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Bad News

I don't want to put you off, but the area you mentioned is actually pretty dodgy, even for South London standards! Councillor St itself is quite nice but the estate at the end with the 5 massive tower blocks (i forgot its proper name) is very rough with lots of problems such as gangs, drugs, gun crime etc, same with many other estates in the local area too. The area is Camberwell by the way, definatly a no-no.

Thu Apr 05


Hi very nice

Sat Mar 26

gyms in oval

cn someone recommend a good gym near oval tube station plss

Sun Mar 06

pls remove my post didnt mean to put my emaill addy thanks

Sun Mar 06


can anyone recommend a gym close to oval tube station pls google says the brit oval but the website keeps taking me to the cricket ground no gym


Sun Mar 06


Goddard veterinary - opposite the pizza express in kennington. It's lovely in there!

Wed Jun 23

Sending Cheese to Oval


Currently living in China for my gap year. My best friend lives in Lockwood House, Oval. I'm trying to send him cheesestring via tesco website (its a stupid not very funny joke- he always gift wraps cheesestring for me for birthdays and christmas) but I don't know his postcode. I just know the start of it. Cant ask him coz he'll know I'm sending something.

There's probably a simple way of finding out but I'm not a Techno G. Any help would be wonderful.

Many thanks


Tue Mar 30

Vassall Road, Oval, London SW9

Can anyone tell me how safe is the Vassall Road area?

Sat Mar 20

3, 59, 159

Mon Dec 07

Try the Jamyang Buddhist Centre in Kennington

they have someone who teaches yoga

Mon Nov 23

night bus to oval

I have recently moved to oval and was wondering which night buses were best to get you from the WEST END area to oval?

Wed Oct 14

Yes, Ive been there. The dentist is Swiss - nice guy. BUT they put very strong pressure to have private work done.

Thu Jun 11

Is it safe to walk a dog in Kennington park?


Hi all - I'm planning on moving to Oval/Kennington/Vauxhall and wondered if there are any fellow dog-owners out there who can tell me whether the dogs are generally friendly round here or whether a normal dog is likely to get attacked by dodgy dogs in the parks. Or whether you feel safe taking your dog out round the block before bed etc. Am probably moving into Handforth Road/Mowli St/Hackford Gardens area (have already read forums re. human safety etc - cheers!)

Any advice v. welcome.

N.B. my dog is a cocker/Parson Russell cross - 9 months.

Tue Apr 21

Experience with Mint Dental Care at 41 Clapham Road?

Has anyone been to see a dentist at 41 Clapham Road - Mint Dental Care? I am thinking of registering and can't find any recommendations. Are they good? Know of any other dentists taking on NHS patients in South London? Thanks!

Thu Apr 16

Mint Dental Centre at 41 Clapham Road

Hi there,

Not sure if you ever made it the dentist? I go to Mint Dental Centre - it's two mins from the oval tube station. They offer NHS treatments, are friendly and are really affordable if you are worried about your budget.

Good luck! Just in case, their website is www.mintdentalcentre.com

Tue Mar 17

Tesco + Sainsbury + Costcutters

You have plenty of options in this area do not worry. Plus we have the park so you could always try grow your own stuff. Organic....

Tue Jan 20

Salsa in Camberwell

Just found a great salsa night !

Fridays at 9pm, Latin Palace 146 camberwell new rd opposite coop.

we had a great time nice teachers and met some cool people !

Fri Dec 12

Any info on Fairbairn Green

I am just about to put an offer in on a flat in fairbairn green. I cant find any info on the area or this building. Could anyone help as I like the area but have no info. Anything would be appreciated.


Fri Nov 14

I live in lockwood house and am a female almost living on my own, I agree it is nothing to look at but very safe.

Never had an issue.

Thu Oct 23

supermarkets near oval tube

hello! i am thinking of moving to oval in a few weeks and wondering if there are any large=-ish supermarkets close to the tube station?


Fri Aug 08

re Fentiman Road

Hi there

My boyfriend used to live in Oval for 6 months on Richbourne Terrace which is the next road to Fentiman Road. We used to go to Fentiman Arms as our local. It's a very nice local pub and the area of Oval and Vauxhall is very residential, quiet, safe and good neighbours. You have two parks close by, Vauxhall Park and Kennington Park, both of which are about 5-8 minute walk, Tesco's is a 5 minute walk and so is Oval Tube.

Would definately recommend it.

Hope it goes well :o)

Tue Feb 19

Fentiman road

Hello everybody,

I am planing to move to Fentiman road very soon and I just would want to know if it's a quiet and safe street.

