Welcome to London Norbury


Looking for a first floor flat near Beech Road in Norbury.

Tue Jan 12

Norbury is safe


You could look at the catchment for the improving Norbury Manor primary state school. Nurseries are good like Purple Panda and Daffodils. Good local shops like the Co-op and Lidl and family friendly cafes like Costa and Affogato. Stay up the Streatham end of Norbury if you want access to Outstanding primary schools like Woodmansterne and Granton. Streatham Vale is excellent value for access to Norbury and Streatham Common facilities. New Antic pub coming will offer more dining/bar/activities through the day and evenings too from next year. The Railway pub is great for families too. The main issue is fly-tipping but residents are getting hot on stamping it out. Shame the council don't do enough about it. Enjoy.

Thu Sep 20

How is living in Norbury ?


i would love some help please please ! we are currently looking to buy a 3 bedroom house and looking into Norbury as really short commute to London. ( budget is £450k max)

How safe is the Area ? we have a little girl just over 2 now and schools are super important . is the area great for families ? asking the usual questions really as i don't know the area at all , any info you can share would be great : roads to look into , schools , any areas we should avoid ..

thanks in advance

Tue Sep 04


hello Norbury

Tue Oct 31

Hall to hire

We are looking for a hall to hire on Friday 10th November or Friday 17th November , is it possible you could call me on ******** for further information

Kind regards

Tue Oct 17

Is the Green Lane area in Norbury safe and good enough to move to?

Hi everyone,

I'm not a resident of London and have sort of found a place on Green Lane in Norbury. Would you say it is worth moving to? What do you think should be the rent for an en suite double room there? Could tell me about the area? I'm told Norbury isn't very safe and that I should consider moving elsewhere.

Sun Sep 06

Saturdays event

Hi Steve - I hope I'm right in assuming you're from RBL Norbury. I was hoping to book two tickets for Saturday night's event but can't find an email contact to correspond with; can I get my name down and pay on the night? My email is

Mon Jul 28

English, Maths, 11+; Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning; EFL, TEFL (IELTS etc)

Hi there,

I teach English and Maths (ks1-ks4); prepare students for their 11+ and Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning exams; EFL (elementary, intermediate and advanced inc.preparing students for various exams such as IELTS etc). I teach at my home in Norbury SW16 4SR in small groups or 1:1. I charge £15 for 1 hour and a half for small groups, more if on a 1:1 basis. I give full support with essay-writing; controlled assessment and coursework etc which has resulted in my GCSE students getting A-A* grades in their exams. I have 15 years experience including having my own tuition business; teaching in secondary schools and in English Language Schools. My telephone number is ********5, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thu Aug 02

would you like your home painted italian style

my name is sabino very dedicated to my work will come to an agreement for quote fone me on ********4 email

Wed Apr 04

Sure does :)

Sat Jan 07

Looking for a team that needs a goalkeeper

i used to play in school teams but because im 19 years old its hard to join a team.

Ima really good goalkeeper just need 1 chance to prove myself.

i am also currently playing football everyday but that is just on the grass across from my house but everyone says im good.

Wed Jul 20



I am looking for friends, to going out, to dance,I like going of shopping and visiting new places. I live in Norbury and I do not have friends, I am spanish aupair.

This is my email

Mon Feb 14

109 bus

Yes it does, for the entire length of the road between Croydon and Streatham.

Tue Dec 28

109 bus route

Please can you tell me if the 109 bus travesl down the london road?

Mon Dec 27

JUNE CLAFLIN - Andrew Howton (Kenneth)-

June & Roy A CLAFLIN. Last known address 20 Elgar ave, Norbury, if anyone knows of there whereabouts and of Andrew Howton (Kenneth) PLEASE get in touch, distant relative URGENTLY tring to find you, Thankyou, Cathy

Fri Nov 05

I once had a training with ur club at Norbury while i was in london. Although it wasn't a normal professional training, it was a 5-aside match with some of ur club members. As i was browsing ur website, i saw ur mail on the wall of ur site indicating that you are looking for football players. I would like to come for trial in ur club. My name is Abass Sessy. Please reply

Sat Sep 04

Too busy?

