Welcome to London Palmers Green

Committed Football Players Needed

We are looking for football players in the North London area (Wood Green) to build a new squad, ( adult men ) must be willing to attend training session in Wood Green.

Football training starts on Thursdays at 7pm

On grass.

Are you up for it?

We welcome new beginners, people returning to football and people new to London, please only reply if you are interested in joining our team. No time wasters.


**** 531 351

Fri May 19

Whats Palmers Green like to live in ?

Thinking about moving to Palmers Green. We're a gay couple and I'm wondering what the area is like to live in. I'm getting contradictory information on PG, some say it's safe while others have advised me to avoid the area completely due to the high crime rate. Would be nice if you could let me know what your experience of the area has been like. Thanks


Sun Feb 05

book club

Still looking for one?

Tue Jul 29

Palmers green history and memories

If you are interested in pg's history, have a memory to share, live there or interest ed in stories about the area you might be interested in the website www.palmersgreenn13.com

Mon Dec 30


hi there, I would like to ask anyone who usually uses Palmers green station to tell me if they happen to know of a suicide or death at the station in january 2012, please this will be of great help if someone can tell me where i can ask or if they heard anything contact me on the mail below please this is veryyyy urgent

Wed Aug 15

GP surgery

Hi I've moved recently to Palmers Green, can someone recomend a good GP ?


Sun Jul 22

Hazel close Palmers Green

My name is Tom Wallace and my sisters name Was Eileen

We moved to Hazel Close round about 1936 which I believe was then called The New Park Estate. We left the house in 1947.

Is there any one out there who remember us. I can remember a couple of names John Langford and Ken Marlowe

Thu Dec 22

I need some more information please.

i'm playing badminton from last trn years but now i've been in london nine month and i din't play badminton and now i want to start my badminton again.

so please can you give me some information please.

Sat Jul 30


I have a 9 months baby boy,and i suffer of not having with who to go out and talk,I don't have friends with babys here and it's hard as you can see.I would be delighted to meet.

my email adress is

Fri Jul 08

Beauty Consultant

Do you have embarrassing acne and blemishes? I could help you. I cleared my acne for good following easy steps and tried and tested acne solutions. What works and what doesn't. Free sample product and follow-up consultaion for free. Money back if no results. ********6.

Fri Jun 03

lost cat in Hereward Gardens N13

Help! lovely family cat missing since 5.1.11 from Hereward Gardens N13 since lunchtime. He was fat white with large black spots on him. Dearly missed. Where is he? Microchipped and wearing a collar name Buttons. It is a mystery he is greatly missed.

Mon Apr 11

I am interested in the running club who do I need to contact and how!

Tue Mar 29

Where is palmers green?

A good question - somewhere in the subconscience.

Thu Jan 20

Badminton Club requires new members. Plays at Enfield Grammar Upper School each Wednesday 8-10pm.

Contact no is **** ****2 or

Sat Jan 15

luckys night club

Where is it in Palmers Green

Sat Sep 11

Hi - I can tutor at your house or mine (in palmers green) for a starting rate of £5 an hour, email me on

Fri Sep 03



Wed Aug 11


There are plans to re-develop the house and some of the grounds into sheltered housing by Enfield Council - local group Friends of Broomfield Park are the local action group.

Wed Jul 28

Hi i was on here looking for something totally different but saw this, sounds like fun. I couldnt email you though for some reason, anyway, hopefully hear from you soon.

Tue Jul 13

Sun May 23

Running partner

Hi - I need some motivation to go running in the evenings. I'm intermediate level and would probably run for half an hour twice a week after work.

Wed Apr 28

I am looking for a one -to-one english tutor

I am looking for some one to teach me english on a one-to-one bases with a reasonable fee. Please contact me on ********1 or

Sun Apr 25


Is Palmers Green prone to earthquakes - the reason I ask is because I lived in Haiti and hate earthquakes.

