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SAMUEL PEPYS 1958 - 1962

Remember my first day when Hamblin caned four lads in front of us in the great hall. My teacher was Tarbuck and I sat next to Barry Beagle. Ken formed the mile eaters cycling club and we would all meet up at Green street green. My name is John Smith and I was the editor of the forms news letter. It was a strict school but did me no harm. Now living in Vancouver , Canada

Sat Dec 12

OLD BOY 1954-59


Thu Jul 23

I attended Samuel Pepys during the same years as you, Ken.

I expect you started as part of the new intake at the same time as me - ie: at the very beginning of the school under its new title and with the new wing. I wonder what streams/ who's forms were you in? Me - Barber, Liddell & Craddock.. a B & then 'A's, I think. Incidentally, our head was Hamblin - with the b. I seldom find anyone else from those years. I can remember quite a few names, etc, but I cannot remember yours. Was a good school then. Some excellent form masters and good discipline. I held Monsieur Servel in particularly high regard. I reckon he was the hardest working master in the school. I believe l can qualify that statement.

Sun Feb 23

Samuel pepys school

i was there in the early 80's left in 84 think it tuned to Hatcham wood mixed school not long after that (was previously just a boys school)

Wed Sep 25

l went to this school in 1554 to 1959 enjoyed my. time at woodwork and metal l have still got some stuff l made

Wed Aug 21

l went to this school in 1554 to 1959 enjoyed my. time at woodwork and metal l have still got some stuff l made

Wed Aug 21

School in Brockley, Samuel Pepys

How can i get the school record from 1961

Tue Dec 11

Samuel Pepys School - Wallbutton Rd. SE4

Interesting history re. My New Cross Gate.

I was student at Samuel Pepys Comprehensive Boys School from 1973 to 1975. From Year 3 to Year 5 (CSE/GCSE).

TRULY can say the School gave me a great Academic foundation and was "well run" School at the time - Given it was newly established "Comprehensive" in a fairly "rough" area.

It would be appreciated if anyone can share their knowledge of this School or if anyone attended the School between 1973 - 1975/6.


Thu Nov 01

Samuel Pepys Boys Comp. School - New Cross Gate

Interesting history re. My New Cross Gate.

I was student at Samuel Pepys Comprehensive Boys School from 1973 to 1975. From Year 3 to Year 5 (CSE/GCSE).

TRULY can say the School gave me a great Academic foundation and was "well run" School at the time - Given it was newly established "Comprehensive" in a fairly "rough" area.

It would be appreciated if anyone can share their knowledge of this School or if anyone attended the School between 1973 - 1975/6.


Thu Nov 01

I used to 'work' at the crossing gates in the mid-late 1950's on a Saturday looking after bicycles for guys going to the Football grounds. The level crossing man used to keep the money and I think he gave me a shilling for the afternoon - also lucrative collecting the bottles and getting 2p back for them. I remember the steam trains and standing on the bridge whilst they were using the level crossing I think going into the Key Glass Works.

Sat Apr 14

It started as Brockley Central mixed around 1900. In approx. 1955 the girls moved to a new school, an extension was built on the old school and it became a technical central for Boys. It was a Technical Central in 1956 when I joined and it changed its name to Samuel Pepys it then briefly became one of the first London comprehensive schools, with an (under used) grammar stream. It then had a reasonable reputation. With the closure and partial integration of another failing local Secondary Modern in the early 60's its reputation diminished. It was too small a site for a modern comprehensive and It closed in the late 1990's and was later demolished.

Sat Apr 14

Samuel Pepys School

I went to this school in 1954 to 1959 enjoyed my time their loved playing cricket , football for the school teams. Mr Hamlin headmaster

Wed Sep 20

hi. yes I was at Samuel Pepys for 2yrs that was around 1950

Wed Mar 05

hi. yes I was at Samuel Pepys for 2yrs that was around 1950

Wed Mar 05

ARbuthnot road

Hi I am looking for a family who lived at 61 ARbuthnot ROad in the 1940's the name was bob and Beatrice Smith and had sons ROnald, Robert and JAmes my uncle was BOb and I am trying to find the sons or anyone related to them I know ROnald married a JOyce ELlen GAge in 1951 and I think Robert married a Olive DAvies in 1956 any information would be grateful to add to the family tree. My names is Amelia Evans and my email address is

Wed Mar 05

Samuel Pepys school

I went to Samuel Pepys school in the 60s when it was a secondary modern boy school.

It was the only school in Wallbutton road, Brockley se4.

