Welcome to London North Woolwich

i have been thinking of applying to join for some time now so here we go I live 10 mins away in a small end terraced house with a small back garden in grenadier st north woolwich.

email is

Tue Mar 01

Not newcomers

the idiots your referring to...some are newcomers to the area and others are from existing local stock. just seems like the recent single parent explosion has bred a lot of scum.

Wed Dec 07

Mindless Scum

North Woolwich was once one of the better areas of Newham. Things went down hill a few years back when some mindless,pig ignorant, thick as sh-t scum moved in. You can usually find them hanging around pier road,or riding thier putt-putt bikes around the pavements and grassed areas. They are harmless and generally pathetic, but they are the kind of scum who don't have the brains to do anything other than cause annoyance. I suppose it takes their tiny minds off just how sh-tty their own existence is.

Tue Oct 25

Tue Jun 15


Toe sucking

Foot kissing

Leather sniffing

Marquis De Sade..

Thought surfing, channel hopping

North Woolwich Railway Museum`s

Italianate pilasters....

Dream sequence

half-dead sequence,

waking up on the sofa

with the TV still on

in drunken stupour-sequence....

Rivers of unconsicousness,

slithering creatures

lurking in tunnels of darkness...

Worry, stress, hypertension

risque texts sent in error....

I reach for the

remote control....

Graham Pollock

Tue Jun 15


Sand-less coastline

Starved of development

The road signs heavy with gloom

even the OLD FATHER

passes you by....

Rusting piers

with KEEP OUT signs

condemned prisoners

awaiting execution....

When nightfall

comes it is darker here...

I attempt a smile

but it`s grim here...

It`s grim up



Graham Pollock

Tue Jun 15

woolwich/ greenwich

hello my name is sinead i want to know about woolwich because i need to bring something back to my boyfreind and i want to know what woolwich shopping centne is i like somewhere i eant to know about woolich can you help me but i live with my dad and i want to let people know about me i need to bring a phone back to my boyfreind but the bus is too long to get to woolwich shpping centre do i need to get 16 to victoica and take a 436 to somewhere

Tue Oct 21

Phoenix Bowls Club

Phoenix Bowls Club

Royal Victoria Garden

Albert Walk

North Greenwich



New members required

Fri May 09

North Woolwich Parish Church

Anyone know where North Woolwich Parish Church is

Tue Nov 20

Airport Noise

City Airport Planes are small and do not fly during the night. To be honest you never hear them noise from the planes is really non existant.

Tue Oct 02

Re: airport noise/life

It is a very quiet area mostly and there defo aren't any restaurants/bars around here...unless you travel to canary wharf or something. There is an asda in beckton and at gallions reach shopping area, they have womens/mens/children clothes shops, places such as next, new look, topshop etc and also electrical, music dvd, the usual and a big tesco. The only club is the Tereza Joanne boat, which has special events and thursday is like a club night. After all that, it is a lovely place though, just nowhere to go! So, if you want lively don't come here...there is nothing much. Oh and it is close to city aiport, if you go from king george it takes maybe 5 mins, however if you from gallions reach dlr, it takes 25mins, cos you have to go back to canning town and come down again on the other dlr line. Buses about 10-15mins. I don't find it too noisy with the planes and I think you'd probably get used to it. Well, hope this is helpful for you.

Tue Jun 19

It's a strip pub.

Sun Feb 11

North Woolwich now 2007!

As I said before North woolwich and Silvertown are ok-ish, was starting to show promise late 90's 2000 time, but due to economic downturn it seems to me (Im in a perfect position to judge), the area seems to be getting a bit cheap and run down.

Why? Because there was alot of housing, some luxury built for city and Canary wharf workers, but as people have not been buying Newham council and private landlords have been moving in DSS tenants, other councils problem families and any old waif&stray.

This has had an effect of rising crime(although still very safe compared to say-Stratford or Hackney), and general untidyness.

What we need is another big economic boom and maybe the area will start to tidy up.

It had been disappointing seeing the area not reach its potential but I'd still advise you to live here if you want to be near central London.

Much safer than most inner city areas.

Sun Jan 14

North Wolwich are probably one of the better parts of East London.

was better in days gone by(I lived there for over 30 years)everyone knew each other, but the council in all their wisdom started to move some bad people in and the area has sadly changed like the rest of London.

