Welcome to London New Cross

Im John Dunford. My sister dorothy has posted previously. I am moving house and in clearing out i have come across a beautiful pencil drawing of Pagnell Street mission which I inherited from my mum and dad. It was drawn by an Alec. G Robinson and is signed AGR 50.

As you lived there I would be happy for you to have it.

However I will be out of the UK from Saturday of this week until December 22nd and then from December 29th until February 18th.

If yo let me have your details I will get it to you as soon as I can.

I was born in 1942 so we must have been at St James at the same time.

I dont know whether you attended the evening service at the Mission but I sat on the back row with my Mother and Mrs Childs.

I look forward to hearing from you

Wed Nov 06

Give me call Jim


Kathleen from New Cross

Fri Dec 14

Hi Jim

Was your parents names Christ &James ?

Aunt Kathleen

Fri Dec 14

witcher st

Lived in Little Witcher, the cul de sac at 31a with mum and dad and sis Mandy, Railway houses opposite where the sons went to the oil shop for a new accumulator for the wireless. houses lit by gas . nan Porter lived in big witcher . The Welch family lived next to us . E mail

Mon Nov 26

Pagnell Street Mission

My dad Captain Reg Dunford was the Church Army Captain at Pagnell Street Mission between 1947 and 1951. My name was Dorothy Dunford and I was born at St Michael's House on the corner of Knoyle Street in January 1948. I remember that there was an anniversary of the mission perhaps in 1950 maybe it was 50 years old...My brother John went to the church school attacged to St James'Hatcham. Mum was a church army sister and ran women's meetings

Wed Apr 19


Has anyone any memories of Pagnell Street in 1945 to 1950 We lived in the flat above the Mission Hall in Pagnell Street where my Dad was a Caretaker. I remember. Snead Street around the corner, Beryl Peto, Betty Greenaway There were Prefabs across the Road from the Mission Hall.

Sat Mar 18

New cross in the 50,60 and 70s

I lived in monson road from 1953 until 1974 and had lots of good friends in the area, I was born in Deptford in 1948 and went to monson raod school.

My name is Ray Hamilton i married Trish Way in 1970, Do you remember me or Trish.

Tue Jul 05

ormside st new cross

My mothers family came form ormside st and they where call drinkal,

live in the area for many years and moved to upcot st just around the conner.

I was born in deptford and lived in london until 1975,

No houses left in the ormside st,

work for costains in cold blow lane for 10 years

Tue Jul 05

Drinkal family

My grand mother was called drinkal and lived in upcot st, my mother also lived in upcot st until the end of the war 1945. The family was big and ones lived in hornshay st, just around the corner my mother got married to bill hamilton.

my aunt grace and my uncle george lived there until the 60s.

the pub in upcot st was called the sandford. I remember a wet fish shop on the corner. I was born in deptford in 1948 and lived in london until 1974,

my name is Ray hamilton and now live in the north

I remember most of the drinkal family from this time.

Tue Jul 05

Can anybody tell me if Elijah is still doing the kick boxing at telegraph hill on fridays

Fri Apr 08

childeric road school

dear dorothy what year was you born was you there at the same time as me or one of your brothers maybe i was born in dec 1953

Tue Feb 16

Amersham Grove

I remember the Kempster family, my sister and I lived in Amersham Grove all our lives, No 2, used to play with Heather and Jackie, Neil, Maureen (till she left the street to move to Kidbooke) taken back such happy days, we had nothing but freedom, would be playing on the streets all day and exploring our world, something the kids don't get to do today. Often we would run up Creek Road to take a dip in the Thames at Greenwich then play on the Cutty Sark

Mon Jan 04

I lived with my family at 33 witcher street in 1960-68...Some names I do remember are Sweeneys, Salters, furlongs, Johnsons, Sales, Bradleys, Coombers, Goslings, Parrs, also a lady named Rene Elmer used to child mind for some of the local children...Also went to Sir Francis Drake School....Great memorys!

Mon Nov 16

Whitcher street

My friend Gladys surname was Bradley. I went Sunday school, at St.Michaels. remember Reverend Monk? I was in the brownies there too. Also Mrs. Levine? Lepine? Lived almost opposite ( Nearly always wore headscarf like a turban).. I think her son was Terry, friends with my brother Brian. Also the Nissan? Huts, about 4 I think near Dr Mitchell's surgery end. Monica & her family lived at no.1 downstairs., Next to my nan & grandad. An older couple lived above them Strickley,Streetley? Prob more to come.