I think the school closed in the 80s

Tue Mar 04

Cold Blow crossing


Anyone out there have any photos of Cold Blow Crossing taken from Brocklehurst Road end, showing level crossing looking toward the old Den.

Please e mail me on

Mon Nov 18

Minicabs in new cross gate 02032212121

New cross premier cars: **** ****1

Sun Nov 17

Minicabs in new cross gate 02032212121

New cross premier cars: **** ****1

Sun Nov 17


Aw I'll be your friend! i'm moving to New X soon too :)

Tue Jul 09

Fri Jun 14

New Cross Gate Brockley Central School

Does anybody know anything about the school that was in Wallbutrton Road or was a pupil.

Contact me with any info.

Sun Apr 28

New Cross Gate Nettleton Road

We lived in Nettleton Road for a few years up to 1956. Can anybody remember the Palmer family who lived I believe No 15.

Would be interested to know what happened to them.

Please contact me by e mail

Fri Mar 29

New Cross Gate Brockley Central School

Any body living or lived in New Cross remember BCS and went to it or had a relation who was a pupil. Please make contact mail me

Sun Mar 03

I am interested and I would like to know more about this dance class. pls call me on ********4 thank you

Sat Jun 09



Mon Mar 12



Mon Mar 12



Mon Mar 12

New Fringe Theatre

The London Theatre - New Cross is a 50 seat venue on New Cross road - plays coming up include 'Under Milk Wood' and comic Andi Osho with her new show. It is 100 yards from New Cross BR


Wed Nov 16


can you please delete it.

Sat Feb 19

Anyone work at Evan Cooks?

I am trying to put together something special for a dear but frail old friend of mine and have been tracing the name of old employees at his workplace Evan Cooks around 1952 - in particular at their garage which was 72 Queens Road, Peckham - just along from New Cross Gate. One name eludes me, I understand he may have been the manager and was named 'Jack'. I'm told he lived in Morden but cannot find his surname. If any of your readers have information, memories or photos they can share I would be so pleased.

Many thanks.

Tue Nov 24

I am researching my family from New Cross and found baptism record in All Saints Hatcham Park.Does anyone have a photo of this church please?

This was from the 1906 era to 1912 when they left as orphans.

I am still trying to find one sister Jessica Wood c1905 if anyone knows that name?

Thank you

Bernice Bunton

Thu Sep 17

Decider. Well done for never having left your borough or whatever is your reason for thinking you're Mr New Cross, but who are you to tell people where they should feel at home?

Sat May 30

Pine Door Paint Strippers

Am trying to find a reliable door paint stripper in the New Cross Gate/Brockley SE4 area. A few doors to do and 50 years of paint to remove! John

Mon May 04

gay souna

Mon Mar 30


Hallo allemaal

Thu Mar 26

Acupucture and Therapeutic Massage

Hi my name is Jo Ellen Wisnosky. I offer acupuncture and therapeutic massage at the Sunflower Centre, 81 Tressillian Road Brockley SUNDAYS 11am to 3pm and by appointment. Please contact me ****.217.133 directly or via the Sunflower Centre 0208.694.2714 Acupuncture and Massage may help: Tension release

Post-natal recovery

Fertility concerns

Relaxation/improved well-being

Injury rehabilitation

Digestive Problems and more

Thu Feb 12

Haywards Pickle Factory at Bird in bush road

Hi There

I'm wondering if anyone out there worked at Haywards Pickle Factory at Bird in bush road, Peckham in 1971 / 1972.

Or if anyone knows of anyone called Antony who worked there at this time. I'm not sure of his surname but he lived in Pomeroy Street New Cross?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

You can email me on

Fri Sep 05

Artists studio/Desk space/Storage Available AND Wanted!

Hi all

There is currently short term studio/desk/storage space available at the unit I am currently using. It is available immediately until the end of April. It may therefore be useful as a temporary stop gap space or for a one off project or indeed storage for materials. Please

Tue Jan 15

Running and Mountain biking...


Does anyone know of any running clubs nearby? Greenwich, or Dulwich would be super?