Fri Jan 15

try paramount gym

yes there is a new gym thats opened, paramount health & fitness its fantastic and got loads of classes, its next to the alfred herring

Sun Dec 06

kickboxing classes

They hold kickboxing classes at the new gym thats opened Paramount Health & Fitness, check it out its a fantastic gym with loads of classes

Sat Dec 05

are ther any amature dramatic societies in palmer green

Thu Aug 27


Is there anywhere in Palmers green where I can go for a fight - preferably at weekends.

Sun Jun 28

yoga class in Palmers Green


I teach a Hatha yoga class at Trinity-at-Bowes on Palmerston Road (corner with the North Circular) on Tuesdays 8-9.30pm. Feel free to drop-in anytime. Classes are on-going till 21st July. Cost is £9 per class drop-in.

Fri Jun 05

Triangle Gym

I'll recommend it - I've never been to Palmers Green and live in Canada.

Sun May 24


'wicked' - why what goes on there?

Sun May 24

Badminton lessons

Does anyone know of a Badminton club in or near Palmers Green I can attend as a beginner - I also want to have lessons but really struggling to find them?!

Mon Apr 06

Youth Club

Last Saturday of every month ages 10 - 18 year olds from 11am - 2pm @ Riverside Community Church

64 Russell Road, Palmers Green, N13 4RS

Come and have fun with your friends

for more info:

Sat Apr 04


Sounds like the lady I gave a lift to. She touched me on the knee and I turned into a layby


Wed Feb 25

Witchcraft classes

I know of a place - it's run by and old lady in Fox lane - she has a broomstick and cat and can turn people into things. I used to have her mobile but seem to have mislaid it.

Wed Feb 25


I'm hoping to learn some useful witchcraft skills. Does anyone know of anywhere offering classes in Palmers Green?

Wed Feb 25


Why not take him skydiving?

Mon Feb 23

Mr Poecock

Yes I recall him well - he worked in the Post Office - unfair to describe him as 'rat-faced' - more like a rotweiler or some kind of dog.

Mon Feb 23

Mr Poecock

How dare you ! Joyce

Sun Feb 22

Mr Poecock

Wasn't he a rat faced man who drove a black car and kept pigeons? Joe

Sun Feb 22

Mr Poecock

Does anyone recall my late father-in-law, Mr Poecock; he lieved at 34 Riverside Avenue from 1960 - 73?

Sun Feb 22

Mr Poecock joyce69@yahoo.com

Does anyone recall my father-in-law, Mr Poecock, he lived at 34 Riverside Avenue 1961 -74?

Fri Feb 20

Mr Poecock joyce69@yahoo.com

Does anyone recall my father-in-law, Mr Poecock, he lived at 34 Riverside Avenue, 1962 0 74?

Fri Feb 20

Mr Poecock of Riverside Avenue

Does anyone remember my father-in-law, Mr Poecock? He lived at 34 Riverside Avenue during the late 50s to early 70s.

Fri Feb 20


Is Palmers Green haunted?

Thu Feb 05

Local handyman/painter

Local English handyman/painter.

Honest and reliable.

Free quotes.

Pls call **** 738 067

Tue Feb 03

stolen campervan

my campervan was stolen from outside my house on the 20th of january this year i am hoping that if anyone saw enything they could help.

It is a F reg camper which is 22 feet long and white it also had [ autostratus] written on the side anyone with any information would be very helpful

thank you

Fri Jan 23

cleaner required in palmers green

hi there, do u still use this cleaner? i tried her number but it isnt working. Do you have an alternative number fr her. I live in Palmers Green. please email me on

Thu Jan 08


I can give you a round of boxing outside the pub.

Wed Jan 07


I've justed moved to palmere green from the country. does anyone have a spare room where I can keep my horse?

Wed Jan 07


Does anyone have a spare room where i can keep my horse?

Sat Nov 01


Local English handyman/painter.

Honest and reliable.

Free quotes.

Pls call **** 738 067

Thu Oct 16

Handyman/painter available

Local English handyman/painter available

Reliable and honest

Free quotes

Pls call **** 738 067

Tue Oct 07

I'm also looking for a book club in the Palmers Green area. but I haven't got the time or energy to set one up.

Wed Aug 27

Fred Hollis Dead?

He will be when i get hold of him!

