fair on thr Green on 7th July?

Hi I'm wondering who is in charge of organising the Fair on The Green on Parsons Green on 7th July?

Kind Regards


Tue Jun 19

Parsons Green Summer Fair

I need the date of this years Summer Fair (2007) please, also the availability of stalls for the same. Many thanks' Mike & family

Sun Jun 17

Sun Mar 11

Fulham Maternity Hospital

Does anyone know where I can obtain a photo of the hospital, at 7 Parsons Green (now, I believe, the site of the local Health Centre)? I gather it closed in the 1970s.


Mon Mar 05


I would like to know who is the organiser of the 2007 Parsons Green Summer Fair. Please reply to my e-m address. Thank you.

Tue Feb 27


Hi does anyone know of a mediation group not too far away.


Sun Oct 01

piano teacher available

Hi there, i am an active professional free-lance pianist and piano teacher. I studied at the Royal College of music, graduated in 2003. I would be most willing to give you lessons, i charge £25.00 per hour for three lessons in advance. I would require a minimum of 48 hours notice in the event of any cancellation. Iam based quite centrally, in Stockwell, so getting to

Parsons Green wouldn't be problematic. You are actually located right near to my church where i play the organ each Sunday. The church is called St Peters, St Peters Terrace, located down Filmer Road. You are very welcome to meet me here if you wish. Service is from 10am - 11.15am every Sunday. To phone me, please call my mobile, **** 285 200. Thanks. Graeme

Sat Aug 26

looking for hall to hire on saturdays

looking for a good size hall to hire on saturdays for a group of about 15 children for a drama group in parsons green, fulham, sands end, battersea. rsvp

Sun Jul 02

Baby groups

I run the fulham nct baby group which meets for coffee once a week, but there are also playgroups in Parsons Green for babies - 5, and several post-natal groups, as well as tyhe usual private music groups ect.

Mon Mar 06

Looking to buy flat

Hi, I would like to buy a property in Parsons Green, do you know of any accommodation?

Sun Mar 05

Hi There - -we have just moved to the Parsons Green area with our 7 month old and are also looking for a GP recommendation. If you receive any replies to your posting would you mind forwarding the to me as well? My email address is

Wed Feb 22

GPs in Parsons Green or Fulham

Hello I am looking for GP's in Parson's Green, particulary ones that even treat babies. Can you please recommend some mother/baby clinics ?


Mon Feb 20

Putney, Sheen, Richmond - room or small hall required

I am looking for a room/small hall to carry out contact healing for one day or half a day a week.

Mon Dec 26

is there a playgroup for small children in the area?

I have a 3 months old baby girl and would like to get in touch with other parents/baby play groups if there are any.

Sun Nov 20

Choir or private voice/song coach in Parsons Green

Looking for local choir or someone who gives group or individual singing lessons to a high school students. Can you recommend any group or individual for my child?

Fri Nov 18

NEED a hall for hire in parsons green

I wish to hire a hall within parsons green/fullham area. it is for childrens further education for example theatre and drama studies. I would be grateful to here from anyone who knows. My email is

Tue Sep 20

Private practice in Parsons Green

HI - i have been out of the area for sometime now and thankfully back - I wondered if anyone knows of a private practice in parsons green. I thought there was one which you paid £25.00 per month at one time? I think it use to be at the back or near the school Holy Cross mail me:

Thu Aug 25

Private GP practice

Yes it's called the Bassutto Medical Centre and it's in Bassutto Road.

Thu Aug 25

Great food

I have just discovered The Pen. It is superb for quiet drinks and the food is incredible. A good place to get away from the White Horse crowd.

Fri Jul 22

I would like to hire a hall in the Streatham/Croydon area for a wake following a funeral service please

Mon Jun 20

Room to hire

I'm a baby signing teacher looking for a child friendly room to hire in the area.....can anyone suggest anywhere?