Tue Oct 27

I went to childric and my 2 brothers victor and Edward trott

Sat Sep 19

I went to childric and my 2 brothers victor and Edward trott

Sat Sep 19

childeric road school

did any one go to this school in the 60s i was born in 1953

Mon Aug 24

Westminster post

Tramps rarely commit crime. Sure they might make a place FEEL different but they are not a big contribute to violent crime. Disenfranchised youths are but not tramps. get your facts straight and stop allowing your judgemental prejudices do the talking. Also, have some respect and take your poor-bashing elsewhere.

Fri Aug 14

Hi Mick, I lived at and was Born at 3 Vance Street. I too went to Childeric School. I was born in1943 and so I too am 72. I can remember a lot about the area and quite a few names of class members. Can you remember me from these few details.

Fri May 29

Hi Mick, I was born and lived at 3 Vance Street I was born in our Morrison shelter during an air raid in March 1943. I am also 72. Do you remember Tom's Cafe at the corner of Childeric Road? Tom's daughter Barbara Yarnton was in my class so too were many you may recall:- John Andrews, Edward Buckingham, William Herd, Colin Cluthe, John Lawrence, MICHAEL MALONE, Iris Bird, Evelyn Cripps, Irene Currie, Ruby Locke, Pat Waterhouse, Linda Whelan????? I too vividly recall taking the laundry sack to the Bagwash.

Do you remember Humphries oil shop? Fearmans sweet shop? The barbers and laundry and the United Dairies (which was run by my Aunt Mabel).

Fri May 29

Hi Mick, I was born and lived in Vance Street and I also went to Childeric School. I remember Tom's Cafe on the corner and Barbara Yarnton was Tom's daughter and was in my class. Does this nudge the memory at all? I can also recall taking the accumulator ( for the radio ) to be charged at Humphries oil shop, Fearmans sweet shop Smith's Barbers and the laundry ( next door), the barber's family also ran a removals business. The United Dairy shop on the corner opposite Edward Street School was run by my Aunt Mabel. I vividly remember taking the laundry to the Bagwash in Nynehead Street. Here are a few names of other pupils in my class at Childeric:- John Andrews, Edward Buckingham, William Herd, Bernard Howard or Howes, Colin Cluthe, John Lawrence, MICHAEL MALONE, Victoria Leach, Katherine Hall, Pamela Hall, Pat Waterhouse, Linda Whelan, Ruby Locke, Roy Miller, Victor Trott, John Waite, Barry Wemborn, David Whipps, Iris Bird, Evelyn Cripps, Irene Curry, Madeline Porter, Valerie Walto

Fri May 29

Whitcher Street SE14 #16 Clarke

Hey Keith, this is Roger Clarke. You may remember Colin and the rest of us as well. Good to see some familiar names again. I have moved to the States, but the rest of the guys are still around. Hope all is good

Fri Apr 10

Whitcher Street SE14

My husband Roger C lived at #16. He says that their garden backed on to the the railroad. The street itself came off of Woodpecker Road where the railway bridge went over. He said they often played at the WWII bombed out area of Folkstone Gardens mid-60's.

Sat Mar 28

Witcher Street

I lived in the cul de sac bit of witcher Street opposite the railway houses where the boys would go to the oil shop to get a new battery for the wireless. I was at 36A , The Terry PINE who has been mentioned may be Terry Lepine who lived by the fire alarm at the corner of "Big Witcher^ I knew a Barry SWAN and my nan also lived in Big Witcher E mail is

Wed Dec 03


Hi. l will mention you to chris, l spoke to dye and thinks he remembers you. l don't, l was only 4 or so.

Sun Nov 02


Hi. l will mention you to chris, l spoke to dye and thinks he remembers you. l don't, l was only 4 or so.

Sun Nov 02

More memories Whitcher Street.

I went to Sunday school and Brownies at St Michaels and my brother Brian was in the scouts. He played the big drum as he was the tallest! Surname I said was Flanagan, was Fannon. Also neighbours were Mr & Mrs Measey, oh and granny Hill used to sit by her open window and shout at the kids..