Sat Aug 23

Running Club

Yes I would like to join a running club but I live in Singapore and it's some way from Palmers Green. Paul

Sat Aug 23


Some of you guys are idiots, people who need friends or people like me who come on here to laugh at you.

Fri Aug 15

Palmers Green - Flat wanted

I'm looking for a flat to rent for upto £800pcm, avaliable end of august. I'd like to stay around the triangle area.


Mon Jul 28

Palmers Green Book Club

I recently moved to Palmers Green, and am interested in joining a book club. I love reading, and would like to meet up with a group in the area!

Sun Jul 27

Candys Childcare

Hello Everyone!

I am an Ofsted Registered Childminder, based in Edmonton (N9 9LU), and currently have 2 full/ part-time vacancies for 0 Years +.

I have a 180ft garden, with lots of toys/ activities both inside and out. We do lots of trips to parks, farms, museums, soft play centres etc...

I am also a mum, my eldest child is 17, my youngest is7.

School pick up/ drop offs are something I also do, to Hazelbury and Starksfield primary schools.

If you require any more info, or know someone who needs a childminder, please feel free to contact me!

I can be flexible with regards to hours/ days, etc, and I also accept childcare vouchers!

Thanks and have a good day, Regards, Candy.

Tel: ****-****3 / ****-****6


Mon Jul 21



I am living in enfiled town .I am looking for english course for summer term.I know sothgate collge,enfiled collge, barnet college but they are all start septembet.i am looking for private course.If you please can you send email me.

Thanks a lot..

Sun Jun 29

Under 10s needed

We are seeking local boys under the age of 10 to enter into a local U10 football tournament in Enfield in July. They must be local to Enfield/Palmers Green and 10 years or under. Interested parties should email:

Sun Jun 08

Mon Jun 02


hi Magda. I'm Julia very honest and hardworking, if you are still looking for a cleaner I am ready for the job, u woun't be disappointed, my number is ********5

Thu May 29

Southgate Bowls Club

Southgate Bowls Club

Broomfield Park

Aldermans Hill

Palmers Green


N13 4PP

Tel: (020) 8886 6378

New members required

Wed May 21

Avoid Rooftop's!!!

Tue Mar 25

Window cleaner

Yes we had a great window cleaner. He was called "Long Jack' . Hw as about 70 and he carried his ladder on a bike. But that was back in the early 1960s and he's probably dead now. Alan

Tue Mar 25


Is there any clubs in palmers green, middlsx called something like luck or lucky?

Sat Mar 22

Ofsted Registered Childminder (Edmonton)

Hello Everyone!

I currently have full and part-time vacancies for 0-8 yr olds.

I can also do school pick-up drop offs at Hazelbury Infants/Juniors, Starksfield and Latymer-All-Saints.

For more info, please feel free to contact me,

Regards, Candy.



Wed Mar 19

I've lived in Palmers now for little over a year and..... although I have heard about crime in the area not alot of it happens round the area I live! the Top end of Palmers Green is Lovely there are a few nice parks and we're got the likes of ASDA a short drive away! hope you find some where!!

Fri Mar 14


Hi I heard that transport for London bought all the houses along the A406 then scrapped the idea, so im not sure they are going to widen it....

Ash :)

Fri Mar 07

Anglian Windows and Doors

The cheapest way to order windows, doors or rooftrim is to get in touch with your local sales rep directly. You get the company's current discounts plus you force the company's marketing cost, which is always substantial, out of the price. Call **** 117 637 or e-mail

Fri Feb 01

hi i live in southgate i am 21 years old female i dont know if u still looking for some girls to hang out with but if u r it would be nice to all my mates are up city as well and it takes a while to get ther i live in southgat

any ways email me if u like

Fri Feb 01

Good Nursery N13

Hi,we just moved here . My son is 17months and if some1 can help me with info about the good Nursery nearby.Thanks

Sun Jan 13

try walker ground southgate

Tue Dec 11

Sanding your floors?

If so, are you interested in buying some good quality wood varnish (Traffic)? I recently sanded my floors and have a spare unused 5 litre bottle - It generally costs £95 retail, but I would be willing to sell this at £70.