Also, are there any Mountain biking within an easy train ride? I club or a bunch of people who'd like an extra person would be great. E-mail me on

Wed Nov 28

A place to live wanted

Hi, i am a 19 year old student studying psychology at Goldsmiths College. I did not get a place in halls and woudl like to find a place to live. i would love to share with other students. if you have a spare room, do let me know. my email is

Sun Oct 07

doggie and i looking for home

I'm a 30 year old Masters Goldsmiths student is looking for a room in a house, preferably with garden, for me and my lovely dog nina. I'm not too particular about location but i need to get to Goldsmiths University pretty easlily. Nina a lovely three year old female medium sized fox terrier cross. She is fully trained neutered, absolutely loving, quite dog. I am a psychotherapy student from Malta who is easy going, calm, responsible, positive person. So if you love dogs and don't mind throwing a ball or giving a cuddle every now and then and would like to come home and get covered with kisses ( by the dog!!!) without the hassle of needing to care for a dog please contact me on

Mon Sep 17



I am looking for a small workspace for my friend.

It doesn't have to be huge, 6m x 10m or little bit larger would be enough for him to handle small jobs for his sign making.

He uses tools and small machines but it's not too noisy.

Does anyone have/know any space/garage available like above to make a small extra cash each month?

If you do, please contact me.

Sat Aug 18

Hatcham Social Club

Hatcham Social Club, i am informed by a reliabie source, ceases operating after close on Saturday 18th August. End of many years of tradition once a great Club. RIP.

Wed Aug 15


Telegraph Hill Centre

Kitto Road

New Cross Gate



Tel: (020) 7639 0214

Mon Aug 06

Kixa Central Power

Women's self-defence on Thursday evenings from 7:30 pm till 9:30 pm

All Saint's Hall

105 New Cross Road



Tel: **** ****0

Mon Aug 06

Kixa Central Power

Women's self-defence on Thursday from 7:30 till 9:30 pm

All Saint's Hall

105 New Cross Road



Tel: **** ****0

Mon Aug 06

Kateda Self-Defence Class

Kateda Self-Defence Class

38 Kender Street

New Cross



For details: (020) 7252 9351

Fri Aug 03

Kateda Self-Defence Classes

Kateda Self-Defence Classes

38 Kender Street

New Cross



Tel: (020) 7252 9351 for details.

Fri Aug 03

plasterer wanted


I'm looking for a good, reliable plasterer who doesn't charge the earth. If you can recommend someone, please let me know. It's just to skim the ceiling in one room.

Many thanks


Fri Jun 29

it still exsists but recently got put up for sale, before that it was a great place for indie gigs, it was brilliant and quite well known across south east london

Thu Jun 21

Hatcham Social Club

Can anyone tell me if the Hatcham Social Club still exists? From the early 1990s I used to be a member of this club for many years'. I did not renew my membership because I used to be in the club's lounge at 9:30 pm on either a Friday or Saturday evening and there were hardly any other members using the facilities. All this was disappointing as the facilities were very good and a few years' previously there quite a lot of people in the club enjoying themselves and the atmosphere was lively.

I recall Lois McLaine, a versatile and talented artiste, providing a first class cabaret. I was so impressed with her singing that I bought two of her CDs - "Clear as the moon" and "Who knows" - which I recommend to any music lover.

Since I rarely visit the New Cross Gate area these days I would appreciate it if someone could tell me if the Hatcham Social Club - which I remember with kindness -

is still operating?

Wed May 30

Hatcham Park Conservation Area

Hello Readers,

Can anyone provide some feedback on the Hatcham Park conservation area? Any information would be appreciated.

Sat Apr 21

Your Gym Buddy

Have you seen a new site called Your Gym Buddy?

It seems pretty new but looks like it is being geared up to help people find a gym buddy.

Might be worth a look!

Sun Apr 15

Hey Lindsey...

Check out this guy, His name is peter too. Peter Gordon, he is a very good and reliable painter and decorator. 0207 582 2689

good luck with it...

Thu Mar 29



Does anyone know a good painter to repaint the OUTSIDE of our house?


Wed Mar 28

Diploma in Counselling: Lewisham College

Are you doing/ have you done the Diploma in Counselling at Lewisham College? Do you know anyone else who is/has? I am considering whether to do this course and would find it really useful to hear the experiences of someone who has done their counselling training at Lewisham. Email me at

Fri Feb 16

Are you

straight? Lol

Sat Feb 10

Probably you can use a gym in Goldsmiths College. It costs you only 50p or 1 quid.

Sat Feb 10

Bullying support Group

On the saturday 3rd of feb I will be hosting the first meeting of the bullying support group for 18 - 24 year olds. It'll be at the marquis of Granby, New cross, opposite Goldsmiths college at 7PM. It'll be relaxed, informal and hopefully fun. All who it applies to are welcome. For more info

Mon Jan 22



I have been dancing salsa for a while, and the more I do it the more I love it.