Thank you!

Tue Feb 19

camberwell new road

Hi, I bought my Georgian house on Camberwell New Road three years ago. The road is very safe, always easy to get a bus or taxi and only a few minutes to the tube. It's the only place I've lived in London where I actually know the neighbours on both sides of the road. Not only that but the houses are still great value for money !!!

Wed Feb 06

so how it is now ?

Im moving in two months,

probably to oval/vassall zone ...

still no white ear plugs on sight ? or that was just over caution type reaction ?

Im thinking seriously about this area so any tips regarding the neighbourhood will be helpful.



Wed Nov 21


One of my main regrets at moving to France is that Philip Norton does not have a surgery there.

Wed Nov 14

Lockwood House

Phone the police. By law they must tell you whether a neighbourhood is safe or not.

Fri Nov 02

Lockwood House

Hi just wondering if anyone knows what the area around Lockwood House is like safety wise?

Fri Nov 02

I go to deepaspirit yoga classes just 5 minutes from Oval tube, or Stockwell, beautiful room and lovely teacher!

Tue Sep 11

Indian Dancing

Does anyone know where I can do Indian dance classes such as Bhangra, classical Indian or Bollywood dancing in or around Oval?

Mon Sep 03


there is one in Vauxhall called the Southbank Club. Its on Wandsworth road. Get to bus stop G at Vauxhall station and take any pass and it should pass that way

Fri Aug 03

re: living in Oval

Quick note; I am a single woman and have lived on an Oval estate for over a year now. Havn't had any problems and feel totally safe.

Tue Jul 17

Yoga in Oval

deepaspirit yoga studio in Stockwell/Oval just off Brixton Road and close to Durand Gardens, holds yoga classes every day I think!

I go there and classes are very good, sometimes challenging but definately not competitive, and it's a lovey space

Mon Jul 09

Just moved to Oval

Thanks for all of these suggestions, all very helpful! I will check out the gym at the Oval and the doctors and dentists suggested.

I was drawn to Oval area because of it's closeness to central London. I got the Northern line this morning at 9am Charing Cross branch, which was fine and no where as busy/ crammed in people's armpits as I previously was on bakerloo or hammersmith line. Had to stand which is expected, but got a seat when lots of people got off at waterloo and embankment, happy days.

In terms of safety, as with anywhere these days, it's advisable to have your wits about you, stick to the well lit roads, and as other people have previously suggested, don't flash your phone about and change your ubiquitous white iPod headphones for black ones. It's not rocket science.

I'm very much looking forward to my time here and I'll let you know how I get on!

Tue Jul 03

Same though! what a great location for a bar/pub/cafe - with lost of outside space, and all those punters are the cricket matches. Try phoning Lambeth Council.

Mon Jun 25

tHERE IS a 2 double- bedroom flat in Crewdson Road availalable through Kinleigh Folkard estate agents in London. It is 5 mins from Oval station and is £300 per week. Let furnished or unfurnished. Available now.

Fri Apr 27

tHERE IS a 2 double- bedroom flat in Crewdson Road availalable through Kinleigh Folkard estate agents in London. It is 5 mins from Oval station and is £300 per week. Let furnished or unfurnished. Available now.

Fri Apr 27

tHERE IS a 2 double- bedroom flat in Crewdson Road availalable through Kinleigh Folkard estate agents in London. It is 5 mins from Oval station and is £300 per week. Let furnished. Available now.

Fri Apr 27

Handforth Road feels really safe

Hi, I've shared a flat with two other girls for a year and half on Handforth Road and we have never felt threatened at all. Might have something to do with the big Met Police office on the corner of Handforth and Clapham Road. Also feels safe because Handforth links two busy routes and therefore you don't have to weave your way thru lots of resi streets to get home. We love it here, moving to another flat nearby at end of Feb.

Wed Feb 14

Looking for 1-bed flat

I am an American architect, 35, and have just moved to London. I am looking for an unfurnished 1-bed flat in the Oval area. I have furnishings arriving by slow boat next month, so I could only deal with partially furnished at worst. Any suggestions?

Tue Feb 13


I'm in the process of buying a flat in Cranworth Gardens. I'll be moving in with my partner and 18 year old son. Anyone got any good or bad stories of living in this street or the immediate area?