Mon Aug 25

More memories Whitcher Street.

I went to Sunday school and Brownies at St Michaels and my brother Brian was in the scouts. He played the big drum as he was the tallest! Surname I said was Flanagan, was Fannon. Also neighbours were Mr & Mrs Measey, oh and granny Hill used to sit by her open window and shout at the kids..

Mon Aug 25

Hi. I was born in 1942 at 22 Liardet Street. My parents were Sid and Maud Malone, and they shared the house with George and Flo Little., who had two kids, Ronnie and Carol. My mum worked at the Bagwash and The Spinners. I went to Childeric Road school. I am 72 and I live in New Zealand. My parents are deceased, but I would love to hear from anyone who remembers my family. Mick Malone.

Sat Aug 23

There's a Whitcher Close on Milton Court Estate. New Cross/Deptford area.

Thu Jun 12

Whicher Street New Cross

I lived with my family in Whicher Street until our house was compulsary purchased back in 1968 We lived at No. 27 and our back garden backed onto the church. I can vaguely remember our neighbours who I used to play with 2 girls call Belgin and Berin. I was only 7 when we moved away. We were moved to a brand new flat on the Pepys Estate Deptford.

Wed May 07



Tue Feb 11

Whitcher Street, New Cross

I grew up in Whitcher Street in the late 1940's, the 1950's and into the early 1960's. I remember most of the names listed above. I lived at number 50 and my name is Colin Styles. What wonderful, innocent days they were - we played out in the street all day long, traffic was very very light and no one considered it unsafe. Happy days!

Sun Feb 02

St Michael

hello mate when you went St Michaels do you remember Mrs cassidy Sunday school teacher I used to go church. Sunday school. cubs and scouts best church I ever went to

Wed Dec 18


hello I remember you say hello to Chris we (keith and morris Simpson) were good mates back in the day

Wed Dec 18

witcher street

alright Jim how ya doing mate my name is keith Simpson me and me brother morris (Mo) used to come round to play football with Gerry gaffeney Freddy Ridgway some times seamus we lived in Folkestone gardens.Havent seen Gerry ,Freddy died last year, I saw Seamus at johnny Arnold's mums funeral couple of years ago.Also terry pine asked me if I knew you.my sister Carmen who used to work in post office new cross gate says she spoke to you not long ago.cheers see ya anout

Wed Dec 18

witcher street

hello mate do you remember the Clark family 4 boys and a girl I remember the boys Colin,Graham,keith, and roger they all went childeric. also there was a bloke walked with a limp wore a cap had a brown dog called penny just wondered if you knew him cheers

Wed Dec 18

Minicabs in new cross 02032212121

New cross premier cars : ********1

Sun Nov 17

Minicabs in new cross 02032212121

New cross premier cars : ********1

Sun Nov 17

Hey Steve, my mum was dolly Williamson and yes she was really good friends with your mum who sometimes used to look after me and my brother and sister. We lived at 33 Withcher st and moved away in 1968 to Catford. Was your brother and sister Susan and Colin?

Thu Oct 03

I was born in Whitcher st in 1950 and moved out when compulsory purchase by council moved everyone out..in 1968, but stayed in New Cross for quite a few more years. My nan and grandad also lived next door. Some surnames I remember, Flanagan, Lewis,Doughty,Pope, Granny Hill, Loveridge,Dr.Mitchell,. Sadler,(emigrated), Ward,Cudlipp, I also went to St Michaels church (which is not mentioned much, it was opp cold blow lane, but that too was demolished! I,ll probably remember more! my two best friends were Gladys.. And Valorie Doughty. Ahh memories, should write it all down.

Thu Aug 15

I live in new cross and looking to join a team. Currently playing 5aside but have played 11aside league football on a regularly.

let me know if you still require a player


Wed Aug 14

kickboxing in new cross?

Does anyone know a kickboxing club in new cross or near?

Wed May 22

1920 to 1964

My mother was born in one of the victorian houses and my grandmother lives in upcot street just around the corner. Thay were a big family by the name of Drinkal. Ray

Thu Mar 28

I have lived there with my partner for 7 years. It was absolutely fine.