It very hard wearing and is used for commercial premises and dance floors. The reason I used it was so I don't have to revarnish for years. If you use a cheap varnish you'd need to revarnish every couple of years.

If you're interested, please call me on ********0.

Tue Dec 04


A little bored - fancy hooking up with some lively adventurous girls in the area - discretion a must.

Please email me at

Thu Nov 29

try edmonton cricket club on the corner of A10 and Church st.

Sat Nov 24

avoid the traingle gym

whilst it's cheap for students avoid the triangle gym like the plague unless you enjoy

lying on mats that have turned from blue to black

very unfriendly staff

paint peeling off the walls

and having to fight to use the equipment

the only people who would recommend this gym are people who either work there or don't actually use it

Sun Oct 14

Re- cleaner

i can recommend my cleaner, shes hardworking, reliable,punctual and honest. you can contact her on ********6

Mon Oct 01

looking for a house cleaner

Hi all,

does anyone know of a good and reliable female house cleaner for 4 hours weekly?Please let me know


Mon Oct 01

Very interested

Please contact me. I want to join a running club

Mon Sep 17

In the same situation as you r

Need to be motivated. Plese let me know when you would like to start

Mon Sep 17

N13 N22 (W4 bus rute)

after a long day at work, ironing is the last thing you would like to do....

well i could do it for you

i can come and collect , and take it back,

£15 for half black bag

£20 for a full black bag

first time £5 dscount

Sun Sep 16

Yes, we are.

Pls contact Naren on **** ****2

Tue Jul 17

Playgroups for toddlers

Hi, I look after my 7 month old godson each Tuesday and im looking for a local activity group that i can take him to. Does anybody know of any?

Mon Jun 18

Wed May 02

Can I just turn up for the badminton club? How do I contact Naren Shah?

Mon Apr 30

Between 8-10 pm at Enfield Grammar Upper School.

Thu Apr 19

badminton in palmers green

Hi Naren,

What time is the Wednesday group and where does it meet?

Sun Apr 15

REPLY: Palmers Green Window Cleaner N13


Mon Apr 09

Window Cleaner N13

Hello, can anyone give me the number of a recommended window cleaner in the N13 area?


Wed Mar 28


Hi, I moved to Palmers Green a few years ago and although i have some of mates in London, i dont know any girls to have a drink with that doesnt involve trekking accross London. i'm interested in meeting like-minded girls in their mid twenties to thirties who live locally too and fancy meeting up regularly with other local girls! Email me if you're in a similar position:

Sun Mar 25


I live in 1 Oakthorpe road in Palmers Green and I need a cleaner for 6 hours on Thursday , 6 hours on Friday and 6 hours on Saturday this week...If Iam happy with the service I will need a regular cleaner once a week

Please contact me as soon as possible

Stella Kitching

020 ****178


Wed Mar 14

palmers green aerobics classes

hello did you have any joy finding any classes in palmers green ? i would be keen to start something too but not interested in joingin a gym...

Mon Mar 12

mother and baby....

im looking for mother and toddler groups in this area, also im looking to meet other mums for lunch or coffee as im in need of a bit of social life , my daughter is 3 months old..

Sun Feb 25

Hello Ketna

I am sorry for delayed reply. Yes its a mixed club and if you have played before, than I would suggest you come and play one week. Its the best way to find out if the club is suitable for your requirements.

If you want specific details than please mail me on

Sat Feb 24

broomfield badminton club

I'm keen to start playing again even though I haven't played in years. please contact me at

Tue Feb 20

Mother and baby

Hi im a new mum with a 3 mopnth old and im looking for mother and baby groups in the palmers green area...

Tue Feb 20

Fat Guy with tattoes

Oh yes, I recall him. He was a shocker, he kept using the F word as in 'I'll call you a f........... cab'. He was so common. So glad that he is no longer around. He certainly lowered the tone of Palmers Green.

Mon Feb 19

Hello Naren

Is this a mixed club? What level and ages are the people that attend?


Tue Jan 23

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