Mon Feb 12

one bed flat rental Oval £550pcm

Hi does anyone know of a one bed flat rental going in Oval area for c.550pcm - if so

Wed Jan 31

My Oval

My little boy and I have lived in the area cited by you for almost ten years and find it safe. It is difficult to make sweeping comparisons but I think that one could just as easily become the victim of crime in wealthy Kensington and Chelsea as in less wealthy Lambeth. The Oval has excellent transport links and its proximity to Brixton for shopping/entertainment and central London make it a very desirable location. Most of the people here are fine law abiding citizens and the area is steeped in history.

Tue Jan 30

Horizons fitness Liberty Street

Wed Jan 24

I have lived on Hackford Road for five years and have found it to be safe, although I am precautious. I did hear that my neighbour was mugged in the entrance hall to her ground floor flat recently, but the street is well lit. It is just as safe as any other residential street in Oval / Stockwell / Clapham.

Wed Jan 24

Bobby T

I saw a gig there in 1987 on a trip to London. Floyd Lloyd & the Potato Five. My friends went another night to see Wilson Pickett. It was a happening club at the time for ska, r&b, etc. Sad to hear it's derelict. I remember coming out after the show to find the Tube closed -- our first night ever in England -- and we walked back to our friend's flat off Borough High Street, though Elephant and Castle, etc. I grew up in New York City, so I wasn't fearful, but in retrospect we were likely easy prey ... two 20-year-old Americans with an A to Z at midnight looking down the street the wrong way for a bus (which never came).

Mon Jan 22

Yes it is very good. I went to a good play there - it's very small. It all depends on what play is on at the time though.

Thu Jan 11


I want to start some yoga classes on the evening a just move to oval me meil is

Fri Jan 05

Living in Oval

I'm selling my studio flat in Battersea and am looking to buy a 2-bedroom flat in Oval (I'd stay in Battersea but it's too expensive these days!). How safe is Oval for a woman living alone? I am looking at properties bordering Brixton Road on both sides (e.g. Gosling Way, Cowley Road, Caldwell St).

I'm used to dodgy estates etc (since I live on one at the moment), and I am well aware of all the usual safety precautions (I've lived alone for 6 years). Is Oval any dodgier than any other part of London?

Tue Dec 12

I'm a woman in my 20s and have lived in Oval for a year. I love it and feel safe enough to walk back from the tube at night. Apart from the main roads the residential streets are quiet, with families etc living there. On Brixton/Clapham Rd you might occasionally spot a few dodgy-looking types but I've never seen any trouble. Same story anywhere in London!

Wed Nov 15

Safety in Kennington Park Estate

I've been looking at a flat in Kennington Park Estate, it's great, not too expensive, my only worry is that I'm living there with another girl and I don't know how safe we'll be....? Especially at night. The door also seems pretty flimsy... Does anyone know how safe it is around there? If so PLEASE let me know.

Mon Sep 18

Oval safe

I had some major concerns about moving to Oval when we were househunting earlier this year. There are lots of dodgy characters on the Brixton Road. But because it's a busy main road there's always loads of people about and it's well lit. I've also met lots of single girls who live on the roads that connect brixton and Clapham Road. So you have nothing to worry about!

Sun Aug 13

philip Norton dentist on denmark hill, has to be the best dentist in the entire world!!!

Wed May 31


I am about to try these guys.. they come recommeded! Will let you know more when I do, or you can try them yourself.. good luck!

Tue May 30

Its is generally safe

Same as most of the areas in London.

Mon May 22

safety oval

any more thoughts on oval safety - looking at places on Handforth road very near tube station - what do you think?how safe??

Tue May 16

Unsafe Camberwell Green at night

I've lived in Camberwell for two and a half years now - in the past year and a half our household have been subjected to mugging three times already, twice to one of my housemates and once myself.

I believe that people are targeted for their belongings - if you are considering buying a property here near Camberwell Green, etc, be safe.

Tue Apr 25

Hackford Road - How safe?

I'm thinking of moving to the Kennington Oval area, and have found a flat on Hackford Road.

What's it like around there? It felt very quiet and safe during the day, but how safe is it at night?

Fri Mar 31

camberwell green.................just up the road

Wed Mar 22

Councillor st

My flatmates and are are looking at a place on Councillor st. Whats the area like around here? Is it safe (well, safe for london!)? I would probably be walking form Oval tube down camberwell new road most days. Are amineties, such a supermarkets good around here? Help would be apprecaited. Would this area be considred, Camberwell, Oval or Kenninington?


Wed Mar 22

Many thanks

Thanks to everyone who has given me advice - I exchanged on my flat today -

Thu Feb 16

swimming pool at oval

Who knows where is the nearest swimming pool there?