Sat Mar 16

hi am in lewisham fancy meeting soon

Mon Feb 04

new cross in the 60.s

vance street, milton court road, amersham grove, my family the kempsters lived in new cross, there was 7 of us and l was the youngest, l was born in 62 and remember milton court road as a street lined with victorian houses, we lived oppisite liadet street, there was a tea and sugar shop called annams, in november of 67 l got run over by a scooter trying to get to this shop and spent the next 6 months in miller hospital, l remember the bag wash, and the smell of old bones boiling to make soap from a factory on woodpecker road, the dairy shop on the corner oppisite the dew drop inn,

Sun Jan 13

Nettleton Road

Does anybody remember the Palmer family who lived I beleive No 14. Prior,during andpost WW2.

Please mail me

Tue Nov 13

Portuguese Classes

Hi, I'm offering portuguese classes (Brazil) at home in New Cross. Reasonable prices :)

Sun Sep 30


I too lived at Witcher Street in the cul-de-sac near railway line from 1960-68. Our family name was Thorpe. The area is completely "regenerated" now with no trace of how it was apart from Cold Blow Lane. Happy days eh?

Sun Sep 09

hi we lived in the street from 1958 to 1964 mum remembers a jim that lived there thinks he was irish ! does anyone remember a dolly williams or williamson ?

Sun Jul 01

I started yoga 13 years ago with Glenys in New Cross when I lived in London.. She totally got me into it and I have since become a teacher and has been teaching for 7 years in Ireland. I will never forget her and Im still planning to go back for a class when im in London.. She is the best!!!

Fri Jun 22

Info Whitcher street

Hi I lived at number 54 whitcher street 1958, as you come out of cold blow lane deptford end turn left and it was just before the railway bridge, the back gardens backed on to the railway, Great street, hope this helps


Wed Jun 06

Yeah I know Elijah, he teaches muay thai at Gunns MMA in Dulwich Hamlet Gym

Sun May 06

looking for relatives

i wonder if there is anyone who remembers Frank Webb. he used to live in Deptford before he was married, but he moved to New Cross. i think his wife was called Gwen i would love to hear any news about them . My dad was Franks mothers brother i live in West Yorkshire and am 73 years old

Tue Apr 24

Spanish Playgroups - pre school activities

My daughter is 15 months and both Spanish and English are spoken at home, does anyone know any of any activities, playgroups in the area for spanish speakers?

Tue Feb 28

New Fringe Theatre

I have opened a 36/50 seat fringe theatre called the London Theatre in New Cross on New Cross Road near New Cross BR. Plays coming up include 'Under Milk Wood' and a special show by comic Andi Osho


Wed Nov 16

try this place

www.thelondontheatre.com they have rehearsal space in New Cross with a wooden dance floor and full wall mirror 0208 694 1888

Wed Nov 16

Mongoose Thai Boxing CLub

Hi there...just letting you know that Elijah Johnson intends to commence his Mongoose Thai Kickboxing Classes at Positive Mental Attiude Community College (PMACC) as of January 2011. For more information contact PMACC on 0208-692-8090.



Mon Jan 03

Iyengar Yoga Institute Deptford


Does anyone know if Glynis is still there and if not where she is now (if she's still teaching). I loved her classes and would like to practice with her again. Thanks in advance.

Wed Nov 03

im in kitto road

Sun Oct 10

Office and Rent Share with Entertainment Company

Thanks for checking out my ad.

We are an Online Internet Radio broadcasting on the internet live 24/7, we are also an A & R, Events Promotions and Management company based in South East London.

We are currently looking to expand so we are looking to share an office and rent with individuals or companies who are also in the Entertainment business.

We are looking to share offices in New Cross with other DJ's, A & R companies, Event Promoters, Music Studios, Artists and Musicians and also Film and TV Production companies.

If you're interested in this venture and would like to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me-

Sat Sep 11

maxine donaldson

does anyone know maxine donaldson i think she lives at 204 pomeroy street new cross please email me at

Sat Jul 31

bally dancer seeking a dance hall to teach childern and young people

i was born and sill live in newcross. i will also like newcross to benefit from my skills and talent. do u know any dancing hall about.

