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Looking for family

Hello,I'm looking for relatives in the nine elms / battersea area,my name is Steve Slaughter ,my father was Harry slaughter ,born in 1917,he had sisters Lilian and Ada ,and a brother that got killed in the 1920s on his bike doing a paper round,I only heard of him being called ginger, my dad was married to a lady called Mary ,I'm from his second marriage to my mother who's name was pat knight and came from newington butts,if anyone can help I would be very grateful ,I've been trying for years but got

Sat Mar 03


Sat Jun 02

Nine Elms Gas Works

My father was a draughtsman at nine elms gas works during the war. He used to do fire watching duty every fifth night. He remembers an air raid when the old horse who used to be kept near the retorts was injured and he remembers the anti aircraft flac sparking off the cobbles in the yards. He is nearly 95.

Fri Mar 16

Do you have a space for an ice cream van? Who should I contact to discuss further. Do you have a telephone number to discuss in private?

Mon Jul 04

hi lois here Im hoping to have a boot sale on sunday the 10th of october at nine elms, this is a good opportunity for the larger ladies, recently had weight loss surgery and I have loads of new and second hand clothes of excellent quality, come down and have a look.

Wed Oct 06


HI there. i'm interested in getting a pitch at the market and would like some information on the process.

Many Thanks

Mon Sep 06

Nine Elms jetty and embankment

There is a jetty at Nine Elms Pier, east of Battersea Power Station. It was probably built by the gas works which has had several names over the years. Does anyone know who built it and when?

Also, the riverbed in this area is owned part by Crown Estates and part by the Port of London Authority. Riverbed ownership is usually connected to the building of flood walls along the Thames. Can anyone shed any light on why the strange split in ownership and the dates the walls were built in this area?

Wed Jul 28


my name is mike baker son of gus baker from highbury north london ,as a young man i worked as a coal-man collecting and delivering coke from nine elms gas works . contracting to the tyne main coal/coke co, six tonnes of coke at a time was delivered to the mansions at victoria , caryle,morpeth,ashley gdns,hyde park mansions,and schools in and around london my dad was a coal-man. the work was hard but very rewarding carrying the coke up and down stairs into large cellars and if you were lucky you would lift the coal plate on the pavement and tip the coke down into the cellar and still one of you would have to shovel the coke back to keep the hole clear , the work was dustee and the coke cookers made it very hot, when finished your clothes would be wet with sweat from your body, as you left the cellar and entered the street the cold air in the winter would chill the sweat on your clothes a feeling you got use to. every day the warm coke would fill the sacks i loved the life, today i am

Sun Jan 24

white fabric for wedding chair covers

looking for 12 metres white cloth fabric suitable for wedding chair covers.


Mon Sep 14


I am interested in a pitch at nine elms market pls. contact me

Wed Jun 17

Sat Apr 18

dont bother getting a pitch for boot sale they charge you £75.00 its a rip off

Wed Feb 04

pricing and booking

hi can anyone tell me how can i book to get a pich for the carboot and how much it is to get a pich? and what time do we need to be there?

Sat Jan 03

Sat Nov 29

Can anyone tell me who i need to contact in order to get a pitch at nine elms market ?? Thanks Sam

Wed Sep 17

Nine Elms Works

I served an Indentured Apprenticeship in Engine Fitting and Turning at Nine Elms Gas works from May 1942 until June 1947. From this I went into the drawing office at Monk Steet and Also in the Drawing Office at Southall works. I left in 1951 and went with a firm of Engineering Consultant and subsequent consultants. The last 20 years I was a freelance consultant. I retired 6 months before my 66th birthday. I am now 82.

Fri Sep 05

nine elms sunday market

what time dioes it start and finish, is there parking, what stuff do they sell. I was told it was a flea market by someone I phoned re info. I have since been told that it isne and they sell all sorts from clothes to house hold - assist me please

Mon Jun 30


I am interested in a pitch to sell goods at your sunday market. is it possible for me to get a pitch for this sunday.

Wed Jun 25

hello there, i was just wondering how one can get involve with the sunday market. am quite intrested in using the market to sell my goods. pls kindly mail me about your procedures on getting started.

Thank you, Abi

Tue Jun 24

Sun Aug 26

What about selling cooked food from a trailer @ 9 Elms Market?

Do you have space for selling the public cooked food from a trailer?

Who should i contact to discuss this idea further? Do you have a telephone number to discuss in private?

Wed Jul 18


What time is the market from and to and what do they sell on sundays.

thank you for your reply.

Mon Jun 25

skipper nine elms in the late 1960s

as a young man iwas a coalman collecting and deliving coke from nine elms contracting with tyne main coal/coke co, the lorry was weighed in and out on the front gate . my dad was a coalman most of his life . every day the warm coke would fill the sacks i loved the life, today i am a london taxi driver when i drive through nine elms i can still smell the cooking of the coal/coke

Sat Apr 14


Sat Mar 17

To John re, 9 elms

John what you need to do is get on the Battersea site, we get a bit of chat about the elms and the gas works. although youe ole man sounds a biy posh, to us Batterseaites

Sun Mar 11

just a queirie what time does the sunday market open and close and what kinds of goods are on sale there

Sun Mar 04

Nine Elms Sunday Market

Wrong! Nine Elms Sunday Market has an excellent Car Boot section (nearly a third of a massive market.

Bray's Associoates organise this market, but it's best to ask one of the organisers on a visit, or come early before 7am and they will get you on.

Sat Sep 09

Yes, nine elms is in Vauxhall, the nearest underground station is Vauxhall. The sunday market is within walking distance of Vauxhall station.

Sun May 28

Nine elms no longer has a boot sale section at this market.

Sun May 28

Nine elms


could anyone tell me the company that runs thinks as i would like to get a pitch at the boot sales.

Many Thanks

Sun May 21

did you find out the company that runs the sunday market,if so please could you forward that information to me ,Your help in this matter is much appreciated.


Mon Mar 13

Hi can you please tell me if the boot sales are on in nine elms at this time of year or do they finish at a certain time thanks alot cathy you can reach me emailaddress

Sun Nov 27


My farther worked at Nine Elms Gas Works as an analyitcal chemist in the second world war. As a young boy he used to take me to see the smoldering retorts and the machinery of the production process. It was the property of the Gas Light and Coke Company. The site is now the home of a mail sorting office I believe.

Sun May 22

Nine Elms Sunday Market

Does anyone know the name of the company that run the Sunday Market & boot sale Ta

Wed May 26

where is nine elms????

is it in vauxhall???

Wed Mar 17

well, i have only been once and this was where my grandmother was born in 1910.

sorry not very exciting

Tue Mar 16


Please could you email me the names and addresses of GPs in the Nine Elms area? We need to sign on!

Many thanks

Ali Fryer

Wed Dec 03

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