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Tue Sep 27

Ever thought of giving Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a go? Great way to make new friends, improve your confidence and learn self-defence.

We train Mondays & Thursday @ 7.30pm at Bounds Green Primary School (virtually opposite Bounds Green Station). Please use the Park Road entrance.

First class is free

Sun May 08

bowes road and waterfall road

Yes its on the rondabout at the top of arnos grove station, next to Despinas greek grocery.between bowes road and waterfall road

Thu Nov 19

Its on a large roundabout, on the intersection of Waterfall Road, Brunswick PArk North,end of the road Arnos Grove underground station is on.

Wed Sep 30

Hi Sue,

I am in my early thirties and relatively new to Southgate myself from overseas. I would like to meet new people for socialising. Contact me on

Sun Sep 27

Southgate Bowls Club

Southgate Bowls Club

Broomfield Park

Aldermans Hill

Palmers Green


N13 4PP

Tel: (020) 8886 6378

New members required

Tue May 20

Mon Mar 10

Pilates classes

Hi, does anyone know of a pilates class, or other exercise classes in New Southgate or nearby. Thanks.

Mon Dec 17


hi all

Sun Nov 25



Sun Nov 25

please remove

please remove this posting, i am the original poster.

Tue May 22

Desk Share

I am looking for a desk to rent in a busy office because I run my own business and I can be noisy on the phone. Not wiling to pay more than £100 per month. Email me

Wed Nov 15

Mia on Friern Barnet Road

Reasonably priced, very friendly. Chloe is an excellent hairdresser.

Wed Nov 01


Hi, New Southgaters :) I am currently looking for a good hairdresser / saloon to make a new cool haircut for reasonable price. Please let me know if you are aware of any. Thank you in advance!

Tue Sep 12

Hi- can anyone recommend a good, reliable and not too expensive builder?



Wed Sep 06

Seeking news of Lew Amos

Great friends during the war and some little time after

Lost touch in the early 50's when I moved to Scotland.

Lew's brother Philip? moved into flats near Woodhouse School North Finchley His sister remained in New Southgate as far as I know I believe Lew moved to the south coast?

Any news of this family and Lew in particular would be much appreciated.

Tue Sep 05


I have a group of friends (male and female) all from the area, you are welcome to come out with us anytime. We go to S3 a bit, my wife also goes to an Art Society in the area if you are interested - we are both mid twenties.

Sun Jun 04

the best bet will be the penridge suite on waterfall roundabout. I attend a work event there every few months and they look after you well

Sun Jun 04

Wedding reception venue ideas

Does anyone know of a good venue in the Southgate/Arnos Grove area for a wedding reception, preferably one with outside access if it's good weather?


Fri May 05

Chinese food with no MSG?

Can anyone recommend a chinese take away that delivers and does not include msg in it, or which is responsive for a request not to include it? I am msg intolerant but love chinese food!

Sat Feb 25

not that excellent chippie!

the chippy in new southgate is not that great, and its drastically over priced. i lived in a small village in norfolk where the fish is fresh the potatoes are grown ten minutes from where they are cooked. if the new southgate chippy is your idea of good you havnt lived!!!! the guys are very friendly because they are ripping you off.

Thu Nov 03

Greetings from Düsseldorf!!

Hi there!! Am often in the UK, and would like to meet you. Write me at

Sun Sep 11

are you wanting to expand your social circle too?

i live in southgate and i'd like to meet up with people who are in their late 20's and early 30's (girls and boys) who want to go out and just have fun on a weekend or during the week. i've got plenty of friends but i'm always open to meeting more...i'm funny, chatty, i love dancing and listening to indie music, i'm spiritual, i love hanging out in bars and cafes, i love going to the cinema and i'm an artist. contact me if you also want to expand your social life, love to hear from you, suexxx.

Sat Jul 30


Has any one else been to this dental surgery and attended the emergency dentist? What makes it so 'highly recomended'?

Sat Jul 09


There is a very good dentist on the same side as A.Grove tube a bit further down the road. They are the emergency dentist for north london and have been very highly recomended.

Wed Mar 30

Pembridge Suite

Yes this is on the roundabout at the top of the road 5 mins from A grove Looks nice

Wed Mar 30

Wedding Reception - Pembridge suite?

Can any one help identifying where this might be please? A wedding reception to be held near Arnos Grove in a room called I believe the Pembridge suite. Thanks

Tue Feb 15

Brownlow Medical Centre

There is a very good doctors at the bottom of Brownlow Road named Brownlow Medical Centre. Does get a little busy but waiting times are not too excessive

Fri Nov 05

Mariner Fish and Chip Shop is superb !!

The Mariner is situated opposite Arnos Grove station.

This is without doubt the best fish and chip shop ever, and believe me I've had a few

Fri Nov 05

Yeah, they are packed

Because they've already stopped at Potters Bar and Barnet. Better off getting the Piccadilly Line from Arnos Grove (unless thats what you were referring to anyway!)

Sat Oct 30

Sat Jul 03

zingo 0870 ****00 are the best!

Sat Jan 24


Colney Hatch has a great Tesco which is 5 mins drive, just been refurbished as well, there is also Asda in Southgate, very busy, very tatty and dirty even though that has also been jazzed up. Tesco also do internet deliveries around here as well, if you liek the idea of someone else doing your shopping for you.

Thu Oct 30

Whats It like to live here???

It's generally nice and quiet, lots of through traffic from the A406 which can sometimes be a nuisance. However, the local businesses are very friendly, local transport is very good and frequent, our neighbours are nice and chatty, and always around to give some advice or help.

Thu Oct 30

Excellent chippie!

There's an excellent fish and chip shop in the shops by Arnos Grove tube stn, on the other side of the road. Highly recommended - delicious fish, good chips, and v friendly guys running the shop too!

Sat Oct 25

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