Although you do see the bad-boy hip-hop style gangs around there its still quieter&safer than most parts of London.

Thu Nov 02

Fox@excel is the best pub around there.

Nice big grass area for in the summer, always a good friendly mixed crowd in their better than most places round there.

Thu Nov 02

North Woolwich

Yes I agree the area is quiet but it does have your usual local chav/yob culture, at night it feels a bit menacing around the King George V station as the gangs seem to congregate around the estates nearby the station. their is nothing to do around the area a couple of seedy looking pubs and abundance of take-away fast food places, but if your in a nice secure luxury development for half the price of Canary Wharf, you can forget about all the unpleasentness around you..

Mon May 15

Airport Noise/Life

Hello, me and my boyfriend are looking to move in a few months and have been looking at the Gallions Reach area (the new developments). On the map this looks very close to City airport - does anyone have a problem with noise? Also whats it like for bars/resturants? We would like a bit of life as where we live at the moment has a corner shop and a petrol station! You can email me at

Wed May 10

There are some dodgy areas but...

...I live in a secure private complex and it's perfect. I'm right next to a load of council flats but I've never had any problems, the only complaint I have is that the local shop seems to be a meeting point for Chavs. The areas not very pretty, it's true but, when you're living in a luxury flat and paying less then half the rent you would to live in the same standard closer to the centre, who cares if it's a bit of a dump, I only have to walk 2 mins to get to the DLR!

Thu Feb 16

is very quiet and peacefull

It's quite near to the centre but it's incredibly quiet, despite being next to London city airport. There's no night life, besides a couple of local pubs, but it's better that way. If I want to go out on the razz I can jump on the DLR and be in Canary Wharf in 15 mins or central London in under 30 mins. Who wants to live next to a load of night clubs and bars?

Thu Feb 16

The transport links are great...

...and the trains aren't packed. You have a choice of the Silverlink which is never packed and goes to Canning Town, Stratford and then all over North London.

Then there is the magnificent DLR from King George V which takes you into central London in less than 25 mins.

Thu Feb 16

Thu Feb 09


What is the nam of the pub. Sounds fun to me

Fri Dec 02


What is the nam of the pub. Sounds fun to me

Fri Dec 02


Have you any info on East Ham FC - 1900-1915

Have you any info on East Ham utd FC/Storey Athletic FC

- 1933-2001

Have you any programmes for the above to sell

Fri Dec 02

Tue Nov 08


I am Eny by name, a 15 yrs old guy, I reside in gunner lane, here in woolich, I am a very good player, a creative midfielder to be precise. One thing i am so sure about is that you can never regret giving me an opportunity if at all one comes my way, and that is the only problem i have now, I am very good midfielder and i would really appreciate if you can get back to me as soon as possible on my email

Mon Nov 07

North Woolich ~ Things to do

I am only 3 days old in the area and I can't agree more to your comments. The area has a lot of potential for social development. As a serial entrepreneur you have really got me thinking about some good ideas. I hope there is a sizable population to patronise good entertainment should one decide to invest in the area?

Mon Aug 23

Are there any decent bars in the area?

We are about to move to the area and all we have seen are 2 "pubs". One seems to be a bit on the ...well rough side and the other seems to have live entertainment with some lovely blonde ladies in underwear, i got the impression that this place rents rooms by the hour!!!! Enough said

Sun Aug 15

Not a lot

Nearest decent bars are the Hotel Bars near Prince Regent/Custom House I would be to scared to go into the Local ones.

Fri Aug 13

Things to do

Iv just moved to this area from waterloo london nice new development but their is absolutly nowhere to go around here. Im used to swanky west-end bars and pavement cafes. Why cant someone open up a cafe/bar at least a new breed of people have moved into the area now so to follow why not a shop or cafe/bar. I have heard that a colletion of shops and flats are being built near Galleons Reach station. Hopefully it will breathe life into this old fashioned area. What do you think

Fri Aug 13

Abba Cars

3 Pier Parade

Sat Mar 06

A Slum

This is my opinion and I lived there for 20 years.

Sat Mar 06

The Mermaid Club

What is it???

Thu Jul 31

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