Being a busy mum, I needed help, around the house, and wanted someone i could trust.

A friend recommended Tinka Bellz cleaners, a company set up by a lovely local lady, she is fantastic and her staff very effeciant. So i wanted to share this with all you mummys' if you need to contact her email her on

Fri Jun 25

Norbury is a suburb of london and not a city, london is the city. Norbury is a delightful place with plenty of open space. The climate is almost subtropical and many of our oriental friends like to reside there because of the climate. It is an extremely safe place to live and there is hardly any crime. Best wishes

Sat Jan 16

Alan Shorey


yea he does

can not picture you

but I am going to tell him you said it was silly sorry is ha ha

Wed Aug 05



Tue Aug 04


hay i got job there too n need to relocate in norbury. i hope u r settle by now. i m exactly in yr condition. no idea how it like n where to live. i m bit of you. like clubbing. pubbing etc. help me out pls.


Tue Jun 09

Norbury - Hi people

I live in Norbury and am looking to expand my social network. I enjoy yoga, writing, cinema and would like to start Jive dancing.

I'm female aged between 30-40 going on 17.

If would like to meet up for a drink then mail me.

Thu Feb 05


Yeah used to frequent the Norbury,as i remember full of local wannabe gangsters and so called selsea fans who shudav been supportin the Palace.

Does gary still do his soppy elivis impression when his pissed?

Sun Nov 23

Yoga Classes in Norbury

6-weeks Yoga Course for health, fitness and relaxation. Suitable for all levels. Tuesdays, 19.00pm to 20.15pm, starting 23rd September. £42 Location: Methodist Church - Polards Hill North, Norbury.

For bookings or more information please conact me via email at

Sun Sep 07


i have been living in norbury over twenty years, i have seen the area decline, but i have to say that i too have left my front dfoor open, (moreso back in the early days), however i have never been burgled!

We are the people that make the area.

Sat Aug 23

Help me

HI friends!

I'm italian students...i will arrive in norbury monday for a stage in "age concern"! can you help me? can you say something about this place....are there single room at low cost?? please help me!

Tue May 13

Hi? I live near norbury and its a nice place to live, shops are close and buses even got a train station no underground.

Sat Apr 26

Not that I know of, but there is one in Herne Hill above the Half Moon pub I think.

Tue Apr 01

i lived in norbury between 1990 an 2004 an went to school with a guy called adam kitchenside! maybe your friends younger brother? the landlord your talking about i think is still around. a guy called danny ran the hotel a few years back an it was handed to him by his scottish dad although the pub was generaly an irish pub! the pub is still there an now has a night club upstairs that gets very very bussy with the younger adults. i go back to norbury to visit friends an family ttwo or three times a year an then wounder why the hell i botherd! the area has taken a true dive.

Thu Mar 27

norbury pet centre, london road, excellent

Thu Mar 13


Sorry, I know you shouldn't post complaints, but if you can praise a tradesman, why not be able to do the opposite and save people grief. I hope you will accept this.

Avoid FEDERATION PROPERTY MAINTENANCE - a south London based individual who recently advertised in the Croydon Advertiser. He did some work for me and I wish he hadn't. Won't go into it on here, but believe me, avoid him.

Tue Mar 11


Hi if u r still looking I am a guitarist and songwriter based in norbury. In fluences similar to yours....good songs are the key. email me:

Sun Mar 02

Sat Oct 06

Wed Jul 18

boxing club down in norbury

is there a boxing club in norbury of there is can you let me no i am interested in joining

Mon Apr 30

Royal British Legion Club Norbury

There is a Royal British Legion Club in Norbury

situated behind the Age Concern Building opposite

Norbury Fire Station.

The Hall there is for Hire if you want a party or a

Wedding reception. email Steve

Fri Mar 09


hi bagel sorry to say i can not remember you post a picture to remind still in touch with the the collis brothers and j kitch

Sun Jan 28

Northerner moving to the Area!

Seasons Greetings!