Thu Feb 11

Large dauble room in a two floor house for a lady to share with one Lady ( 5 MINTS tLONDON BRIDGE). hannah-5@live.co.uk

Will you be my house mate? (Prefer student , but not a must) hannah-5.live.co.uk

A very large dauble room in a gorgeous house for one lady to share with only one another Lady! Live the dream and be my house mate:).

Thanks v.much for reading my Ad and please do call me on: ********7 or email me on hannah-5live.co.uk for further details,


Tue Nov 24

Bi man looking for friends in New Cross

Hi just moved to live here in New Cross. Would like to find local bi or gay friends here.


Tue Jun 23

Family Houseshare

Are you interested in communal family living?

We are looking for two other families with young children to get together and rent a house. We have one son who will be 3yrs old in May. We would like to experience living in a co-operative, communal environment, benefitting everyone involved:

-children can play together and learn from each other

-parents can share skills and childcare

-bigger living space and garden

-more economical consumption

The idea is to rent a 6 or 7 bedroom house so that everyone can have their own space while also having communal areas. Ideally, we would like to live in Brockley/New Cross but we are flexible.

This is clearly a long-term plan as we would have to get to know one another and discuss our expectations, so we are in no hurry to move and everything would be very informal to begin with. If you are interested please email

Wed Feb 11

Wed Feb 04

Where can i buy new years eve tickets for the venue from?

I want 4/5 and I'm worried they'll all be sold out if i wait until the actual night but i think it only opens on Friday/Saturday night. Can someone help? Lauren

Mon Dec 29

looking for adele la scaleia in london

ciao, i'm looking for a contact to speak / meet adele la scaleia in london. my name is giovanni (bove) and i am from paterno. can you help me ?

thanks :)

Wed Oct 08

Haywards Pickle Factory, Peckham

Hi There

I'm wondering if anyone out there worked at Haywards Pickle Factory at Bird in bush road, Peckham in 1971 / 1972.

Or if anyone knows of anyone called Antony who worked there at this time. I'm not sure of his surname but he lived in Pomeroy Street New Cross?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Please email me on

Fri Sep 05

Eli is on blogTV listed under dj-elilove he does a blogTV show so u can interact with him & I think he is just amazing !

Sun Aug 17

scotty building services

All household building services:painting decorating:kitchin bothroom suites:partitions:plastering:plumbing:tiling:lighting:

electrical:flooring:decking:contact peter on:**** 826 831 or Email:

Thu Aug 14

Lois McLaine

Has Lois Mclaine ever performed her cabaret at The Amersham Arms? I caught her act at local working men's clubs and thought she was a versatile and entertaining performer who deserved a better career.

Wed Aug 13

Ormside street

Thanks Maureen, looked up sat view, all factories no victorian terrace houses any more, could almost see the ghosts of previous residents, thanks for your help, bye bye.

Fri May 16

ormside st

well Brian i worked in that st in the 90s all i ever saw was buildings etc if you look up the st on your computer you can see the area all buildings factorys have a look all the best Maureen

Fri May 16



Thu May 15



Thu May 15

ormside st


Thu May 15

Ormside street

Thanks for that Maureen, can you help me further? My Father lived in Ormside street as a Kid and he used to describe it as a street lined with Victorian terraced houses. I had to visit Cold Blow Lane once on business and tried to find Ormside street unsuccessfully and I was wondering if it is still residential and whether the houses are still Victorian. I was born in Deptford but moved to Gloucestershire some years ago so don't visit London that often. Best wishes.

Thu May 15

Dog Kennels

During the early 1960s there used to be a Dog Kennels in the New Cross area and located somewhere near the Old Den, home of Millwall FC. Does anyone recall the name of the Kennels, its actual location, and what happened to it?

Wed May 14


crikey is Glynis still there great !!! yeah she was excellent!!!!!!!!!

Tue May 13

ormside st

Yes it does Brian

Tue May 13

Ormside Street, New Cross

Does anyone know if Ormside street still exists.

Tue May 13

Want to meet friends and party at same time?

Hi im a 26 year old male and relatively new to london. Moved here for a promotion. Have just brought a large but empty house with a female friend and want to meet new friends of all ages and christen the house at the same time.