Wed Feb 08

Yoga in Oval

Having just moved to oval, I was quite excited about starting yoga.

I came across a local place, deepaspirit just based in between stockwell and Oval.

A very lovely space to escape the choas of London life.

Classes are recommend, check it out

Wed Feb 01

About 10 mins!

Tue Jan 03

I love the Oval area and have lived on Crewdson Road for nearly 4 years. I've never had any problems at all. The Oval is so convenient - you can get to the West End on a bus within 20 mins. I occasionally walk to central London too which only takes about 50 mins. I highly recommend the area.

Tue Jan 03

No probs

Hi g

I have lived on Crewdson for two years now and have never experienced any probs there at all. I would avoid buying anywhere on the other side of the Brixton road, but the roads between Clapham and Brixton Road are all pretty safe.

Good luck with the house purchase!

Fri Oct 07

dentist at oval

there is a dentist near oval who i would definately recommend.they are nhs and private .

Address 41 clapham rd.Called Your dentist at oval.hope this is of help to you

Wed Sep 28

I totally agree that the standard of care at the Myatts Field Health Centre is excellent. I've been going there for six years.

Fri Sep 09

Oval - Crewdson road

Hi there

Would be grateful if anyone has any thoughts on saftey on Crewdson and Handforth roads including the small council estate on Crewdson - am very close to buying a place near it

many thanks


Wed Sep 07

Safety in Oval

I walk down Brixton Road from Oval each day and have never had any problems. It makes sense to be vigilant and not flash around mobile phones etc, and you might meet one or two strange characters, but I've never felt unsafe.

Thu Aug 25

Brixton Road

How do people find walking from station Oval down Brixton Road? Both in the day and at night. Am female and moving to Melbourne Mews - is the area safe?

Fri Aug 19


oval gym at the oval cricket ground, one minute walk from oval tube station, and it is not that expensive!

Sat Jul 30

Myatts Field surgery. Mayatts Field is fairly grim, but the surgery (although it has a mild inner city feel about it) is full of friendly regarded doctors. 020 7411 3553

Tue Jun 21

Oval isn't awfully significant in itself, but its location is fantastic. It's a short (10-15 mins) bus ride to the West End via Vauxhall (MI5 building), Victoria (some theatres), Westminster (Parliament), Waterloo (London Eye).

When there's a match at Oval cricket ground, the local pubs are buzzing. The aussies are playing their in the Ashes this summer.

Tue Jun 21

Clapham Road is a wide, well lit busy road, so you're as safe there as you are anywhere in south west London. It depends what you mean by "up and coming", I doubt it will be trendy in a few years time but there has been a lot of cleaning up over recent years, more young professionals etc but there's a long long way to go. It's not like Clapham thank goodness, no pretensions, it just is. It's fairly quiet with plenty of amenities in nearby communities. Watch out for the estates, but keep out of the way and alert and it's no problem at all. Personally, I wouldn't walk between Vauxhall and Oval at night, but there are 3 buses to shuttle you through.

Tue Jun 21

I have been looking at ithe derelict pub recently. I hope it isn't just going to sit there and go to waste. unfortunately I dont have any further information I wish I did. let me know if you find out more about it


Tue Jun 21

Have lived there for most my life. Mowll Street is nice but the4 nearby streets can be a bit dodgy.

Sun Jun 19


I lived in Oval since 1997 and I consider it pretty safe if compare to other locations in London. My only advice is to stay keep your eye open in Kennington Park as I got once attack in day light and it took me a while to recover. The rest is fine enjoy west end in 15 minutes by bus, undergroung/ railway station and with a tennar u r hoem from central London. Yes I will miss all these once I 'll move...not the park do.!!!

Sat Jun 11

Tesco Kennington is actually in Oval!!

for anyone who doesn't know it, kennington and oval are basically the same thing - with two northern line tube stations between them. the tesco in kennington is actually just around the back of the cricket ground (ie THE oval)..

Wed Jun 08

Have lived on Mowll since January and found it a rather quiet street considering all the traffic in the area.

Sun May 22

Living in Oval

What's it like around Mowll Street? Is it safe?

Tue May 17

The Cricketers Pub... next to the oval cricket ground

Does anyone have any info? I was round by the ground today and thought it was in a prime location, but it seemed to be derilict and boarded up?

I was just interested to find out if anyone had any ideas.....Thanks

Sun May 01

Oval Cricket Ground and Houses of Parliament

For two. About one mile from Houses of Parliament and and Oval International Cricket ground is in Oval (unsurprisingly)

Tue Apr 12

Where is "Oval"???