Sun Jun 12

Piano teacher wanted

Hi, I am looking for a piano teacher who would be willing to give me lessons at my home in Parsons Green either on weekday evenings or Saturday mornings. I got to grade 6 whilst at school and now (some years later...) I would like to pick it up again and perhaps try some more grades or just generally improve. I do play regularly but don't find that I improve much! Please reply to this posting or email me at

Mon May 09

what is Parsons Green like to live in?

great... it has everything...boutiques ...lovely people... gyms... noevellos... white horse pub...delis... but if u dont like sloanes keep away from the area of chealsea, fulham, notting hill, kensington as that is where you are most likely to find them...but they shouldnt be a problem they just like getting drunk and having a good time and spending there daddys money

Sun May 08


i no it is expencive but it is one of the best and near Parsons Green - try the harbour club - tops

Sun May 08

clothes shops

there is a real cute boutique called butterfly. it is quite expencive but everything is so precious and worth every cent. it is oppersite linver road on the Fulham road - i think it is called that. it has a clothes, not a huge selection but some georgus ones among other cute goodies. the people in there are so nice and it is well worth a visit

Sun May 08

How sanitised is Parsons Green

Do you still know you're living in a reasonably multicultural city or is it all white, middle-class young profs?

Mon Jan 17

Anyone know of any decent ladies clothes shops?

I've just moved here and I'd like to know of any nice ladies clothes shops in the area? Any ideas?

Fri Nov 05

Health Centre

Would someone know- has the health centre a decent gym-or is it pretty basic- was hoping they would have a steam room too!

Thu Oct 14

RE: Is there a football club I can play in in Parsons Green ?

There is a team called Parson's Green FC, located in Parson's Green.

Visit www.parsonsgreenfc.cjb.net for further information

Thu Jul 15

Halls for hire in Parsons Green

Hi, yes I know u can hire the hall of Lady Margaret School (near the White Horse pub) - they have various societies meeting there several nights a week

Sat Jun 12

try mahnattan cafe at 28 parsons green lane

lots of comfort food like shepherds pie and cheap.

Thu May 13

Venue Required

Are there any halls for hire, conference rooms or space of any kind for hire in parsons green?

Wed Mar 31

Parsons Green GP Doctor

I cannot tell you about the quality of the female doctors, but Cassidy Medical Centre is my local surgery. They've always been able to see me within two days, and have a good nurse for things like travel jabs. The receptionists can be a bit brusque, but I guess they think that they're protecting their doctors... The number is 020 7731 2511.

Alternatively, don't forget the NHS Walk-In Centre by the White Horse on Parsons Green. That's very good for stuff that's not quite an emergency, but worth getting sorted. It's staffed - I think - by nurse practitioners, who can either deal with you themselves (including basic prescriptions) or can get you an urgent appointment with a local GP.

Wed Jan 21

Parsons Green Cab Firm

I've used 'Traffic' (020 7371 0055) several times, for jobs as diverse as getting to the airport in the wee small hours and getting my girlfriend home when she's bored! Although I can't promise that they'll be as good for you as they have been for me, I can tell you that they've always been reliable and reasonable, in my experience.

Wed Jan 21

Totall depends on what time you get there. For example, 8am is not too bad, 830 is packed, 9am is again not too bad.

Thu Dec 11

not for £30-£40 a month, unless you get off-peak membership.

Fri Dec 05


Provide a comprehensive NHS service. Bases on Lillie road about 10minutes from Parsons Green

Sun Aug 10

Parson green is a great location for transport night life and the quiet life. All amenities are close by. North end road has a great market 5 days a week

Wed Feb 26

Not as bad as Fulham Broadway....

Tue Jan 21

David Lloyd at Fulham Broadway - brand new and very nice

Tue Jan 21

Sainsurys at Fulham Broadway and Sands End, Budgens in Parsons Green (loads of delis) other useful shops and a Waitrose in Putney

Tue Jan 21

Safe, friendly, local, young - something for everyone, yet near enough for the rest of London should you prefer.

Tue Jan 21

The White Hose for BBQs in the summer, Pitcher & Piano onm Sundays, Novellos for Elvis 3 nights a week.....Salisbury for food and Rugby, Crocs or Crazy Larry's for cheese - basicaly something for everyone

Tue Jan 21

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