I and a few friends (male and female) have decided to hold a bash. If your free on Fri 21st or Sun 23rd and feel like lstening to some hot beats getting down and dirty and generally having a good time come down. Hot beats, some food and drink will be provided..Just bring a bottle/s and fun friends. Maximum load 108 people then doors close.Details: fri 10pm ,sun 9.30pm. 54 Bellingham rd, Catford SE6 2PT. LEAVE YOUR ATTITUDE AT HOME STRICTLY GOOD VIBES. For more detail Mail-me

Thu Mar 20


Hey, if you still need any people for football, I just moved down from edinburgh and looking for a game.


Tue Feb 05


Hey, if you still need any people for football, I just moved down from edinburgh and looking for a game.


Tue Feb 05

information on New Cross

Hi I have lived in New Crossfor nearly ten years, I lived on Besson Street and now live on the Lanchester way estate. what I'm after, is a little help. I'm currently doing a degree in teaching - as part of my History course I have to gather some informtion about something that is personal to me. I have decided to choose my home town New Cross.

Let me explain further - I grew up in this area, actually living on the Erlanger road estate so New Cross is my home. where I need the help can anyone direct me where i can find any pictures on the web about either the adventure playground or Besson street how it looked before they knocked down the old flats. if any one does please email me the link

Fri Jan 11

Its amazing, you have to go! Glynis is a genius!!!

Wed Dec 05


I've been looking for a team in the area for a while. Admittedly i haven't played for quite a few years but im v keen and used to be a mean shot both in Goal & Attack!

Please get in touch as i'd love to come along, a bit of patience may be required in the beginning but it will be worth it!


Wed Dec 05

New Cross Free Tennis Courts

Don't know if these are the ones he's talking about but the tennis courts in the relatively recently restored Telegraph Hill Park (upper park to the South of Kitto Road) are free. (Multimap SE14 5TY - the post code of the nearby Community Centre.) There are only two so at popular times you have to wait but there's a polite notice asking players not to play for too long if there are people waiting and you have the wonderful view to look at to fill in the time - the City, Hampstead Heath and even the Wembley Arch can all be seen.

Tue Oct 30

Free tennis courts?

That sounds good, are they available to anyone living in the area? How would I go about getting access/finding them?

Yes, it is great for markets and green space - don't forget the lovely peckham rye and areas in Nunhead. Also, up the hill from New Cross Gate there are stunning views across london.

Mon Oct 29

domestic cleaner

I am experianced cleaner,I can clean your house,ironing,I have references.email me:

Mon Oct 01

Room In New Cross?

Hi i'm a 23 yr old female student starting a MSc at goldsmiths. I'm in urgent need of a room to rent within the New Cross Area. If anybody has anything or has any questions please let me know.

Wed Sep 19

Doggie and I looking for flatshare

I'm a 30 year old Masters Goldsmiths student is looking for a room in a house, preferably with garden, for me and my lovely dog nina. I'm not too particular about location but i need to get to Goldsmiths University pretty easlily. Nina a lovely three year old female medium sized fox terrier cross. She is fully trained neutered, absolutely loving, quite dog. I am a psychotherapy student from Malta who is easy going, calm, responsible, positive person. So if you love dogs and don't mind throwing a ball or giving a cuddle every now and then and would like to come home and get covered with kisses ( by the dog!!!) without the hassle of needing to care for a dog please contact me on

Mon Sep 17

Witcher Street, New Cross

Thanks for the information. I will ask my mum if she remembers Tony, the ice-cream man, although I doubt it as she only 4/5 when she moved from New Cross to Plumstead.


Thu Aug 23

Lee NT Netball Club

Lee NT Netball Club requires new members. We meet at the address shown below:-

New Cross Sports Arena

Pagnell Street

New Cross



Tel: **** ****8

Tue Aug 21

Lee NT Netball Club

Meet at

New Cross Sports Arena

Pagnell Street

New Cross



Tel: **** ****8

Mon Aug 06

Junior Netball Club

Junior Netball Club

New Cross Sports Arena

Pagnell Street

New Cross



For 9-16 years; meet Monday evenings from 6:45 till 7:45 pm, £1. For details: telephone **** ****8

Fri Aug 03

tinking to move to new cross

hi, i am thinking to move to new cross, but my concerns are if the area is safe and there arent gangs hanging around in the streets at night, many people has told me is not a safe area, is this true?

Wed Aug 01

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