I'm moving to Oval in May from Australia.. Are there any popular tourist locations near by so I can tell my friends where i will be living near.....? lauren_garvey at hotmail.com

Tue Apr 12

I have lived at the Oval for 10 years and never had a problem. Walking from Vauxhall to Oval should take you about 10 minutes, it's main road all the way so you won't have a problem. There are a few clubs around Vauxhall. It's a great area, so close to the centre of London. There are a few 'dodgy' areas just as there are in any part of London. Stay on the main roads and you'll be fine

Thu Apr 07

Oval Doctor

There's one on Jonathan St and they are very friendly.


Tue Apr 05

re: Oval

I recently moved away from here, having lived here two years.

Is it safe ? No, nowhere in a city is safe. Is it safer than Camberwell, probably. Is it safer than South Kensington, probably not.

Is it 'up and coming ?' Well it's already very expensive to buy and London property prices are falling, and no, it doesn't have a lot of amenities, except those in the adjacent districts of Camberwell, Stockwell, and Clapham.

To be frank, I think the 'up and coming' thing needs a rest: these things go in cycles, and I think we are at the end of the cycle, and I don't think you're going to make any money atall by buying now.

Thu Mar 31

Thinking about moving to Oval, Clapham Road - is it safe?

I know nowhere is totally safe but if anyone has any ideas on whether you are safe say walking down this road at 9pm, 10pm??? Also, I heard it is an up and coming area, with a lot of new clubs etc opened, is that true? Finally, how long would it take to walk to Vauxhall Stn from Oval Stn? Thanks!

Thu Mar 31

yes, smile dentist corner of clapham road and handforth road

Fri Mar 18

doctors in oval

Does anyone know of a doctor's surgery in oval?

Wed Nov 24

Living on Camberwell New Road

I've lived on Camberwell New Road for several years now and find its central location to be ideal for getting to the west end. The transport is excellent, and although the main road is busy this help to make the area feel safe at all hours of the day.

It has a buzzy atmosphere, and has an excellent mix of cultures. All in all not a bad place at all.

Fri Oct 01

Theatre in Oval

From memory I think its only drawback is that you can't get out during a perfromance without walking across the stage, but a lot of small/pub theatres in London are like that.

Thu Aug 26

Theatre in Oval

Has anybody been to the theatre behind the tube station in Oval? Is it any good?

Thu Aug 26

Crime in Oval

Mmm. I'm having the same problem. would love to move to one of those blocks around the oval cricket ground - Clayton St etc - but just don't know what they're like at night. the convenience would be great but i look a bit Gothie/alternative. Not sure I can commit to buying a place. Any advice?

Tue Jul 20

Dentist in Oval

try Dr Norton 179 Denmark Hill, 020 7274 0861. Highly recommended.

Thu Jul 15

Does anyone know of a Vets near Flodden Road

I'm just off Myatts fields and can't find a Vets anywhere - can anyone help?

Tue Jul 13

Yoga lessons

I am a yoga teacher and I will soon be holding classes funnily enough! I teach Sivananda yoga. my email address is

Mon Jul 12

Northern line - manageable

The Charing X branch is always quieter and easy to get on to. Bank branch is packed by Clapham South, but jump on a Charing X train and change at kennington when many get off. You could take the bus, there are loads and they go practically everywhere...Waterloo, Stand, holborn, Euston, Liv St, West End, Paddington. They're fairly quick now we have decent bus lanes, but every now and again it's a 'mare, but nothing compared to the tube.

Wed Jun 02

Oval is a good choice

I bought my flat down Camberwell New Road a year ago. There's not much to do in terms of bars/restaurants compared with Clapham, but it's not as congested as Clapham. Everything is very near, West End, Northern line, Clapham... Camberwll New Road is wide, well lit and always busy. if in doubt, take the bus, there's plenty. I tend to walk it now it's light. Some of the roads behind CNR are quite dodgy, but if you don't go down there you don't have a problem. Obviously, you have to take care, but is feels relatively safe. Not had a problem, and the owner of my flat before me didn't have a prbolem for 7 years either.

Wed Jun 02

Response: Dentist in oval

I went to Paul Browne Associates at 41 Clapham Road 020 7587 0100. Check up was £17. It seemed OK to me.

Wed Jun 02

I've never had a problem getting on the tube in the morning, coming into the City. Sure, there is a surge of people who are obviously getting in for 9am, and another little surge of people getting in for 9.30am, but if you plan properly there isn't usually a problem.

Wed May 12

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