Do you fancying coming along for lessons? I know there are a few places around Camberwell, Oval, and Stockwell (don't know of any in New Cross Gate)?

Get in touch if you want to come out dancing, and to meet new people.


Sun Dec 03

Write to me if u want

Thu Nov 30

The nearest gym is at Goldsmiths College

which is open to the public.

Tue Nov 07

Hello, please can we go rock climbing and to the cinema with you!! We live in halls down goodwood road come visit for a hallowean party and to meet student friends!! x x x

Wed Oct 25

your nearest gym is wavelenght in deptford, they have a pool gym, wet n dry sauners, also aerobic classess, and they have women only on a tuesday from 6.30pm, there is also a gym at goldsmith college, which is brand new. hope this helps.

Tue Oct 03

where do you run?

Yes I am interested in running if you are still looking for a buddy

Mon Jun 19

jogging buddy

Hi martin, looks like an old email. are you still looking for someone to run with?

Fri Jun 09

hi Lukas

drop me a line!

Wed May 31


rock climbing sounds like fun

Wed Mar 15

Goldsmiths Tavern

This is really sad, but I miss going to Goldsmiths on a friday night, none of my friends that live in the area now wanna go there, I quite like the occasional friday night there for a few drinks & bit of a boogie with the rest of the crazy people!

Anyone fancy going for the odd drink there on a friday night!


Thu Mar 09

Thu Mar 02

Any success in finding a local football club?

I am also looking for a local football club and was wondering if you had managed to find one. Please reply ASAP.

Wed Mar 01

Make friends

I need a friend as well! If you are interested in Chinese culture, please let me know.

Tue Feb 21

New Cross Gate


Could You tell me where is the nearest gym or fitness club?

Thank You

Sat Feb 11

Gym buddy needed:))

hi Im looking for gym buddy or jogging buddy? anyone interested??

Thu Jan 12

hello it will be nice to hook up with u

i am a guy living in thamesmead but gay

looking for friends to hung out with

email me back

Sat Jan 07

Hi there. Just a note to say that the Rosemary Branch in New Cross is no longer a gay pub. I just called and checked with the manager. (Nov 2005).

Sat Nov 26

Drs Surgery

There is a really good Drs Surgery called St Johns vale. I've been going there since birth. Its on St Jonns vale Opposite Lewisham college. Get on the 21, 136, 436, 321 or the 36 and get off just outside lewisham college. Its on the corners of St Johns vale and Lewisham Way.

Fri Nov 11

hello rafael

im missing you baby, its michelle... ill be at the venue in new cross gate on friday 7th october...hopefully ill see you there

love and kissses sexy


Wed Oct 05

I've lived in the New Cross Area for just over 3 years now, having moved from Fulham which had really disappeared up its own arse...I was glad to see the back of it, though it did take me at least a year before I felt that this was home. Communities are evolving things not things stuck in the past and its great that new friends are being made all over the area.

When I moved in I only had one work colleague living here and now I have 4 and a growing circle of friends...pity theres not anywhere really great to hang out except Telegraph Hill and our own homes..............

Sun Aug 21

Hey friend

New to the area, looking for friends to socialise with. Into R&b reggae, Disco rare grooves

Sat Aug 20

Gospel Choir in Peckham

Where: All Saints Church, Blenheim Grove, Peckham, SE15 4QS

When: Monday Evening 7.30-9pm from September 5th

Who: Everybody is welcome

What: An hour and a half of informal and fun singing (music ranges from Sisiter Act to Spirituals)

If you enjoy singing you'll enjoy this!

Tue Aug 09

whats your email address then?

Tue Aug 09

Walk in NHS??

I recently registered with Doctors in no 23/24 Laurie Grove, New Cross, SE14 6NH. They are very nice and friendly. Hope this helps:)

Wed Jul 20

Gay Pub

The Rosemary Branch just past Goldsmith's...

Wed Jul 20

Flat in NXGate


Not sure when you posted this but I am moving out of my room at the end of August. It is a big double and the house is a Victorian semi on Jerningham Road so there is lots of room in the house. We are all ex-Goldsmithers too so if you can get over the gangbangyness you will have lots in common!!! There are already 6 people living in the house. It has been done up pretty nicely and there is a big garden. If you really need to move quickly I can be flexible. Contact me here:

Thu Jul 07

There is a bar in New Cross

The Rosemary Branch next to Goldsmiths is a gay Venue,The staff are very friendly and it has a large mixed croud all having a blast, whats more the drinks are very reasonable to.