Hi I have been offered a job based in Norbury and will be relocating from up North. I'm not familiar with the area and don't know whether to move to Norbury itself or move to somewhere a commutable distance from there. I am looking to live in a houseshare, am a sociable gal and would like to meet some likeminded people who like pubbing it, seeing live bands and generally having a laugh and giggle. I am also a bit of a free spirit, love travelling, nature, summer festivals and am into yoga, meditation, 5 rhythm - anything holistic really! Is kinda thing going on in Norbury or near abouts? Does Norbury sound like the kinda place for me, or do you recommend another area which I can commute from?

Cheers for your help oh and have a great Christmas!

Wed Dec 20

Norbury Guy

Did you enjoy it?

Mon Dec 04

Hello old friends

I worked for some time in 1985-86 at what was then the Norbury Hotel, for a Scottish gaffer, and met some interesting characters. I had just left the police in Scotland, and one of the (then) locals called me the "Bagel". I remember many of my customers, but I wonder if any remember me and even if they're still in the area. Thinking of the Collis brothers George Gary and Graham, Johnnie Kitchenside, Alan Shorey and one or two other characters.

Thu Nov 30

Riding in Norbury

I would love a good ride too. I haven't had one in years.

Fri Nov 24

Them was the days

That was nothink on the old rivalry between the Ladywell Lads and the Nunhead Nonces. We dun them in good. Them was the days. But you cant ave a good ruck these days without the old bill coming along and spoiling it.

Wed Nov 08


Oi remember the dayes of de old rivalry between the Streatham and Norbury boyes. Friday night at the Locarno twould be fisticuffs with Gud old Tulse Hill Tone taking a few upper cuts to the chin. Them were they days.

Wed Nov 08

New resident in Norbury - leisure & sports

Hello there!!

My name is Helene and I am a happy resident of Norbury since 3 weeks.

I wanted to know ifthere is any possibility to horse ride, any ride school or something?

Otherwise, is there any dance course? Like bollywood or modern danse course? Or ice skating course?

Thank you for your answers!!


Wed Nov 08

Hello Peeps

Hello I thinka the Norbury isa pretty place. Nice and not lots of da crime or nothink. The English they see the foreigners like a not bad really. They likesa the paella so you be ok. Kisses.

Mon Oct 30

there is "the norbury" pub, and over the road "the moon under water" wetherspoons they are on the main high street

Tue Sep 12

i think that it is a very overpriced area, and is only so expensive because it is near london, but its alright to live here, very ethnically diverse area, i would suggest you visit before you move here because its not to everyones tastes.

Tue Sep 12

Hi everyone, I like to know what do you think about to live in Norbury? Is a good place for live? Is it safe? Is it pretty? How it is the climate? I would like to live hear for a time, but I like to know how is the city? Is it a city? I speak spanish and I hope that your undestand me.

If some to know where i can know more information I hope your answer.

And other thing, how they see the English to the foreigners?

Thak you very much

Sun Sep 10

Noisy Norbury?

I live on London Rd just a block up from thre, and its not bad at all- the cars are much noisier- make sure you have dbl glazing in the flat!

Wed Aug 02

NORBURY Interested in yoga?

Satyam Yoga Centre near Norbury Police Station has classes for beginners to experienced. Most of the people who go seem to be local so a good way to get fit and make new friends

Mon Jul 31

Thinking of moving to Norbury

Hi, I'm thinking of moving to Norbury and liked the feel of it when I came to suss out the area. I was just wondering whether the night club (I think it's the Norbury, next to the Ghanaian centre) is very noisy. The flat I am thinking of is close by so don't want to be kept awake every night.

Thanks, Sarah

Sun Jul 30


i always use link cars.we have always found them very reliable. they are also the cheapest ive found

Sat Jul 22


Hey i live in Norbury/Thornton Heath near the McDonalds on London Road. I think its a good place to live if you have a busy life you're always doing things as apposed to a quiet life. Its got a selection of schools which are easy to get to via car or public transport, lots of public transport nearby like train, bus and tram, lots of cab offices aswell. You've got croydon and streatham centres nearby, Croydons got quite a few bars and clubs, and resteraunts aswell. Loads of places to have hair or nails done. Plus you got quite a few nearby complexes for things like cinema, bowling etc. Anything a bit further away like Theme parks or beaches like Brighton or Margate are easy to get to by train aswell. Plus your about 30mins train ride from central london which is a good thing if your looking for a job or shopping etc. Norbury isnt exactly the richest of areas so dont expect it to look really clean or anything but its not too bad & crimes as bad as anywhere else in London.Gd Luck!

Sat Jul 15

Dont forget Shahee Bhelpoori

Shahi B has got to be the best Indian restaurant in London! Lovely veggie food, top notch service and it's so cheap too - the £5 eat-as-much-as-you-like Sunday buffet is excellent. We drive there from East Dulwich because we have no veggie restaurants, just poncey, stuck-up gastropub-type places where more thought goes into the decor than the food. If you live in Norbury make sure you try it out.

Thu Jun 15

Are there any Women interested in Martial Arts or a type of combat fitness????

I'd like to get together with any other Women interested in Martial Arts or a combat style physical fitness. Mail me at

Sat Jun 10


I have lived in London since 1995, Norbury is the first place I have lived that hits the right buttons. It is 'not quite Balham' which allows cheaper eating and drinking. There are many local greengrocers and those family run sell all shops which let you buy stuff for cleaning etc at half the supermarket price. There are fields, night buses, shops, health care facilities and a gym all within wallking distance of anywhere you may live. There seems to be little graffitti or vandalism, and the road side verges and tree are well maintained. Very few people who I work with have heard of Norbury which suggests to me that it is a fairly safe place to live and not one associated with crime or trouble.

Wed Apr 12

What is Norbury like?

Hi Everyone,

What is the Norbury area like? I am looking to come live in London and I would like to know what the area is like (shops, crime, etc.). Any info much appreciated!



Mon Mar 13

I am a Dog walker in norbury. Contact me via email

Fri Feb 24

Puppy Sitter Required Every Monday

I am looking for someone to drop in on a Monday and comfort my new puppy. He is a 12 week old dachshund and needs a bit of comfort. All you have to do it sit and watch television (he's too small to be taken for a walk yet). All he wants to do is sleep on your lap and be cuddled. Ideally you could come for 1 hour or pop in twice in one day. Or if you love dogs but cant have one of your own and we got to know you, you could possibly take him with you on a Monday, perhaps to your own house and treat him as your own for one day! email me if you are interested on

Mon Dec 12

4 girls who were in argassie 2004

looking for leeann she has 2 mybe 3 kids now her ex boyfriend is from manchester called dean her three mates are dicksha ,roxsey.lala they all were friends at school.leeanns mum works in greece every year contact me at

Fri Nov 25

Piano Teacher

Anyone know a patient piano teacher in Norbury - for beginning adult?

Mon Oct 31

places to drink in Norbury

I remember when all around me were fields and sheep. ...I loved those sheep, good time.

Now there are large pubic houses and drinking establishments 10 to a shilling.

The Norbury Hotel is not a hotel but has a great Irish feel and karaoke, club etc. I recomend there.

Tue Oct 11


I know a person who lives in Norbury - Best guy ever (L)

Mon Oct 03


Hi there,

I am a 22- year-old student living in Norbury and want to form my own band for a laugh and maybe for gigging later on. I used to be in a band for more than a year as a singer and have been trained as a singer and pianist for 12 years. My main influences are: QOTSA, SOAD, Green Day, Nirvana, Placebo, Muse, Guano Apes, Manic Street Preachers, Alanis Morissette, some of No Doubt.

If you are a bassist/drummer/quitarist and interested, e-mail me.

Tue Sep 06

i' been there and its really nice

Wed Aug 10

norbury health centre

its been ther for a long time and the scary gp women left to go to fairview practice at the other end of norbury so dont worry

Fri Aug 05

the cannons

Cannons has everything including a pool

Fri Aug 05

trains arent that bad

It is london service so it is quite full but your can get a seat in the morning, your lucky if you get on in the evening from clapham junction

Fri Aug 05

No everyone eats chicken shop

of course there is a supper market, somerfields, if your walking up from the station its the first right turning after superdrug.

Fri Aug 05

if you like indian food try the khyber

Its only a 109 ride from norbury to croydon and the khyber restaurant is delicious, traditional like the mirch and close to the pubs and clubs

Fri Aug 05

Wed Jun 15

Do a google search

Type in the name of your supermarket followed by branch locator

Eg sainsburys branch locator ( it should then ask for an area or postcode) just type that in and you will see the closest stores to the postcode u entered. Happy Shopping

Fri May 13

Places to drink?