Wed Jun 08

Sat May 28

If there isn't a sense of community people like this probably explain why! I'm not a student either and I didn't realise they were hated so much. It seems a shame that there's so much snobbery in the place - like new people aren't good enough for your area!

Thu May 12

Peckem Pulse

is a pretty good gym and not to far away it's just next to the bus library and is very well sign posted

Wed May 04

only been here a year but really impressed with the transport connections to the rest of london .. it can be busy but then thats london - period.

also .. although i agree that new cross is dirty it also seems relatively safe compared to some of the areas surrounding it or in the east end.

none of us are kidding ourselves that its notting hill .. sounds like you just needed to get it off your chest after a hard day, right?

now back to searching down the location of a dentist ;)

Wed Apr 13

I NEED A FRIEND! (apply generous helpings of sympathy here)

I have no friends and i don't know why. It's not like i'm an axe murderer. I've put all that behind me now.

I am a 23 year old male living in New Cross Gate. I recently split with my girlfriend and she took my social life with her. I just wanna hang out with some easy goin, down to earth people, male, female, straight, gay etc. I don't mind, jus wana have fun!

I like goin to the cinema, eatin out and goin for drinks in nice bars. I ain't really a sports person but I'm thinkin of startin indoor rock climbing lessons in north London if anyone fancies joinin me.

Anyway if you jus wana huk up and have a laugh, let me know...

Wed Feb 23

New Cross Walk-In Centre

It is open 365 days a year (7 am- 10 pm; 8-8 at weekends and Bank Hols). 40 Goodwood road. No appointment - most minor ailments, plus info on local GP's etc. A very friendly service, normally you will be seen in less than 10 mins.

Sat Feb 12

Unfriendly and divisive

Although I don't relate to Benjemen's comments, (he obviously is lucky enough to live at the Telegraph Hill end of New Cross Gate, and good for him) I think your response shows just why New Cross has all the negativities that I list in my comment elsewhere. Whether you like Goldsmiths students or not they bring money and variety into the area, and no, I am not a student. How do you feel people could fit into community? Maybe you could help me improve my quality of life here. I hate this them and us attitude...it doesn't make for a good community and New Cross is evidence of that.

Sat Jan 15

Good transport yes, but peaceful community?!

I have lived in New Cross Gate for almost 8 years, there a lot of things I like about the place itself but unfortunately there are just too many social problems here. It is threatening and dirty, it is not unusual to see matresses dumped on pathways, along with any other household object that the owners don't want. Ahh and the spitting.....you have to constantly dodge spit on the ground and just be thankful that the person who spits as you walk by doesn't cover you. It is a dirty place but only because of how some people make it.

The transport is good, but try getting onto buses without being pushed physically or witnessing an argument. I have had some really horrible experiences and I am a placid but assertive person. The buses have got worse since K.Livingstones contribution...yes more people use the same amount of buses and its getting tense out there! It is not unusual to stand the whole way into to town.

Sat Jan 15

walk-in centre

The walk-in centre is now open - it's at the bottom of Goodwood Road, underneath Goldsmith's halls. Walking away from New Cross Gate station in the direction of Deptford, it's the first street on the left. Always seems to be open and is never too full!

Wed Dec 29

Criminal night life on the cross (X)

Some crack fiends roll around the high road at night 4 real. They ask for change and things. Wot do I do if they approach me aggressively?

Thu Dec 09

Dilly Dally - all good!!! but you are ignorin the dark side of New Cross

Not to be mean but you callin New Cross home is B.S. I'd bet you never grew up here. You probably came from a rich family house in North London or the countryside. If I saw you it is unlikey I would see you as part of our community. Are you some Goldsmith wacky student with no style or game like the rest of them?

Thu Dec 09

Contact Lewisham PCT to find a registering GP

Their website lists all the GPs local to you. You can phone to find out if the list is open to new patients. There will be a new NHS Walk-In Centre opening in New Cross soon (not sure where). P.S. Don't bother seeing your Practice Nurse/Nurse Practitioner/GP for an upper respiratory tract infection unless you've had it for at least a week!

Mon Nov 29

GP in News Cross

Hello my mother is Diabetic and lives in New York. Because of her age and condition (she has other medical problems) she needs to be visited by a nurse every week to get her blood sugars and her insulin injection taken as she cannot administer them herself. Until recently a nurse was coming to visit her but she stopped because the Doctir said that my mother lived outside the cachement area and that she would have to register with a new GP in New Cross. Please could you recommend a suitable one. Many thanks

Tue Nov 02

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