I am thinking about moving to norbury and wondered if there is any good pubs or bars around?

Thu Apr 07

Recommend a vets in Norbury

I am soon to move to Norbury, could any one suggest a good vets in the area please.

Sat Feb 26


Well I hope you get this message maybe you can email me back...?? I live in Norbury...First of all I like to say there's 2sides to Norbury eg. There's Hampstead and there's Hampstead Heath..hey just a Senario for you...??? Ok the first part of Norbury consists of Green Lane 250 bus route aka Streatham Common South/ coverton way, going up to the top of norbury hill then back down to streatham common south...posh sides as I like to call it??? the other side o f Norbury is also really nice but not as posh...That side is from the top of Green Lane where the 109 bus route, London Road to Pollard hill. The area is really quiet and friendly..safe...If you wanna go out and have fun you have to travel but their anre good food shops and take aways/ resturants nearby...other lesure activities require traveling....up london and beyound...streatham's quite good for entertainment/ internet cafe's/ food/ food stores/ clothing stores

Sat Dec 11


Hi so your looking for a GP Practice in Norbury....there's one called Norbury Health Center near to pollards Hill 4/3bus stops after Norbury station. email

Sat Dec 11

yeah ive been der, its use to be over heavy with nuff youth but nw its turnrd into sum adult ting like.but its still good der , if u wanna listern to some heavy hip-life or high-life den dats the place to go.

Wed Nov 10

norbury is full of places to eat, but i always end up at the moon under water, on a thurs you can get a curry and a pint for £4 and its really tasty

Thu Oct 28

my name is buchi and i am looking for a football club

iam looking for a football club in norbury, i used to be the captain of our team in nigeria but when i moved to england i lost touch with football due to a private matter but now am looking for a team that will help me get my stamina back. i have not played football in four years .

Mon Aug 23

I am the manager of Norbury FC. We are looking for a couple pf players for the following season.

We have just won promotion to the first division Croydon Municipal Sunday League. Call me ********3.

Wed Apr 28

Norbury is like being in a friendly multi cultural village but right inside London! People are really friendly I left my front door open with shopping in full view a neighbour shut it for me when she realised I wasn't in but best of all after several hours of the door being open nothing was stolen. I'm not saying there's no crime but I feel pretty safe and secure.

Tue Apr 20

There's an Italian near the old Police station that got Egon Ronay approval! A greek restaurant nr Halifax building society and Happ Lee for Chinese but best is Mirch masala Indian -you just can't go wrong!!!

Tue Apr 20

I use the Norbury Dental Centre on London Road. Going south it is just before the group of shops that contain the Tesco petrol station and express store. The number will be in the phone book. They do NHS and seem quite efficient.

Wed Mar 24

Supermarket info

You may ring all the major supermarkets head office customer services to get the addresses.

From my experience I did my final year project on online supermarkets, it wasnt that hard to get the information from head office customer services.

All the best in ur search.

Thu Mar 04

Help.. Super market info needed!

Does anyone actually kno the addresses of supermarkets anywhere in london???? If so.. what are they.. plz tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thu Mar 04

Mirch Massala

Mon Dec 08

The Waterfront at Streatham Common is worth a bus ride

as there is nowhere to drink in Norbury. The Merch Marsala is the one of the best Indian restaurants in London even though it doesn't look it. The fish tikka is excellent. Hap Lee for a good Chinese.

Thu Nov 13

Norburys not really about night life

The two busiest pubs are The Moon Under Water and The Norbury (which has a late license at weekends).

Wed Oct 08

The place to eat out especially on a Thursday night is The Paradise Inn. If you like soul music which touches the heart come and listen to Tony James in caberet.

1443 London Road S.W.16

Call to book a table 0208 679 6519

Thu Sep 11

Ghana Club

Came out of The Norbury Hotel Pub/Club the other night and almost next door was a late night bar called "Ghana..." or something like that. Think it used to be "The Shrine". Just wondered if anyone has been there or knows anything about it.

Thu May 08

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